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Does Windscribe Work with Netflix in 2022?

Yes, Windscribe works with Netflix in 2022. It is particularly effective for unblock content catalog from US, UK, Canada, and Japan regions of Netflix through its streaming optimized "Windflix" servers.

Windscribe for netflix

Netflix is merciless against VPN providers. Back then, virtually any good VPN (pun intended) could bypass Netflix’s geoblocks like a walk in the park.

Today, the situation is much more serious as Netflix has beefed up its anti-VPN defenses, leaving many VPNs unable to pass through the streaming service for users that want to access certain regional titles from a different location. But some VPNs still stand strong against Netflix’s crackdown.

Windscribe is a VPN that has worked quite well for Netflix Also a free VPN option as well but I performed some fresh tests to see if it is still reliable. The good news is that Windscribe works with Netflix and not only for the US version but also for a few other regions as well!

How to Unblock Netflix with Windscribe

  1. Subscribe to Windscribe.
  2. Download and install the VPN on your system/device.
  3. Launch the VPN and connect to one of its “Windflix” servers from the US, UK, CA, or JP.
  4. Log into Netflix and access exclusive titles from the library of the region you selected.

If you want to try some other VPN for Netflix, check out this list of best Netflix-compatible VPNs.

Testing Windscribe with Netflix

Windscribe offers a few special servers that are designed especially for Netflix functionality. These are located in the US, UK, Canada, and Japan and are branded as “Windflix”.

However, this Windflix feature is only available to paid subscribers. Free users cannot use this feature and are thus unable to access Netflix through the free version of Windscribe.

With the paid version, I tested all four Windflix servers of Windscribe to see if these are actually effective for Netflix.

United States

The Windflix US server, as the name suggests, is the one you need to connect to if you’re interested in accessing American Netflix content abroad. I connected to this server and searched for the US exclusive title “Okko’s Inn“. I was immediately able to stream it with minimal buffering and high video quality.

I was already very impressed with Windscribe and how efficiently it enabled me to access US content on Netflix, but there were more servers from other regions yet to be tested.

United Kingdom

VPNs that work with Netflix are usually good for unblocking US titles only. It is rare to see a VPN that works with Netflix UK, so I was very curious to see if the Windflix UK server will work for Netflix.

To test it, I searched for the Netflix UK exclusive TV show “Motherland“. The search results successfully found the show and I watched the show completely without encountering any problems whatsoever.

So, the Windflix UK server definitely works for users that want to unblock UK Netflix content, which greatly reinforces Windscribe’s reputation as a strong Netflix compatible VPN.


The Canadian version of Netflix is home to some great exclusive titles. If Netflix is your usual spot for indulging your entertainment needs, then having access to Canadian Netflix is quite valuable.

The Windflix CA server unblocks the Netflix shows and movies available within Canada. While connected to this server,  I visited Netflix, searched for CA exclusive movie “A Love Song for Bobby Long”. It began streaming right away!

Thus, the ability to unblock the Canadian Netflix catalog marks another feather in Windscribe’s impressive cap.


For fans of Japanese shows and cinema, Windscribe offers the Windflix JP server which enables access to the Netflix catalog is available within Japan. To test Windscribe with Netflix Japan, I searched for the movie “Gangoose” which is only available for Japanese audiences.

As with all other cases so far, it worked perfectly! So I can safely say that Windscribe is entirely capable of unblocking Netflix Japan.

The good thing is, you can test this VPN to see if it works for you by getting the Windscribe free trial before you move on to purchase the full paid subscription. In case you experience any problems, see this discussion regarding Windscribe not working.

Windscribe Speed Test for Netflix

Our speed test for Windscribe showed inconsistent results as we measured speeds from one server to another. It can get to pretty impressive levels at times, but on other servers, the VPN performed poorly.

As such, while Windscribe isn’t the fastest VPN you can have, it is still decent enough to work well for Netflix. Here are the speeds we received when testing Windscribe on a 100 Mbps connection:


These speeds are good enough to make Windscribe a good choice for torrenting as well, especially when you factor in the strong privacy and security feature the VPN has to offer.

Windscribe Netflix Alternatives


Windscribe is highly reliable for unblocking Netflix. Particularly, if you’re interested in accessing the content library found in Netflix US, UK, Canada, and Japan, then Windscribe is a very good choice to change the Netflix region. However, keep in mind that you need a premium subscription to Windscribe to access Netflix. The free version will not work for unblocking Netflix.

If even the paid subscription fails to work for any reason, you can cancel Windscribe and get your refund (if done so within 3 days of purchase).

However, if you’re happy with the purchase, then you will want to install Windscribe on Firestick and other devices as well. You may also use Windscribe with Kodi or manually configure it for Roku.

For more information, you can see this detailed Windscribe review.

Have you tried using Windscribe for Netflix? What was your experience like? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us. Also, if you don’t want to try Windscribe, feel free to check out our list of other recommended best VPNs in 2022.

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