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Is CyberGhost Good for Torrenting in 2022?

Yes, CyberGhost is an excellent VPN for torrenting. The service is packed with a huge range of servers, many of which are optimized for P2P filesharing, along with a great user-friendly logging policy.

CyberGhost has been around for a while and has become one of the most recognized good VPNs in the industry. It functions as an all-around VPN, adequate for most use cases such as unblocking streaming websites and geo-restricted content while improving privacy.

Many users use VPNs for torrenting purposes, but the situation has changed a little over the years as countries have become more stringent with anti-torrenting laws. Nonetheless, CyberGhost is still continuing to support torrenting and offers a good number of anonymous servers dedicated to p2p activities.

How to Torrent Safely with CyberGhost

  1. Get CyberGhost VPN.
  2. After installing it on your system/device, launch the VPN.
  3. In the server selection menu, select “For torrenting”, and connect to a server from this list.
  4. Now launch your BitTorrent client to begin safe downloading.

Why Is CyberGhost Good for Torrenting?

The following features are some of the main reasons why you should consider using CyberGhost for torrenting:

Logging policy

CyberGhost has a user-friendly logging policy and does not store any details that could compromise a user’s privacy such as IP address, browsing history, traffic, connection logs, etc.

CyberGhost logging policy

This makes CyberGhost a pretty good choice since none of your sensitive details in relation to torrenting activities will appear in CyberGhost’s logs.


CyberGhost is based in Romania, a country known for weak enforcement against torrenting despite having laws that penalize torrents that violate copyrights. But since no serious punishments have been awarded by Romanian authorities to torrent users, it remains a relatively safe location for p2p activities as compared to other EU countries.

Jurisdiction is an essential factor that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You wouldn’t want to purchase a VPN provider such as TunnelBear, which has Jurisdiction in Canada. Numerous tech companies in Canada are forced by government agencies to hand over user data which violates users’ right to privacy.

Moreover, keeping jurisdiction aside, TunnelBear is indeed a quality VPN provider that can go toe-to-toe against top-class VPN providers such as CyberGhost. So if the jurisdiction doesn’t matter for you much, you can think about getting TunnelBear. We recently compared it with CyberGhost and to see the full brawl, check out CyberGhost vs TunnelBear comparison.

Dedicated P2P servers

There are dozens of servers in CyberGhost’s impressively huge network dedicated to torrenting traffic. These servers are based in locations where local laws are the least hostile against torrenting, making them generally safe to download P2P files through.

CyberGhost torrenting servers

The server selection menu offers information such as load, number of users connected at the time, and distance. This can further help users find the optimal location for the best and smoothest torrenting experience.

If you’re experiencing any issues, you can find some helpful tips in our guide on fixing CyberGhost.


Previously, our speed tests never came out great for CyberGhost. However, the service has definitely improved in recent times and our latest speed test results clearly demonstrate this improved performance.

With speeds crossing the 79.42 Mbps mark for several servers when tested on a 100 Mbps connection, CyberGhost is a reasonably fast VPN, an important quality for a VPN to have if it is to be considered a good choice for torrenting.


Due to the good speed performance, CyberGhost is pretty good for Netflix as well and unblocks several content libraries with ease.


Despite its many qualities and torrent-friendly nature, CyberGhost is an affordable service to have, especially if you opt for its longer-term plans. It can be purchased for $2.03/mo , which also comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee and support for 7 multi-logins.

CyberGhost free trial first to see if the service is worth your money.

You can easily install CyberGhost on a FireStick device, KodiRoku, and even on routers to take advantage of the 7 multi-logins and enjoy the VPN fully.


CyberGhost is a very appealing choice for users that need better privacy while downloading torrents without compromising on speed. It offers speed and privacy that will certainly appeal to both novice and advanced users that often find themselves downloading torrents.

For more details, you can see this CyberGhost review.

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