Top 10 Fastest Netflix Servers – Less Buffer, More Streaming

Top 10 Fastest Netflix Servers – Less Buffer, More Streaming

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Netflix – World’s Leading Streaming Site

Netflix surely is the most popular streaming platform in this digital universe. Netflix is an entertainment’s daily dose for all streaming lovers out there. However, its access is confined to a few geographic localities.

Yes! I am talking about the geo-restrictions here. These are the limitations that confine your access to the respective content as per your digital identity (IP Address). The moment you try to access Netflix, the servers scan for your identity and disavow your request if requirements are unfulfilled. You can surely access Netflix US with a VPN app!

Stream Netflix

Netflix is accessible in limited countries including the U.S. Streaming speed however was still a mystery; but, not anymore. According to Netflix’s latest speed test, 10 countries are identified that offer the best streaming experience and optimal streaming speed.

Top 10 Fastest Netflix Servers

Being a streaming lover, I always wondered which server to choose when I connect my VPN. Yes! Just like most of you, I can’t access Netflix due to the geo-restrictions. I often selected the U.S. because I thought it was the fastest server. Guess what? I was wrong.

As per the recent speed test conducted by Netflix itself, top 10 fastest Netflix streaming locations have been identified. These locations provide the best streaming experience which means more video, less buffer.

Top 10 Fastest Netflix Streaming Locations

According to the speed test, the snapshot prescribed above comprises top 10 locations that provide the best Netflix streaming experience. Nevertheless, the streaming experience surely varies; because, each country represents a distinct average Netflix connection speed.

Here are top 10 countries with the best Netflix streaming speed:

  • Netherlands – average Netflix connection speed = 3.5Mbps
  • Sweden – average Netflix connection speed = 3.1Mbps
  • Denmark – average Netflix connection speed = 3.1Mbps
  • Norway – average Netflix connection speed = 3.0Mbps
  • Finland – average Netflix connection speed = 2.9Mbps
  • UK – average Netflix connection speed = 2.7Mbps
  • Uruguay – average Netflix connection speed = 2.3Mbps
  • United States – average Netflix connection speed = 2.2Mbps
  • Chile – average Netflix connection speed = 2.2Mbps
  • Brazil – average Netflix connection speed = 2.1Mbps

Netflix Works Faster In Netherlands

Every month, people all over the world spend more than 1 billion hours, streaming their favorite shows and movies on Netflix. The list prescribed above gives you locations with the best Netflix streaming experience.

How to Evade Geo-Restrictions with Top 5 VPNs for Streaming

Those who can’t access Netflix, they’re victims of geo-restrictions. As discussed above, geo-restrictions confine your access to a particular locality. While streaming, when you send a request to access particular content, your IP is scanned and request entertained accordingly.

Streaming platforms like Netflix represent geo-restricted sites that are limited to be accessed by the natives only. These sites can’t be opened unless your IP matches respective geographic region.

However, there’s a way out of this mess. With a VPN, you can evade all geo-restrictions and access Netflix along with all other streaming sites with an ease. Here are 5 best VPNs that we would like to recommend.

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 Top 5 VPN Providers with Fastest Netflix Servers


PureVPN is one of the most frequently preferred service providers in the VPN industry. PureVPN has not only earned substantial market share but is also successful in retaining its customers.

PureVPN allows you to access its broadly scattered server network. PureVPN’s servers help you evade all possible geo-restrictions and censorship issues. PureVPN gives you access to 500+ servers including:

  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • UK
  • US
  • Brazil

With PureVPN, you not only bypass geo-restrictions but you can access 5/10 fastest Netflix servers.

Here are some speed tests we conducted to evaluate the performance of PureVPN. As you all know that a VPN deteriorates your Internet speed. So, we conducted speed tests to evaluate the effect of PureVPN on overall Internet speed.

We tested PureVPN on 100Mbps connection and as you can see, PureVPN has minimal effect on actual Internet speed even though we used L2TP/IPSec protocol. Hence, PureVPN can be an optimal choice when it comes to streaming; especially, Netflix streaming.

PureVPN Speed Test for Netflix



IPVanish is another alternative you should consider if you wish to overcome the geo-restrictions. IPVanish gives you to access 110+ servers geographically scattered in 48 regions allowing you to breakthrough all possible geo-restrictions.

IPVanish’s sophisticated server network includes 8/10 fastest Netflix streaming servers that are given below:

  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • UK
  • United States
  • Brazil

The snapshot given below reflects the speed test conducted to measure IPVanish’s influence on overall Internet speed. After testing IPVanish on 100Mbps connection, it can be deduced that IPVanish deteriorates actual Internet speed by approximately 55%; yet, a recommendable option when it comes to Netflix streaming. That’s why, IPVanish Netflix is quick-fix to stream first-rate digital content in HD quality.

IPVanish Speed Test



HideMyAss is also a recommendable alternative to breakthrough geo-restrictions. The reason for which it is ranked on number 2 is high price charged by the service provider and user’s budget is often a key factor to affect his purchase decision.

HideMyAss has 597 VPN servers installed in 148 locations including:

  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • UK
  • Uruguay
  • United States
  • Chile

So, HideMyAss gives you access to 9/10 fastest Netflix streaming servers. The snapshots given below refer to the speed tests representing HideMyAss. This VPN service provider is also a viable alternative to consider when it comes to streaming.

HideMyAss Speed Guide Test for Netflix

HideMyAss Speed Guide Test Netflix


Express VPN

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs for Netflix available online. A network of around 100 VPN servers gives Express VPN the capacity to cater to streaming users who want to unblock Netflix through user-friendly software.
Also, this is one of the few VPN services that works equally well on mobile devices including smart phones and tablets. The highly compatible ExpressVPN service allows users to unblock and stream Netflix without any buffering on devices running on all devices running Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, etc. For further details visit our ExpressVPN Netflix blog.

Express VPN has a very strong server network that is spread out across 78 countries including
• US
• Canada
• Australia
• Japan
• Malaysia
• South Korea
• Germany
• UK
• Greece, and many more
First time VPN users and Netflix fans will be glad to know that Express VPN offers a 30 day money back guarantee during which they can try out Express VPN for $8.32 per month. For more details view our ExpressVPN review guide.



ibVPN is one of the few VPN services that have lately taken privacy advocates and internet freedom lovers by storm. A top-tier VPN server network that is spread out across 37 countries gives ibVPN users the power to unblock and access streaming websites at fast speeds.

Fans of BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu and Pandora will appreciate the fact that the global ibVPN server network spans over 92 locations VPN has servers in:
• US
• UK
• Netherlands
• Ukraine
• Hong Kong
• France and many other important countries

The ibVPN user base is growing rapidly, but is still very small when compared to other major VPN providers. This means that ibVPN users will be able to experience fast Netflix streaming for as low as $3.07 per month because the servers are almost never over-crowded.


Comcast and Verizon Speed Throttle Concern

In February, yet another allegation echoed the digital universe. The culpable this time were Verizon and Comcast. There had been diverse concerns faced by their customers especially those that represented the streaming community.

Yes! It had been said that Verizon and Comcast were engaged in speed throttling which deteriorated Netflix experience. Sadly, the clients that surfed Netflix, complained about the pathetic streaming experience.

The allegations were based on mere hypotheses; yet, no one could deny Net Neutrality the companies were so eager to implement. As a matter of fact, the companies even tried to convince people that throttling sometimes is necessary.

Anyways, speed throttling is a major concern that we face till today. If you want better streaming experience and breakthrough the ‘Net Neutrality’ rules, there are two possible ways – most likely. Either change your ISP or change the server you’ve connected.

Wrapping Up

For all those who are victimized by the geo-restrictions, we have shown you the way to evade them all. Not only this, we have also given you optimal alternatives to choose from, in light of the research conducted by Netflix itself.

Netflix, as per its research, has identified top 10 countries where natives enjoy the best Netflix streaming experience. If they can have such liberties – why can’t you. Go grab yourself a VPN and breakthrough all restrictions and barriers. If you already have one, select aforementioned servers for better streaming experience.

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