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Does CyberGhost work with Roku?

CyberGhost has the largest server network with 6400+ servers available in over 89 countries and is the most powerful VPN to unblock streaming content. To set up CyberGhost on Roku, follow this super easy setup guide for beginners. Unblock all streaming content on your Roku device hassle-free.


CyberGhost is the easiest VPN to set up on a Roku device. It offers a larger number of servers i.e. 6400+ in 89 countries. It also gives you a 45-days money-back guarantee and freedom to download torrents securely. Speaking of which, we’ve covered a separate blog discussing what makes CyberGhost so great for torrenting. Perhaps you might be interested in that.

Anyways, In this guide, I have discussed how to set up CyberGhost on Roku devices in the easiest way possible for beginners.

With a single CyberGhost account, you can connect to 7 devices at a time. Meaning, you can connect CyberGhost VPN to Roku, FireStick, Mobile, Laptop, and more.

When you install CyberGhost, you get to unblock apps on Roku that are geo-restricted and gain access to popular streaming services like Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, Disney Plus, and more. So, without wasting any time, let’s begin with the CyberGhost Roku setup guide.

How to Setup CyberGhost on Roku

CyberGhost is among one of the best-rated VPN providers in the industry. However, like its other counterparts, you cannot install CyberGhost directly on Roku. This is because Roku does not support any VPN app and the provider doesn’t have proper guides on their website for installation on Roku.

But if you have a Windows PC, you can share a VPN-enabled connection from the PC to your Roku and gain access to all content and streaming channels that are otherwise blocked for you.

Here is what you need to do to install CyberGhost on Roku in just 5 minutes:

Step 1: Subscribe to CyberGhost or check out the free trial

Step 2: Download and install the CyberGhost Windows app

Step 3: Click on the Internet connection icon in the taskbar then click on Network & Internet Settings 

Step 4: Click on Mobile hotspot on the left menu and toggle on the Share my Internet connection with other devices button

How to Setup CyberGhost on Roku

Step 5: On the left-hand menu, click on Status > Change adapter options 


Step 6: Right-click on the CyberGhost Tap Adapter > Properties 


Step 7: On the Sharing tab, check the box next to “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”

Step 8: Select the hotspot that you earlier created and click Ok

Step 9: Now launch the CyberGhost app and connect to a US server

If your Roku isn’t already configured on the US region, you will need to perform the following additional steps first. Otherwise, simply jump to step 16.

Step 10: Connect CyberGhost to a US server and visit https://owner.roku.com on your PC or mobile

Step 11: Select your country as the United States

Step 12: Enter a 5 digit US ZIP Code (92105, 23589 etc.)

Step 13: Hold the Reset button on the back of your Roku device for 15 seconds to enable Factory reset 

Step 14: When the device starts up again, log in with your new US region account

Step 15: Now select Settings > Network 


Step 16: Choose Set up Connection > Wireless


Step 17: All available Wi-Fi connections should now appear in a list. Select the hotspot you created using CyberGhost


Step 18: Enter your Wi-Fi password

If you properly set it up, your Roku should now be connected to CyberGhost. But aside from Roku, CyberGhost works amazingly well with Kodi. If you’re a Kodi user and love to watch content for free, check out this guide on how to set up CyberGhost on Kodi. Alternatively, if you own a Firestick device, here’s how you can set up CyberGhost on a Firestick device.


Configure CyberGhost Smart DNS on your DD-WRT Router

If you wish to configure CyberGhost’s Smart DNS feature on your router for faster streaming purposes, you can follow these simple steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your router dashboard through your preferred browser

Step 2: Select Setup

Step 3: Next, choose Basic Setup

Step 4: Now, under Network Address Server Settings (DHCP), fill in the fields as shown below:

  • Static DNS 1: Use the exact DNS provided to you in the Account Dashboard underneath My SmartDNS
  • Static DNS 2: leave it as blank
  • Static DNS 3: leave it as blank 

Step 5:  After that, enable Use DNSMasq for DNS

Step 6:  Finally, choose Apply Settings.

If you followed all the steps correctly, you can enjoy unlimited and unrestricted content right on your Roku device. But in case CyberGhost ends up not working properly, you check out our CyberGhost not working guide or you can cancel your CyberGhost subscription and get a full refund within 45-days.

How CyberGhost Helps Unblock Geo-restricted Channels on Roku

Licensing agreements between movie/show producers and content distributors often prohibit a title from being available in all the regions of the world.

In fact, many streaming channels only work within their home countries, so if you try to watch it from abroad, it’s not going to work.

All online streaming services know which location you are accessing them from through your IP address. CyberGhost enables you to change your IP address to any of its supported locations.

Since most of the high-demand streaming content and channels are exclusive to the US, you can take advantage of US servers of CyberGhost to spoof your location and thus unblock any show, movie, on any channel that is normally geo-restricted outside the US. You’ll be able to stream Netflix U.S in no time. Speaking of Netflix, here’s how you can watch Netflix with CyberGhost.

That being said, you might encounter speed fluctuations on some servers. You might want to check out my CyberGhost speed test blog to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Finishing Up

Setting up CyberGhost on Roku can be one of the best steps you can take to unlock any channel or show and forget to worry about the geographical availability of a movie. You’ll be surprised how much easier and more entertaining your life can get with the right VPN working on Roku.

If you’re curious to learn more about CyberGhost and it’s quirks and features, you might be interested in our in-depth CyberGhost review for 2022.

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    We keep getting an error when we complete step 8…but perhaps an other problem is the hotspot we created doesn’t show up in the drop down area at all. When we create the hotspot, we named it desktop, but the hotspots available in the drop down menu mentione din step 8 are wifi, local area connection 2, and a third one with a bunch of random numbers and letters. We tried all three, all produced the same error.

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