5 Best Popcorn time VPN for 2017

Popcorn Time VPN is the most secure way to watch your favorite content. It provides you with complete privacy and freedom so that you are not left alone and enjoy streaming to its fullest. With Popcorn Time VPN, you can take a deep breath and relax since its security protocols and data encryption features have your back.

Why Popcorn Time?

PT is a streaming service that has a bizarre resemblance with the world’s most popular online streaming service, Netflix. But contrary to Netflix, Popcorn Time provides its streaming services for free using BitTorrent protocol.

From the latest movies to some of the biggest TV shows in the history of Television, you can watch all the episodes on Popcorn Time VPN in HD by simply downloading and running the streaming service. It downloads the file through BitTorrent in the background and provides you with real-time streaming.

Is it Safe to Use Popcorn Time?

Here comes the tricky part! While the stream lovers would go ahead and still stream the content directly, to those who think their online security is at risk, we must warn you, it really is at stake.

PT clearly warns the users on its website about their own risk because the service might be considered as illegal in their respective countries.

Since it works on BitTorrent protocol, copyright holders deem the service illegal in various regions. Australia, UK, Germany, Belgium, and other parts of Europe have already ordered ISPs to block the streaming service.

Popcorn Time Unblocked

So how can Popcorn Time be unblocked? You access the service safely and anonymously through two methods:

  1. Use a Popcorn time VPN
  2. Use a Proxy service

Secure your content with Popcorn Time VPN

A Popcorn Time VPN will protect your online identity by masking your IP address. Thus, you can enjoy any TV show or movie of your choice anonymously. PT uses torrents to broadcast video content. Hence, the other users those who share the same file will see an IP address provided by your VPN service.

By connecting to a VPN server, you can protect all your online activities. As a result, your ISP will not be able to trace your online activities. Since a VPN encrypts the connection between the VPN server and user’s device.  Hence, you obtain complete online freedom.

NAT Firewalls

There are VPN services in which NAT Firewalls feature comes in built-in form. If you want to use torrents to watch movies and other video content, you must disable the feature. Otherwise, you will not be able to stream content from torrents.

The NAT Firewalls blocks connection from peers on P2P network. Hence, torrents are unable to stream the required content for the users. You should make sure to disconnect the feature as soon as you avail any VPN service by changing the settings.

Sometimes, you are unable to disable the feature therefore; you should use port forwarding method. This manual approach allows the VPN service to dedicate a specific port that supports P2P traffic.

Why using proxy for popcorn time is not secure?

When you connect to a proxy service, your IP address is masked during the process. Therefore, no one can identify your identity in the torrent swarms.

However, unlike a VPN, a proxy does not encrypt or tunnels your data traffic. This is a shortcoming of Popcorn Time proxy services.

If your ISP or the government decides to inspect your internet data packets, they can identify that you’ve been using the streaming service. Due to this issue, a VPN is more secure than a proxy service.

Best VPN for Popcorn Time

We would save you the time and energy and will recommend you to use Best Popcorn Time VPN, especially if you are located in a region where the government has a strong hold on your cyber activities.

Any Popcorn Time VPN that you choose assigns you a new IP address, giving you a whole new look in the virtual world to keep you hidden from being tracked.

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PureVPN – Users First Choice for Popcorn Time VPN


PureVPN has become Popcorn Time users’ first choice in no time. The provider specifically provides a list of features like ‘Internet Kill Switch’ and dedicated servers for torrenting or P2P activity.  Through 750+ servers in 141 countries worldwide, you can enjoy Popcorn Time streaming from anywhere in the world.


NordVPN – Crosses Geographical Restrictions


NordVPN is another VPN making waves in the VPN industry for quite some time now. The provider offers a network of 1118 servers in 60+ countries globally. The service supports P2P activity hence you can enjoy watching your favorite movies or TV shows on Popcorn Time.



PrivateVPN – Provides online security


PrivateVPN is a good choice for those users who want online security that suits their pockets. However, the provider does not support P2P activity on its network. Hence, Popcorn Time users should select another VPN service to watch their favorite video content.



ExpressVPN – Expensive supporting P2P activity


ExpressVPN is an expensive VPN that supports P2P activity. Thus, you are able to use Popcorn Time to watch your favorite movies and TV shows without any hassle. The provider offers ‘Internet Kill Switch’ feature that allows you to remain safe when VPN suddenly stops working. Through 145+ server locations in 94 countries worldwide, you can stream the video content on Popcorn Time from anywhere.


Ivacy – Providing safety for low budget users


Ivacy is a great option for those users who want to use the services of Popcorn Time app under their budget. The service has 200+ servers in 50 countries of the world. Moreover, the provider supports the P2P activity of the users from all over the world. Likewise, Ivacy VPN also provides P2P optimized servers in different countries.


Compatibility of Popcorn time on cross platforms

Since the creators of PT are a bunch of youngsters, their enthusiasm is visible in the device compatibility. Making sure that nobody gets to miss the fun of unlimited streaming and downloading, they have made it compatible with some of the major operating software and devices such as:

Setup of popcorn time on different platforms:

How to Improve the Streaming Experience with Popcorn Time VPN

The streaming speed is heavily dependent upon your original internet speed so when you connect to a VPN, you allow the VPN service to connect you to a different server located in another region. This in return, heavily affects your streaming speed, depending upon the server load.

It is recommended by even the best of VPN providers to connect to a server that is closest to your original geographical location to get better speeds.

Which Popcorn Time is safe?

There is a confusion as which popcorn time is safe? Searches will show you different versions. Since the platform itself is an open source, the developer behind popcorn time had to abandon the Project.

There are now two versions of popcorn time that we suggest with complete confidence as they are both 100% free and safe. We highly recommend you to download popcorn time from these websites only:

Popcorn time vpn free any good?

When you start to look for a VPN, you will come across various free VPN services as well. So are these free providers worth using? If you are concerned about your privacy, then using a Popcorn time VPN free matters a lot. A free VPN provider cannot offer the same benefits and features as a premium VPN service.

Here are some drawbacks of using Popcorn Time VPN free:

  • Free providers offer weak security measures
  • Prone to IP and DNS leakage
  • Limited server options
  • Have a cap on bandwidth
  • Log your internet activities and download histories
  • Sell your personal information to third parties
  • Poor customer support

Therefore, considering the security vulnerabilities of Popcorn Time VPN free services, it is better to choose a reliable and renowned VPN service.  A premium provider would offer strong protocols and encryption ciphers, around the clock customer support, multiple server options, and won’t keep activity logs.


How to use Popcorn Time without VPN?

You can simply use PT by downloading the app on your preferred devices. You just need to go to the official website of Popcorn Time to complete the download process.

However, the official website clearly indicates that Popcorn Time stream movies and TV shows from torrents. According to its website, downloading copyrighted material may be illegal in your country. Hence, you should use the services at your own risk.

Therefore, you must use a VPN in order to remain safe from the vicious jaws of legal trouble.

Is Popcorn Time VPN necessary?

Yes, A Popcorn Time VPN is a must for streaming. Since, PT uses the notion of BitTorrent P2P (peer-to-peer) technology. Hence, you are able to watch your favorite video content on your desktop or mobile device. Furthermore, you can also distribute the files with the others by using a BitTorrent concept.

It becomes quite easy to recognize the IP addresses of all those users who share the same file. Likewise, the copyright holders can also trace all those file sharers who use their content illegally.  At this moment, the role of VPN services becomes visible and extremely crucial.

Not All Popcorn Time VPN support Streaming

It is a cruel fact that not all Popcorn Time VPN support streaming. It means these VPN services do not encourage any BitTorrent or P2P activity of the users. Therefore, it is better for you not to select the services of those VPN providers who strictly follow DCMA act.

Popcorn Time VPN in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden

If you wish to watch Popcorn Time in a secure manner, you must select a Popcorn Time VPN service. The PT users specifically in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden may face legal action from copyright holders. Viewing copyrighted material in these countries is illegal. Hence, you should stream Popcorn Time at your own risk.

If I have Popcorn Time, do I need Netflix?

This question comes in the minds of PT fans. However, the sleek and stylish user interface of the app encourages the viewers to prefer PT over Netflix. Moreover, the app shows the video content from the torrents website. Hence, you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies much sooner on Popcorn Time than on the other services like Netflix.

Is it necessary to pay for Popcorn Time VPN?

Yes, it is necessary for you to pay for Popcorn Time VPN if you want to stream. There are free VPN services those do not support torrents or P2P activity on their networks. Countries like US, UK, and China do not encourage the users to watch video content through Popcorn Time.

Hence, you may face legal actions if you stream copyrighted material on PT illegally. In order to secure yourself from any legal trouble you must use a paid version of VPN providers. Thus, you will have to spend some money from your pocket but you are saving yourself from a big hassle.

Here is the list of benefits, a premium Popcorn Time VPN offer services to its users:

  1. Well explained privacy policy
  2. Choice of multiple connections through a single subscription
  3. Robust online security and highest level of data protection
  4. Specific torrents and P2P servers for high speed downloading

Is It Safe to use Popcorn Time VPN?

Definitely, using Popcorn Time VPN is always a safe option for the users. A Popcorn Time VPN not only allows you to watch your movies and TV shows instantly. Furthermore, you are able to protect your online identity from the eyes of copyright holders.

By using Popcorn Time VPN, you obtain a secure IP address. Through a secure IP address, you can access blocked and geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world.

Is popcorn time legal or not?

Popcorn Time VPN Reviews on Reddit

PT is a famous streaming service that has huge following of users on Reddit. Those Reddit users who select Popcorn Time VPN to watch video content, they do not use a Reddit VPN. Similarly, there are users those who like to use Reddit VPN anyway.

Here is the response of one Reddit user, who did not use Popcorn Time VPN and paid the price.


Comment from discussion Popcorn time VPN.

There is a response of Redditor asking about the activation of Popcorn Time VPN.

really dumb question. how do I activate my popcorn time VPN? from PopCornTime

The user received various responses from other Redditors.

In the end, he finally succeeded to get the right answer from another Redditor.

Bottom Line

PT even after the discontinuation of the original version, remains users’ favorite free streaming service. All the movies and TV shows can be streamed without you needing to go through the troubles of finding and downloading original malware-free torrents.

It does, however, put you in grave danger if you are located in a region where using P2P services are banned by law. Since it adds so much value to the entertainment industry, we recommend all our readers and users to connect Popcorn Time VPN to hide themselves behind one of the protocols and servers provided by it.

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