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We have often heard about how hard is it for Netizens in the Middle East to access their favorite online streaming channels. Due to internet restrictions and ever-increasing online surveillance, it has become extremely difficult to surf and stream freely.

Qatar is considered the second most internet-friendly country in the Middle East region. And yet, when it comes to online surveillance and censorship issues, it is no different than other Middle Eastern countries.

Online surveillance isn’t as strict as it is in the rest of the region, but nobody can deny the fact that internet users’ online activities are monitored, to some extent, in Qatar as well. Even though, online surveillance isn’t present and visible in a direct form, there is really no comfort in being told that your private internet sessions are being recorded.

There are certain types of internet restrictions in almost all Middle-East countries. You can find VPN recommendations for other countries i.e. best VPN for Egypt, VPN for Iran and for VPN for Oman as well.

Best VPN for Qatar


Qatar’s Internet Policy & Freedom of Speech

It is very clearly defined in Qatar’s rules and regulations for internet usage that no access shall be granted to any sort of pornography. And anything that is deemed critical to the existing government and the ruler will not only be blocked but will be punished as well.

Many of the journalists and people have imposed self-censorship and avoid commenting on politics and religion on social media platforms. In February 2014, Mohammed Ibn al-Dheeb al-Ajami was handed a sentence of 15 years in prison after he had recited a poem against then Qatar’s emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani.


Unblock Online Streaming Channels in Qatar

Many of the websites (mostly popular streaming channels) are geo-restricted in Qatar. Streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu and Pandora are blocked for viewership in Qatar. But that’s not because the Qatari government blocks it, but because these channels have no servers in Qatar. You surely need a VPN for Netflix as well as a BBC iPlayer VPN to watch these streaming apps in Qatar.

Therefore, many of the Netizens use VPNs for Qatar that allow them to unblock websites in Qatar. If you plan to visit or move to Qatar, make sure you have a Qatar VPN installed in your laptops and devices as it will help you unblock your favorite streaming channels.

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Surveillance and Filtering

According to a report by Reporters without Borders, Qtel (Qatar Telecom) has different means of spying on the users’ online activities and messages. If the report is to be believed, every message that is sent through internet is deciphered by the Qatari government.

The US State Department has also mentioned in its Human Rights report that Qatar monitors and censors the internet with a proxy server. It blocks websites, forums, channels and chat rooms that are in violation with its rules and laws for the internet.

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Cybercrime in Qatar

According to The Peninsula, around 2000 cases of cybercrime were registered in Qatar during the first half of 2014. These findings portray the results of first six months only, and it is assumed that the number is likely to be increased by three to four times by the end of the year.

Qatar’s new cybercrime policy has been heavily criticized by the locals as well as the foreigners. It has caused a wave of panic among internet users in Qatar. With punishments ranging from hefty fines to jail time, one has to be pretty watchful about what he is saying or posting on the internet.


Why you should get a VPN for Qatar

  • The freedom of speech is dying a slow death in Qatar. If you happen to live there, you should probably hide your online identity and activities by installing a VPN. Qatar, at time, was considered a moderate country in terms of internet censorship and monitoring.

However, as time passed by, Qatar jumped on the bandwagon of censorship and monitoring and started to deal with the alleged “internet rebels” more strictly. To escape these censorship issues, you should equip your device with best VPN for Qatar.

  • It has become increasingly important for everyone to protect their devices with a VPN in Qatar. Gone are the days when Firewalls and Anti-viruses were the key players in the security tools. Hackers and phishers have been more active than ever and continuously loom over your shoulders, which is why  getting a Qatar VPN might prove to be a good idea.
  • If you are wondering about streaming your favorite channels online, you need not to worry. The VPNs in Qatar will not only unblock the websites but they will also make your streaming experience even better with unlimited bandwidth.
  • The VPNs for Qatar allow you to download anything and everything you want on your computers and devices. With unlimited downloading speed and P2P support, it makes sure that you download torrents at much faster speed.

If your exposure to VPN is limited, then don’t experiment with your internet privacy and online security. These VPN providers have a reliable server spread and a good track record for effective operations in the Middle East. You will be able to unblock websites in Qatar with the benefit of providing ultimate security and protection against cybercriminals and online spying agencies.

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