Complete ExpressVPN Server List: Choosing the Right One

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ExpressVPN maintains a robust presence globally with servers across 105 countries, ranking it among the top regarding geographic reach. This extensive network positions it as one of the leading VPN services in the industry.

However, navigating the ExpressVPN server list for specific activities like streaming, gaming, or torrenting can be daunting. To assist, the guide I’ve prepared offers a detailed list of server locations, including virtual options, and provides practical tips on selecting the optimal servers for different needs.

ExpressVPN stands out due to its vast server network and is highly recommended for its fast connection speeds and strong security measures. The service ensures uninterrupted browsing and safeguards your online activities. Moreover, with a 30-day money-back guarantee, trying ExpressVPN is risk-free, encouraging users to experience its capabilities firsthand.

This post will carefully assess the ExpressVPN IP address list and how one can connect to the its server IP address in USA.

How to Choose an ExpressVPN Server Location in USA [Easy Guide]

You can select a location from the ExpressVPN server list and connect quickly. Here are the steps in detail:

  1. Install ExpressVPN by visiting its download page and selecting the version for your operating system, with a 30-day money-back guarantee for risk-free testing.
  2. Connect to a server by clicking on the Smart Location to automatically find the fastest server. Alternatively, you can manually select one if you need a specific IP address, such as a US IP for accessing American Netflix.
  3. Start browsing and enjoy immediate access to your favorite shows with the ExpressVPN server network.

What’s the Importance of a VPN With a Robust Server Network?

A robust server network allows VPNs to bypass geo-restrictions, routing traffic through servers abroad to provide a local IP address. VPN servers, distinct from those for web hosting or gaming, are tailored for secure data encryption and transmission.

Adequate server infrastructure and a global spread are crucial for maintaining fast VPN speeds and preventing network congestion and slowdowns. Maintaining such networks requires skilled technicians to manage the service effectively and keep it free of bandwidth issues.

The ExpressVPN list of countries are designed for optimal speed and unlimited bandwidth, ideal for intensive online activities like torrenting and UHD streaming. Despite managing servers in 105 countries, it offers city-specific connections only in certain locations.

ExpressVPN Server List by Countries [Updated 2024]

Below is an updated table of the ExpressVPN server network, organized by regions, countries, and specific locations. ExpressVPN does not specify city locations for some countries; these entries are left blank. I strive to keep this information current as changes occur.

Don’t forget to read my comprehensive ExpressVPN review to understand why they are considered one of the top VPN providers in the market, not just for their extensive server network.

Note that server locations and details are subject to change.

ExpressVPN Server List in the Americas

ExpressVPN spans 16 countries across North America, South America, and Central America, including 24 US server locations in cities like Denver, Los Angeles, and Dallas. The service also includes servers in Canada, Mexico, and Venezuela, with Canadian servers in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

Country City Server Type Server Locations Count
Argentina Virtual 1
Bahamas Virtual 1
Bermuda Physical 1
Bolivia Virtual 1
Brazil Sao Paulo Physical 2
Canada Montreal Physical 1
Canada Toronto Physical 2
Canada Vancouver Physical 1
Cayman Islands Physical 1
Chile Virtual 1
Colombia Virtual 1
Costa Rica Physical 1
Cuba Virtual 1
Dominican Republic Physical 1
Ecuador Virtual 1
Guatemala Virtual 1
Honduras Physical 1
Jamaica Physical 1
Mexico Mexico City Physical 1
Panama Virtual 1
Peru Virtual 1
Puerto Rico Physical 1
Trinidad and Tobago Physical 1
United States Albuquerque Physical 1
United States Atlanta Physical 1
United States Chicago Physical 1
United States Dallas Physical 1
United States Denver Physical 1
United States Houston Physical 1
United States Lincoln Park Physical 1
United States Los Angeles Physical 4
United States Miami Physical 2
United States New Jersey Physical 3
United States New York Physical 1
United States Phoenix Physical 1
United States Salt Lake City Physical 1
United States San Francisco Physical 1
United States Santa Monica Physical 1
United States Seattle Physical 1
United States Tampa Physical 1
United States Washington DC Physical 1
Uruguay Virtual 1
Venezuela Virtual 1

ExpressVPN Server List in Europe

ExpressVPN also offers extensive coverage across Europe, with the ability to acquire IP addresses from 47 countries. This includes popular destinations such as Germany, Spain, and the UK, which feature servers in five cities. Additionally, the VPN extends its network to smaller nations like Belarus, Andorra, and Luxembourg.

Country City Server Type Server Locations
Albania Physical 1
Andorra Virtual 1
Armenia Virtual 1
Austria Physical 1
Belarus Virtual 1
Belgium Physical 1
Bosnia & Herzegovina Virtual 1
Bulgaria Physical 1
Croatia Physical 1
Cyprus Physical 1
Czech Republic Physical 1
Denmark Physical 1
Estonia Physical 1
Finland Helsinki Physical 1
France Alsace Physical 1
France Marseille Physical 1
France Paris Physical 2
France Strasbourg Physical 1
Georgia Physical 1
Germany Frankfurt Physical 2
Germany Nuremberg Physical 1
Greece Physical 1
Hungary Budapest Physical 1
Iceland Physical 1
Ireland Physical 1
Isle of Man Virtual 1
Italy Cosenza Physical 1
Italy Milan Physical 1
Italy Naples Physical 1
Jersey Virtual 1
Latvia Physical 1
Liechtenstein Virtual 1
Lithuania Physical 1
Luxembourg Physical 1
Malta Virtual 1
Moldova Physical 1
Monaco Virtual 1
Montenegro Virtual 1
Netherlands Amsterdam Physical 1
Netherlands Rotterdam Physical 1
Netherlands The Hague Physical 1
North Macedonia Virtual 1
Norway Physical 1
Poland Physical 1
Portugal Physical 1
Romania Physical 1
Serbia Physical 1
Slovakia Physical 1
Slovenia Virtual 1
Spain Madrid Physical 1
Spain Barcelona Physical 2
Sweden Stockholm Physical 2
Switzerland Zurich Physical 2
Turkey Virtual 1
Ukraine Virtual 1
United Kingdom Docklands Physical 1
United Kingdom East London Physical 1
United Kingdom London Physical 1
United Kingdom Midlands Physical 1
United Kingdom Wembley Physical 1

ExpressVPN Server List in Asia Pacific

ExpressVPN’s network includes servers in 26 Asia Pacific countries. It features servers in New Zealand, Vietnam, and India, enabling easy access to Asian media content, including South Korean TV shows and movies. The VPN is well-represented in Australia, with servers in six cities, including Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.

Country City Server Type Server Locations
Australia Adelaide Physical 1
Australia Brisbane Physical 1
Australia Melbourne Physical 1
Australia Perth Physical 1
Australia Sydney Physical 2
Australia Woolloomooloo Physical 1
Bangladesh Virtual 1
Bhutan Virtual 1
Brunei Darussalam Virtual 1
Cambodia Virtual 1
Guam Physical 1
Hong Kong Physical 2
India Virtual 2
Indonesia Virtual 1
Japan Shibuya Physical 1
Japan Tokyo Physical 1
Japan Yokohama Physical 1
Japan Osaka Physical 1
Kazakhstan Virtual 1
Laos Virtual 1
Macau Virtual 1
Malaysia Virtual 1
Mongolia Virtual 1
Myanmar Virtual 1
Nepal Virtual 1
New Zealand Physical 1
Pakistan Virtual 1
Philippines Virtual 1
Singapore Central Business District Physical 1
Singapore Jurong Physical 1
Singapore Marina Bay Physical 1
South Korea Physical 1
Sri Lanka Virtual 1
Taiwan Virtual 1
Thailand Virtual 1
Uzbekistan Virtual 1
Vietnam Virtual 1

ExpressVPN Server List in the Middle East & Africa

ExpressVPN provides good coverage in various regions, with connections in South Africa, Kenya, Israel, Egypt, and Algeria. However, it does not include servers in several Middle Eastern countries, such as Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

Country City Server Type Server Locations
Algeria Virtual 1
Egypt Virtual 1
Ghana Physical 1
Israel Physical 1
Kenya Physical 1
Lebanon Physical 1
Morocco Physical 1
South Africa Johannesburg Physical 1

What Are Virtual Servers?

Most of ExpressVPN’s servers are physically located in the countries they service, including in high-bandwidth regions such as Japan, Australia, and Brazil. However, around 3% of the servers are virtual, meaning they do not physically reside in the countries they represent.

Virtual servers like those for India, Belarus, and Venezuela are hosted from nearby countries like Singapore, the Netherlands, and Brazil. This approach addresses the challenges of setting up physical servers in certain locations, allowing users to obtain local IPs while maintaining quality service.

ExpressVPN – Vast Global Server Network to Reach Your Preferred Sites


ExpressVPN’s expansive network spans 105 countries, enabling quick access to local IPs like the UK for BBC iPlayer and the US for HBO Max, without connectivity issues. The network supports streaming on multiple platforms, including accessing social media in restrictive regions.

Its recent upgrades to 10Gbps servers have enhanced speeds, supporting buffer-free UHD streaming with a significant download speed close to the base rate.

The VPN uses strong encryption with OpenVPN (UDP and TCP), Lightway (UDP and TCP), and IKEv2 protocols on all servers to ensure speed and security, frequently re-encrypting data to protect against hacking attempts. It supports various devices and operating systems, with comprehensive customer support, including 24/7 live chat.

ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, with a straightforward refund process validated by personal experience, emphasizing their reliable customer support and the ease of managing subscriptions.

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How to Choose ExpressVPN’s Best Server Location in USA

Selecting the right server location on ExpressVPN can enhance your online experience significantly. Here’s how to determine the best server for your specific needs, whether streaming, gaming, or torrenting securely:

  • For streaming, select a server in the necessary country to access geo-specific content, like choosing a US server for Netflix USA while abroad.
  • For gaming, particularly in regions with restrictive internet policies or when playing server-specific games like PUBG, it’s crucial to connect to the nearest server or use ExpressVPN’s Smart Location for the best speeds and lowest ping.
  • When torrenting, enhance your download speeds by connecting to a server location with the most seeders, which can be identified in your torrent client.

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FAQs – ExpressVPN Server Address List

ExpressVPN offers 160+ server locations spread across 105 countries, which is roughly twice the average of the VPN solutions I’ve reviewed till now.

Download the app from their website to change your location using ExpressVPN and select the version that matches your operating system. After installing the app on your device and launching it, open the server list within the app and select the location you prefer.

ExpressVPN does not provide dedicated or static IP addresses. Instead, ExpressVPN alternates IP addresses from hundreds of servers in dozens of locations throughout the globe regularly.

ExpressVPN offers many servers in 24 locations in the United States. These ExpressVPN locations include New York, San Francisco, Miami, Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Denver.

The fastest ExpressVPN server for you depends on your geographical location. Typically, servers closer to you will provide better speeds. To find the fastest server, you can utilize ExpressVPN’s Smart Location feature, automatically selecting a fast server nearby. Alternatively, you can manually test connection speeds using tools like after connecting to different servers.

Yes, ExpressVPN uses some obfuscated servers with obfuscation technology to make your VPN traffic appear regular VPN traffic. It lets the users unblock censored services by activating the servers automatically during the deep packet investigation.


ExpressVPN is one of the best-rated premium VPN service providers in the industry. It provides top-performing servers with advanced security, double privacy, and a reliable connection. The Lightway protocol introduced by ExpressVPN guarantees unmatchable blazing-fast speed servers.

The VPN server distribution is important as it determines the service quality. ExpressVPN has a wide server network coverage, with servers in 105 countries. It has operational server services in South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East—almost all major parts of the world.

ExpressVPN server list elaborates on the locations that the service provider covers. Try the fastest ExpressVPN server with the Smart Location feature to connect to the best possible service for your connection without any hassle and extra labor.

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