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Similar to how Titanium element works with atomic number 22, its strong, light, and resist corrosion. Same can be said with Titanium Kodi Build which is light weight i.e. 397 MB in size, it is strong as it contains all latest Kodi add-ons, and updates regularly to keep the flow of interest amongst Kodi users.

Here in this guide, we discussed how to install Kodi Titanium Build that comes with pre-installed top Kodi addons. View our list of top Kodi Builds for more similar builds like Titanium.

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How to Install Kodi Titanium Build on Kodi 17.6 *KRYPTON*

Step 1: Launch Kodi Krypton on your system > Click on Settings icon


Step 2: Select File Manager menu > Scroll down and double click on Add Source


Step 3: A box will emerge, here you need to tap on ‘None’ option


Step 4: Now you need to paste the URL > Press OK


Step 5: Type in the name of repository i.e. Supreme Builds > Click OK to close the box


Step 6: Return to Kodi Main Menu > Here you need to select Add-ons section


Step 7: Click on the Box-shaped icon as presented in the picture below


Step 8: Choose Install from Zip File > Click on Supreme Builds option when the box appears


Step 9: Now select > Now wait for the repository to install until you see a notification appear on top-right corner.


Step 10: Go to Install from Repository option > Click on Supreme Builds Repository


Step 11: Select Program Add-ons > Here you need to click on the menu Supreme Builds Wizard


Step 12: Press Install > Wait for the Wizard to install


Step 13: Once installed, a Wizard box will appear where you need to click on Remind Me Later


Step 14: Another box will appear, here you need to select Continue


Step 15: Now choose Build Menu


Step 16: Select [17.6] Titanium US Server 1 (v3.4)


Step 17: Now click on Supreme Builds Fresh Install


Step 18: Click on Continue if it asks you to restore Kodi default settings


Step 19: Installation will now start


Step 20: You will now have to restart your system > Once you open Kodi you will find Titanium Kodi Build



How to Install Kodi Titanium Build on Kodi 16 *JARVIS*

Step 1: Open Kodi Jarvis > Click on System

Step 2: Go to File Manager > Double click Add Source

Step 3: Tap ‘None’ > Paste the URL > Press Done

Step 4: Type the name of the repository as Supreme Builds > Press Done > Then press OK

Step 5: Go back to Kodi Home > Click on System menu again

Step 6: Now click on Add-ons sub-menu > Then choose Install from Zip File

Step 7: Click on Supreme Builds > Tap on

Step 8: Now wait for the repository to install

Step 9: Once installed, go to Install from Repository > Select Supreme Builds Repository

Step 10: Click on Program Add-ons > Then tap on Supreme Builds Wizard > Hit Install

Step 11: Once the Wizard is installed, a box will open automatically where you need to click on Remind Me Later

Step 12: Now click on Continue > Select Build Menu

Step 13: Tap on [16.1] Titanium US Server 1 (v3.4) > Select Fresh Install option

Step 14: When asked about restoring your Kodi to default settings, click on Continue

Step 15: Restart your system and then Open Kodi to view the Kodi Titanium Build


How to Install Kodi Titanium Build on *FIRESTICK*

Step 1: Before you begin installing Kodi Titanium Build, you are required to install Kodi on FireStick

Step 2: Open FireStick Home > Go to Settings option

Step 3: Tap on Applications

Step 4: Choose Manage Installed Application option > Then tap on Kodi

Step 5: Once Kodi opens, you need to repeat the steps as highlighted in the section for Kodi Krypton or Kodi Jarvis depending on your Kodi version

If you are done installing Titanium Build on FireStick, you better also get Amazon Fire Stick VPN for secure streaming.

Kodi Titanium Build Features

Titanium Build is a lighter-weight Build i.e. 397MB, which takes a few minutes to install and doesn’t crash while installing. At the front screen of the build, when you hover onto the Movies or TV Shows section, you will find the media content appearing on the top screen as widgets for your easy browsing.


Titanium Build has a new feature hidden inside it Build i.e. APK installer. This feature allows you to install other APKs that are not available as Kodi add-ons. It has IPTV services apps, Android remotes, and so much more.



Movies and TV Shows Add-ons


Here is a quick glimpse of Movies and TV Shows add-ons that features all the latest Movies that are currently released:


Sports Kodi Add-ons


Here is a list of many Sports add-ons that features Live Sports that are currently underway anywhere around the world:


Live IPTV Add-ons


There are many Live IPTV Kodi add-ons that happen to feature Live TV Shows from around the world, considering you have a Kodi VPN as mentioned at the start of this guide. Here are some Live IPTV add-ons:


Kodi Titanium Build Not Working/Errors/Issues

Check Log for More Information

Once you try to click on Fresh Install for Kodi Titanium Build, the installation starts and then ends up pooping an error ‘check log for more information’. This shows that the server you have considered using Titanium Build Kodi is not working at the moment.


This issue takes no time to resolve. You just need to change the server for Titanium Kodi Build. In the builds menu under Supreme Builds Wizard, you will find 3 options from where you can install Kodi Titanium Build. The first option is the US server 1, the second option is the US server 2, while the third option being Europe server 1. Consider any of these servers and the issue will be resolved.


Kodi Titanium Build Download

Step 1: First, you need to Download Kodi Titanium Build Zip File

Step 2: Now open Kodi > Go to Add-ons menu on your left-side

Step 3: Click on Box icon also called as Package Installer

Step 4: Choose Install from Zip File > Now Navigate and Upload Kodi Titanium Build file which will be named as repository.supremebuilds-1.0.0

Step 5: Now follow the section Titanium Build for Kodi from Step 10


Kodi Titanium Build Reviews

UK Turk Kodi add-on has stopped working for about 6 months and now has been removed from Titanium Build Kodi 17.6. This build is regularly updated and continuously monitors for working add-ons.

Every Hulu, Netflix, and HBO shows are available inside Kodi Titanium Build, and that also for free. By following the instructions as highlighted above, you get every media content under one roof.


Kodi Titanium Build Alternatives

Titanium Build for Kodi is light in size, therefore you will not find many Kodi Builds that have a lighter weight and brings you all the latest working Kodi add-ons. To name a few, here are a list of Kodi Titanium Build alternatives:


The Wrap up

Kodi Titanium Build is found in Supreme Build Repository which is light in weight with 397 MB size, but fully functioned when it comes to watching Movies and TV Shows. It streams content in HD quality and sometime 4K quality which is something uncommon with other Kodi Builds.