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The leading-edge on-demand entertainment center “Popcorn Time” can now be installed on Android phones and tablets instantly.
The popular streaming service came under the spotlight in 2014, when netizens discovered Popcorn Time as a one-stop solution for free entertainment. Since then, Popcorn Time has attracted more than 250,000 fans and gained a remarkable reputation among entertainment hunters around the world. Now, if you are looking for how to install Popcorn time on Android devices, then we have a simple guide for you.


Not only we will help you with Popcorn Time Android installation, but also we will reveal how you can stream HD movies on Popcorn time without facing copyright trolls and legal notices. As Popcorn Time uses .torrent links to provide free streaming, it can get you in trouble of copyrights infringement. But, do not worry, the best VPN services will protect you against copyright sharks and ISP notices at all times.

Install Popcorn Time on Android Phones & Tablets in 7 Steps

Now, that you have equipped your device with Popcorn Time, you are all set to install the top-of-the-line entertainment service on Android phone or tablet.

Note: For our setup tutorial, we have selected PureVPN as an anonymous vpn for Popcorn Time, due to reliable performance and robust privacy features.

Here’s how to install Popcorn Time on Android:

  1. First, download Popcorn Time Android apk. app on your device
  2. Now, go to Settings> Privacy> Unknown Sources and check mark Allow Unknown Sources Here is how to install Popcorn Time for Android
  3. Next, navigate to the location where you had downloaded apk. file earlier
  4. Tap on installTap on install on popcorn time
  5. Proceed with installation by clicking on NextProceed with installation by clicking on Next
  6. Wait for few seconds till Popcorn Time installsWait for few seconds till Popcorn Time installs
  7. Upon successful installation, enjoy watching unlimited HD movies, shows, documentaries, and more media through the finest streaming app on your Android phone or tablet

final step to install popcorn time on android

How to install Popcorn Time on Android TV with simple steps

How to install Popcorn Time on Android TV

Android TV is one of the greatest evolutions of technology. Gone are the days when fans had to plug in DVD/Blueray players for watching favorite shows on bigger screen. An Android TV allows you to watch thousands of popular movies online with just a simple click.

In addition, Google Playstore offers one-touch access to exciting applications on Android TV. Having said that, you can equip your Android TV with Popcorn Time to watch countless blockbuster hit movies.

Note: Threats relating to copyrights infringement lurk around Android TV users who access Popcorn Time. Thus, we suggest users equip their Android TV with one of the specified VPN first, and then proceed to Popcorn Time installation.

Here is how to install Popcorn Time on Android TV:

There are essentially two ways you can install Popcorn Time application on your TV. Both of them are super simple and only takes few steps.

Method #1

  1. First, download Popcorn Time on USB via computer
  2. Connect USB to your Android TV
  3. Now, on Android TV, launch Google Play, search “ES File Explorer” and install itHow to install Popcorn Time on Android TV
  4. Upon successful installation, launch ES File Explorer and navigate to the location on USB where you had downloaded Popcorn Time
  5. Install Popcorn Time and enjoy watching Lights out, Don’t Breathe, Conjuring 2, Dead Pool, Split, Walking Dead, Doctor Strange, Suicide Squad and more hit movies through Popcorn Time on Android TV

Method #2

We have already discussed how to install Popcorn Time on Android TV, however, there is one more way you can go about it. Instead of using a computer and a USB drive, we will only need our Android device to be it a smart phone or tablet.

However, in order to make this process work you must make sure:

  • Both of your Android devices i.e. TV and (phone/ tablet) are connected to the same network.
  • Both devices have ES file explorer application
  • APK of Popcorn Time for TV must be installed on your Android (phone/ tablet).

Now that you have all the prerequisites taken care off, it is time to install it.

  1. First things first, power on your TV and launch the ES file explorer application.
  2. Now do the same for your (phone/ tablet) and head over to the location where you downloaded the APK file for the TV.
  3. Now that you have located the file, simply long press it until more options pop up and then select “send”.
  4. The ES file explorer application will automatically look for other Android devices running the same application. Wait for it to discover your Android TV.
  5. Once your TV is discovered, simply choose to send to transfer the application over to your TV.
  6. Accept the file on your TV and choose which folder you want to save it in.
  7. Once your file is fully transferred to your TV, simply open the file and hit install.

Final Words

Popcorn Time with no doubt is an oasis of free on-demand entertainment. Let it be a hit TV series, movie, show, soap or documentary, Popcorn Time is a one-stop solution to watch any media for free. But, after the shutdown of Kickass torrents, pirate bay,, it is proved that DMCA, MPAA and other authorities are eagerly searching for pirating users to penalize them. Interestingly, streaming Popcorn Time comes under violations of copyright protected media.

But, a VPN has proven to be the safest and fast solution for accessing Popcorn safely and anonymously from anywhere in the world. A VPN encrypts your entire network traffic, spoofs your locations and makes you protected and anonymous to copyright sharks and ISPs.

With this, we end this tutorial about how to install Popcorn Time on Android devices. Also, read our guide on popcorn time Roku. If you face any hurdle with the installation process, feel free to comment. Do not forget to subscribe toour Twitter and Facebook page for more exciting tech blogs and guides.