How to Watch ITVX in USA [Easy Solutions & Tips 2024]

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Key Takeaways: 

  • ITVX geo-restriction: ITVX is a free UK streaming service geo-blocked in the USA due to licensing agreements.
  • VPN for ITVX access: By connecting to a VPN server in the UK, you can get a UK IP address, tricking ITVX into thinking you are in the UK and granting you access to the service.
  • VPN considerations: When choosing a VPN for ITVX, consider factors like speed, server availability in the UK, strong encryption, and a no-logs policy to ensure your privacy.
  • Recommended VPNs: ExpressVPN is generally known for its speed, security, and ability to unblock geo-restricted content.
  • Free VPNs not recommended: These VPNs often have slow speeds, limited data caps, and unreliable connections, making them unsuitable for streaming services like ITVX.

ITVX is only available in the UK due to geo-blocking and licensing restrictions. However, Americans can still watch ITVX in USA using a VPN. It allows you to obtain a UK IP address, making it appear like you are browsing from within the UK. As an advocate for trustworthy digital practices, I recommend ExpressVPN to access ITVX safely.

ITVX, launched in December 2022 as a rebrand of ITV Hub, has quickly made a mark in the UK streaming market. Offering both a free ad-supported plan and a diverse content library, it competes closely with BBC iPlayer and Freevee, drawing 12.3 million viewers in its first year. In 2024, ITV plans to boost ITVX’s visibility with an additional £15m in marketing investment.

How to Watch ITVX in USA in 5 Easy Steps

To watch ITVX in USA with a VPN, follow the below steps:

1. Choose a VPN with UK servers. I recommend ExpressVPN for its speed and security.


2. Download and install the VPN app, ensuring you get the correct version for your device.

3. Launch the VPN app and connect to a UK server. I recommend the Docklands server as it is the fastest.


4. Visit the ITVX website and log in, or sign up for an ITVX account.


5. Stream live ITV channels and on-demand shows in USA.

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Best VPNs to Watch ITVX in USA [Quick Overview]

A VPN is crucial for watching ITVX in USA due to broadcasting rights. Here’s a quick overview of the best VPN services for ITVX streaming:

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Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch ITVX in USA?

You need a VPN to watch ITVX in USA due to geographical licensing restrictions that limit ITV’s availability to the United Kingdom. Without a VPN, if you attempt to access ITVX from the USA, you will encounter an error message stating:

Due to our broadcast and content licences, you can only watch ITVX in the UK


I got this error when accessing ITVX from USA without a VPN.

A VPN makes it appear like you are browsing from the UK by giving you a UK IP address in USA. This setup enables you to access ITVX’s full range of live and on-demand content, ensuring you don’t miss out on your favorite shows due to international content blocks.

What are the Best VPNs to Watch ITVX in USA [In-Depth Analysis]

After doing an in-depth analysis of 1.3 million VPN users’ experience and countless hours of testing, I present the list of the three best VPNs for ITVX that enable access in USA.

These VPNs ensure that watching ITV player in USA is both safe and enjoyable, with no buffering and advanced security features:

Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch ITVX in USA?

Yes, you can use a free VPN for ITVX in USA, but I do not recommend it. Free VPNs lack servers in the UK needed to unblock ITVX. They also engage in intrusive data logging and lack essential security features.

Some may even contain malware or fail to encrypt your connection entirely. For a more reliable and secure experience, I suggest using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. It offers faster speeds and better security, ensuring you can watch ITVX abroad without interruptions.

Methodology: Finding the Best VPNs for Watching ITVX abroad

Not every VPN can unblock ITVX in USA, but that’s not the only thing to consider when choosing a VPN. My criteria for selecting the top VPNs for ITVX include:

  • UK Server Availability: I prioritize VPNs with numerous servers in the UK, which is essential for a reliable connection to ITVX.
  • High-Speed Connections: The VPN must provide high-speed connections for uninterrupted, high-definition streaming.
  • Reliable Unblocking: The VPN must consistently unblock ITVX, ensuring you don’t encounter messages about being outside the UK.
  • Robust Security: Advanced security features, including AES 256-bit encryption and a kill switch, are a must for protecting online activities.
  • Privacy Assurance: A proven no-logs policy is non-negotiable, ensuring your streaming habits and location settings remain private.
  • Device Compatibility: The VPN should offer intuitive apps and support simultaneous connections across multiple devices.
  • User-Friendly Apps: Ease of use is essential, with user-friendly apps that simplify changing ITVX location settings outside the UK.
  • Value: I identified VPNs offering excellent features and great value, with additional savings through our discount coupons.

How Can I Subscribe to ITVX in USA?

To subscribe to ITVX in USA, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to a VPN with UK servers. ExpressVPN is my top recommendation.
  2. Navigate to the ITVX website or download the ITVX app on your device.

    Upgrade to ITVX premium in USA.

  3. Create an account with ITVX using a valid email address. You’ll also need to provide a UK postcode (any valid UK postal code will work).

    Enter your credentials to “Sign in.”

  4. Verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to you by ITVX.

    Check your inbox for the verification email sent by ITVX.

  5. Once your email is verified, log in to your ITVX account.
  6. Stay with the free, ad-supported version or upgrade to ITVX premium in USA to enjoy ad-free viewing abroad.
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How Much Does ITVX Cost in USA?

ITVX offers a free, ad-supported version to access content without a subscription fee. If you prefer an ad-free experience, ITVX Premium is available for a monthly subscription of £5.99 or an annual subscription of £59.99. Prices are based on exchange rates and may vary.


ITVX subscription cost.

The given table displays the ITVX pricing plans with ads and ad-free options, detailing the costs and features:

Subscription Type Cost in GBP Cost in USD Features
With Ads Free Free Access to standard content with periodic ads.
Ad-Free £5.99 per month and £59.99/year $7.50 per month and $75.68/ year Access to standard plus premium content, no ads.

Note: With an Ad-Free subscription, you can get a 7-day ITVX free trial in USA to test the service before committing to a paid plan.

ITVX Compatible Devices in USA

ITVX is compatible with various devices, allowing viewers to enjoy streaming on their preferred platform. Here is a list of devices on which you can watch ITVX:

Device Type Compatible Devices
Desktop Windows and macOS
Web Browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge
Smartphones & Tablets Android devices, iOS devices
Smart TVs Select Samsung, LG, and other smart TV models
Streaming Devices Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast
Game Consoles PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Set-Top Boxes Sky Q, Virgin Media, Freeview Play

How Can I Watch ITVX Abroad on Android Devices?

Here’s how to watch ITVX in USA on Android:

  1. Create a new Google account and select the UK as your country.
  2. Subscribe to a VPN and download it on your Android device. I recommend ExpressVPN as it is the best for Android.
  3. Connect to a UK server. I recommend the Docklands server.
  4. Look for the ITVX app in the Google Play Store and install it.
  5. Create a free account to watch ITVX on your Android device.

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How Do you Stream ITVX in USA on iOS?

Here’s how to watch ITV Hub in USA on iOS devices:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone/iPad device and tap on your profile ID.
  2. Now tap on Media & Purchases > View Account > Country/Region and then select the Change Country or Region option.
  3. Select the UK from the list of countries > “Agree,” and enter the required information.
  4. Sign up for a VPN and download it on your iOS device. I recommend using ExpressVPN.
  5. Connect to a UK server. I recommend the Docklands server.
  6. Get the ITVX app in USA download from the Apple App Store to binge-watch its content.

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How Can You Watch ITVX in USA on Desktop?

Follow these easy steps to learn how to play ITVX in USA on Desktop:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN. I recommend using ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to a UK server. I used the Docklands server for bufferless streaming.
  3. Open the ITVX website and sign in to your account.
  4. Enjoy watching ITVX on your Desktop!

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How to Get ITVX in USA on Firestick?

To watch ITVX on Firestick in USA, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a VPN that has servers in the UK. I highly recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Download a VPN app on your Firestick and connect to a UK server.
  3. Search and install the ITVX app download for Firestick from the home screen or Amazon Appstore.
  4. Open ITVX, sign in and begin streaming shows and movies on your Firestick.

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How Can I Watch ITVX in USA on Roku?

Here are the easy steps for watching ITVX in USA on Roku:

  1. Opt for a dependable VPN. I highly recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the VPN application on your Roku device and set it up.
  3. Sign in and connect to a UK server. I prefer the Docklands server for optimal performance.
  4. From the Roku settings, navigate to the channel store and search for the ITV Player app.
  5. Download and add the ITVX channel to your list of channels.
  6. Enter ITVX in USA login details and enjoy content on the Roku device.

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How to Watch ITV in USA Without VPN?

Using a Smart DNS service is an alternative to watch ITVX in USA without a VPN. This method requires manual changes to your DNS settings, which is slightly more complex than a VPN.

Here are the steps to use Smart DNS for ITVX:

  1. Choose a Smart DNS Provider: I recommend ExpressVPN for its reliable Smart DNS feature.
  2. Enter the DNS server addresses provided by your Smart DNS provider into your device’s network settings.
  3. Restart your device to ensure the new DNS settings are applied.
  4. Open ITVX through your browser or app and start streaming.

Note: Remember that Smart DNS does not encrypt your data, so it doesn’t offer the same level of security and privacy as a VPN.

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What Channels Can I Watch on ITVX?

ITVX offers various channels to access a wealth of British television content. Here’s a breakdown of the channel lineup and USA viewers can access ITV channel in America using VPNs:

  • ITV2: Entertainment and reality TV shows for a younger audience.
  • ITV3: Drama and classic movies.
  • ITV4: Sports and action movies.
  • ITVBe: Reality TV, lifestyle programs, and popular US dramas.
  • CITV: Animated and kid-friendly shows.

How to Watch ITVX in USA [Reddit Recommendations]

Many people have questions about ITVX streaming in USA. I checked Reddit for community suggestions and compiled the most common questions below for easy reference.

How Can I Block Ads on ITVX Using Pi-hole? [Redditors’ Recommended Tip]

The recent transition from ITV Hub to ITVX has prompted discussions on Reddit about ad-blocking challenges, particularly for users with Pi-hole. Some users have successfully blocked ads by adding specific domains to their Pi-hole blacklist.

If ads persist, I recommend checking your Pi-hole logs immediately when an ad plays to identify and block the specific domains responsible. Engaging with the Pi-hole community can offer personalized tips and refine your ad-blocking strategy.

Why do I encounter the ‘Show No Longer Exists’ Error on ITVX?

The ‘Show No Longer Exists’ error on ITVX usually results from licensing issues, where the platform no longer has the right to stream a particular show. If you encounter this error, refresh the page or restart the app. You can also check later to see if ITVX has resolved the issue.

ITVX USA [Insights from Quora]

I also reviewed Quora for ITVX unblocking suggestions in USA. Here is a summary of the top discussions about iTV streaming in USA.

What is the best way to watch ITV online in USA?

The most effective way to watch ITV online in USA is through a reliable VPN that offers UK servers optimized for streaming. According to discussions on Quora, VPNs like ExpressVPN are favored because they can consistently get past ITV’s geo-restrictions and provide fast streaming speeds, ensuring a smooth viewing experience without lag.

How do I watch Love Island UK in the USA?

To watch Love Island UK in the USA, you’ve to access ITV2’s website, which streams the latest episodes from the current and past seasons. Since ITV2 restricts access, use a VPN to sidestep these geo-restrictions.

Services like ExpressVPN are popular choices because they allow you to set your location to the UK and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Once you have a VPN, connect to a UK server, visit ITV2’s website, sign up or log in, and you can start watching Love Island UK.

Struggling to Access ITVX in USA with a VPN?

Sometimes, even with a VPN, you might be unable to access ITVX. If you receive an error message stating that ITVX is only available in the UK, your VPN may not be suited for overcoming ITVX’s geo-blocking measures, and you might still be connected to a server outside the UK. To fix this, ensure your VPN is active or switch to a more reliable VPN provider.


ITVX is not working in the USA

Why ITVX Not Working in USA with a VPN?

Common issues you might face while trying to stream ITVX in USA using a VPN include:

  • A mismatch between your device’s GPS location and your IP address.
  • ITVX has blacklisted the VPN servers you are using.
  • ITVX has updated its geo-blocking technology, rendering your current VPN ineffective.
  • Cookies on your device could reveal your actual location outside the UK.
  • Your actual IP address might be leaking.
  • Your current VPN might not be able to unblock ITVX.

How to Fix ITVX Not Working in USA

If you encounter a VPN-detected error or another issue with ITVX abroad, consider these troubleshooting steps:

  • Use a different browser and clear your cookies.
  • Connect to another server that might not be blacklisted.
  • Check your VPN settings for an IP leak protection feature and activate it.
  • Reach out to your VPN’s customer support to verify that the server you are using can unblock the streaming services you need.
  • Consider changing your VPN provider to one more effective at unblocking ITVX. ExpressVPN consistently overcomes geo-restrictions, giving users seamless access to ITVX content

ITVX is a UK-based streaming service that provides a diverse range of content. ITVX keeps updating its content library for entertainment enthusiast viewers, so I bring you fresh and updated content each month.

What’s Popular to Watch on ITVX in 2024?

ITVX is an on-demand streaming service that offers a wealth of content, from gripping dramas and laugh-out-loud comedies to live sports events and reality TV sensations.

Among its offerings, viewers can uncover the best Romantic Series on ITVX in USA, delving into captivating love stories that tug at the heartstrings and keep audiences enraptured throughout.

ITVX USA Viewer Experiences and Reviews

ITVX holds a strong rating of 4 out of 5-star rating. Many users commended it for its content selection and for its easy access to a variety of shows, making ITV a favored choice among streaming platforms.

Easy access to various shows that I may have missed up to 4 weeks ago. Really impressed with the selection and the ability to watch shows I missed live.

ITVX is a definite upgrade from the ITV Hub on Virgin Media, with a much wider variety of shows available for extended viewing times.

Completely ineffective; while BBC and Channel 5 work perfectly, encounter ITVX on Firestick problems, it does not load at all, just showing a black screen.


ITVX is not officially available in USA due to geographic licensing restrictions. The service is designed for viewers in the UK. However, viewers can access ITVX in USA using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to connect to a UK server.

You’ll need to use a VPN to watch ITV in the USA due to ITVX’s geo-restrictions. Here’s a streamlined process:

  1. Choose a reputable VPN provider with servers in the UK, like ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the VPN and connect to a UK server.
  3. Open the ITV website or the ITVX app, and either sign up for a new account or log in if you already have one.

While ITVX does not require a TV license to view its on-demand content, the rules regarding live TV have changed. If you plan to watch any live UK TV content abroad, UK law requires you to have a valid TV license. This is an essential consideration for ex-pats and travelers who wish to stay connected with live UK broadcasts.

Yes! ITVX is free. However, with the free option, you will see ads while streaming. Sign up for a Premium subscription for ad-free streaming.

Yes, you can watch live TV on ITVX, which offers live streaming for all six channels. To access live streams in the USA, you will need a VPN that provides a UK IP address. I recommend ExpressVPN to enjoy live and on-demand content on ITVX.

Yes, ITVX actively blocks VPN usage to comply with broadcasting rights limited to the UK, preventing viewers from accessing its content abroad. This approach also restricts VPN’s privacy benefits for users in the UK. However, certain VPNs like ExpressVPN excel at avoiding detection.

Yes, you can watch ITVX on Amazon Prime Video by downloading the ITVX app from the Amazon app store. However, ITVX is geographically restricted and not available outside the UK. To access it in USA, it’s recommended to use a streaming-friendly VPN like ExpressVPN, which can help circumvent these geo-restrictions effectively.


ITVX offers diverse British content, including live shows and on-demand programs. While accessing this platform from USA initially appears challenging due to geo-restrictions, by using a VPN, you can get through how to watch ITVX in USA.

I recommend ExpressVPN for its consistent performance and ease of use. With this VPN, I’ve streamed my favorite ITVX channels and shows without buffering issues.

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