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As an iPad user, you probably use public Wi-Fi on a regular basis. This means you are exposed to the combined security risks that threaten smartphone and computer users. Using a VPN for IPad keeps you secure from these risks.

Moreover, iOS is also laced with bugs and blunders. These bugs can be exploited by hackers to breach the security of your device and access your data without permission. In order to keep hackers at bay, we have recommended the use of the best iPad VPNs.

Among the VPNs that are listed in this guide, our top choice is NordVPN. It has the strongest encryption, fast speed, and unblock many geographically restricted streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu.

6 Best iPad VPN Apps for 2021

Following are some of the best IOS VPN apps that have the best user reviews and rating on iTunes, strong security, and best overall performance:

Let’s discuss these VPNs in detail.

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for iPad (4.6 stars rating)


ExpressVPN is simply the most trusted VPN around because it does NOT keep any kind of logs. It has earned 4.6 Stars rating with over 75,341 user reviews on iTunes store. That’s quite an achievement.

It is a popular VPN app for iPad that is available for 18 different languages. It’s file size also lite which consumes only 60.8 MB of your iPad space.

ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers and is spread across 94 countries. With a single ExpressVPN account, you can connect with 5 multiple devices. Not only that, it has categorized its servers based on continents so you can it with ease. Due to these features and high device compatibility, ExpressVPN is also the best free VPN for macOS.

Overall, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming because it easily unblocks American Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, and other services. You will find ExpressVPN touch expensive at $6.67/mo with 30-days refund policy.

ExpressVPN also offers an extensive list of compelling features like secure web surfing, Kill Switch, Split tunneling, Zero-knowledge DNS, and much, much more.

Read our full ExpressVPN review for more information.

2. Surfshark – Fastest VPN for iPad Users (4.4 stars rating)


Surfshark VPN has an Apple Appstore rating of 4.4 Stars with 1500+ user reviews. You can download Surfshark on iPad with at least iOS version 9.3 or later. The file size may be comparatively heavy at 103 MB exact, but the app itself is lite and doesn’t crash.

Surfshark iOS VPN app is available in 10 different languages and offers an affordable price of $2.49/mo with a 30-days refund policy as well. It is the fastest VPN that you will ever find in the VPN market, but most importantly you can connect unlimited devices with a single Surfshark account.

It currently offers 3,200 fast servers that are available in 63 countries. It also unblocks Netflix, Hulu, and consists of P2P optimized servers for safe torrenting.

Since Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Islands, your data will remain safe because it doesn’t have data-retention laws. It offers 256-bit encryption and has all the latest protocols you can ask for. We currently ranked it one of the best VPN apps for iPad because of its unlimited multi-logins feature and also because it is among the fastest too.

Read our full Surfshark review for more information.

3. NordVPN – Most Versatile VPN for iPad (4.6 stars rating)


NordVPN has the highest 4.6 stars rating with a whooping 94,000+ user reviews on Apple App store. It is compatible with iOS version 9 or above and only takes up 147.7 MB of your total space on iPad.

It has a server count of 5500+ servers and is available in 59 countries. With a single NordVPN account, you can connect with 6 different devices simultaneously.

The service provides different features like excellent compatibility with all the leading platforms and, Kill Switch and double VPN encryption. It offers a great price of $3.71/mo with a 30-days refund policy as well.

NordVPN is a Panama based VPN service that doesn’t keep logs. As well as being the best companion of iPads, NordVPN is one of the top VPN for iPhone.

Read our full NordVPN review for more information.

4. PureVPN – Secure iPad VPN (3.6 stars rating)


PureVPN has a rating of 3.6 stars with 800+ user reviews on the Apple App Store and is compatible with at least iOS version 10.0 or later. It only consumes 62.6 MB of space which seems reasonable and is available in many different languages i.e. English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Chinese, and more.

It is our recommended choice as the best iPad VPN app because it has a simple and easy-to-use interface. PureVPN lets you connect with 10 different devices at the same time.

PureVPN currently offers 6,500 servers in 140+ countries. It has the strongest encryption i.e. 256-bit that blocks any kind of malware, viruses, and cyber-threats.

It doesn’t keep logs, so everything you browse or stream over the internet remains completely hidden. It also unblocks streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney Plus, and others as well.

Lastly, it offers the best price in the VPN market. You can get PureVPN for only $3.33/mo with a 31-days money guarantee.

Read our full PureVPN review for more information.


5. CyberGhost – Most Reliable VPN for iPad (4.2 stars rating)


CyberGhost has earned a 4.2 Stars rating with over 21000+ user reviews. It is also ranked #14 in productivity by iTunes Store itself. It is compatible with iOS version 9.3 and above and only consumes 112.8 MB of space.

CyberGhost has the largest server network with 6500+ servers and is available in 90 countries. With a single CyberGhost account, you can connect 7 simultaneous devices, so its definitely worth your money.

It has a feature that I admire is its server capacity and load. You can easily see how much load does its server has, so you can avoid connecting to that server. If it has a minimum load, then you can expect faster speed.

It also offers a decent price of $2.25/mo with an extraordinary 45-days refund policy. It is based in Romania that doesn’t have data retention laws.

CyberGhost is definitely our top choice for the best VPN for iPad 2021 because it uses the strongest encryption, good refund policy, and a large server network.

Read our full CyberGhost review for more information.

6. Ivacy VPN – Best for Torrenting on iPad (4.4 stars rating)


Ivacy has an amazing iTunes rating of 4.4 Stars with only 500+ user reviews. The file size is 250 MB and users will need to have iOS version 10 to install Ivacy on their iPad.

The feature that I admire about Ivacy is its app interface and the simplicity of using it. For instance, Ivacy presents you with two options when you connect to its servers. Either you can select from any country, or you choose a streaming channel like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, or other apps unblock the service directly.

Ivacy has over 3,500 servers and is available in 100+ locations. It works on 10 different devices and only costs $1/mo with 30-days refund policy.

Ivacy’s P2P optimized servers work great for safe torrent downloading. It has a separate menu by the name ‘Secure Downloading’ that you will need to activate in order to download torrents safely.

We chose Ivacy as the best VPN client for iPad because of its safe downloading and its tendency to unblock various streaming services with ease.

Read our full Ivacy review for more information.

Free iPad VPNs – Is it worth using?

Generally speaking, it is not advisable to use free iPad VPNs. Many free providers don’t offer the bandwidth needed to download or stream videos online. In fact, some services pretending to be free VPNs are downright unsafe and may even steal your information to sell to other parties such as advertisers for a profit.

However, there are still some legitimate VPN services that are available for free but come with some limitations in features:

For more information, see this article on free VPN services for 2021.

How to Choose a VPN for iPad?

Since every VPN on the internet is advertised as the best, you must do your own research before subscribing to any VPN service. To help you choose the right VPN for your iPad, here are some important factors you should consider.

  • Apple App store rating
  • Compatibility with your iOS version
  • Encryption & protocols
  • Number of servers offered
  • Ease of use
  • Pricing

Why Do you Need a VPN for iPad?

A VPN for iPad is as important as for any other device. The threats on the internet are present for all devices, though it is true some forms of malware target specifically some operating systems.

Nonetheless, hackers and cyber-criminals don’t really discriminate and are always trying to exploit vulnerabilities in devices using internet as their gateway.

So, some of the main reasons why you will need a VPN for iPad is:

  • Encrypt your traffic to stay safe from online threats.
  • Spoof your location to access geo-restricted websites.
  • Bypass censorship in restricted regions.
  • Avoid being a victim of online surveillance from government agencies.

If any of these are issues that you’re facing, then you should get a VPN and keep it always enabled on your device.


Online security has become a primary goal in all our lives. Given that iOS users face constant security issues, it is better to use the above listed best VPN for iPad. These VPNs have strong security, good user reviews on iTunes, unblocks streaming services, and more.

From that list, I recommend NordVPN as the best iPad VPN since it offers 256-bit encryption that keeps your online activity secure from outsiders, and also it has an affordable price. This VPN resolves a lot of security issues faced by iPad users’ regarding data theft and hiding their original IP addresses.

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