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Does TunnelBear Work with Netflix in 2022?

No, TunnelBear does not work with Netflix as per the results of my latest research and tests.


TunnelBear is known to most users that are familiar with free VPN services. The brand mascot, a grizzly bear, is how most people recognize TunnelBear.Check more best VPN that works so well with Netflix.

As a freemium VPN, TunnelBear offers both a free and paid service, the former being very limited in data and functionality. Obviously, you can’t unblock Netflix with TunnelBear free version, but I was hopeful that the paid subscription might get the job done.

Unfortunately, as I’ll show shortly, TunnelBear is not a reliable service for accessing any Netflix content library. In case you don’t want to waste your time, check out these Netflix VPNs that still work.

Testing TunnelBear with Netflix

I sent an email query to TunnelBear (they don’t have live chat) if their VPN works with Netflix. Here’s what they had to say:

At any rate, I wanted to test the service myself and see if it can be relied on to access US Netflix and possibly other libraries as well. So, I connected to a few TunnelBear servers and logged in to my Netflix to stream certain geo-restricted movies.

But it failed. Below, you can see me searching for a US exclusive movie on Netflix “The Long Dumb Road“. The search results came up empty even though I am connected to TunnelBear’s US server. I tried to search for several different US-only shows and movies, but each time, it failed.

Testing tunnelbear for netflix

As per the results of this testing, I’m quite confident that TunnelBear is not a good choice for Netflix. However, testing a VPN for Netflix is not a tricky business. Out of nowhere, at a certain point in time, VPNs that are considered bad for Netflix suddenly start working. Therefore, it is wise to refuse from giving any categorical statements and generalizations when reviewing a VPN for Netflix.

This is why I encourage people to do their own testing whenever possible. You can take advantage of the TunnelBear free trial to do your own testing. Although TunnelBear failed for me at this time, it might actually still be working for you. So, if you have got your own testing results, I’d really like to see you share your experience in the comments below.

If you purchased TunnelBear and have been unable to access Netflix, then you might be able to get your refund but it’s unlikely. TunnelBear’s cancellation does not guarantee a refund because they offer a free version of this

TunnelBeer Speed for Netflix

It’s a shame that TunnelBear doesn’t unblock Netflix because as far as speed is concerned, the VPN is actually pretty fast. In our speed test results, we found TunnelBear delivering great speeds across its network. When connected to the US server on a 100 Mbps connection, it produced a download speed of 78.45 Mbps, which is above average.


However, the good speeds make TunnelBear a decent choice for torrenting, if you’re interested in that.

Why Is TunnelBear Unreliable for Netflix?

Although Netflix has never revealed the exact mechanism by which they ban VPN services, it is very probable that they detect IP addresses associated with VPNs and then blacklist these.

Many VPN providers with a small server network like TunnelBear with too few IP addresses can’t fool Netflix easily. As a result, these end up getting easily blocked by Netflix.

As such, only those VPNs that have enough resources to continually add new pools of IP addresses/servers such as CyberGhost are able to stand tall against Netflix. This is one of the major reasons CyberGhost is a popular choice for unblocking Netflix as well as NordVPN Netflix goes hand in hand.

If you wish to see a side-by-side comparison of CyberGhost and TunnelBear VPN to understand the difference between them, then check out our TunnelBear vs CyberGhost comparison.

TunnelBear serves users that require privacy as their primary need rather than those that want to unblock streaming services. Therefore, it appears that Netflix unblocking is not high on the list of TunnelBear, which is they haven’t really put in much effort in expanding resources which is necessary to Netflix libraries.

So What Are My Options?

Unfortunately for TunnelBear customers, this is not a VPN that can help you much if you’re looking for a service with a proven ability to unblock Netflix. Nor is there any solution to this until TunnelBear takes measures to bypass the Netflix ban.

Until that happens, the only option available to users is to get a different provider, one that is known to work brilliantly with Netflix.

Here are some of the alternatives to TunnelBear that are very effective for Netflix:

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Here are some more alternatives that can also help you unblock Netflix with ease.

Tunnelbear Netflix Alternatives


TunnelBear is not a very efficient service when it comes to unblocking Netflix. In the tests I performed, it failed to work for any popular library of Netflix.

However, since it offers a free version as well, you can try setting up TunnelBear for Kodi or even devices like Roku. If you face any connectivity issues with this VPN in general, you may consult our troubleshooting guide regarding TunnelBear not working.

You can learn more about this VPN in our TunnelBear review.

Have you tried using TunnelBear for Netflix? What was your experience like? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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