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Does IPVanish work with Netflix in 2021?

Yes, IPVanish works with Netflix US on most American servers. However, the service remains ineffective for other Netflix regions such as UK, Canada, Germany etc.


Netflix is quickly becoming the favorite pastime of youth all over the world. In recent times, as most of us are practicing social distancing due to the spread of coronavirus, an even greater number of people can be expected to huddle up in their homes and entertain themselves with Netflix.

Unfortunately, many Netlflix shows and movies are restricted to only certain regions, and a great number are exclusive to the US only. For instance, some movies like Cookie’s Fortune can be easily streamed if you’re within the US, but you won’t even be able to search for it in Netflix’s library if you’re located somewhere else.

To tackle this problem, we can take advantage of VPNs that change our IP address to make it look like we’re located in a country different from our own and access Netflix content geo-restricted in our own countries.

Unfortunately, there are hardly any VPNs that work reliably for Netflix, but IPVanish is among the odd ones out. Although the VPN had been struggling to unblock Netflix for a long time, the great news is that IPVanish has regained its ability to work with Netflix.

Unblock Netflix with IPVanish: Quick Guide

Get immediate access to Netflix using IPVanish with the below steps:

  1. Subscribe to IPVanish.
  2. Download and install the IPVanish app on your device.
  3. Launch the app and log in using IPVanish account details.
  4. Connect to any US-based server.
  5. Visit Netflix.com and you should be able to stream the US library of content.

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How to install the Netflix App on Android?

Here’s how you can install Netflix App on your Android smartphone or tablet:

  1. Launch “Google Play Store” on your phone or tablet.
  2. Search for “Netflix” on Google Play Store.
  3. Click on the “Install” button, once you find the App.
  4. Let the installation complete.
  5. Launch the App from your device.
  6. Enter your “Netflix Account Details“.
  7. There you go, now you can stream from its amazing library of content.

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VPN for Netflix – What to look for in it?

If you want to enjoy unrestricted access to Netflix, you will need a VPN that checks off all the boxes in the minimum requirement category.

Thankfully, IPVanish scores 10/10 in minimum requirements and scores the same in the maximum requirement category. Let’ see what to look for in a VPN if you will be using it for Netflix.

  • Large server network with servers available in all the major countries in every continent 
  • Fast download and upload speed for smooth streaming with no bandwidth restrictions
  • Compatibility with multiple devices for streaming on different platforms
  • No-Log Policy for peace of mind regarding your data and online activity security
  • State-of-the-art encryption techniques and tools for encrypting your online data
  • Multiple simultaneous connections for all your devices
  • Customer support for immediate assistance in case of a problem

Needless to say, IPVanish fulfills all those requirements with its 1,600+ high-speed servers in over 75+ countries worldwide. It also offers unlimited simultaneous connection with customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee as well. All these features and more makes IPVanish the best VPN to access Netflix from anywhere.

What if Netflix is blocking IPVanish?

You are connected to IPVanish and try to access Netflix; you get a proxy-error message or a timed-out message. What do you do now? Don’t worry.

The optimized server for streaming is continuously changing depending on various factors. Meaning, if a server worked once for Netflix streaming, it doesn’t mean it will always keep working. You can connect to any other server from the server list and try again to access Netflix in such scenarios.

We understand that this can be irritating sometimes; thankfully, IPVanish offers a feature that will always help you connect to the best-optimized server for streaming. The feature we are talking about is referred to as “Favorite.” Once you have found an optimized server for Netflix, you can mark it as “Favorite” so that you can reconnect it next time directly. This will save you the trouble and time for searching an optimized server for Netflix again and again.

Let see how to mark a server as “Favorite” in the IPVanish application.

Step 1: Launch your IPVanish application and click on “Server List.”


Step 2: Locate the “state/city” of your choice in a country and click on the “number which is on the right side.” This will open up the servers which are located in that “state/city.”


Step 3: Click on the “Star” to mark it as a “Favorite” for that state/city.


Step 4: This completes the marking of the “Favorite” procedure. Now, you can directly connect to your marked server every time by going into the server list and sorting the list by the “Favorited” option.


Netflix blocking VPNs – How does it work?

A VPN is not only used for streaming Netflix but is also used by many users who want to encrypt and secure their normal internet activity, whether it is just normal browsing or accessing any confidential content.

When users are connected to a VPN server for streaming Netflix, they are assigned an IP address from that VPN server to fool Netflix into thinking they are coming from that fake location. This is necessary to access the Netlflix libraries, which are not available in your own country.

While you are connected to a server for your Netflix purpose, multiple other users worldwide are also connected to the same server for their own different purposes. Since all users are connected with the same VPN server, they will receive the same public IP address as part of the VPN provider’s IP-sharing feature. Unfortunately, due to this IP-sharing feature, Netflix detects a VPN being used to access its contents. It then blocks those IP addresses, ultimately making it difficult for the users who want to stream Netflix.

Once VPN providers know about this blocking, he sets up a new IP address pool for unblocking Netflix, and the same cycle repeats itself.

How to watch Netflix UK on Android using IPVanish VPN?

To access Netflix UK on Android, you will need first to have an IPVanish subscription.

If you haven’t subscribed to IPVanish yet, you can purchase the subscription right here: IPVanish Subscription.

Now that you are an IPVanish member let’s set you up for accessing Netflix UK on Android with the following steps:

  1. Launch Google Play Store and search for IPVanish App. The name of the application is “IPVanish VPN: The Fastest VPN.”
  2. Once you have found it, tap on “Install.” The application installation will begin.
  3. After the installation is finished, launch the application and log in to the application using IPVanish account details.
  4. Tap on “Country” and select “United Kingdom” because you wish to access the UK Library of Netflix.
  5. In the “City” option, you can either leave the best available as is, or you can manually pick a preferred UK city.
  6. In the “Server” option, you can select the server which shows the lowest ms unit. The lower the number, the faster the server.
  7. Now that you have completed the three selection settings, go back to the main menu and click on “Connect.”
  8. You should now be connected to UK-based servers. Launch the Netflix application, and you will be able to access UK library TV shows and Movies.

Note: Ensure that your device “location service” is always disabled when trying to access Netflix. Also, clear the Netflix application “cache” one time before using it with IPVanish.

IPVanish and Netflix US?

The cat and mouse game between the VPN and Netflix has been going around for quite some time now. Before 2014, it was straightforward for many VPN providers to overcome the Netflix geo-restriction block.

Since then, many television studios began to put pressure on Netflix to block VPN users from accessing their content internationally, increasing VPN providers’ inability to circumvent the Netflix geo-restriction block.

Though it was a great move for the studios to gain more profit, it was a terrible online freedom outcome. Netflix’s offering in each library became limited, but the users traveling to different countries were suddenly unable to access their home library shows and movies.

Only a handful of VPN providers can overcome Netflix’s geo-restriction block, and IPVanish is surely one of them. We tried to access Netflix US with its US-based servers and found them to be working really great. A few of them (Boston, Denver, Atlanta, and Houston) were better than the rest in terms of speed, quality, and smoothness of the video.

Testing IPVanish for Netflix

Before Netflix started its blocking VPNs campaigns, IPVanish used to be a great solution for users who wanted to unblock Netflix to access their favorite content. For a considerably long period afterward, IPVanish crumbled before Netflix’s aggressive crackdown against VPN providers, and subscribers of the service could no longer access the streaming service through IPVanish.

Fortunately for us, IPVanish has once again found its Netflix unblocking magic. While researching VPN services that are still working for Netflix, I reached out to IPVanish’s customer support to see if there’s any good news waiting for me.

And it totally was! The polite customer support rep told me that IPVanish unblocks Netflix US on all of its US servers:

IPVanish customer support relating to Netflix

I didn’t want to take their word for it. I wanted to test this claim and see if I can actually stream anything from Netflix US with IPVanish.

The test was a success! Connected to the US Boston server, I was able to unblock Netflix US instantly. Here’s a screenshot of the movie Rememory that I was able to unblock on Netflix through IPVanish.

ipvanish unblocking netflix

If you’re experiencing any connectivity issues with IPVanish, see this guide regarding IPVanish not connecting.

Is IPVanish Fast for Netflix?

Yes, IPVanish is fast for Netflix is natural for a VPN of IPVanish’s status to expect top-notch performance in every respect,ct including speed.

This is why we were pleased to see in our test results that IPVanish is fast enough to support Ultra HD quality streams. When connected to the US server on a 100 Mbps base connection, it delivered 63.31 Mbps of download speed.


While this isn’t a groundbreaking performance by any means, it is good enough to allow smooth Internet usage.

Why IPVanish Is Good for Netflix

IPVanish has a network of 1,600+ servers located in over 75+ locations. While this might seem like a small server size, it is actually pretty decent considering how they only use physical servers. This is why IPVanish delivers fast speeds that you need to stream content on Netflix with no buffering and at HD quality.

In addition to this, IPVanish permits unlimited simultaneous connections and has excellent cross-platform support. For instance, you can use it on Firestick, Kodi, Roku, and even some routers. With a fast enough internet connection, you’d be able to unblock streaming services on all these devices simultaneously with IPVanish.

All IPVanish plans offer unlimited bandwidth, so you don’t have to worry about running out even while performing data-intensive tasks like Netflix streaming. Indeed, IPVanish also supports torrenting, so you can easily download p2p files without worrying about running out of bandwidth.

IPVanish has also extended its money-back guarantee from 7 to 30 days, mimicking many other providers’ refund policies. This is a welcome change as users can easily claim their refunds from IPVanish within 30 days of the purchase now, as explained in this guide on canceling IPVanish.

My personal experience with the customer support of IPVanish has always been excellent. But I wasn’t expecting they’d display their characteristic responsiveness and helpful support through live chat during the current covid-19 pandemic. It turns out I was totally wrong. The customer support of IPVanish remains as quick and helpful as ever!

Unfortunately, IPVanish doesn’t offer a free trial, which would have made it even more convenient for new users to try the service out themselves before purchasing the full subscription.

Overall, IPVanish is a great choice for users that want to unblock American Netflix. But just in case you want to try something else, definitely check out these VPNs for Netflix.

What About Unblocking Other Netflix Regions?

While IPVanish is working great for US Netflix, it continues to be ineffective for unblocking other major Netflix libraries such as Netflix UK, Netflix Japan, Netflix Germany, etc.

So, if you’re looking to access a particular Netflix region other than the US, then IPVanish is not the VPN you should choose.

Instead, it would be best to look into other alternatives such as ExpressVPN, which is effective for various Netflix regions.

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Other than IPVanish and PureVPN, these are also competent VPN services when it comes to accessing Netflix content of different regions:

IPVanish Netflix Alternatives

Here are a few alternatives to IPVanish for unblocking Netflix:

Wrapping Up

IPVanish has reclaimed its status as one of the few VPN providers that know how to bypass US Netflix’s VPN detection system. Users can now easily unblock US exclusive shows and videos on Netflix using IPVanish.

You can learn more details about this VPN in our IPVanish review.

Have you tried using IPVanish for Netflix? What was your experience like? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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