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Cuba is famous for two things all over the world. Your guess is absolutely correct; cigars and internet censorship. If you have been to Cuba at some stage of your life, you must have smoked a Cuban cigar or you must have requested to use the international internet to get complete access to all the permitted websites in Cuba.

As per the stats 25.6% population of Cuba currently uses the internet, a number that has significantly increased after some changes were made in the policies in 2007. Reporters Without Borders created the list of “Enemies of Internet” in 2006 and Cuba has managed to make it to the list every single time, a feat they would not be proud of. But do they really care about it? We doubt it.


How to Embrace Internet Freedom in Cuba?

While there are some limits set on the citizens of Cuba, the tourists can pay 4 Euros per hour to use the internet freely in the internet cafes in Cuba. But even then there are some websites that might not be accessible to all the users.

The users can use a VPN for Cuba to overcome the problems of restrictions and censorships in no time. The Cuba VPN provides you access to not only the content that is blocked in Cuba, but also the content that is subjected to reverse filtering.

5 Best Cuba VPNs

Before listing down all the VPNs for Cuba, we tried and tested all the services. We found them all working relentlessly to give the Cuban users the access to websites and e-newspapers, e-magazines and e-journals that are banned and blocked in the Cuban region.

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Before you go on and read further, know this that Cuba VPN also arms your devices against the hackers, snoopers, malware and spammers. Since it assigns you with a different IP address and encrypts your data with security protocols, not only are you able to access all the websites but you are also protected and safe in the dark world of internet.

How Many Types of Internet Connections are Available in Cuba?

The Cuban authorities should hang their hands in shame, because of the 25.6% population, not everyone has the access to the international internet. Imagine the same terms and conditions being applied on the internet in UK, US, Australia and Canada. It is evil, to say the least.

The internet that operates on a national level gives access to the email system, which is unsurprisingly, regulated and monitored by the government. The international internet, on the other hand, provides access to the websites and services that are deemed to be legal by the government.

Not only the censorship is harsh, the close monitoring makes it very difficult for a Cuban user to use the internet freely. You might have guessed it already, majority of the Cuban population is forced to use the internet that operates on a national level. The Cuban authorities fear that the bloggers might revolt against the existing authorities.


Internet Censorships; Hunger Strikes, Arrests & Protests

The Cubans are not allowed to buy computer equipment by themselves, let alone using the internet freely. In order to get new equipment for their machine, they have to submit a request to the authorities seeking their approval. If the request is processed, the users are then allowed to purchase new computers and PCs.

This along with the internet censorship is the major reason why Guillermo Fariñas, a Cuban doctor, went on a 7–month hunger strike in 2006. Guillermo’s only crime was his cry for internet freedom. He had to eventually end his strike following health issues. He has also stated on various occasions that he is ready to die for the removal of censorship of internet.

A US national, Alan Phillip Gross, has also been arrested and convicted in Cuba for distributing laptops and other means of communication without government’s approval on the island. Several journalists have also been arrested and sentenced up to 27 years of jail time because they were guilty of writing articles for websites where they had allegedly criticized the policies of Cuba.



We have been looking for a perfect word to describe the internet restrictions and censorship in Cuba, and we have finally got one. The restrictions are “cruel” to say the least. The means of communications are hardly available publically and the government has made sure that the users are provided with the least options to communicate on a global level.

The internet is a joke in Cuba, unless you are using Cuba VPN because not only are you confined to use the government regulated email system, your emails are also monitored. Installing VPN for Cuba has its own benefits. It provides you limitless access to all the websites and also keeps you safe from the snoopy government.

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