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Internet security has never been such a concerning issue as it is now. Since the increase of Android phone users around the world, it has become mandatory to keep up with the level of internet security and protecting your online data at the same time. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology provides you that extra layer of security against cybercriminals, hackers, and prying eyes.

Not to buy something that you can have for it free. Why not have a free VPN for Android that does almost the same work as premium services? Obviously, every service has some drawbacks and advantages, and we’re going to discuss just that. Your Android device requires a VPN protection and I’m going to show you exactly that. But if you want to access free VPN services that works exceptionally well for all other devices, you can always visit our guide.

7 Best Free VPN Apps for Android

Below are the best free services available out there! While many free VPN services claim to have great features but when it comes to best free VPN for Android vs best paid VPN for Android, most free VPNs simply can’t match them but worry not! We have found the ones that can at least stand parallel to paid services.

1. ProtonVPN


While choosing the best free VPN for android, if you opt for ProtonVPN you will get a brilliant application that is totally free. It hits a sweet spot with no indirect pushing for upgrading to premium and no ads. Obviously, simply being free isn’t sufficient; it additionally should be great. Fortunately, ProtonVPN is without doubt a best free VPN for Android.

One thing that is noteworthy is that its android app is not available in all countries, so you might need a VPN to download a VPN. LOL!

The application flaunts unlimited usage and an extensive variety of worldwide servers to guarantee you can connect. The application makes its logging approach clear – expressing that the application does not log – making it a decent choice for cyber security.

Among the key features of Proton are its re-routing system, fast speeds, and even support for Tor. Our one complain with ProtonVPN is that it is a new entrant in the VPN industry, so you may encounter a few bugs. These are never too huge to be a major issue for the user.

My Experience with Proton

Upon installation the first thing that was required was to create an account after which I got a verification code on my email. After entering these details I was taken to the country selection part, I connected to the US server US-CA#3.

It was a little hard as connections were weak but we finally found one that works.

On my 30Mbps connection. Speed drop was unbelievable when connected to a us server. Of my 30Mbps speed after connecting to proton I was hardly getting 1Mbps.

  • One of the most Reliable and Secure Service
  • Features Rich Application
  • Speedy Performance
  • Unstable App

2. OpenVPN Connect


OpenVPN Connect is an extraordinary app compared to other free VPN for Android and other platforms. It is more than equipped for standing parallel to paid services keeping in mind the extra ordinary features it offers.

The application is built on enterprise grade encryption services which makes it a great free VPN for android. One of the coolest things about this freeVPN is that there are only two open source VPN on the Google Play Store and Open VPN is one of them and the other one is Connect.

My Experience with OpenVPN Connect

OpenVPN works a little differently, although you can register but you have the option to skip this step. To access server you can simply select auto deploy option, once you’re through it lets you select from a range of servers. To gain access to a private tunnel you do have to register, my verdict? It’s a bit too technical. The speeds dropped from 30Mbps to 1.2Mbps, which sadly is a lot.

  • Feature Rich Android App
  • High on Security
  • Almost Instantaneous VPN Connections
  • Manual VPN Setup might be a little Technical for Starters

3. SurfEasy


SurfEasy Secure Android VPN is one of the latest free VPN apps for Android and is getting some reliably great reviews and comments on the google play store. Some of the most intriguing features that make the service so good are an ad blocker and visible Wi-Fi network security information.

The application is created by the parent company called SurfEasy Inc. which is good to know since it is a giant in the cyber security industry. However, the company does not provide clear data regarding its logging we clearly advise to go through the terms and conditions of the app before downloading it.

SurfEasy is a great free VPN for android if you need it for personal use, but do not expect any premium features.

My Experience with SurfEasy

I was actually surprised by how quickly SurfEasy took me to selecting servers, no annoying details and stuff required. I was also surprised by the speed it was offering, very little impact on speed, one reason for this is also that SurfEasy combine proxy for safety. Proxy doesn’t have much impact on the speed.

  • Simple and Effective
  • Easy to Use
  • Ad Blocker
  • No Torrent Support

4. SpeedVPN


Some free VPNs on our list require manual setup, which isn’t convenient for the average user. Most people just want to open an application and get up and running without a lot of thought and technicalities.

SpeedVPN comes in as it enables you to connect with only a simple press of the screen.

Without a doubt, it is somewhat of a little annoying to reconnect again and again but it only takes a few seconds so that’s not a big issues. In fact it is for the better performance of the app.

There is no denying that the free VPN service is one of the best however you will have to take the pain of pop up ads.

My Experience with SpeedVPN

This free VPN for Android offers a lot of efficiency. I loved how it kept all the useless such as email, password and stuff like that away. The application additionally has a one of a kind feature where it will boot you from the system after an hour. You can reconnect as many times as you want though. This feature is used to keep the bandwidth speed at its fastest. Although it has limitation of choosing from a very limited number of servers, the best part of the app is that it takes you right on the point.

One thing that’s very annoying about the app is that the page is filled with ads.

  • Unique Network Speed Features
  • One-Click VPN Connections
  • Simple to Use
  • In-App Advertising can be Obtrusive

5. VPN Robot


With more than 6 server locations and a large number of servers, VPN Robot provides you with limitless bandwidth and pretty fast connections.

It is one of the quickest and best free VPN for Android systems, but like many other free services it is not ad free.

The service uses shield guard protection never records user data. Strong data encryption combined with no logging policy makes RobotVPN a solid choice.

One problem that we noticed during our testing was that the app had trouble connecting however, when it did the experience was seamless.

My Experience with VPN Robot

Just amazing! Although like other free VPNs it offers around 10 locations but wow! All I had to do was open the app and I was directly on the connect to VPN option, the country selection is also easy to find, further more there were no speed drops considerable to mention.

  • Noticeably Fast Performance
  • Strong Security Features
  • Sometimes Unable to Connect

6. Hola VPN

Hola Free VPN Proxy is another extraordinary free VPN choice, which can be used to encrypt incoming and outgoing data on your android device.

Compared to other free VPN, Hola has some exceptional features, which can really be incredible for a bunch of netizens. Hola is a totally free VPN but just like other free VPNs it has its own advantages and disadvantages.

My Experience with Hola Free VPN Proxy

Wow this is something new! Once I clicked on the Hola app, it sort of transformed my phone bringing all apps together that too connected with an American server with a lot of location options. I was easily able to connect to American Netflix in a jiffy.

  • Stable Speed and there is no ISP Speed Throttling
  • Offers over 70 Server Locations
  • The App also comes with a number of extra features like Caller ID, which can be handy for some
  • Unblocks Hulu, BBC, Spotify, Netflix which is great for Media Streamers
  • Not Ad Free

7. Touch VPN


Touch VPN is the final recommendation in this guide that everyone must try. Touch VPN mainly focuses on protecting your Wi-Fi connection so that no hacker can crack any information from your phone at all. It allows you to activate stealth mode that will make your phone’s identification totally anonymous. It is quite faster than other apps and doesn’t require a lot of memory space to use.

Touch VPN is the last free VPN in this guide you must check out. Touch VPN for the most part works around securing your Wi-Fi. So no hacker can access your phone at all.

It also offers a stealth mode that will make your phone totally anonymous. It is very fast compared to other free VPNs and only takes little memory on your phone.

My Experience with Touch VPN

Although Touch VPN asks for registration, but accept for that nothing else, oh and a lot of pop-up ads, this one is also straight on point. No unnecessary buttons on the screen, user friendly. It offers around 40 countries out of which somewhat 10 are free to access. Speed drop of also less than most other VPNs.

  • Totally Free, No Registration required
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Easy and Simple User Interface
  • Offers 24/7 Support
  • Download Speed is Slow
  • The Company has a Data Logging Policy
  • Fails to work with the TOR Browser

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We have enlisted all the best free VPN for android available for android devices, many providers claim to work but don’t really show any performance. Each and every free VPN on our list is credible and reliable, further more we have tested each app to know exactly how they perform.

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