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Best VPN for Android Devices

Best VPN for Android – Which one to get when there are literally hundreds of VPN apps on the Google Play Store. Even though it’s fairly easy to find Android Smartphones supporting octa-core CPU configurations nowadays, but finding a trustworthy VPN can be nothing short of a challenge.

If you’re active in the VPN community, you’ll constantly come across news related to malicious VPNs and bugs. I’m sure you’re aware of the “Stagefright” bug. So, what can you do about it? Well, if you don’t wish to become a victim of Cyberattacks and get rid of geo-restrictions along the way, you will have to invest in premium VPNs.

To help you pick the most trusted VPN for your Android device, I’ve come up with an awesome list of seven (7) secure VPN apps that are not only affordable but also highly rated. And just so you know, I filtered out over 100 VPNs to come up with this list.

7 Best VPN for Android (Updated 2021)

Here are the top picks for the best VPN app for android. The below-listed best Android VPNs are not only affordable but also secure.

Before you go through our best Android VPNs list, just get a glimpse of our video showing these VPNs briefly:

1. ExpressVPN – Best Android VPN App for Streaming

Server: 3,000+ | Countries: 94 | Multi-Login: 5 | Encryption: 256-bit | Google Play Store Rating: 4.1 | Best Price: $6.67/mo

ExpressVPN Best Android VPN App for Streaming

Next up, we have ExpressVPN. This VPN is headquartered in the safe jurisdiction of the British Virgin Island and follows a strict no-logs policy. With a 4.1 stars rating on Google Play Store, there’s a reason why this VPN is so popular. After all, it is one of the finest VPN for streaming services like Netflix, Plex and more.

ExpressVPN also has a massive server network. Currently, it has 3,000+ servers available in 94 countries. With so many servers, you can stream or torrent with ExpressVPN without any restrictions at superfast speeds. As for security features, ExpressVPN comes pre-equipped with tons of features to secure your Android devices. You get options like Kill Switch, Split tunneling, 256-bit encryption, Tor Support and industry benchmark protocols.

If we talk about compatibility, ExpressVPN supports Android 5.0 or higher and is super easy to use no matter what Android device you might have. Speaking of devices, you can use ExpressVPN on your Android Smartphone or even on Android tablets like Nvidia Shield Tablet K1. I also really like their apps supports 12 languages.

But all these features, performance and compatibility come at a price. ExpressVPN starts from $6.67/mo which can be expensive for a lot of VPN consumers. But similar to other Android VPNs, ExpressVPN offers 5 multi logins and 30-days refund policy. Due to its extensive refund policy, it is one of the best free Android VPN that you can use free of cost for 30 days.

Read our full review of ExpressVPN for more information.

2. NordVPN – Secure VPN App for Android

Server: 5,500+ | Countries: 59 | Multi-Login: 6 | Encryption: 256-bit Double Encryption | Google Play Store Rating: 4.3 | Best Price: $3.71/mo

NordVPN Best VPN App for Android

NordVPN is undoubtedly the best in the industry. Based in Panama, NordVPN has a solid 4.3 stars rating on Google Play Store. The reason why I picked NordVPN first is because of all the features it offers. For starters, it follows a strict no-logging policy.

In addition to that, It comes built-in with security features like Kill Switch, AES 256-bit encryption, numerous protocols, CyberSec and leak protection. One thing which makes NordVPN better than other providers is its servers network. At the moment it offers 5,500+ servers in 59 countries equipped with obfuscation technology.

These NordVPN’s servers are perfect for torrenting and binge-watching popular streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more in Ultra HD picture quality. It also comes with a nifty feature called “SmartPlay”, which can automatically pick the best server depending on which media streaming service you wish to access.

Apart from the fact that NordVPN is not headquartered under the jurisdiction of the 5-eyes, it is also super easy to use and is compatible with a bunch of Android devices. As long as you have Android 4.4 or above, you can use it on your Android SmartphoneAndroid boxes, and Chromebook devices. You can also use NordVPN with Firestick. Oh! And I think you’ll also appreciate the fact that it supports nine (9) languages.

Best of all, despite costing only $3.71/mo NordVPN allows you to connect to 6 devices simultaneously. All subscription plans also come with a 30-day NordVPN refund policy. Infact you can find the trick to get Free NordVPN trial.

Read our full review of NordVPN for more information.


3. Surfshark – Fastest VPN for Android

Server: 3,200+ | Countries: 65 | Multi-Login: Unlimited | Encryption: AES-256-GCM | Google Play Store Rating: 4.3 | Best Price: $2.49/mo

Surfshark Fastest VPN for Android

If you’re looking for something that’s super fast but also super affordable, then Surfshark is just what you need. Headquartered in the British Virgin Island just like ExpressVPN, Surfshark has a 4.3 stars Google Play Store rating and really good reviews on Reddit. One of the main reasons why I think you’ll like this Android VPN is because of its speed. In fact, it is recommended as one of the fastest VPN services on VPNRanks.

As for features, Surfshark’s Android app comes builtin with options like CleanWeb, Whitelister, HackLock, BlindSearch and the usual military-grade encryption. Another major thing that Surfshark guarantees, is zero logs which, is super impressive. Surfshark doesn’t offer too many servers, however, its 3200+ servers in 65+ countries are capable of torrenting and unblocking Netflix US.

If we talk about compatibility, Surfshark supports Android 5.0 and up and can be installed on devices like Android Smartphones, Android TV and pretty much on any device that runs Android OS. If you’re a non-native English speaker, Surfshark has you covered there too. It supports 10+ different languages.

As far as pricing is concerned, Surfshark only costs $2.49/mo and can be used on an unlimited number of devices. And just if you’re curious, all Surfshark plans come with a 30-days money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial.

Read our full review of Surfshark for more information.

4. CyberGhost – Perfect Android VPN for Private Browsing

Server: 6500+ | Countries: 89+ | Multi-Login: 7 | Encryption: 256-bit military-grade | Google Play Store Rating: 4.1 | Best Price: $2.25/mo

CyberGhost Perfect Android VPN for Private Browsing

CyberGhost is another top tier VPN you can get for your Android device in 2021. With 15-years of industry expertise, it has an overall 4.1 stars rating on Google Play Store. If we talk about its security features, you get Ad-blocker, Malware protection, Data compression among other features.

Similar to other VPNs we’ve looked over so far, CyberGhost is also headquartered in a safe jurisdiction. More specifically, it is based in Romania which is a data retention free jurisdiction. If we talk about its server network, CyberGhost offers 6100+ servers in 89+ countries to help you download torrents and stream any content you could imagine.

As far as app compatibility is concerned, CyberGhost can run on any Android device running OS version 4.1 and up and supports 11 languages. Price-wise it is quite affordable. You can get CyberGhost for as little as $2.25/mo and use it on 7 devices simultaneously.

Read our full review of CyberGhost for more information.

5. IPVanish – Flexible VPN App for Android Devices

Server: 1,300+ | Countries: 75+ | Multi-Login: 10 | Encryption: 256-bit | Google Play Store Rating: 4.0 | Best Price: $3.25/mo

IPVanish Flexible VPN App for Android Devices

Next up, we have IPVanish. This VPN provider has a 4.0-star rating on the Google Play Store and comes with some of the best features you can expect from an Android VPN app. Although based in the US, IPVanish guarantees zero data logging. In addition, IPVanish fully supports torrenting and works flawlessly with streaming services.

As for features, IPVanish offers options like Advanced-standard encryption (AES-256), Split-tunneling, IPv6 leak protection and much more. In terms of app compatibility, IPVanish supports any Android device with version 4.0.3 and higher. One thing to really like about IPVanish is its support for four languages like English, Spanish, Indian and Russian.

Overall, IPVanish is certainly among the best VPNs for Android you can get. It is fairly inexpensive and you can get it for a monthly price of $3.25. It also accepts bitcoin payments. All of their subscription plans come with a 7-day refund policy and can be used on 10 devices simultaneously.

Read our in-depth IPVanish review 2021 for more information.

6. Private Internet Access – Renowned Android VPN App

Server: 3,390+ | Countries: 44+ | Multi-Login: 10 | Encryption: 256-bit | Google Play Store Rating: 3.7 | Best Price: $2.85/mo

Private Internet Access Renowned Android VPN App

Private Internet Access or PIA is certainly popular in the VPN industry. I mean its Android app has over 1,000,000 downloads. As for Google Play Store rating, PIA VPN has a 3.7 stars rating. That’s slightly lower than some of the other VPNs we’ve looked over up till now, however, its nothing worth complaining about.

Similar to IPVanish, Private Internet Access operates from the US, however, it promises to not keep any user logs. As for features, it comes with Kill Switch, 256-bit encryption and a MACE feature which includes a bunch of cool options like malware, tracker, and Ad-blocker.

If we talk about compatibility, PIA VPN works with on all devices running the latest versions of Android OS. In terms of usability, Private Internet Access is super user friendly and its 3,390+ servers make accessing any blocked service like torrenting and streaming seem like a piece of cake.

Price-wise PIA VPN is quite affordable. Its cheapest plan starts from just $2.69/mo. And with every subscription plan, you get the freedom to secure 10 devices simultaneously along with a 30-days refund policy.

Read our full review of Private Internet Access for more information.

7. VyprVPN – Android VPN App with Chameleon Protocol

Server: 700+ | Countries: 70+ | Multi-Login: 5 | Encryption: 256-bit | Google Play Store Rating: 4.0 | Best Price: $2.50/mo

VyprVPN Android VPN App with Chameleon Protocol

Last but not least, we have VyprVPN on this list of best VPN for Android. There a lot of reasons to love VyprVPN. For starters, it has a 4.0-star rating on Google Play Store. In addition, it offers a fairly modest server network. At the moment, VyprVPN has some 700+ servers in 70+ countries. Although not a lot but these servers are P2P compatible and can also help access blocked services like BBC iPlayer and more.

But the good thing is, it offers over 200,000 IP addresses which can help you pretty much unblock anything out there. Another thing I really like about VyprVPN is that it is headquartered in Switzerland and boasts a true no-logs policy.

As for features, VyprVPN comes standard with built-in Kill Switch, leak protection, and a unique chameleon protocol that can help you bypass strict firewalls in countries like China. As for compatibility, VyprVPN supports all Android devices running Android 5 (Lollipop), 6 (Marshmallow), 7 (Nougat), 8 (Oreo), 9 (Pie), or 10.

Price-wise VyprVPN is very budget-friendly. Pricings start from just $2.50/month and can be used with 5 devices at the same time. Similar to other VPNs, VyprVPN also boasts a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Read our full review of VyprVPN for more information.

Quick Features Comparison Table

If you’re still having trouble deciding which VPN to get for your Android device, you can check out the table below to quickly compare the features of all of the VPNs covered in this blog:

VPNSpeed on 30 Mbps ConnectionMoney-back GuaranteeSimultaneous ConnectionsSupports P2PCompatible Streaming ServicesBest Price
ExpressVPN27.17 Mbps30 days5YesNetflix, Hulu, HBO, DAZN, Sling TV, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer & more $6.67/mo
NordVPN24.91 Mbps30 days6YesNetflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Sling TV & more $3.71/mo
Surfshark27.91 Mbps30 daysUnlimitedYesNetflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, ESPN, CBS & more $2.49/mo
CyberGhost17.10 Mbps45 days7YesNetflix, Hulu, Sky GO, HBO, Amazon Prime, Eurosport, ESPN, BBC iPlayer & more $2.25/mo
IPVanish14.26 Mbps7 days10YesNetflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer & more$3.25/mo
PIA VPN23.32 Mbps30 days10YesNetflix US and UK$2.85/mo
VyprVPN22.73 Mbps30 days5YesNetflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer & more$2.50/mo

How to choose the Best VPN for Android?

As I mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of VPN APK files available on the Google Play Store. However, how do you make sure you get the right one? Well, there are a couple of things you can look out for. First off, make sure the VPN you’re getting actually offers apps for Android. You should avoid getting VPNs that require manual configurations.

Once you get that figured out, you can go ahead and make sure the VPN you’re interested in offers tons of security features, follows a strict no-logs policy, offers fast speeds and plenty of simultaneous connections. Last but not least, make sure the provider is actually affordable. Keeping these pointers in mind, you can pick the best Android VPN for your needs.

Why should you avoid free VPN apps for Android?

Even though there are tons of free VPN apps on Google Play Store, I still don’t recommend that you try them. Instead, it’s way better to try VPNs that offer free trials. That’s because free VPNs can actually sell your data to advertisers. This is why you see targeted ads plaguing your web browser and social media apps.

Another reason to avoid free VPNs for Android is that they offer poor features and performance. Most likely, you’re going get stuck with a VPN that barely offers any speed and a limited number of server locations. That being said, there are still very few free VPNs that are somewhat trustworthy. If you like, you can check out our separate article on the best free VPN for Android.

Wrapping up!

Even though Android Smartphones and devices have gotten way powerful, they’re still susceptible to online threats and have to deal with the same geo-blocks as any other device. This is where using a VPN on your Android device can seriously pay off.

The fact of the matter is that, if you haven’t started using a VPN on your Android device, you’re seriously missing out. In order to unleash the full potential of your device, check out my list of best VPN for Android and reclaim your online freedom. So which one you are going to pick? Let me know your top VPN for Android in the comments below.

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