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How to Cancel IPVanish Subscription and Get a Refund (2020)

Thinking to cancel IPVanish? If it's been less than 30 days since your purchase, you might be eligible for your IPVanish refund. Learn more in this guide.

How-to- Cancel-IPVanish-Subscription

IPVanish is an acclaimed and one of the most well-recognized brands in the VPN industry. But it’s a big world and bad things happen, so I won’t be surprised if you found the VPN less than satisfactory for your particular situation.

The good thing is, even if you’re happy with IPVanish, you can still get one last benefit while ditching it: the 30-day money back guarantee. Cancelling the subscription during this period will make you eligible for the refund.

If you’re unsure about cancelling IPVanish and want to try fix the VPN first, you can try the troubleshooting tips for IPVanish given here.

Or if you’ve already cancelled the account and are just looking for a recommendation of an alternative, you might want to consider PureVPN which is crazy affordable and delivers real value for money.

Canceling account to get IPVanish refund

Note: You can contact IPVanish support team if you do not want to cancel your IPVanish account yourself. You will need to prove the ownership of your account before cancelling your account first.

Or if you want to do it yourself, just follow the steps below:

1. Visit the official site of IPVanish.


2. Login to your account by clicking “My Account”.


3. Click the “Subscription” option to check the details of your existing plan that would be either the renewal tier, the date of the renewal and the current plan tier.

4. Click “I wish to cancel my subscription.”


5. Click the corresponding link to confirm your decision and indicate your reason for cancellation.


6. You will get yet another screen asking for your confirmation, with a special deal to convince you to stay this time (these guys don’t give up easy).

7. Select “I still want to cancel” if you’re still not convinced.

8. This will finally cancel the account and you will receive a confirmation email from their official support regarding your refund.

Contact Customer Support for Refund Request

IPVanish claims that users will receive the refund automatically if account is cancelled within 30 days. However, I strongly recommend contacting the customer support yourself after going through the account cancellation and request that your refund be processed.

Here’s how to contact customer support of IPVanish to request a refund:

1. Visit IPVanish.com and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

2. Click live chat.

ipvanish live chat

3. A chat box will open with the option to “get in touch” with a live human being. Click on it.

get in touch

4. Next click on “Live chat” or “Leave a message” button.

ipvanish live chat button

5. Enter your name and other details, choose the “IPVanish Billing Support”, and write your refund request message before clicking on “Start chat”.

ipvanish chat message

A customer support representative will soon join the chat and inquire a few details to confirm your request. If they try to convince you to continue subscription, simply show that you’re not interested and just want your refund. They will proceed to confirming your request without further questions and tell you that the amount will be refunded within 5-7 business working days.

How can I cancel IPVanish Subscription on my Android phone?


If you purchased your IPVanish subscription through the Play Store, the above method won’t work. Instead, you will have to cancel it through your Google account:

  1. Go to Google Play Store and sign in to your Google account.
  2. Click “My Subscription” then “IPVanish subscription” that you wish to cancel.
  3. Click “Manage Subscription” then “cancel subscription” again.

When you’re done, proceed to contacting IPVanish customer support to request your refund as described above.

How can I cancel IPVanish Subscription on my iPhone?

IPVanish-App-for-iOS-on App-Store

If you got your IPVanish subscription through the App Store you will have to cancel as well as request your refund from App Store. IPVanish won’t be directly involved in this process.

Follow the steps below to cancel your IPVanish account purchased through App Store:

  1. Open your Settings app and click your name.
  2. Click your subscription then click IPVanish subscription you want to manage.
  3. Tap cancel subscription, if you don’t find the subscription option then use iTunes & App Store option instead.
  4. Click your Apple ID and sign in to your account then click “Subscriptions”.
  5. Complete the on screen instruction to finish the cancellation process.

Note: Your subscription will be ended at the end of current billing cycle. For more information about requesting refunds through the App Store, see this article.

Things to Consider Before Cancelling IPVanish

IPVanish ranks among top-tier VPN services in the industry, so it’s not easy to ignore all of its admirable capabilities even if it fails to deliver on some fronts in certain cases. So, in the interests of giving IPVanish a fair treatment, I’m going to recount some of the features that make this VPN worthy of consideration even if it may have failed to live up to your expectations in some respects:

  • Netflix and streaming: Despite troubles in the past IPVanish still works for various streaming services, especially those that cover sports, and after a long time, it has also regained its ability to unblock Netflix US. For more information, see our dedicated guide on using IPVanish for Netflix.
  • Unblocking torrents: While the VPN doesn’t advertise and promote its support for torrenting due to the legally questionable nature of p2p activities, the truth is, IPVanish does work flawlessly with torrenting. In fact, with strong leak protection and IPVanish’s unwavering fast speeds, it provides an excellent p2p filesharing experience.
  • Excellent support: A single IPVanish subscription supports 10 simultaneous connections. Due to its excellent compatibility, you can use IPvanish with platforms like Kodi and devices such as Fire stick and Roku.

The only problem is IPVanish does not offer a free trial that users can use to see if they will enjoy the service. If they had this option, there would be no need to cancel the VPN after purchasing since you’d only go ahead with the full subscription upon complete satisfaction with the trial period.

What should I do after cancelling my IPVanish subscription?

After cancelling your membership on IPVanish, you will have to rely on other VPN that helps you secure your IP address, DNS or WebRTC information. See our best VPN software 2020 list for alternative VPN options to choose from.

If you want an immediate recommendation, then PureVPN is an easy choice due to its low price and high performance. the Hong Kong based VPN service offers some exceptional privacy features.

Above all, the service allows you surf the web anonymously in various oppressive countries since PureVPN is one of those limited VPNs that work best in China.

You can consider such amazing benefits in shape of internet kill switch, split tunneling, dedicated IP, 10 multi-logins and others. All you have to do is to pay just $2.91/mo to use this exciting features.

For your ease, I have compiled a brief comparison table between IPVanish and PureVPN that lets you decide about your privacy in the right way:

JurisdictionBritish Virgin IslandHong Kong
Logging PolicyKeeps some logsNo logs
Pricing$6.49/mo $2.91/mo
Speed12.13 Mbps26.01 Mbps
Server Network1,400+ servers
60+ countries
2,000+ servers
140+ countries
Customer SupportEmail & FAQsLive Chat, Email & Ticket
Netflix UnblockingSupportedSupported

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it. All it takes is persistence to cancel IPVanish subscription, and if the refund is still valid, you will get your money back.

For more information about this VPN, see our IPVanish review.

Have you tried applying for a refund from IPVanish in the past? What was your experience like? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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