How to install popcorn time iOS without jailbreak

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Popcorn time is to stream your favorite media content without any subscription. Hence it is mostly regarded as “Netflix for Pirates.”
Popcorn Time is a BitTorrent client that streams pirated content on your PC and mobile devices but with Popcorn Time VPN, it has become easier for iOS users to watch and download movies and TV shows on their device.
Apple takes security measures for its different platforms with utmost importance, but there is always a possibility. In this guide we will discuss how to install popcorn time on iOS devices without jail breaking!

Install Popcorn Time iOS on iPhone and iPad Without Jailbreak


Install Popcorn time IPA on iOS 10 and above without jailbreaking your device. iPhone and iPad provides you with a user-friendly display that gives a best user experience. Here are the steps to install Popcorn Time IPA on iOS and above without jailbreaking: 

Install Popcorn time IPA on iOS 10 and above without jailbreaking

Step 1: Download Popcorn time IPA File from Here and save the file on your system

Step 2: Extract the file

Step 3: Now you need to Connect your iOS device to your system via USB cable

Step 4: Download the free Cydia Impactor tool from Here onto your system i.e. Mac OSX, Windows, Linux


Step 5: Now Launch Cydia Impactor executable file and select your connected device



Step 6: Drag and drop the iOS IPA extracted file which you had downloaded in Step 2

Step 7: It will then ask for an Apple ID for an Apple Developer account (free or paid, both will work) to sign the app with for side loading on the device > After inserting the Apple ID click OK.

popcorntime ios setup

Step 8: Entering a free Apple Developer account ID will make the certificate lapse in seven days, after which you should repeat this procedure. A full Apple Developer ID signs with certificates that stay legitimate for a year.



Step 9: You will receive a Dialogue Warning but click OK.



Step 10: It will digitally sign the IPA to validate it which will take few seconds.

Step 11: After following the above steps accurately, you will see Popcorn time app icon on your Home Screen but Wait, it will NOT launch if you click on it.



Step 12: To resolve this issue, go to Settings > Navigate to General > Then Profiles & Device Management. On some iOS versions, this option might be available at General > Profile(s) & Device Management or General > Device Management. Locate the profile assigned to the Popcorn Time app, Tap on it > Select Trust > Then click on Trust again.



Step 13: You are done! Now that your profile is trusted you can straight away load Popcorn Time from iPhone or iPad and enjoy all your favorite content!



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Video Tutorial

Below is the video tutorial for installing Popcorn Time on iOS without jailbreak. So follow these steps and watch movies and TV shows on-demand.

Should You Rely on Popcorn Time iOS?

From the guidelines above, it was evident that Apple’s strict App store guidelines will not allow Popcorn Time to install in iOS. Instead the developers at Popcorn Time have made a workaround strategy to install its app on non-jailbroken devices.

The risk will always stand. It is highly likely that anonymous developers might get hold off your data. But again, there is always another way around which will definitely work for you.

Popcorn Time iOS using VPN

We suggest that you use a VPN which will protect your system or device from cyber-attacks, hackers, and ISPs. A VPN will make your IP address hidden, thus making you invincible.

Any VPN for popcorn time iOS you might choose assigns you a new IP address, giving you a whole new look in the virtual world to keep you safe from being tracked. Here are some of the best VPN service providers that we recommend:

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
Editor's Choice
$1.32Per Month
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5 Years for $1.32/month
$2.99Per Month
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3 Years Plan
$1.99Per Month
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$3.50Per Month
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Bottom Line

Popcorn Time is still a recommended software to watch and download your favorite content simultaneously. With Popcorn Time you get all the video content in a user-friendly interface, just like Netflix. That is why it is called ‘Netflix for Pirates’.

However, Popcorn Time does exposes your system to unwanted attention, for which we recommend you use a VPN provider. It hides your IP address and makes it invisible to others. So, you better hurry and install Popcorn Time on iOS without jailbreak.


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