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At, we offer unbiased VPN reviews to users along with useful guides for our readers.

The purpose of these detailed research guides is to evaluate the best VPN services in the industry, offer solutions and thought-provoking articles for our readers.

If you are looking for ways to secure your online privacy and security, then you have come to the right place!

To date, our team has created numerous resources that include extensive VPN testing such as IP and DNS leaks, 5 Eye, 9 Eyes and 14 Eyes jurisdiction, how the VPN industry is growing exponentially, and various guides on preventing different cyber attacks.

Here’s a complete list of all the resources:

  • VPN logging policies (We analyzed 101 VPN providers and found only 3 to be SAFE!)
  • Most transparent VPN providers (Reached out to 150+ VPN services to ask them about transparency reports, warrant canaries, owners, etc. to find which provider is trustworthy)
  • Physical vs. Virtual Servers: Best Server Locations (Are physical servers or virtual servers better? We tested leading VPN services to differentiate between bare metal and virtual servers, and how you can spot the difference)
  • VPN Obfuscation Guide (Find out which VPNs offer obfuscation to bypass internet in the most restrictive places, such as China, Russia, or Iran)
  • Ultimate VPN Leak Test Guide (10 out of 52 VPN providers leaked IP/DNS address during testing)
  • 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, 14 Eyes EXPLAINED (After analyzing 123 VPN jurisdictions, we explained why it is a bad idea to trust VPNs based in 5, 9, 14 Eyes)
  • GDPR Winners & Losers (Our investigation showed that 46 out of 83 VPN services failed to comply with GDPR)
  • (We analyzed how a $12 billion VPN industry will grow to $36 billion 2022)
  • Ransomware Removal Guide (Check out 6 ways to remove ransomware from your device and how to prevent it from exploiting your data)
  • (A complete guide to remove Tencent Chinese virus from different operating systems, browsers, and devices)
  • A Comprehensive Kodi Guide (Find out a detailed guide on Kodi for first-time users)
  • VPN Leak Test While Torrenting (4 out of 17 VPN providers leaked IP address during torrenting)
  • What is a VPN? (We explain all the basics about a VPN – what it is, how it functions, is it legal, which devices you can use it on, etc.)
  • What is VPN Encryption (A detailed look at types of protocols and encryption levels offered by VPNs, how does it work, and which settings you should use)
  • VPN Speed Test Guide (We test top 15 VPN providers from four different server locations and found 3 VPNs to deliver sluggish speeds)
  • A Torrent Guide for Newbies (Check out a detailed research guide about torrents, how it works, its implications, and if it is legal)
  • Ultimate Privacy Guide (We created a complete privacy guide for users, enlightening them about threats, solutions, and privacy tools to use)