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Google Chrome prides itself on being netizen’s most favorite web browser. A perfect union of sleek design with sophisticated technology makes your online experience faster, safer and effortless. With Google Chrome on your device, you get straight to favorite web destinations through instant search suggestions, Autofill forms, bookmarks and start pages. However, Chinese users may be unable to get most out of Chrome as the Great Firewall (GFW) is the barrier on their way to internet.

With a range of leading websites blocked in China including Google, Wikipedia, Tumblr, YouTube, and Facebook, users are left with no other option to use a China VPN. Compared to any other evasion tool, a VPN is the safest tool to bypass the GFW instantly and enjoy the internet without limits.

Individual testing and privacy experts suggest following VPN China for Chrome due to their range of overseas servers, cutting-edge encryption protocols, 24/7 customer support and affordable package plans. With one of these VPN services, unblocking a geo-restricted site is just a click away:

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How to Evade Restrictions With VPN China for Chrome

You can take a step ahead and protect your online activities with one of the following possible ways:

  • Use a VPN software for a reliable online protection (Best VPN mentioned above).
  • Install a VPN extension for Chrome

Best VPN China for Chrome

The VPN services mentioned above are one-stop solution for top-notch privacy and unlimited entertainment. They offer state-of-the-art security infrastructure to take your privacy protection to a whole new level. These VPN services offer a robust mix of encryption tunneling protocols which encrypts your entire network traffic and passes it through a secure encrypted tunnel. This delivers a military grade data protection as all the internet traffic is encrypted including Chrome & other services.

In addition to this, the Internet Kill Switch offered by various VPN services interrupts overall traffic whenever your internet connection drops or a DNS leak occurs. This eventually hides you from the GFW while ensuring that you stay safe from hackers, snoopers, phishers, intruders and other cyber goons.To know more about best vpn for china chrome, Read our guide Best VPN for Chrome.

China VPN Extension for Chrome

The VPN Chrome extension on other hand masks your IP address and encrypts data traffic of your browser. But if a DNS leak occurs there is a possibility that your online activities with IP address may get exposed to GFW, causing you to get in trouble. Considering the threats, we suggest users go for VPN Chrome extension only if they want to gain access to blocked sites.

The Chrome extension doesn’t guarantee a solid online protection which you achieve with VPN client app. There are only a handful of Chrome VPN extension currently available, including ZenMate, Hola Better Internet, Dot VPN, TunnelBear, Browsec and Gom Web VPN. However, for a secure video streaming, email and torrenting & P2P file sharing experience, we recommend users to subscribe to VPN China for Chrome mentioned earlier.

View our guide Zenmate review and hola vpn review for further details.

(Note: Privacy activists massively criticize the Hola service. The reason states that Hola works through a P2P IP exchange system. Each Hola user is an “exit node” for another user. This can lead to severe cyber attacks like DDOS and many others.)

Final Words

In an age where netizens data privacy is at stake, various hackers, intruders, data sniffers and law enforcement agencies are discovering ways to bring disasters in users life. Considering the multiple threats to user data privacy, a VPN has become a more of necessity. The private browsing mode or privacy extensions baked into Chrome aren’t the same thing at all.

The preferred VPN China for Chrome in this guide offer 100% anonymity and top-notch protection to your personal, private and financial information, so you enjoy a restriction-free online experience from within China.

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