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A lot of people think that the Kindle is only good for reading e-books, but the fact of the matter is that there is no limit to the number of things you can do with your Kindle Fire.

But even though there is a wide variety of apps that can be used to get more from your device, Kindle Fire users frequently end up considering getting a replacement tablet when they realize how geographical restrictions tend to limit the device’s functionality.

A short trip to Amazon’s Forum page on ‘Geographical restrictions on Kindle Fire Apps’ will tell you what I mean:

Kindle Fire VPN


The Kindle Fire Geo-Restriction Problem

The problem is that even though Amazon’s Kindle is being used around the world thanks to the popularity of its user-friendly functionality, Amazon has limited official release in the US, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan. You have to buy your Kindle device from a third-party vendor if you want to get it shipped to you in any other regions besides these.

However, while it is possible to get your hands on the hardware, it is impossible to get the software working the way it was meant to work. Amazon has limited the availability of its apps and Kindle related services to these regions.

Kindle Fire Geo-Restriction

How Amazon’s Geo-Restrictions work for Kindle Fire users

The reason because of which people continue to buy, use and travel with their Kindle Fire devices (even after learning about the geo-restrictions) is that they believe that their personal details will allow them to gain full access. Unfortunately, Amazon does not work that way:

Amazon’s Geo-Restrictions

Amazon, like all websites using Geographical restrictions, checks users’ IP addresses when they try to access Amazon’s website/services. Your IP address is assigned to you by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is connecting you with the internet; and contains the country code.

Amazon only provides apps, services and download permissions to Kindle Fire users who are accessing its website/services from the US, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan. If you are located in any other region besides these, your IP address will show it, and the automated system at Amazon’s end will block you out.

Luckily the solution is very simple.


Bypassing Geo-Restrictions on Kindle Fire

Using a Kindle Fire VPN same as VPN for Amazon Prime will give you complete access to the full range of Kindle Fire features regardless of your geographical location.

This online independence for Kindle Fire users comes from the fact that activating a VPN connects you to a secure server that encrypts and tunnels all your data. Since VPN services have global server spreads, connecting to a VPN server located in a permitted country will not only unlock the full potential of your Kindle Fire device, but will also tunnel and encrypt all your data.

In your search for a good VPN for your Kindle Fire, you will come across dozens of VPN services that will promise you the moon, and then attempt to make off with all the data that goes through their servers. In comparison, a professional VPN service that specializes in providing internet freedom and online security will give you complete control and facilitate you with a complete support system.

Take the following VPN services for instance. These VPN services are compatible with all internet enabled devices including the Kindle Fire:

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Talk to Your VPN Service Provider

I always tell all my readers to talk to their VPN service providers. It is much like talking to your hairdresser. The more you can describe what you want, the better end-product you will walk out with.

Most VPN service providers ensure that they have VPN servers active in the US. Connecting to a VPN server located in the US is globally trusted way to unblock geo-restricted websites and services, and also stands true for Kindle Fire users.


Setting up VPN on Kindle Fire

Once you have picked the VPN that makes sense to you, I guarantee that you will be able to find setup support for your Kindle Fire on the official VPN website. Wouldn’t have recommended them if I hadn’t tested them out myself!

But what you should know though is that there are two ways through which you can setup VPN on your Kindle Fire.


First Method – Using the Kindle’s Built-in Settings/Configurations

Amazon usually tries to downplay the fact that the Kindle Fire is essentially a tablet. As a result, very few Kindle Fire users know that Android apps can be installed on their devices.

You can install a VPN on your Kindle Fire (and any other app for that matter) by downloading ES File Explorer and installing your VPN service provider’s VPN software on your Kindle using a data cable to transfer the file on to the device.

amazon kindle fire

You will now be able to navigate through the files to install the VPN on your Kindle Fire.

Confused? Check out this brief video tutorial on how to Side-Load apps on your Kindle Fire:

This is actually the easiest way to install Kindle Fire VPN! If you are looking for a long-term solution, then I recommend you use the second method.


Second Method – Using a VPN on your Router

Using a router is the best long-term solution if you don’t take your Kindle Fire out of the house very frequently. Setting up a VPN on a Router is very easy thanks to the fact that Routers are built for easy configuration. For instance, you can setup VPN on DD-WRT router with a few easy steps.

If you plan on taking your Kindle Fire abroad with you or if you travel frequently, then I recommend the third method. It is a bit in depth and will require you to pull your sleeves up, so I don’t recommend it if you feel that you are not proficient in this technical area.


Third Method – Rooting your Kindle Fire

Rooting your Kindle fire is one of the ways to set your device free. Rooting your Kindle Fire will essentially turn it into a tablet. It is a slightly lengthy process that demands your complete attention, and is only recommended for individuals who are looking for a permanent solution.

I always tell my readers to let an experienced individual guide them when they are rooting anything (may it be a router or a smartphone). If that is not possible, make sure that you watch lots of tutorial videos before you start. This one provides an ideal example:


Amazon Kindle came out in late 2007 and it took around two years for it to become available in other countries besides the US. The problem was that Amazon had to expand app and service availability into regions where the Kindle was available.

Every time Amazon expands the availability of the Kindle Fire into a new region, it gets swamped with all sorts of red tape.

If you are in (or travelling to) a region where Amazon does provide support for Kindle Fire, then your best bet is to get a VPN. The second option is to wait another two years for Amazon to get done with the paper work before you can start enjoying your Kindle Fire.

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