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NordVPN and IPVanish belong to two entirely different countries. But they have at least 2 things in common: both were founded in 2012 and both are two of the largest brands in the VPN industry.

But is that all these two have in common? You’ll find out in this NordVPN vs IPVanish comparison which will focus on the following points for each provider:

VPN ProvidersNordVPNIPVanish
JurisdictionPanamaUnited States of America
Logging PolicyStrict zero-logs stanceNo traffic logs, but overall policy is vague
Pricing, Payment options, and Refunds$2.99/month, 30-day refund window, payable via Credit Cards, Cryptocurrencies, and Alipay$6.49/month, 7-day refund window, payable via Credit Cards, PayPal, American Express and more
Speed28.45 Mbps (download)24.86 Mbps (download)
Server Network5,216 Servers in 60 Countries1,300+ Servers in 75+ Countries
CompatibilityWindows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Android TV, Chrome, Firefox, RoutersWindows, macOS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Linux, Fire TV, Chrome OS, Routers
Performance and ReliabilityWell-designed apps function reliablyAppealing app interface, good connectivity
Customer SupportLive Chat, TutorialsLive Chat, Email support, Telephone support, Knowledgebase
TorrentingSupported on P2P optimized serversSupported on all IPVanish servers
Netflix UnblockingSupports good quality streaming on US, UK, and many other serversSometimes works
SecurityStrong protocols, AES-256 bit encryption, no IP leaksStrong protocols, AES-256 bit encryption, no IP leaks
Extra FeaturesObfuscated servers, DoubleVPN, CyberSec, Onion over VPN, kill switchObfuscated servers, kill switch, split-tunneling
TransparencyWarrant Canary, Independent audits, No clear information about business ownersOwned by StackPath but needs serious improvements on transparency friend
ValueBetter value (view details)Slightly lower value (view details)


After evaluating both VPNs on these points, the winner is NordVPN


Now let’s take these two VPNs apart.


1. Jurisdiction: NordVPN vs IPVanish

Winner: NordVPN

The factor of jurisdiction that a VPN is under has increased ever since Snowden disclosed the spying exploits of the Five, Nine, and Fourteen Eyes.

Let’s see which of our two contenders are bound by friendlier online privacy laws of their country.


NordVPN: Panama

If US is one end of the online surveillance and privacy spectrum, then Panama is on the exact opposite end. There are no data retention laws or surveillance programs in Panama and the country has laws that protect privacy of all users.

The provider takes full advantage of these laws of the country, which allows it to refrain from invasive logging practices while also being far from the reach of agencies hungry for your data.


IPVanish: United States

IPVanish gets off to a bad start courtesy of its jurisdiction, which is the US. Everyone knows that US jurisdiction is quite hostile to online privacy, with all the surveillance programs that agencies like NSA are always covertly conducting on citizens. This happens to be one of the worst aspects of IPVanish as a VPN service.


  • Panama
  • Does’nt follow data retention laws
  • USA
  • Has to follow data retention laws


2. Logging Policy:

Winner: NordVPN

Most VPN providers falsely advertise themselves as being a “no-logs” service. Therefore, a good test of the trustworthiness of a VPN is to dig through their privacy and terms of service pages (which is not a very fun task).


NordVPN: No Logs Whatsoever

The service has a clear record when it comes to issues such as agencies being able to track users with logging information.

The privacy policy of the company is also pretty clear and categorically mentions that they keep no traffic, IP, timestamp, or bandwidth logs.

This policy combined with the privacy-friendly jurisdiction of the VPN take the credibility of NordVPN to a level that encourages user trust.


IPVanish: A Gray Area in Logging Policy

IPVanish does not really discuss its logging policies in detail. It only mentions that it doesn’t keep any traffic logs. There’s no way of knowing if they keep IP, DNS, timestamp and other forms of logs.

So, should we give them the benefit of doubt? Unfortunately, no.

Just last year, the news about IPVanish aiding US agencies broke, which reported the VPN providing information about a suspected hacker who supposedly used their service.

The company’s owner, however, gave a response in the issue and asserted the commitment of the company to maintaining user privacy. Notably, he mentioned that this scandal took place under a different management that was running IPVanish until February 2017.

The new management, according to the current CEO, will make it a point that such incidents don’t repeat.

Here’s the statement from new CEO:

IPVanish Logging Policy CEO Comment

If we were to be fair, the sins of the previous owners should not be basis to doubt the credibility of the current management. I think we should cut IPVanish some slack based on these recent developments, but I still wouldn’t give my trust 100%, especially when more credible alternatives are available.


  • Officially keeps zero logs
  • No proofs of logging found by authorities
  • Based in Panama
  • Officially keeps zero logs
  • Proof of logging found by authorities
  • Based in the US

3. Security:

Winner: Tie

NordVPN and IPVanish are both worth their salt in terms of security, as they come with first-rate military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Here’s how the two compare in terms of security:


NordVPN Security

The encryption standard that the service uses is AES-256 in keeping with the industry norm. For tunneling protocols, it offers OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, and PPTP.

Like its counterpart, it is free from any IP or DNS leaks when users are connecting to one of its servers.


Here’s our complete VPN leak test guide if you want to see how other VPN providers performed in our rigorous tests.


IPVanish Security

IPVanish uses AES-256 encryption along with a good range of VPN protocols including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, IKEv2, SSTP

The service also protects users against DNS or IP leaks to keep their VPN sessions secure.


  • Supports OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, and PPTP
  • AES-256 encryption
  • No IP/DNS leaks
  • Supports OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, IKEv2, SSTP
  • AES-256 encryption
  • No IP/DNS leaks


4. NordVPN vs IPVanish Speed:

Winner: NordVPN

The download speed that a VPN can support is one of the primary considerations for users. After all, no one wants a VPN that drops their internet connection to a crawl.

I performed speed tests for both VPNs on an Internet connection of 30 Mbps.


NordVPN Speeds

The service is widely recognized as being one of the fastest VPNs when we tested 15 providers for their speeds. The following speed test proves it as such:



IPVanish Speeds

IPVanish is rated as one of the fastest VPN services in the industry and for good reason. On my 30 Mbps, connection, the VPN recorded a speed of 24.63 Mbps when connected US, New York server:

IPVanish speed test

Needless to say, this is a very good speed performance.


  • 5% speed drop from base connection
  • 18% speed drop from base connection


As such, NordVPN has outdone IPVanish by a sizable margin.

5. Server Network: IPVanish vs. NordVPN

Winner: NordVPN


NordVPN Servers

Nord VPN has a large number of servers, reaching up to 5,100+ of them in 60 countries around the world.


The number of it’s UK servers alone is 678, which is higher than any other provider.


IPVanish Servers

IPVanish, on the other hand, has a smaller number of servers (1,200+) distributed in the same number of countries (60).


The number of UK servers in the network of IPVanish is 100.

A server network of 1,200 is not bad by any means. However, when the difference between the servers of the two VPNs is more than 4,000, then the victor in this case is clear.


  • 5,100+ servers
  • 61 countries
  • 1,200+ servers
  • 60+ countries


6. Performance and Reliability: IPVanish vs NordVPN

Winner: Tie

At the end of the day, VPN service are software and programs. Like any good software, VPN apps and clients need to be free from bugs and function smoothly so as to be usable for the users.


NordVPN Performance

It’s clients for PCs and other platforms boast a nice, interactive GUI. Unfortunately, it also suffers from similar problems as IPVanish, as the app often leaves weird errors and sometimes takes a long time to form connection with servers.


IPVanish Performance

IPVanish provides apps for almost every major platform. The app has a nice black and green theme which is visually pleasant to look at. However, it certainly needs improvements in the app.

The Windows 100 app of IPVanish happens to freeze every now and then. There are times when it may take you a minute upwards to establish connection with a VPN server. That’s not a mark of good performance at all.


  • Simple and interactive GUI
  • Well-functioning app
  • Average connectivity
  • Appealing GUI
  • Smooth app functionality
  • Good connectivity


7. Extra Features:

Winner: This round is a Tie because both providers offer good extra features that the other lacks.

It is rare to come across a VPN with well-functioning bare essentials. But a VPN that delivers basic functions and also supports great extra features deserves all the praise it can get.


NordVPN Features

Service has a few interesting up its sleeve as well. It offers kill switch for both its mobile and desktop apps, but lacks split tunneling.

NordVPN emphasizes user security as evidenced by two security-boosting features: CyberSec and DoubleVPN. CyberSec provides basic malware and adware protection, preventing you from visiting dangerous sites and blocking annoying ads.

DoubleVPN allows users to hide their activity behind two VPN servers which encrypts their data twice for added security.

The service also offers dedicated IP addresses and obfuscated servers.

Servers equipped with obfuscation hide the fact that you are using a VPN. This is ideal for countries with restrictions imposed by firewalls and other online filtering technology that block VPNs.

Finally, NordVPN supports “Onion over VPN“, which is basically a combination of the traffic anonymization technique used by Tor in addition to the extra security features of a VPN.

The maximum number of simultaneous connections supported by is 6, which is higher than what most VPNs offer, but lower than IPVanish.


IPVanish Features

IPVanish provides an impressive range of features such as split-tunneling, obfuscation, and kill switch. However, there is a lack of consistency in the availability of these feature for different devices.

For instance, the kill switch feature works for PCs and Macs and split tunneling is available for Android app only. Obfuscation is available for all versions of the VPN.

Finally, IPVanish offers up to 10 simultaneous connections, which is twice the industry average of 5 VPN connections.


  • Kill switch
  • No split tunneling
  • Obfuscated servers
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Offers double encryption
  • Offers adware/malware protection
  • Offers dedicated IPs
  • Offers Onion Over VPN
  • Kill switch (Windows and Mac only)
  • Split tunneling (Android only)
  • Obfuscated servers
  • 10 Simultaneous connections
  • No double encryption
  • No adware/malware protection
  • No dedicated IPs
  • No Onion Over VPN feature


8. Torrenting:

Winner: NordVPN

Fast and secure torrenting on the web requires a solid Internet connection. This means that best torrenting VPN has to be located in a jurisdiction with no retention laws, support good speeds, and security features such as kill switch to prevent the VPN leaks.

NordVPN lives beyond the reach of DMCA notices and has no obligation to retain logs of user activity. The fast speeds and secure tunnels with a strong kill switch further establish the suitability of NordVPN as the best VPN service for torrenting.

IPVanish is capable of good speeds and its support for protocols like SOCKS5, obfuscation, and kill switch make it a good choice for torrenting. Unfortunately, the jurisdiction doesn’t work in its favor and can be a deal breaker. So, if you’re looking for ultra foolproof security for torrenting, IPVanish may not be the best choice in spite of its other strengths.


Note: We do not encourage neither condone the use of torrenting to illegally acquire copyrighted material.


9. Netflix Unblocking:

Winner: Tie

Many VPN services have succumbed to Netflix’s proxy detection feature. This is why the decision between NordVPN or IPVanish can tip either way on the basis of their ability to work with Netflix.

Here’s how the two VPNs fare when it comes to unblocking Netflix.



The VPN has always been known for its ability to access Netflix.

I tested this by streaming the show “Person of Interest” after connecting to its US server (since the show is only available on American Netflix).


I was able to stream the show on HD quality, with no hiccups during the session. Nonetheless, users have complained about problems getting past Netflix’s VPN detection features, but this problem seems to come and go on its own.



IPVanish is a bit of a hit-or-miss service as far as streaming Netflix is concerned, as users have reported experiencing problems accessing American Netflix through it.

I tried to access the movie Coco after connected to the US server of IPVanish and was met with success on first go:



10. Pricing, payment options, and refund policy:

Winner: NordVPN

Pricing plans of VPN services carry great power to influence the decision-making of consumers.

Let’s see the pricing comparison of the both.


NordVPN Pricing, payment, refund

Generally, this is a VPN on the higher side of pricing. However, it is quite generous with promotional offers and discounts, and its best deals are pretty cheap.


Currently, the 3-year plan can be availed for $2.99/mo. This is a pretty good offer, and NordVPN beats its contestant in this round for this reason.

Users interested in purchasing Nord VPN can resort to different payment options which are as follows.

They refund money of customers within 30 days of purchase.


The good thing is that the provider also accepts bitcoins and a few other crypto-currencies. This a great feature for users that want to make anonymous payments.

IPVanish Pricing, payment, refund

IPVanish is one of the pricier VPNs out there. The best deal package, which is valid for 1 year, is available for $6.67/mo.


The service provides a number of different payment options including credit/debit card, American Express, and Paypal.

IPVanish payment methods

They have a user-friendly refund policy as they refund all payments speedily within 7 days.

  • 1-month = $11.95
  • 1-year = $6.99/mo
  • 2-year = $6.67/mo
  • 3-year = $2.99/mo
  • 1-month = $10
  • 3 months = $8.99/mo
  • 1 year = $6.49/mo


11. Payment Methods and Refund Policy:

Winner: NordVPN for its acceptance of bitcoins and 30-day money-back guarantee.

The VPN industry is catching up to other modern sectors by increasing the range of options for consumers to make payments.



Users interested in purchasing Nord VPN can resort to different payment options which are as follows.

They refund money of customers within 30 days of purchase.


The good thing is that the provider also accepts bitcoins and a few other crypto-currencies. This a great feature for users that want to make anonymous payments.



The service provides a number of different payment options including credit/debit card, American Express, and Paypal.

IPVanish payment methods

They have a user-friendly refund policy as they refund all payments speedily within 7 days.


  • Credit Card
  • Alipay
  • BitCoin
  • iDEAL
  • Giropay
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • JCB but does not offer Giropay
  • 7-day refund policy


12. Compatibility:

Winner: Tie

Both of these providers support most popular platforms including desktop, PCs, and mobile devices as you can see below.


NordVPN Compatibility

Provider offers dedicated apps for major OSs as well as support for devices like Android TV, Firestick, etc.



IPVanish Compatibility

IPVanish supports Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, Chromebook, Ubuntu, and certain routers. You might require manual setup for some of the devices, but there are dedicated apps for popular platforms.



Support for FireStick

Amazon FireStick is an amazing device for streaming enthusiasts. It allows users to stream their favorite channels by simply plugging the device into your TV.

NordVPN supports FireStick and offers a dedicated app that you can directly download and install on Firestick. The same is true for IPVanish which has a dedicated free downloadable app for Firestick.

This is why both providers are neck-to-neck when it comes to device compatibility and apps.


  • Compatible with major as well as some less common devices
  • Compatible with popular platforms and some less common devices


13. Customer Support: IPVanish and NordVPN

Winner: Tie

Customer support is quite good in both. IPVanish doesn’t offer live chat support, which is disappointing.

The VPN provides support through tutorials, emails, and live chats, making it a comprehensive support provider.

  • Live chat support
  • Email support
  • No telephone support
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Setup guides
  • FAQs
  • Live chat support
  • Email support
  • Telephone support
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Setup guides
  • FAQs


14. Transparency: Nord vs IPVanish

Winner: NordVPN

NordVPN – There is no proper information about who owns NordVPN. However, the provider has recently taken some steps towards improving transparency with the introduction of a warrant canary and an independent audit.

NordVPN should definitely continue working on its transparency, but it seems the provider is already on the right track in this respect.

IPVanish – The VPN service is owned by StackPath, so at least we know who is behind IPVanish. But other than this, there’s not much I can say for the benefit of this provider because of their vague privacy policy and the lack of transparency reports.

Our article on VPN transparency elaborates this factor in detail.

15. Value for Money:

Winner: NordVPN

The last question is also the most important, that of value. IPVanish offers a number of features which may considered the sole USP of this VPN.

These features include 10 simultaneous connections, support for Netflix, split-tunneling, obfuscation, good speeds, and strong security.

NordVPN boasts great features of its own with its high speed sever network which also happens to be the largest in the industry.

The VPN has better pricing owing to its promotional deals and offers, and the fact that it either won or tied with its contender, IPVanish, on most rounds makes NordVPN a great value choice for money.


NordVPN vs IPVanish Reddit Reviews

The verdict of actual users on Reddit carries a lot of weight.

So, what can we gather from IPVanish vs NordVPN reddit reviews by people themselves on the most active online user community?

Let’s see.



Nord VPN happens to be one of the most popular VPNs within reddit communities as you can see in the following thread:

NordVPN review – Why I recommend it from vpnreviews



IPVanish doesn’t enjoy the same reception from the user community on Reddit as NordVPN:

IPVanish Review from vpnreviews


Final Verdict:

Winner is NordVPN

The two VPNs have fought a bloodied battle, and it’s time to choose a victor.

Let’s summarize the rounds IPVanish and NordVPN were put through in this comparison:

Rounds won by NordVPN

  1. Jurisdiction
  2. Logging Policy
  3. Speed
  4. Server Network
  5. Torrenting
  6. Pricing
  7. Payment Methods & Refund
  8. Value for Money


Rounds Won by IPVanish

No Wins


Rounds Tied

  1. Security
  2. Performance and Reliability
  3. Extra Features
  4. Netflix
  5. Compatibility
  6. Customer Support


IPVanish fought well and hard, but NordVPN emerged as the victor through these rounds.

It bears mention that this comparison shouldn’t be used to judge IPVanish in a bad light. IPVanish is a very good VPN service on its own and stands tall among its competitors for its excellent overall performance, range of features, and speed.

But if I had to pick out concluding this comparison, I would go with NordVPN.



Extending This Comparison by Adding More Providers

While NordVPN vs IPVanish are tough competitors in the industry, it can also be helpful to see how these other providers compare in relation to other big brands in the VPN sector.


NordVPN vs IPVanish vs ExpressVPN

Overall Winner: ExpressVPN

JurisdictionPanamaBritish Virgin IslandsUSA
ProtocolsOpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSecOpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTPOpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP,
Kill switchYesYesYes
Simultaneous connections635
Netflix SupportYesYesYes
Trustpilot score5.19.69.7


NordVPN, IPVanish, and ExpressVPN are three of the toughest competitors in the VPN industry. Although all these providers have features that make them superior to the others in some points, it is ExpressVPN that has the strongest claim for being the best VPN out of these.

The 3,000+ servers, ability bypass restrictions and censorship on all kinds of websites/web services, consistently fast speeds, and excellent logging policy in perfectly privacy-friendly jurisdiction.


NordVPN vs IPVanish vs PureVPN

Overall Winner: NordVPN

JurisdictionPanamaUSAHong Kong
ProtocolsOpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSecOpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP,OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP
Kill SwitchYesYesYes
Simultaneous Connections655
Netflix SupportYesYesYes
Trustpilot Score5.19.79.4


PureVPN is one of the dark horses of the VPN industry that is always named alongside industry leaders, but only as an alternative and never as the show-runner. Although it can’t beat the huge server network, speeds, and extra features of NordVPN, it does stand out in some respects.

For instance, PureVPN supports split-tunneling, which neither of these competitors have. Unfortunately, a buggy VPN app is where most of PureVPN’s ailments stem from and which prevent it from climbing to the top.

As such, PureVPN may be deemed a good alternative to both NordVPN and IPVanish, especially considering the cheap pricing, but it lacks the X-factor that these VPNs possess.