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ExpressVPN vs CyberGhost

Winner: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN vs CyberGhost: Head to Head Comparison

ExpressVPN is the winner!

I recommend ExpressVPN as the winner for its:

  • Better Speed: 27.17 Mbps
  • Safe Jurisdiction: British Virgin Islands
  • Consistent Netflix Support
  • Strict no-logs-policy

A Quick Comparison of ExpressVPN and CyberGhost

Here is a quick summary of the entire topic that has come out after the comparison of both providers.

JurisdictionBritish Virgins IslandsRomania
Logging PolicyNo logsNo logs
Pricing $6.67/mo $2.75/mo
Speed27.17 Mbps17.10 Mbps
Server Network3,000+ servers
94 countries
6,500+ servers
90 countries
Customer SupportLive chatLive chat
Netflix UnblockingSupportedSupported

Moreover, you see how the top 60+ providers are compared against each other in terms of key features, see this VPN comparison.

1. Pricing Plans

Result: CyberGhost is significantly more affordable than ExpressVPN and offers longer refund period.

Regular Plans1-month plan: $12.95/mo

6-month plan: $9.99/mo

1-year plan + 3 month extra: $6.67/mo

1-month plan: $12.99/mo

1-year: $5.99/mo

2-years: $3.69/mo

3-years: $2.75/mo

Cheapest Plan1-year + 3 month extra (35% off)3-year deal (79% off)
Special OffersNo Special OffersNo Special Offers
Money-back Guarantee31 days45 days
Payment methodsCredit cards, PayPal, Alipay, cryptocurrencies, Bluesnap, PaymentWallCredit cards, PayPal, and BitPay

ExpressVPN’s cheapest plan costs $6.67/mo as compared to CyberGhost’s $2.75/month for the 3-year subscription period. Both providers offer money-back guarantees, but CyberGhost’s refund period remains valid for 45 days in contrast to ExpressVPN’s 30-day free trial

Both of these VPNs accept common payment methods in addition to cryptocurrencies, which is a good facility for users that need to make anonymous payments.

CyberGhost is the winner in this round due to more affordable pricing and longer refund period.

3. Logging Policy

Result: Both of these VPNs keep minimal logs which do not compromise user privacy.

HeadquarterBritish Virgin Islands (safe)Romania (safe)
Activity LogsNoNo
Connection LogsSomeSome
Anonymous PaymentYesYes

Both providers are located in safe jurisdictions that have no association with the Five Eyes. ExpressVPN is based in British Virgin Islands and there are no data retention requirements for VPNs or ISPs in the country. Similarly, Romania is one of the countries that ruled data retention of citizens as unconstitutional. Therefore, both VPNs are based in countries where laws respect individual privacy.

Although neither of these VPNs keep any logs of user activity, they do maintain some connection logs necessary for technical reasons. ExpressVPN stores information about VPN servers you connect to on any given day, but neither your source or outgoing IP address is recorded in these logs. 



CyberGhost keeps some logs about connection attempts which include your CyberGhost app version information and country of origin. This information cannot be used to compromise user privacy, as none of your personally identifiable information is maintained in the records.



Therefore, both providers have trustworthy logging policies.

4. Servers in Countries: ExpressVPN vs CyberGhost

Result: CyberGhost has 6,500 servers in 90+ countries as compared to ExpressVPN’s 3,000 servers in 94 countries.


Both of these providers have impressively large network of servers that cover almost 100 countries. However, CyberGhost has a much larger pool of servers than ExpressVPN for any given location. Therefore, CyberGhost is the winner in this round on the basis of server count.

5. Security Features

Result: Both services offer strong security with powerful encryption and modern VPN protocols.

Protocols SupportedOpenVPN, L2TP, PPTPOpenVPN, L2TP, IKEv2
RSA KeysRSA-4096RSA-4096
App SecurityKillswitch (desktop)Killswitch, automatic wi-fi protection

ExpressVPN supports OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols. For encryption, the provider use AES-256 with RSA-4096 keys. The desktop version of ExpressVPN has a built-in killswitch that can be turned off or on in settings.

ExpressVPN Settings

CyberGhost supports OpenVPN, L2TP, and IKEv2, but not PPTP. IKEv2 is the best available VPN protocol for mobile devices, so this gives it slight edge over ExpressVPN as far as mobile devices are concerned.

However, ExpressVPN’s PPTP protocol can be useful in cases where you need to access geo-restricted streaming services at fast speeds or perform any other activity where speed may be more important than security. CyberGhost also uses AES-256 and RSA-4096 keys for encryption.

The killswitch mechanism in CyberGhost is always enabled which ensures that you remain protected on the web, without ever accidentally turning it off.

Therefore, both providers are equally capable in terms of security.

6. Speed Results

Result: ExpressVPN is much faster than CyberGhost. The speed performance of both providers was tested on four different server locations using a base internet connection of 30 Mbps. Here are the results:

US: 26.62 MbpsUS: 18.78 Mbps
UK: 26.68 MbpsUK: 17.2 Mbps
Germany: 28.97 MbpsGermany: 17.64 Mbps
Australia: 26.43 MbpsAustralia: 14.8 Mbps
Avg. Download: 27.17 MbpsAvg. Download: 17.10 Mbps

In every case, ExpressVPN outperformed CyberGhost by a significant margin. The fastest speed reached by ExpressVPN in this test is 28.97 Mbps on a Germany server. The average speed of the VPN for all 4 servers is 27.17 Mbps.

In contrast, the highest level of speed reached by CyberGhost is 18.78 on a US server. The average speed of the VPN is 17.10 Mbps. This is why ExpressVPN is rated high whereas CyberGhost got the lowest rating in this list of fastest VPN providers.

7. Customer Support

Result: Both VPNs have good customer support with live chat facility.

Live ChatYesYes
Email SupportYesYes
Tutorials/Setup GuidesYesYes

ExpressVPN has a highly responsive customer support that is available 24/7 via live chat. The knowledgebase/FAQs are extremely useful as well, containing setup instructions and information relating to other features.

CyberGhost also provides 24/7 live chat support in addition to FAQs and knowledgebase containing a great deal of depth regarding the service.

The response rate of both providers is quite impressive and it usually takes a minute at most to get a response to your queries.

Therefore, both VPNs offer efficient and responsive, customer support.

8. App Usability and Interface

Result: Both providers offer easy-to-use and reasonably configurable apps for desktops and smartphones.

One click installation setupWindows, MacOS, iOS, Android, LinuxAndroid, iOS, Windows, MacOS
Configurable settingsYesYes
Overall usabilityEasyEasy
Browser ExtensionsYesYes

ExpressVPN app interface for mobile and desktops is very simple and look quite similar. You can connect to a server location directly from the homescreen. Settings are easily accessible from a separate tab which allows you to change protocols and enable/disable killswitch (on the desktop only). The mobile version has fewer options as it lacks the killswitch feature.


CyberGhost has an appealing design on its desktop as well as mobile phone apps. It allows users to connect to their preferred server locations from the main screen and displays additional information about the servers such as P2P compatibility and current server load. In addition, the mobile app offers ad-blocking feature and can be configured to automatically turn on when connected to a Wi-Fi network.


This round is a tie between ExpressVPN and CyberGhost due to their smooth, intuitive, and simple apps.

9. Compatibility

Result: Both VPNs offer excellent security features, but ExpressVPN is compatible with wider range of devices.

Split TunnelingYes (desktop only)No
Simultaneous Connections57
Extra FeaturesNoneAd and malware blocker
Browser ExtensionsChrome, Firefox, and SafariChrome and Firefox
OS SupportWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, routersWindows, Mac, Android, iOS

ExpressVPN uses killswitch and split-tunneling on its desktop apps. In addition, it offers support for a huge diversity of devices other than the common platforms and operating systems. Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari also offer a convenient way for users that need a lightweight VPN add-on to go with their browser. Furthermore, it offers 5 simultaneous connections.

CyberGhost offers a killswitch on its mobile as well as desktop apps. However, the VPN lacks split-tunneling on all versions of its apps. The provider does offer some valuable extra features that ExpressVPN doesn’t such as ad and malware blocker. This makes CyberGhost more appealing for users looking for a single package capable of delivering online privacy and protection from malware, though the malware blocker obviously isn’t as advanced as a full-fledged anti-malware.

In addition, it offers 7 simultaneous connections, which is larger than what most other providers offer. CyberGhost has apps for the common operating systems but requires manual setup for other devices such as routers.

Thus, each provider is equally matched in terms of features and compatibility.

10. Unblocking Strength

Result: ExpressVPN is more efficient for unblocking SVoD services like Netflix.

NetflixUS, UK, Canada, Germany, France, JapanUS, Germany
HuluUS, JapanUS, Japan
BBC iPlayerYesYes
Amazon Prime VideoYesYes
Sky GoYesYes

For Netflix, ExpressVPN works with highly demanded Netflix libraries including the US, UK, Canada, and more. In addition, it unblocks streaming platforms with stubborn geo-restrictions in place such as BBC iPlayer.

CyberGhost itself is pretty good when it comes bypassing geo-restrictions on popular SVoD services like BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. However, you may encounter problems from time to time, so its reliability is a little weaker as compared to ExpressVPN.

Therefore, ExpressVPN is more powerful for unblocking popular streaming services.

11. Torrenting

ExpressVPN supports torrenting on all servers while CyberGhost offers many p2p-optimized servers. The good logging policy, safe jurisdiction, and efficient security features make ExpressVPN an excellent choice for users that routinely download torrents.

At the same time, CyberGhost is a capable VPN as far as torrenting is concerned. It helps you unblock almost every torrent website out there with its vast network of servers and its always-on killswitch ensures your identity remains obscured from the view of any snooping third-party.

Therefore, both providers are competent VPNs for the purpose of torrenting.

Final Verdict: ExpressVPN is the Winner

The winner for this comparison is ExpressVPN owing to faster speeds, unblocking capabilities, and uninterrupted performance.

However, the key deciding factor between the two VPNs is the cost. CyberGhost is a very capable service with a large server network and decent features at a much lower cost than ExpressVPN. 

Therefore, if you are on a budget, then CyberGhost would actually prove to be the better choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re not worried about the price factor at all, then ExpressVPN is better than CyberGhost in pretty much every respect.

To learn more about these individual providers in further detail, see ExpressVPN’s extensive review and CyberGhost review.

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