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Jurassic Park Build Kodi is perfect for Kodi beginners as its easy-to-use with a simple yet elegant interface. You will find fascinating Jurassic Park wallpapers that will gauge your attention and makes your Movie watching experience worthwhile. It consumes up to 175 MB of space which is not much, but most importantly it streams Movies, TV Shows, Kids Movies, and Live Sports.

So, here is our guide on how to install Jurassic Park Kodi for the new and old version of Kodi. If you happen to install a different Build, do check out our Best Kodi Builds list. Also, be sure to get VPN for Kodi 2019 for anonymous streaming on Kodi. Check out our Kodi addons list if you want to install separate add-ons to your Kodi.

How to Install Jurassic Park Build Kodi for Krypton 17.6

Step 1: Launch Kodi Krypton > Click on Settings (gear-shaped) icon at the top menu


Step 2: Select File Manager


Step 3: Scroll down and double click Add Source option > Tap ‘None’ option


Step 4: Paste this Repository URL > Select OK


Step 5: Type the name of Media Source i.e. UKodi > Select OK


Step 6: Go back to Kodi Main Menu > Click on Add-ons section > Tap on Box-icon at top menu


Step 7: Select Install from Zip File


Step 8: Click on UKodi > Then select > Wait for the repository to install


Step 9: Go to Install from Repository > Find and select UKodi 1


Step 10: Tap on Program Add-ons > Then select UKodi 1 Wizard > Press Install


Step 11: Once installed, a box will appear click on Continue


Step 12: Now click on Builds Menu if another box appears


Step 13: Here you will find various Kodi Builds offered by UKodi 1 Repo, select [17.6] Jurassic Park 17 (v1.0)


Step 14: Select Fresh Install


Step 15: Click Continue if it prompts you to change Kodi settings to default


Step 16: The installation will now begin


Step 17: Once the installation is completed, Force Close Kodi


How to Install Jurassic Park Build Kodi for Jarvis 16

Step 1: Open Kodi Jarvis > Then select System at the front menu

Step 2: Go to File Manager

Step 3: Double tap on Add Source > Press ‘None’ option

Step 4: Copy/Paste this URL > Press Done

Step 5: Name the repository as ‘UKodi’ > Press Done > Then select OK

Step 6: Go back to Kodi Main Menu

Step 7: Select System > Then click on Add-ons

Step 8: Choose Install from Zip File > Now select UKodi 1

Step 9: Click on > Let the repository to install

Step 10: Select Install from Repository > Then select UKodi

Step 11: Tap on Program Add-ons > Select UKodi 1 Wizard > Hit Install

Step 12: A box appears where you need to click on Continue  

Step 13: Now select Build Menu

Step 14: Select [16.1] Jurassic Park 17 (v1.0) > Select Fresh Install

Step 15: If it asks you to change Kodi settings to default, select Continue

Step 16: Force Close Kodi when the installation ends

How to Install Jurassic Park Build Kodi on FireStick

Step 1: You are required to install Kodi on FireStick

Step 2: Now open FireStick Home > Go to Settings

Step 3: Click on Apps > Then select Manage Installed Applications

Step 4: Now select Kodi

Step 5: Now follow the steps as highlighted for Krypton and Jarvis mentioned above

As you have downloaded this Build by the steps mentioned above, another step is to get VPN on FireStick so you can stream video content for free.

Jurassic Park Build Kodi Features

Jurassic Park Build has an eye-catching interface with colorful backgrounds and easy-to-use navigation. The good thing about this Build is its size which is only 175 MB and doesn’t bother users with so many option at the front menu. There are only categories that are listed at the bottom of the menu along with their sub-menus.


Once you click on the Movies section, it doesn’t allow you to choose any add-ons, but it takes you directly to Movies list which is very impressive and reduces complexity for Kodi beginners. Select a Movie and enjoy streaming.


Movies and TV Shows Add-ons


Jurassic Park Build Kodi brings an exciting entertainment package for families that wants to watch latest Movies and TV episodes. Here are some of the Movies and TV Shows add-ons available in this Build:

Sports Add-ons


Watching live sports with cord-cutting option such as Kodi always feel a bit relaxed, knowing that you won’t have to pay unnecessary bills if you could watch the sporting event live. Here the sports add-on available in Jurassic Park Build:

  • Supremacy Sports
  • Sports Matrix
  • Airtable Sports

Kids Add-ons


Watch tons of Live IPTV Kids channels or Kids Movies that are available for every region. In this case, you would have to connect with a Kodi VPN to bypass geo-restrictions. Here are some of the Live TV add-ons:

  • Kids Plantet
  • Squad Control
  • Magic Kids
  • Live Net TV

Jurassic Park Build Kodi Alternatives

Jurassic Park Build is a fantastic Kodi Build with full of colors and the latest Kodi add-ons that shows Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, Live IPTV, and Kids Movies. Here are the best alternative for Jurassic Park Build Kodi:

Jurassic Park Build Kodi Not Working

Problem 1: Could Not Connect to Repository

This error mostly appears when you are trying to insert the Repository URL but you have no internet connection. The link only works when your internet connection is working. It also appears when you have inserted a wrong URL.


Fix this error by checking over you internet connection. Also, double check whether the URL you have inserted is correct. Be sure to put a slash (/) at the end of URL as we have mentioned in this guide.

Problem 2: Failure to Complete Installation

Once you try clicking on the Fresh Install and the downloading starts, but it never completes installation to 100%. As a result, you are not able to install the Kodi Build.


To fix this problem, you need to select a different server to install Jurassic Park Build Kodi. There are 2 different servers available in the Jurassic Park Wizard. If one stops working, check on the other server.

The Wrap Up

Jurassic Park Build Kodi is a fun, yet full of entertainment Kodi Build that has easy-to-use interface, which is perfect for Kodi beginners. It consumes only 175 MB of space and has some eye-catching Jurassic Park wallpapers. It helps you stream Movies, TV Shows, Kids Movies, and Live Sports. In the above guide you will find how to install Jurassic Park Kodi.