Complete Surfshark Servers List – Updated 2023

Surfshark Servers List

There are thousands of VPNs in the market that promise blazing-fast speeds, large server networks, good prices, and great unblocking ability. But only a few VPNs can come through on these promises. One of the finest of all these premium VPNs is Surfshark.

Surfshark’s main selling point is that it provides premium services and features for a very affordable price. Along with that, Surfshark offers a huge server network and incredible security and privacy features as well. If you want to know more about the Surfshark servers list or about their security and privacy features, you can scroll below or read our Surfshark review.

Surfshark’s server network is quite diverse. They have a presence of over 3200 servers in almost 100 countries. Which means, you can access local content from all over the world. Not only that but they also have servers in multiple locations in a single country.

For example, you could access localized content from within the US, by either choosing New York servers or going for servers from Los Angeles or some other city out of the 26 total. 

We’ve put together a detailed list of Surfshark servers for you from their extensive server network. Take a look below.

Surfshark Servers List by Continents

Surfshark’s server network is strong and vast. But despite our knowing this, we cannot tell you the exact number of servers that Surfshark has all over the world because that number is constantly changing.

But we have still been able to pin down all the best servers in the world. These are the servers that we believe offer the best speeds and connection reliability. Though, they are divided by region, so you can select which region you want to connect to.

Europe: 56 servers

North America: 29 servers

South America: 10 servers

Central America: 3 servers

Asia: 32 servers

Oceania: 6 servers

Africa: 6 servers


What Are Surfshark Server Categories?

As we have already established that Surfshark’s server network is vast, we also have to establish that Surfshark’s server network contains multiple types of servers as well. These server types can be automatically assigned to you or you can pick them specifically depending on your needs.

All three types of Surfshark servers are RAM-only servers, we must inform you. Such servers do not have hard disks or SSDs and run purely on Random Access Memory (RAM) infrastructure. These servers have an advantage over traditional servers, as they are faster and more reliable since they don’t store data long-term.

Their memory sections are wiped as soon as they are turned off, which also adds a very advantageous security and privacy element that can further allay customer concerns over privacy and whether the VPN is storing and recording their data.

  • Surfshark Standard Servers

As the name suggests, these are standard Surfshark servers. They perform as any typical RAM-only VPN server would and perform the job that they are required to do. They simply replace your IP address with their own IP address, hiding your real identity from any potential threats and from other servers that you are trying to access, such as Netflix.

  • Surfshark Multihop Servers

Multihop servers, on the other hand, are a bit different. While they are quite similar to standard servers, they also perform the additional task of routing your traffic through multiple VPN servers instead of just one.

This works to add an extra layer of security to your browsing, as replacing the IP address multiple times can make it even harder to detect whether you are using a VPN or not. Multihop servers are also known more commonly as Double VPN servers, as most multi-hop servers change the IP address twice instead of just once.

  • Surfshark Static IP Servers

Surfshark has Static IP servers in only five countries across the globe. USA, Germany, UK, Tokyo and Singapore. Static IP servers function just like regular VPN servers but the static in the name implies that they don’t assign you a different IP address every time you connect to them.

Static IP address servers might not be useful for most, but they do come in handy when you want to keep your IP address consistent over a long period of time. They come in handy for corporate purposes the most, as changing IPs might affect one’s access to corporate systems.

Complete Surfshark Servers List

Here is a complete Surfshark servers list of the best servers that you can connect to. Take a look below. While the exact server count is not known for any of the Surfshark locations mentioned below, we can give you the number of locations available across a certain region.

  Surfshark Server in North America

Country Cities Server Type
United States Miami, Seattle, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Chicago, Kansas City, Boston, Buffalo, St. Louis, Detroit, Latham, New York, Houston, Dallas, Ashburn, Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, Tampa ●  Standard
●  Static IP (New York)
●  Multihop (to Netherlands and Portugal)
Canada Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver   Standard
  Multihop (to the USA)


  Surfshark Server in Central America

Country Cities Server Type
Belize Belmopan Standard
Costa Rica San Jose Standard
Panama Panama Standard


  Surfshark Server in South America

Country Cities Server Type
Argentina Buenos Aires Standard
Bolivia Sucre Standard
Brazil Sao Paulo Standard
Chile Santiago Standard
Colombia Bogota Standard
Ecuador Quito Standard
Paraguay Asuncion Standard
Peru Lima Standard
Uruguay Montevideo Standard
Venezuela Caracas Standard


  Surfshark Servers in Europe

Country Cities Server Type
Albania Tirana
Andorra Andorra la Vella Virtual
Austria Vienna P2P
Belgium Antwerp, Brussels P2P
Bosnia Sarajevo
Bulgaria Sofia
Croatia Zagreb
Cyprus Nicosia
Czech Republic Prague
Denmark Copenhagen P2P
Estonia Tallinn P2P
Finland Helsinki P2P
France Bordeaux, Marseille, Paris P2P
Germany Berlin, Frankfurt, P2P

Static IP

Greece Athens
Greenland Nuuk Virtual
Hungary Budapest
Iceland Reykjavik
Ireland Dublin
Isle of Man Douglas Virtual
Italy Milan, Rome P2P
Latvia Riga
Liechtenstein Vaduz Virtual
Lithuania Vilnius
Luxembourg Luxembourg P2P
Malta Valletta Virtual
Moldova Chisinau
Monaco Monte Carlo Virtual
Montenegro Podgorica Virtual
Netherlands Amsterdam Static IP


Norway Oslo P2P
Poland Gdansk, Warsaw P2P
Portugal Lisbon, Porto P2P
Romania Bucharest
Serbia Belgrade
Slovakia Bratislava
Slovenia Ljubljana P2P
Spain Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia P2P
Sweden Stockholm
Switzerland Zurich P2P
Turkey Istanbul
Ukraine Kyiv
United Kingdom Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Manchester P2P

Static IP

  Surfshark Servers in Asia

Country City Server Types
Armenia Yerevan P2P


Azerbaijan Baku P2P
Bangladesh Dhaka P2P


Bhutan Thimphu P2P


Brunei Begawan P2P


Cambodia Phnom Penh Virtual
Georgia Tbilisi
Hong Kong Hong Kong P2P
India Delhi, Mumbai, Virtual Location Virtual
Indonesia Jakarta
Japan Tokyo Static IP


Kazakhstan Oral
Laos Vientiane Virtual
Macau Macao Virtual
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Virtual
Myanmar Naypyidaw Virtual
Nepal Kathmandu Virtual
Pakistan Karachi Virtual
Philippines Manila Virtual
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Virtual
Singapore Singapore Static IP


South Korea Seoul
Sri Lanka Colombo Virtual
Taiwan Taichung City
Thailand Bangkok
United Arab Emirates Dubai
Uzbekistan Tashkent Virtual
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Virtual


  Surfshark Servers in Oceania

Country Cities Server Type
Australia Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane       Standard

      Multihop (to the USA)


New Zealand Auckland       Standard


  Surfshark Servers in Africa 

Country Cities Server Type
Algeria Algiers Standard
Egypt Cairo Standard
Ghana Accra Standard
Morocco Rabat Standard
Nigeria Lagos Standard
South Africa Johannesburg Standard


What Protocols Do Surfshark Servers Support?

Here are the three main protocols that the Surfshark servers support.


TCP/UDP are two different protocols, with TCP being Transmission Control Protocol and UDP is User Datagram Protocol. Both of these protocols are pretty commonly used in VPNs. They provide decent security, speed, and reliability.

  • WireGuard

WireGuard is the new protocol these days and it enables ridiculously fast speeds. Its framework is based on that of OpenVPN, so you can also be assured that it will be appropriately secure as well.

  • IPSec/IKEv2

IKEv2 is the newer version of IKEv1 and it is based on IPSec’s framework, which is why both terms are usually used interchangeably as well. IKEv2/IPSec is considered to be a dated protocol which, while secure, can be a bit slow at times.

What Is Surfshark’s Quick Connect Tool?

In essence, the Quick Connect Tool implemented by Surfshark works simply by finding the best connection for you. Instead of trying to connect to one server after another to find out which is the best one or the fastest one, you can simply use the Quick Connect Tool. It will automatically scan all its available servers and quickly connect you to Surfshark’s fastest server available. Although, you can still manually choose if you want.

Top VPN’s Servers List Other Than Surfshark

There are many VPNs out there capable of rivaling Surfshark in a great way. If you are looking for top VPN alternatives, you can certainly take a look at the lists below.

Can I try Surfshark Servers For Free?

Yes, fortunately, you can try Surfshark servers for free. But only for a limited time. Surfshark allows potential subscribers to register for a Surfshark free trial which lasts a maximum of 30 days. You can enjoy Surfshark for free for a whole month. After that, you can decide whether you want to keep the VPN subscription or simply unregister without paying a cent.

FAQs – Surfshark Servers List

Overall, there are over 3200 Surfshark servers all over the globe. They are based in over 100 countries and about 144 locations in total. Surfshark’s server network is one of the largest around, with 500+ servers in the US alone.

The best servers for Surfshark are in Australia, Canada, and Germany. For more information, we have prepared an entire list for you that you can view above. In it, we list the best servers that you can connect to in the region or country of your choice.

Surfshark has around 500+ servers in the US. These servers are spread out across multiple cities, which can even allow you to get access to localized content from individual states as well.

There are two ways to choose a server on Surfshark. Either you may choose a server manually by scrolling through the list of available servers. Or you may use the Quick Connect Tool by Surfshark to automatically connect to the fastest server and save some time.


That is just about all you need to know about the Surfshark servers list all over the globe. With this information, you will be able to connect to the best and most efficient servers in no time and be able to unblock all kinds of unique content.

Surfshark is a fantastic VPN that is suitable for ordinary users. It’s simple to use and accessible for most platforms, so you don’t have to worry about that. It is also far less expensive, therefore your wallet won’t be hurt too badly.

Do you think Surfshark is the best VPN for you? Test it out right now. You should also read our in-depth ExpressVPN and NordVPN reviews for alternative VPN choices. This way, you can make an informed decision and properly safeguard your online experience.