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Does VyprVPN Work With Netflix in 2022?

Yes, VyprVPN works remarkably well for Netflix in 2022. Test results found VyprVPN working effectively for unblocking Netflix titles from US, UK, CA, & DE.

We all know that a lot of the great content on Netflix is exclusively available for some regions while the rest of us are deprived of access.

Fortunately for us, VPNs make it really easy to bypass said content restrictions on Netflix and watch any title on the streaming platform from anywhere in the world.

Though not all VPN services are powerful enough to unblock Netflix, VyprVPN is highly efficient for Netflix.

How to Unblock Netflix Content with VyprVPN – Quick Guide

  1. Subscribe to VyprVPN or get the VyprVPN free trial.
  2. Install the VPN and connect to a server from the US, UK, Canada, or Germany.
  3. Log into your Netflix and watch titles from these regions.

Testing VyprVPN for Netflix

To test VyprVPN’s functionality with Netflix, I followed my custom of first reaching out to customer support of the provider and inquiring if their service can be trusted to unblock any region of Netflix.

Here’s my brief conversation over live chat with a VyprVPN representative regarding Netflix use:

VyprVPN customer support about Netflix

As you can see, they mention four Netflix regions that VyprVPN can unblock content from UK, USA, Germany, and Canada. So I decided to test VyprVPN for these exact locations to confirm the claims from VyprVPN.

Here are the results of my testing:

United States

First I tested VyprVPN for American Netflix. For this, I connected to US – Chicago server and searched for the US exclusive title (at the time of this writing) “Rememory“. It worked like a charm and I could stream the movie perfectly fine:

vyprvpn unblocks netflix usa

United Kingdom

Testing VyprVPN for Netflix UK, I tried to search for the UK exclusive title “VFW”. This also worked! VyprVPN surely wasn’t kidding when I inquired about their unblocking capabilities for Netflix. Here’s a screenshot:

vyprvpn working with netflix uk


So far so good. VyprVPN is doubtlessly living up to my expectations and delivering on its promise of unblocking the four Netflix regions which the customer support told me about. After UK and US, I went ahead and tested VyprVPN’s ability to unblock Netflix Canada by streaming the movie “Human Capital”, which is currently exclusively available for Canadian results.

Once again, VyprVPN did not fail to impress:

vyprvpn unblocks netflix ca


By this point, I was convinced of VyprVPN’s prowess with Netflix and my trust in the customer support guy/gal was all but complete. But I still had to take VyprVPN for one last spin by testing it for Germany. I am not familiar with any Netflix titles that are DE-only, so I simply looked up the Netflix original show “Dark” after connecting VyprVPN’s DE server.

This too worked flawlessly:

vyprvpn unblocks netflix de

Overall, I have now confirmed that VyprVPN is working fine for at least four Netflix regions i.e. US, UK, Canada, and Germany. But it might work for even more regions that I haven’t tested yet. If you have experience using VyprVPN for other regions, I’d love to know in the comments below.

Though you generally shouldn’t experience any problems when using VyprVPN for Netflix, you can see this discussion regarding VyprVPN not working for help with any connectivity issues.

If for any reason, you’re unable to get VyprVPN to work with Netflix and are still within the 30-day purchase period, you can cancel VyprVPN to get your refund. In case you can’t get your issue resolved, you can also check out these other top VPNs for Netflix.

VyprVPN Speed for Netflix

Our latest speed test results came out outstandingly positive for VyprVPN. When tested on a 100 Mbps connection while connected to the VyprVPN US server, we got a download speed of 89.17 Mbps. Thus, VyprVPN is lightning fast.


Due to the fast speeds and superior privacy features, VyprVPN is also quite efficient for torrenting.

Other Benefits of VyprVPN

There’s no doubt that VyprVPN is effective for unblocking certain regions of Netflix. But that’s not all this VPN is good for. Here are some other important benefits of this VPN:

  • Chameleon technology: VyprVPN uses chameleon technology which is its proprietary stealth/obfuscation mechanism. With this feature, users can access VPNs in countries like China and Russia which heavily filter VPN originated traffic.
  • Audited no-logging policy: The provider has a no-logging policy that has been verified by independent auditors. This has greatly added to the credibility of the provider a trustworthy one that users can trust their privacy with.
  • Independently owned server network: VyprVPN completely owns all the servers in their network. As such, there are no other parties involved in handling anything that goes on within these servers, ensuring end-to-end privacy of the users and minimizing chances of data leaks and interception.

VyprVPN Netflix Alternatives

Wrapping Up

VyprVPN lives up to its promise of unblocking Netflix content exclusive to several regions including the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany. If you’re a fan of Netflix titles from these regions, VyprVPN provides a super-easy way to access the content you want to see.

Other than Netflix, you can set up VyprVPN on Firestick to unblock streaming apps or even use VyprVPN with Kodi and other devices like Roku.

For more information, see our VyprVPN review. If you want to read comprehensive reviews about other best VPNs, check out our dedicated VPN reviews page.

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