How to Install & Use ExpressVPN on FireStick (Updated 2023)

Learn how to set up ExpressVPN on FireStick. These 10 minutes instructions work well with all Amazon Fire TV devices, including the FireStick 4K, FireTV Stick Lite, & FireTV Cube.


ExpressVPN works flawlessly when it comes to using it on Amazon Firestick. In fact, ExpressVPN now offers a custom app for Amazon Fire TV devices. This makes it super easy to install and access awesome streaming platforms like Disney Plus, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, etc.

In this guide, we will be discussing how to install ExpressVPN on FireStick, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and other Amazon devices. This allows you to protect your online privacy while streaming your favorite movies and TV Shows with the best FireStick apps. You can also use it with Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Stick Lite as well.

Moreover, ExpressVPN’s exceptional server performance and fast speeds make it the best VPN for streaming. Users can enjoy streaming videos in HD quality without buffering.

Note: ExpressVPN app is not compatible with 1st generation Fire TV Sticks

Why Use ExpressVPN on Firestick?

ExpressVPN is the top choice among reliable VPN services as the best VPN for FireStick, excelling in privacy, security, and streaming. ExpressVPN provides various benefits to Firestick users. It’s a clever workaround for anybody who wants to access geo-restricted material or applications, and it improves your privacy and security by masking your IP address and encrypting data so that even your ISP provider can’t see it.

Here are some key reasons why you should use ExpressVPN on Firestick and how to add ExpressVPN to FireStick:

Offers Excellent Speeds

ExpressVPN on Firestick is a killer combination, offering exceptional speed that sets it apart as one of the fastest VPNs available. With a network of over VPN servers distributed across 94 countries, it is optimized for speed. This ensures a seamless streaming experience in HD and 4K, surpassing the performance of the average VPN.

Whether you’re streaming videos or downloading files, ExpressVPN server speeds guarantee a flawless, lightning-fast internet experience.

Easily Unblocks Geo-restricted Streaming Services

Using ExpressVPN on FireStick offers the advantage of easily unblocking geo-restricted content, making it an excellent choice. ExpressVPN stands out as one of the few VPNs that consistently provides access to popular streaming services like Netflix.

By creating an account and installing the VPN, you can connect to a server of your choice and change your Netflix region to another such as a US IP address, and effortlessly unblock Netflix libraries from multiple countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, India, and more.

ExpressVPN is one of the few providers that can easily bypass geo-restrictions imposed by Netflix US. You can also use it to access other geo-restricted services such as BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, and more.

Offers Reliable Security and Privacy Protection

Using ExpressVPN on FireStick offers enhanced security as one of its key benefits. ExpressVPN incorporates advanced security and privacy features like an ExpressVPN kill switch, DNS/IP leak protection, the ExpressVPN Threat Manager, and robust AES 256-bit encryption. Moreover, it strictly adheres to a no-logs policy, ensuring your privacy remains intact. With ExpressVPN, your online activities are kept anonymous, secure, and private.

When using third-party Kodi add-ons and other applications that may contain pirated content on your FireStick TV, there is a risk of being caught. Therefore, it becomes crucial to hide your streaming activities from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the government by utilizing a VPN, especially.

Easy to Use

Not all VPN Express FireStick users are programmers or advanced internet users, in fact, they are mostly lay persons who do not have much understanding of the complexities that make VPNs work, which is why it is crucial that any high-quality VPN should be easy to install and use by people who do not have such specialized skills.

In addition to offering cutting-edge features like a Network Lock Kill Switch and VPN Split Tunneling, ExpressVPN maintains a smooth and user-friendly app interface, that makes it very easy to use ExpressVPN on FireStick.

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How to Install ExpressVPN on FireStick

ExpressVPN is available on the Amazon app store, so there’s no trouble installing ExpressVPN on FireStick devices. You can even sideload the ExpressVPN app if you cannot access or find the right app on the Amazon Appstore. We’ll teach you both methods on how to get ExpressVPN on FireStick:

Method 1: Install the app from Amazon Store

Step 1: Purchase ExpressVPN or try its free trial. Click the Search icon from the FireStick Home screen (magnifying glass icon on top left corner).

Step 2: Enter “ExpressVPN” in the search field and click on it.


Step 3: Select “Download” or “Get” to download and install the ExpressVPN app.


Step 4: Launch ExpressVPN by Clicking on “Open.


You will now have to set up your account on ExpressVPN or signup for ExpressVPN free trial to be able to connect to any VPN server location and enjoy unrestricted access to services like Netflix. You can refer to our guide to learn how to watch Netflix with ExpressVPN.

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Method 2: Sideloading the ExpressVPN APK on FireStick

This method applies to those who couldn’t find ExpressVPN on the Amazon store. In this case scenario, you can download the ExpressVPN APK file and install it. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Go to the Search option on the main menu.


Step 2: In the search results, enter Downloader and then select Downloader.


Step 3: You can see “Downloader” from the list of options.


Step 4: Click “Get” or “Download” to install the app on your Firestick.


Step 5: After installing the Downloader app, go to the home screen and click on FireStick Settings.


Step 6: Next, select “My Fire TV.”


Step 7: Click on the “Developer options.”


Step 8: Launch “Install Unknown Apps.”


Step 9: Next, click the “Downloader” application and set its status to ON.


Step 10: Now you can open the Downloader app on your FireStick. (When you open the Downloader first time, you will see some prompts. Ignore them all). After that, Click the address bar, as seen in the image below.


Step 11: Enter the ExpressVPN URL for FireStick “ and click on Go.


Step 12: The ExpressVPN FireStick APK app will start downloading.


Step 13: Click Install when the download is finished.


Step 14: After installation, select Done.


That’s it. That’s all it takes to get ExpressVPN properly installed on your FireStick device. In case you wish to install ExpressVPN for Kodi, here’s a setup guide to easily install ExpressVPN on Kodi.

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ExpressVPN Features for Amazon FireStick Users


  • 3000+ fast speed servers in 94 countries
  • 88 Mbps on a 100 Mbps base connection
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Split tunneling, 24/7 chat support team, kill switch
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unblocks Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Amazon Firestick, routers, browsers, and more

ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, far from the jurisdiction of intrusive governments, the so-called 14 Eyes countries. This VPN provider has a good server network with 3000 servers in 94+ countries.

It is known for its strong stance on protecting user privacy through its no-log policy. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try ExpressVPN’s free trial before committing to a full subscription. This is a great, no-risk option for checking ExpressVPN for FireStick free.

Through the ExpressVPN Mediastreamer feature, you can even use your VPN on devices that normally don’t support their usage such as game consoles, routers, and some streaming devices. If you set up ExpressVPN on your router, all your devices at home, including the Firestick, will be covered with VPN protection. Learn how to set up ExpressVPN on the Mikrotik router in our ExpressVPN configuration for the Mikrotik router guide.

The main advantage of router configuration is that it allows you to easily transfer the VPN network on complicated devices such as pfSense which will require extensive configuration otherwise. Having said that, now you can easily set up ExpressVPN on pfSense with just a few simple steps.

With ExpressVPN, you will face no such issues as it provides a secure and stable connection having the power to bypass restrictions on all kinds of streaming services and websites.

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How to Use ExpressVPN on FireStick

Here’s how to use ExpressVPN on FireStick and how to update ExpressVPN on Firestick after successfully installing the ExpressVPN app on your Fire TV device. To run it smoothly, update ExpressVPN on FireStick timely.

1. Go to “All My Apps” and access the ExpressVPN Firestick free app you just downloaded.

2. Launch the app and Enter your login credentials to sign in.

3. The app will request your consent to configure your Firestick after you sign in. When Firestick asks for a connection request, simply click OK twice.


4 . You can now see the VPN app’s home screen.


5. To connect the VPN on your Firestick or Fire TV, click the red circle button.

Selecting ExpressVPN Server on Fire TV / Stick

ExpressVPN is quite simple to use, just click on the power button, and your Fire TV Stick will connect to a VPN server.

  • To select a server, click on the server listed on the screen.


  • You can either go to “All Locations” or choose one of the servers listed in the “Recommended” section. Its servers are organized into regions, countries, and even cities.
Get ExpressVPN for Firestick 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

ExpressVPN Not Working on Fire TV Stick? Here’s How to Fix It

ExpressVPN not working on Fire TV Stick? No problem, here are some of the common issues you can face while installing ExpressVPN along with their fixes:

  • Connect to different servers:

If ExpressVPN suddenly stops working on your Firestick, the service you’re attempting to access has most likely blacklisted the IP address Express has assigned to you.

ExpressVPN might work with your Firestick if you switch to a different server and receive a new IP address that hasn’t been blocked.

  • Clear the cache/data on your Firestick.

By clearing your services cache, ExpressVPN FireTV will return to its default settings. This might correct the issue preventing ExpressVPN from working.

Go to applications > Managed installed Application > Select the app you are having trouble with (e.g Netflix)> Clear cache.

DO NOT click on clear data it will remove your cache including your login details.

  • Switch to a different protocol

Another reason why ExpressVPN may not work on Firestick is that the protocol no longer offers a secure connection,

VPNs employ several protocols. These are the guidelines that the VPN adheres to in order to give you an anonymous internet connection. Some of these protocols place a higher priority on security than others do on speed. Try switching to a different protocol to see if it fixes the problem.

To do so, go to Settings > Protocols. You can now choose whatever protocol you like. After that, save the settings and connect to a VPN.

  • Update FireStick:

Follow the instructions below to update your Firestick.

  1. Go to the Firestick’s settings.
  2. Select “My Fire TV” > “About”.
  3. After that, click on “Check for Updates”.
  4. If there is an update requirement on your Firestick, select the Install Update option.

If the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps didn’t work for you, I highly suggest checking out our ExpressVPN not working guide. You’re not going to regret it one bit.

How to Uninstall ExpressVPN From Your Firestick

After using ExpressVPN for a time, you may decide to switch providers or stop using a VPN entirely. In any case, you should remove ExpressVPN to clear off your app list and save some space.

1. Navigate to the ExpressVPN page on the Firestick’s homepage.
To delete ExpressVPN, navigate to your Fire TV Stick’s homepage and look for the ExpressVPN app under “your apps & games.”


Find ExpressVPN first!

2. On your remote, press the “menu” button.
Select it using your remote’s “menu” button, and a menu should display in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

3. Choose “uninstall.”
Choose “Uninstall” and wait for the program to be removed.


Click on Uninstall!

By selecting “uninstall” from the app menu, ExpressVPN should be removed from your Amazon Firestick. If you are no longer using ExpressVPN, you need to cancel your subscription.

Streaming services you can access using ExpressVPN

We tested around 50+ servers including US, British, Canadian, Australian, and other regions. As a result, we unblocked this entire list of streaming platforms with ExpressVPN:

American  British  Canadian        Australian     Other Regions 
Amazon Prime Video Sky TV CBC Gem Tenplay German TV
Showtime BBC iPlayer USA Crave TV 9Now DStv
Disney Plus Channel 5 Citytv Foxtel Hotstar
ESPN+ Sky sport Hayu Stan Rai TV Eurosport Optus Sports ViuTV
YouTube TV ITV Kayo Sports Telecinco
MTV Channel 4 SonyLIV
Vudu BT Sport Showmax
Crackle UK TVPlayer
 beIN Sports
Sling TV
Bravo TV

FAQs – ExpressVPN on FireStick

Yes, the ExpressVPN app is compatible with all versions of Fire TV. Fire TV Stick: second generation and above. If you can’t find ExpressVPN on FireStick, this might be because you’re using first-generation FireStick device.

The first-generation Amazon Fire Stick does not support VPNs so you might get ExpressVPN not working on FireStick error. Although it is theoretically feasible to sideload ExpressVPN using the APK on these devices, it is unreliable even when it works. To get around the limits of the first-generation Amazon Fire TV devices, you need to utilize a VPN on your network.

Choose NordVPN if cost is your primary concern. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, has better speeds and around 100 more server locations than NordVPN. ExpressVPN may be a better option depending on the country or area that you wish to connect on Firestick through your VPN.

The first-generation Amazon Fire Stick does not support VPNs and will give you ExpressVPN on Firestick not working error. However, ExpressVPN’s APK may be side-loaded onto such devices, and although this sometimes succeeds, it’s a hit-or-miss process.

To download ExpressVPN on Firestick free, follow these steps on how to install ExpressVPN on Firestick using downloader:

  • Go to the Downloader option under the main menu.
  • Choose Allow to enable Downloader access to your images, media, and files.
  • Click OK to continue. Type in the installer URL for the ExpressVPN APK. (Get in touch with the ExpressVPN Support Team to get the URL.)
  • Click Install to complete the installation process.

Yes, ExpressVPN is available for free on the Fire TV Stick and all of your other devices for a limited time. There is ExpressVPN’s 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee to use it for free. Following this period, you must pay the lowest subscription price of just $6.67/month.

To check if your VPN works on Firestick, use ExpressVPN’s IP Address Checker to find your IP address. If your connection was successful, the IP address displayed would correspond to the place you are using a VPN to connect to. Additionally, a notice stating that “Your IP address is secured” will appear.

Yes, ExpressVPN works with all current-generation Firestick devices, which include Firestick, Firestick 4K, and Firestick 4K Max. It is worth noting that as long as the internal operating system (OS) of older devices continues to receive updates, ExpressVPN will also provide updates to ensure compatibility with those devices, even as new Firestick models are released.

Wrapping Up

Can you use ExpressVPN on FireStick? Yes, ExpressVPN is an amazing VPN service that works great on all Amazon devices. Since it is available on the official Amazon store, you will not have any difficulty downloading this service. With fast speeds and the ability to unblock most streaming apps, you can enhance the quality of your bingeing sessions by installing ExpressVPN on Firestick.

You can learn more about this VPN in our ExpressVPN review.