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ExpressVPN Speed Test – How fast is this VPN in 2022?

The latest ExpressVPN speed tests reinforce the place of this VPN as one of the fastest in the industry. It consistently offers up to 89% of your base speed, setting an excellent standard of performance.

The ‘EXPRESS in ExpressVPN’ is a clear suggestion that we’re dealing with a VPN provider that is expressly fast. Everywhere you look online, you’ll see ExpressVPN branded as one of the fast VPN services. But is it actually all that fast? Is it worth paying a premium for ExpressVPN?

When I performed my in-depth ExpressVPN speed test, it became clear to me that it is easily one of the fastest VPNs I’ve ever used. After testing its performance across nine (9) different server locations, I was more than happy with its performance.

If budget is not an issue and you have $6.67/mo (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan) to spare every month on a VPN subscription, then ExpressVPN is the perfect VPN provider for you. Not only is it the fastest VPN service, but ExpressVPN also offers 3,000+ VPN servers in 94 countries, is one of the most recommended VPNs out there, and claims to be the #1 Trusted leader in VPN.

Quick Overview – ExpressVPN Speed Test Results in 2022

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to stick around throughout the entire article, here’s a brief table with all the speed test results compiled for your convenience.

Server locationDownload speedUpload speedsPings
USA- New York85.84‬ Mbps68.59 Mbps358 ms
The Netherlands – The Hague85.84‬ Mbps86.67 Mbps127 ms
Switzerland – 286.67 Mbps90.84 Mbps142 ms
Italy – Milan84.17 Mbps93.34 Mbps123 ms
Hong Kong – 286.67 Mbps94.17 Mbps259 ms
Canada – Toronto 84.17 Mbps39.17 Mbps210 ms
Singapore – Jurong78.75 Mbps94.17 Mbps86 ms
Australia – Melbourne85.84‬ Mbps94.17 Mbps168 ms
UK – docklands‭89.17‬ Mbps75.5 Mbps134 ms

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ExpressVPN Speed Results [Tested July 2022]

In order to figure out whether ExpressVPN actually offers unlimited speeds, I tested its performance using nine (9) different servers located worldwide with my 100 Mbps internet connection.

Although download speed is the most important factor as far as the quality of your Internet experience is concerned, I measured more than just download speed. Let me explain all 4 different measures that I tested during ExpressVPN’s speed test:

Download speed:

The download speed tells you how quickly you can expect files to download and how long web pages will take to load. It also measures the quality of your video streaming,

At high download speeds (more than 10 Mbps at least), you will hardly notice any buffering when streaming HD quality streams. However, buffering might be noticeable at lower download speeds. Thus, the higher the download speed, the better your online Internet experience.

Upload speed: 

The upload speed (also measured in Mbps) determines how quickly you can transmit data to other users and websites online. For instance, if you’re sending a large file attachment through email, it will upload faster the higher your upload speed is.

Similarly, if you’re uploading videos on your YouTube channel, the faster your upload speed, the quicker you can publish your video.


The ping (also known as latency) is the amount of time it takes for a website to respond to your requests. It is measured in milliseconds (ms), and the smaller the ping, the better is the quality of your connection.

The effect of ping is not generally noticeable except in cases when it is too high (400 ms+) and it usually depends on how close you’re physically located to your ISP’s servers/data centers. Low ping is crucial for online gaming where a higher ping can create a lot of gameplay lag and frame rate issues.


This is very similar to ping, but it measures the variability of ping over time. Practically, it is almost impossible to receive the same ping at all times, but a good connection will ensure that the variability in ping is as small as possible. For gaming and streaming applications, the lower the jitter, the better the performance you can expect.

With these terms out of the way, let me first share with you a screenshot of my actual speed test result without ExpressVPN connected:



From the Americas region, I tested ExpressVPN’s U.S and Canadian servers.

USA- New York server speed test results

expressvpn-speed-test-result-USA-new york-server

With the US server IP address that I tested first, ExpressVPN managed to offer a download speed of 85.84‬ Mbps and upload speeds of 68.59 Mbps with just 358 ms ping. Speeds were good, however, the pings were quite high.

Canada – Toronto server speed test results


Next, I wanted to see how ExpressVPN would perform while connected to the Canadian server. After running the test, ExpressVPN managed to offer a download speed of 84.17 Mbps and an upload speed of 39.17 Mbps with just 210 ms ping.


Next, I tested servers from the Netherlands, U.K, Italy, and Switzerland.

The Netherlands – The Hague server speed test results


With the Netherlands server’s IP address, ExpressVPN managed to output a blazing fast download speed of 85.84‬ Mbps and an upload speed of 86.67 Mbps with just 127 ms ping.

Switzerland – 2 server speed test results


Next, I connected to the Swiss server. After running the test, ExpressVPN managed to push out a download speed of 86.67 Mbps and an upload speed of 90.84 Mbps with just 142 ms ping.

Italy – Milan server speed test results


Once I got connected to the Italian server, I managed to achieve a download speed of 84.17 Mbps and an upload speed of 93.34 Mbps with 123 ms ping. That’s mind-blowingly fast.

UK – Docklands server speed test results


Last but not least, I also ran a speed test while being connected to the UK server of ExpressVPN. This time I managed to get a download speed of 89.17‬ Mbps and an upload speed of 75.5 Mbps with 134 ms ping on the VPN connection.


From the Asian region, I tested ExpressVPN’s servers from Hong Kong and Singapore.

Hong Kong – 2 server speed test results


With the Hong Kong server, ExpressVPN managed to output a download speed of 86.67 Mbps and an upload speed of 94.17 Mbps with just 259 ms ping.

Singapore – Jurong server speed test results


After that, I moved on to an Asian server. Once I connected to Singapore, I managed to get a download speed of 78.75 Mbps. As for the upload speed, I noted it down at 94.17 Mbps with 86 ms ping.


Lastly, I tested ExpressVPN’s servers from Australia.

Australia – Melbourne server speed test results


With the Australian servers, ExpressVPN performed amazingly well. Once I ran the test, ExpressVPN managed to output a download speed of 85.84‬ Mbps and an upload speed of 94.17 Mbps with just 168 ms ping.

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ExpressVPN Torrenting Speed Test

ExpressVPN works extremely well with torrenting. When connected to its Netherlands servers, I managed to get a download speed of 40 Mbps with my 100 Mbps connection. Using BitTorrent, I was able to download a large torrent file within a couple of minutes. The average download speed that I got with ExpressVPN was 5.4 MB/s.


Does ExpressVPN make your Internet faster?

Yes, in most cases, ExpressVPN can improve your internet speeds. For instance, when your ISP throttles your connection during peak hours, connecting to one of ExpressVPN’s servers can actually improve your internet speeds.

I’ve personally experienced a 10% to 15% improvement in my internet speeds when connected to ExpressVPN. When connecting to a server, make sure to use the Smart Location feature to get connected to the fastest available server near you.

What Affects ExpressVPN Connection Speed?

ExpressVPN speeds can be affected by a couple of factors.

  • For instance, if you connect to a server location that’s far away from your actual location, you may experience slower speeds.
  • Also, ExpressVPN’s speeds can primarily be affected by the protocol you choose. For instance, TCP is slower than UDP

A bit about ExpressVPN

No matter where you look, you’ll always see ExpressVPN rocking the top spot on everyone’s list. Its 3,000+ VPN servers in 94 countries are super fast.

Security & Privacy

To keep users secure, ExpressVPN offers powerful 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and excellent app compatibility for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.  ExpressVPN can be easily configured on routers, Kodi, FireStick, and Roku devices. So, no matter what device you have, you’ll never have to compromise on privacy.

ExpressVPN has also converted its complete server network from hard-drive servers to RAM servers. The main advantage of RAM servers is that your information is wiped out on every server reboot. Due to this technology, anyone who wishes to track or stole your internet activity and data will always taste the dust.

This feature alone separates ExpressVPN from all the VPN providers that are still working with hard-drive servers just like CyberGhost. Even though it can go toe-to-toe with ExpressVPN, it always loses in this category.

To learn more about their showdown together, check out our ExpressVPN vs CyberGhost comparison.

Features & Support

ExpressVPN also offers 24/7 live chat support which is something only premium VPNs offer. This way, if you want to cancel ExpressVPN or need help troubleshooting, you can easily contact them through live chat as they also offer 30-day refunds. Speaking of help, if you’re looking for quick troubleshooting steps for ExpressVPN, feel free to check out our ExpressVPN not working guide.

As for pricing, ExpressVPN starts from $6.67/mo (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan) which is quite expensive. That being said, it does offer a free trial to make up for it. That’s not all. To find out all the pros and cons of this VPN, check out our in-depth ExpressVPN review.

Also, you can learn more about this provider by its Reddit impressions. See them all in our blog ExpressVPN impressions on Reddit.

Streaming & Torrenting

With the help of a massive server network, ExpressVPN can easily unblock Netflix and other streaming platforms. ExpressVPN also works great with torrenting thanks to optimized P2P servers. You’ll be able to download large torrent files in a matter of minutes and stream amazing movies in HD quality.

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ExpressVPN Speed Test FAQs

Now let’s discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about ExpressVPN’s speeds.

To select the faster server of ExpressVPN, use the Smart Location feature, which recommends the fastest server close to your location.

To increase the speed of ExpressVPN, switch your default protocol to OpenVPN, IKEv2, or PPTP for faster speeds. Do keep in mind that VPN protocols that offer less encryption will automatically be faster.

The reason behind slow speeds could be the server you’re connected to. You might experience slow speeds with ExpressVPN when there’s congestion between your computer and ExpressVPN’s server. For instance, if too many users are connected to the same server location as you, you will experience slow speeds. Think of it as a busy highway during rush hour.

ExpressVPN will typically not slow down your internet speeds. However, if you’re using a protocol with strong encryption or the server you’re connected to is heavily congested, ExpressVPN can slow down your internet speeds.

No, as per my testing, ExpressVPN is not faster than NordVPN. While NordVPN managed to output a max download speed of 96.92 Mbps, ExpressVPN on the other hand managed to offer a max download speed of 89.17‬ Mbps.

More Speed Test Results

Wrapping up!

After compiling all the results from the ExpressVPN speed test, I can confirm that ExpressVPN is actually among the fastest VPNs in the industry right now. Out of all the server locations that I tested, ExpressVPN managed to output connection speed in the upper 80s to 90s of Mbps. You can check out the speed test table that I covered earlier for a quick refresher.

If we talk about real-world usability experience, ExpressVPN blew me away with its blazing fast speeds. During the testing period, I was able to stream in HD quality and download large torrent files pretty quickly without ever noticing any throttling. So to confirm, ExpressVPN is definitely fast.

Overall, the results that I obtained confirm that ExpressVPN offers top-notch speeds without compromising on its robust security features to keep users protected online at all times. For this reason, I think the higher price tag of ExpressVPN is quite justified because there aren’t many VPNs out there that can maintain a high caliber of speed and security at the same time.

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