ExpressVPN Works in China [2023 Update]

ExpressVPN works great in China. A simple workaround is to open ExpressVPN's Chinese website instead of the usual website. With that, you will be able to download and subscribe to the service and use ExpressVPN without restrictions in the mainland.


If you aren’t able to connect to ExpressVPN in China, then you’re probably doing it the wrong way. Despite the Chinese restrictions and bans made on the use of VPNs, ExpressVPN works perfectly in the mainland. Also, Check out the best VPN tested by us.

In this guide, I will be showing you a simple workaround on how to use ExpressVPN in China. The app is fully functional and offers all those features that are available in any other app around the world.

If you’re still unclear if ExpressVPN works in China, I ran a detailed test that helps you explain what you need to do to make it work.

Does ExpressVPN work in China?

Yes, ExpressVPN is the best VPN. But there’s a catch! If you try to access the ExpressVPN website from China, you won’t be able to access it since it’s blocked. To work around that problem, you will need to open the ExpressVPN Chinese website.

From there, you can subscribe to ExpressVPN and download its app for any device you want. Not many VPN providers offer a Chinese mirror website to counter China’s online restrictions.

Apart from the methods mentioned, you can also use Socks5 technology with ExpressVPN even though it doesn’t offer support for it by default. This technology will definitely help you in bypassing China’s online censorship rules. You can learn more about it and its relation with ExpressVPN in our does ExpressVPN have SOCKS5 blog.

If you are traveling to China, it is much more advisable to sign up for the subscription and download the app on your device(s) before moving into China. The Great Firewall of China is continually becoming stronger so it’s never a guarantee that the mirror sites for Chinese users will always remain operational.

How to Install ExpressVPN in China

The task of installing ExpressVPN in China is simple but rather interesting. Here is what you can do:

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN from the Chinese mirror website

Step 2: Download and Install the ExpressVPN app


Step 3: Enter the Username and Password


Step 4: Select any server from the app (e.g. US server)


Step 5: Unblock any website from China or anywhere


How to Use ExpressVPN in China

In this section, I have provided the main features and functionalities of the ExpressVPN app along with its interface:


  • On the top-left corner Settings menu, you will find certain options like Speed Test, Options, Sign Out, etc


  • Click on Options. Here you can ‘check the box’ for Network Lock which is an alternative to the Kill Switch feature


  • In the Protocol tab, you should select OpenVPN since it is the most powerful protocol


  • Coming back to the Settings menu again you can click on VPN locations to select a server that is categorized based on Continents


Download ExpressVPN in China

If you already have an ExpressVPN subscription, but you need to download ExpressVPN apps for major devices. I have included their download links below:

ExpressVPN is capable enough to circumvent the Chinese VPN detection mechanism. Still, you will have to do some tweaks before using the brand in China. Furthermore, you must download and install the ExpressVPN app on your desired operating systems before coming to China.

As proof of its excellent performance in China and obfuscation, you can also check out our comparison between VyprVPN and ExpressVPN.

Sadly, you cannot access ExpressVPN or any other VPN services site in China. Therefore, you are bound to subscribe to BVI based VPN service before landing in China. By doing so, you can unblock your favorite social media services anonymously in the country.

List of blocked websites in China

Due to heavy censorship, there are currently around 10,000 domains that are currently blocked in mainland China. Here’s a list of some of the websites that you can’t access in China without a reliable VPN.

  1. WhatsApp
  2. Gmail
  3. Slack
  4. Telegram
  5. Facebook
  6. Instagram
  7. Twitter
  8. YouTube
  9. Twitch
  10. Netflix

What are the Benefits of ExpressVPN?

Once you have ExpressVPN, there is a lot that you can do with this seemingly unassuming VPN app:

  • Bypass censored content in China: The internet is a heavily restricted space in China. Most of the social media that the rest of the world is familiar with such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp are banned in the country. With ExpressVPN, you can easily access foreign content and bypass local restrictions. Based on these restrictions we have labeled ExpressVPn as the best VPN for China.
  • Access torrents: With ExpressVPN, you can unblock torrent websites and download files at a high speed. Since it is a no-logs provider that is equipped with protective features like a kill switch, you can safely perform ExpressVPN torrenting combo activities.
  • Unblock Netflix: There are only a few VPN providers that remain unbothered by the aggressive blocking schemes that Netflix is using against VPNs. ExpressVPN delivers strong performance for multiple Netflix libraries including US, UK, Canada, and more as explained and tested in this guide on ExpressVPN with Netflix.
  • Money-back guarantee: ExpressVPN offers a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. You can request a refund if you cancel your subscription within 30 days. For detailed instructions on how to cancel your ExpressVPN account, see this guide. You can also go for the ExpressVPN free trial if you don’t want to spend money on a VPN subscription. While it accepts many different payment methods, Chinese users can always subscribe to ExpressVPN through PayPal – the most trusted and popular payment processor in China.
  • Volatile RAM servers: ExpressVPN has converted its complete server network from hard-drive servers to RAM servers. The main advantage of RAM servers is that your information is wiped out on every server reboot. Due to this technology, the Chinese government or different agencies can’t track your location, identity or any internet activity. This feature alone separates ExpressVPN from all the VPN providers that are still working with hard-drive servers just like CyberGhost. Even though it can go toe-to-toe with ExpressVPN, it always loses in this category. To learn more about their showdown together, check out our ExpressVPN vs CyberGhost comparison.
  • Zero-Log Policy: ExpressVPN offers a zero-log policy which means it doesn’t store your online activities or data. This is pretty handy if you are operating from countries such as Russia and China.

Wrapping Up

ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for users that are facing censorship issues in China. It also offers a wide range of benefits that are not only conducive to tackling internet restrictions for Chinese users, but also help enhance privacy from governments and agencies.

You can learn more about this VPN in our ExpressVPN guide. Also, we recommend checking out what Reddit has to say about ExpressVPN in our ExpressVPN reviews on Reddit.

Have you tried using ExpressVPN in China? We’d love to hear about your experience. Leave us a comment below to share your thoughts.