5 Best Fastest VPN Services for May 2017

Published 2017-04-28 By: Arsalan Jabbar

Top 5 Fastest VPN – The Need for Speed

Choosing a fast VPN can be tough. There are hundreds of VPN service providers that claim to be the Fastest VPN, but only a few actually manage to make the cut when put through a proper speed test.

We went through the forums and FAQs to short-list the most reliable VPN service providers and subjected them to a speed test to gauge for ping, upload speed and download speed, for a variety of locations.

The services listed below were tested over mediocre internet connections and also analyzed for their packages, refund rules and privacy policies. PureVPN proved to be the quickest VPN service from the lot.

Summary of Fastest VPN Services of May 2017

Below is the fastest VPN providers of the year 2017 which will help you enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

Fastest VPN ServicesSpeed Test with VPNAs Low AsVisit Fastest VPN Site
PureVPN Ping
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$5.75Visit »
$11.95Visit »
$8.32Visit »
$8.25Visit »


1st Fastest VPN – PureVPN

Coming in a first place is PureVPN. To test the performance of PureVPN, we conducted a series to speeds tests and determined how it impacted user experience and internet connection.


Fastest VPN Service speed test


Test 1: The first test we conducted was by connecting to a UK server from a US based location. The ping that we received was 27 ms with 87.34 Mpbs download speed and 8.34 Mpbs upload speeds.

Test 2: We then connected to a PureVPN Australian server from our US based location and ran the test again. The results obtained from the test revealed that the download speeds were 69.32 Mbps with upload speeds being 10.94Mbps and 29ms ping.

Verdict: It can be safely said that PureVPN offers reliable and fast performance without interrupting user experience or internet connections. In our first test, the drop in internet speeds was around 7–8%, which far better than usual. The most significant drop in speed was observed when we connected to an Australian server. But, as we accessed different content on Netflix, Hulu and BBC, there was no buffering delay and we enjoyed seamless playback in HD. Hence, PureVPN is definitely amongst the top 5 fastest VPN services.

1st Fastest VPN

Second Quickest VPN – NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most user-friendly Fastest VPN services, which is known for delivering top speeds and reliable connectivity every time. The server spread covers all the major locations around the world and is constantly expanding as the VPN provider is adding new locations to its global server base.


Fast VPN


Test 1: The speed test conducted after connecting to NordVPN in the KSA found that the difference in speeds before and after connecting is quite acceptable when compared to the speeds that other VPN providers offer. We recorded a 33 ms Ping, an upload speed of 12.92 Mbps, and a download speed of 82.56 Mbps.

Test 2: We then decided to use our Germany office to test the NordVPN UK server. Upon connecting, we recorded a Ping of 35 ms, a surprising upload speed of 9.25 Mbps, and a download speed of 81.68 Mbps.

Verdict: At a minimal cost, NordVPN offers one of the best deals that you will find on the fastest VPN services available online! Another reason because of which NordVPN makes our list is because it offers fast speeds on all offered protocols and multi-device logins. Even our test back up its performance as there was no major reduction in internet speeds (less than 14%). Therefore, NordVPN is a fast and reliable VPN service that will deliver great performance.


3rd Fastest VPN – Ivacy VPN

Ivacy is a VPN services that has been revamped and rebranded. It is used by countless people around the world thanks to its great performance and affordable pricing packages. We decided to test it to get to the bottom of all the hype.


Fastest VPN Service


Test 1: In the first test to find the top 5 fastest VPN, our US-based associate tested Ivacy by connecting to the Korean server. We recorded a ping of 21ms, an upload speed of 6.48 Mbps, and a download speed of 78.63 Mbps. These stats were not exactly exceptional but not entirely below the average benchmark that we had been recording with other VPN services.

Test 2: We then decided to utilize our Canadian location and connected to Ivacy  UK server. The UK server proved to be much faster than the previous server and recorded a Ping of 32ms, with an upload speed of 5.96 Mbps, and an adequate download speed of 72.37 Mbps.

Verdict: Ivacy managed to make our list of the fastest VPN servers, but did not make it to the top of the ranks because of the high price tag. However, it would have been unfair to exclude Ivacy from our list of fastest VPN servers since the service offers streamlined custom software and boasts reliable connectivity. If we compare it to other providers, Ivacy offers excellent performance and does not compromise your connectivity by any means.


Fourth Fastest VPN Service – ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a top-notch VPN provider that has been operating in the industry for years. In order to test the performance of ExpressVPN, we conducted certain speed tests. The speed tests were conducted to explore the impact of ExpressVPN on real speed of the Internet connection.


Fast VPN Service


Test 1: First, we conducted a speed test from the US and connected to the UK server. The ping is 41ms; download speed is 81.77 Mbps and upload speed is 7.14 Mbps.

Test 2: We then connected to the ExpressVPN UK server using L2TP/IPSec tunneling protocol. The upload speed we recorded was 10.69 Mbps while download speed we recorded was 78.32 Mbps with 45ms ping.

Verdict: ExpressVPN is the quickest VPN when it comes to experiencing breathtaking speeds without giving up on your online security and privacy. In our tests, it was seen that the ping increased slightly, compared to other VPN providers. However, the overall changes in download speed ranged from 15-17%, showing that ExpressVPN is no slouch. Hence, it can be said that ExpressVPN deserves to be among the top of 5 fastest VPNs.


Fifth Fast VPN Provider – Buffered VPN

Buffered VPN is one of the most multi-purpose VPN services available online. User reviews show that is preferred by first-time VPN users who want a VPN service that is fast, reliable, secure and affordable.


Best Fastest VPN


Test 1: We instructed our associates in the UK to connect with Buffered’s US VPN server. After connecting to the VPN server, we were able to record a Ping of 33ms, an upload speed of 10.58 Mbps, and a download speed of 81.46 Mbps. These speeds might be much higher than those that we got with other substandard VPN services, but only made 5th place on our list of the best fastest VPN services.

Test 2: Our second speed test for Buffered VPN, we connected to the a US VPN server and ran the speed test to record a Ping of 36ms, an upload speed of 13.16 Mbps, and a download speed of 80.45 Mbps.

Verdict: Apart from being one of the top 5 fastest VPN services, Buffered VPN frequently upgrades its VPN network and also runs discount offers that help make it all the more affordable. A variety of pricing plans allows users to customize their VPN experience. With its expanding server spread, you can watch your favorite shows and movies on popular streaming services without experiencing any delay. The results from our testing also showed that Buffered should be considered a rapid VPN which offer relentless performance.


Quick Overview of 5 Fastest VPN Services for 2017

After careful consideration and testing, below are the 5 fastest VPN services that make it to our list and provide you high-speed VPN experience:

  1. PureVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. Ivacy
  4. ExpressVPN
  5. Buffered

How Were the Speed Tests Conducted

Each VPN provider that we have mentioned above, passes through rigorous testing so that we can determine the fastest VPN services. The results are based on the ping rate, download speeds, and upload speeds offered by each provider. So how are these speed tests conducted?

We tested each VPN provider on Windows 7 laptop connected to a mediocre 100Mbps wired connection. When we tested our internet speeds without any VPN connection, we observed 94.6Mbps as download speed, 14.89Mbps as upload speeds and 2ms as ping.

Using this as a base line, we conducted two tests for each VPN provider using two different speed test tools. The first test was performed using Ookla’s speed test tool and the second test was performed using ‘testmy.net’. In each of the tests, we changed the server location and the protocol of the VPN service to gauge its performance. The best result from both the tests was then recorded to find the fastest VPN.


Considerations of VPN Speed Comparison – How to Choose a Fast VPN?

Choosing a fast VPN service is trickier than it seems. At present, nearly all providers claim to offer blazing fast speed along with stable performance and reliable connection. But, in reality, such claims have proven to be bogus marketing techniques only. Therefore, we have created a dedicated section below that highlights each and every factors of a VPN service that ensure high-speed connection at all times. After reading following factors, you will be able to select a true VPN service with ultimate fast speed:

Ping Rate

Ping rate is the time it takes for your connection to communicate with a desired server. The faster response time between your PC and the server, the more responsive is your connection. Ping rate is measured in milliseconds (ms) and is critical for applications where timing is important. Therefore, you should select a VPN that offers the lowest ping rates.

Download Speed

A fast VPN service should offer good download speeds. It should enable you to pull data off the internet without compromising your speed. You can switch between protocols and servers to get the quick download speeds from your VPN.

Upload Speed

The upload speeds shows how quickly you can send data to other user over the internet. You should select a VPN that offers swift data transfer without any interruptions.

Other Aspects to Look For in a Fast VPN

Speed is the key to finding the fastest VPN service but it should not be the only factor to consider. There are several other aspects you should look for before selecting a VPN. Here are some factors, other than speed, that you should look into:

  • Number of servers offered
  • Compatibility (which devices are supported)
  • Exclusive apps & clients available
  • Number of IP addresses offered (is it static or dynamic)
  • Which protocols are offered (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, etc.)
  • Number of simultaneous logins
  • Unlimited data transfer & server switches
  • Customer support options (live chat, FAQs, knowledgebase, email, etc.)
  • Privacy policy (should have no log policy)
  • Pricing packages available
  • Overall performance & service quality

Fastest VPN Protocol

Fastest VPN service are hard to come by but the best services will offer you multiple protocols to choose from. As we mentioned earlier, your speeds are directly related to the level of security offered by a tunneling protocol; so it’s important that you select the fastest VPN protocol.

  • PPTP is known to offers great speeds and is considered to be the fastest VPN protocol, but this comes at a cost. PPTP isn’t the most secure protocol out there. There are different tools that can crack open PPTP encrypted traffic in few hours. Therefore, you would be compromising on your privacy and security over speed if you wish to use PPTP protocol.
  • L2TP/IPSec is more secure than PPTP protocol and offers better online security. However, for more security you would be giving up on fast internet speeds as L2TP/IPSec has been known to slow down user’s internet experience.
  • SSTP is a protocol primarily for Windows users but offers far better security than L2TP/IPSec as it can be configured using AES encryption. That said, it isn’t the fastest VPN protocol you’ll find out there; SSTP could slow your internet down.
  • OpenVPN protocol is the best option when it comes to selecting a protocol that delivers fast performance and great all round security. OpenVPN uses open source technology, AES encryption, and its traffic is indistinguishable from HTTPS traffic, making it highly secure and fast at the same time.

Fastest VPN for Torrenting

Now that you know about the factors to look for when selecting a VPN and which protocol to use, let’s look at why you need a VPN that allows fast torrenting.

There is nothing worse than having a slow, lagging internet. And, the situation gets worse if you are thinking about downloading something off the internet but couldn’t due to the cumbersome internet.

Therefore, to download torrents without any interruptions or delays, you should use the fastest VPN for torrenting. The providers that we have listed above support the use of torrents, offer servers optimized for P2P file sharing and deliver great speeds without compromising your network.

Fastest VPN with Easy to Use Software

Many VPN providers offer exclusive VPN software for multiple platforms. However, if these VPN clients are not designed well, use a lot of resources from your device, and slow down the internet then they are no good.

That’s why it is important to choose the fastest VPN software for seamless performance and interrupted experience. You can choose from the VPN providers listed above as they offer fast VPN software and are compatible on different operating systems.

Fastest iPhone VPN

iOS devices have been vulnerable to numerous cyber threats over last few years. Once considered a strong, impregnable operating system, iOS devices are now prone to more cyber attacks as their use continues to expand throughout the world.

To protect your device against hackers, spammers, phishes, snoopers, and other malicious cyber-goons without any delays than it is advised to use the fastest iPhone VPN. Each of the VPN services that we have listed above offer exclusive apps for iOS devices, including iPhone and deliver fast performance with unbelievable speeds.

Fast VPN for Android

According to a report compiled by Symantec, the number of malware variants on Android has increased considerably over the years. In 2014, there were around 9,839 reported variants. These figures increased by 40 percent in 2015, showing that Android device are vulnerable to more malware attacks in the coming future.

fastest vpn Service - cumulative Android Mobile Variatns

Source: Internet Security Threat Report by Symantec

Therefore, it is critical that you protect your Android device from all kinds of cyber threats. One of the best tools to protect your sensitive data and privacy from cyber criminals is through a fast VPN for Android. The VPN providers that we have tested above offer exclusive Android apps, are free to download, have a proven track record for offering ironclad protection and deliver fast performance.

How Does a VPN Affect your Internet Speeds

Now when you use a VPN, you must have come across the notion that your internet speeds will drop. You might be wondering how a VPN reduces the speed of your Internet? Let us explain this for you.

Creation of Virtual Tunnels & Encryption

The moment you connect a VPN on your device, it forms a virtual tunnel. This tunnel is formed using different secure protocols such as PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), L2TP (Layer-to-Tunneling Protocol), SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) and OpenVPN etc.

These tunneling protocols safeguard the security of virtual tunnel and the data traveling within it. Along with the tunneling protocols, a VPN supports different encryption levels.

The encryption provided by a VPN serves as a backup plan. Infiltration of the tunnel’s security is near to impossible; but, in case a pro hacker gets the job done, he is slapped with nothing but encrypted data. In short, a VPN provides you extraordinary security, but there’s a slight price to pay. This price is the lethargy with respect to Internet speed.

The Protocol You Use

When you are using a VPN, the drop in Internet speed is directly proportional to the security associated with the tunneling protocols. Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol is less likely to reduce your speed but it promises minimal security. On the other hand, Layer-to-Tunneling Protocol promises moderate security but it has a considerable impact on your Internet speed. Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol takes security to the whole new level but causes a significant drop in speed.

In order to penetrate into the network, a hacker or any unauthorized person will have to breakthrough different layers of security in order to access your encrypted data. The level of security depends upon your preference of the tunneling protocol. The more your protocol is secure, the more speed loss your will have in your internet speed. This is the way it works. So, you have two choices here

  • Choose a less secure protocol (This is something we don’t recommend).
  • Choose a VPN that has minimal impact on your Internet speed (highly recommended).

Tips to Speed-Up VPN Connection

A VPN connection usually tends to slow down your internet network. This is because a VPN tunnels, encrypts, and then decrypts your device’s entire internet traffic. However, massive drops in speeds are not always the case. A VPN usually affects 10 to 20 percent of your internet speeds. But, if you follow certain tips, you can easily speed up your VPN connection.

  1. Switch your VPN server: High load on a server could cause delay and sluggish internet speeds. This is because various VPN users might be using the same server at the same time, hence slowing down your VPN connection.
  2. Change VPN protocol and ports: Some networks tend to blocks VPN protocols and ports. You will have to try different combinations to find the fastest protocol and port for your VPN services.
  3. Try Using a Wired Connection: Using a wireless connection seems convenient, but it could limit your internet speeds as various users share the same network. And with a VPN connected, internet speeds could further deteriorate. Try switching to a wired connection as it supports higher speeds and is not usually shared among numerous users.
  4. Restart your Devices: At times, memory leakage can slow down your device or routers. Restarting them can significantly improve their overall performance.

What’s the Quickest VPN for Lag-Free Gaming?

Do you experience unexpected delays and ping spikes while playing online? As an online gamer, there is nothing worse than experiencing lag, delay, and high ping while playing online.

There are numerous reasons why lag and packet loss are caused during online gaming. If you try to connect to a gaming server located far away from your own destination, there are chances that you will experience lag and delay. Similarly, having an internet service that is highly congested also causes problems when you play online.

To overcome lag and enjoy smooth online gaming experience, you should choose a fast VPN service. A VPN service helps you in two ways while gaming. First, you can route your internet traffic through uncongested pathways, allowing the data packets to flow freely. Second, you can connect to a VPN server nearest to the location where you want to play, shortening the distance between you and the gaming server.

Become Anonymous with Fastest VPN Service for US

In the United States, there are many perils for which you would need a speedy VPN service. Thanks to the limelight shed by Edward Snowden on NSA and other intelligence agencies, your online privacy and security are at great risk. NSA and fellow intelligence agencies conduct mass blanket surveillances on citizens and record metadata of internet users.

They would collect data about your internet browsing, the contents you download, your communications, and various other forms of personal information. Likewise, there are various cyber threats such as hackers, spammers, and phishes that look to steal your data off the internet. This is where the IP cloaking ability and cyber security provided by the fastest VPN for US comes into play.

It will tunnel your data through secure protocols and also encrypt it during the process, not allowing anyone to eavesdrop on your internet activities. You can also use a VPN to bypass geographic restrictions and access websites such as Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, and NBC outside US with ease. Our testing shows that PureVPN offers good performance for US Netizens. Another plus point is that it is based in Hong Kong, not allowing NSA or the government to create backdoors into the VPN provider.

Fastest VPN Service for China to Bypass The Great Firewall

The Great Firewall of China or GFW, is one of the strongest and the most severe internet censorship mechanism on this earth to date. Chinese government is very strict on what content is accessible to citizens in China and what they post online. There are content filters that scan all the internet traffic coming in and going out of China.


GFW Blocks Popular Social Media Websites

This is performed through deep packet inspection (DPI) which scans through the data packets and blocks content that is deemed dangerous or inappropriate by the Chinese government. There are numerous social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter that are blocked in China. Similarly, all the services offered by Google are also blocked, including Gmail and YouTube. Various communication services such as Snapchat are also censored in China.

In addition to these web base services, the Chinese government will block any content that goes against their ideology, spreads hate speech against the government or can cause mass public demonstrations. Therefore, it is imperative that you use a VPN service for accessing internet freely in China. But, not all VPN services work in China and those that do are painstakingly slow. ExpressVPN is among the fastest VPN for China. You can give it a try to bypass GFW and  enjoy internet freedom in China.

Safeguard Your Privacy with a Fastest VPN for UK

Ever since the departure of UK from the European Union, privacy risks have increased among British Netizens. Recently a new surveillance bill was passed by the parliament which requires telecom companies to keep records of consumers web activities.

And, with the British intelligence agencies (such as GCHQ) cooperating with NSA to conduct surveillance on citizens, the use of VPN is not a surprise. A VPN provides anonymity against surveillances and safeguards your privacy.

So, it is important that you select the fastest VPN service for UK. It will not only keep your identity anonymous, but also protect your sensitive data from various cyber attacks. You can also use a VPN to access various websites within UK. On the contrary, a steady VPN like Ivacy, can help you on your travels as you’ll be able to unblock UK based web services such BBC iPlayer, Now TV, ITV, and many more.

Which is the Best High-Speed VPN for Australia?

In October 2015, the Australian government passed a new data retention law that requires ISPs to record metadata of their users for up to two years. What this means is that all your internet browsing activities and download history will stored by your internet provider. You can keep yourself anonymous and keep your data safe from being recorded by using a VPN service.

But not all VPN services offer work well in Australia or do they provide servers. This is where you need a high-speed VPN service that provides good performance, strong data security and anonymity. We tested Buffered VPN with its Australian servers and found the provider to be the fastest VPN service for Australia. It is a relatively new service and offers great features with all round performance.

Access Unrestricted Internet with a Fast VPN for Canada

There isn’t much internet censorship in Canada but the invasive legislations violate your online privacy and security considerably. Canada is also part of the Five Eye alliance. It conducts surveillance on citizens in  with alliance with  intelligence agencies from US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Therefore, you should use a VPN service to protect your privacy and remain anonymous within Canada. A fast VPN for Canada will also help you access US Netflix library and enable you to enjoy unlimited streaming content.

Is a Fastest VPN Worth It?

We live in an era where the use of a VPN has become a prerequisite to ensure privacy and security. From hackers to surveillance agencies like the NSA, we are surrounded by divergent threats that victimize our privacy rights.

It might also be possible that someone in a distant corner of the world is currently using your identity. No matter how cautious we become, identity thieves are always one step ahead of us. With their tricks and tools, they assault our privacy to fulfill their monetary motives.

A VPN is the only savior to think of in this era of chaos. However, there is one significant loophole with this sophisticated technology. A VPN reduces users Internet speed the moment it is connected. This isn’t a flaw, but an operational technicality associated with this technology which reduces Internet speed when the VPN is connected.

Many users might be reluctant to adopt this technology just because of its effect on their Internet speed. A speed drop caused by a VPN might not be an issue to worry about if you have a speedy Internet connection and use one of the fastest VPN services mentioned in this article.


We all are concerned about our privacy and security today. Yet, most of us are reluctant to do anything about it. A VPN is an efficient tool that can safeguard our privacy and security. However, users are reluctant to adopt this technology as it reduces their Internet speed. Unfortunately, it is true.

This article might end your dilemma and ease your purchase decision. We present 5 fastest VPNs in this article along with the valid proof of their performance examined through speed test. These fastest VPN services have been tried, tested and prioritized as per level of over actual Internet speed, from lowest to highest.

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    I am looking for a VPN for gaming. The main purpose behind it is to prevent DDoSing while I am in game. So which VPN you suggest?

    • admin says:

      Hi Kimberly,

      Thanks for posting your query. You can give PureVPN with DDoS protection add-on a try, as it offers good performance and will also protect you from DDoS attacks. Alternatively, ExpressVPN is also a good VPN to use while gaming.

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    I have a question. I subscribed to yearly plan of Vypr VPN about 6 months ago in the Chicago, US. Now, I have freshly moved to India on a job trip. My concern is that I am unable to access Netflix US with Vypr VPN. Also, the BBC iPlayer is taking too long to buffer videos. I believe Vypr is one of the fastest VPN services in industry and Golden Frog surely doesn’t compromises a bit when it comes to their standards. But, still I am left with sluggish network speed. Can you help me with it?

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    I am traveling very soon to South East Asia to attend conferences in multiple countries. You have put to gather a detailed article on fastest vpns, but what would you suggest I should use? I am really confused between express and nordvpn. A friend of mine recommended express, but it seems a bit expensive. I don’t know anything about nordvpn, but it seems like a good deal. While you have put PureVPN number one on your list, I have had mixed experience with them. Last time I tried it, I faced frequent disconnections on my iphone. What’s your take on nordvpn and expressvpn? Pls reply.

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    I think speed is just one factor when finding great VPN. I prefer the one which is the most reliable in securing my online activities and all. I am a businessman who’s been in and out China.

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    I read your post about fast vpns and everything makes sense, but which servers did you use? The distance between your location and the servers might be a significant aspect in determining the actual speeds. The distance the data packets have to travel can result in delayed response or increased ping times. If you place that as well in your post, it will be very helpful. As a reader, more info will available to make a solid choice. I have used various VPN services in the past, and have referred to your website for suggestion. The list seems appropriate but adding that suggested info can be really beneficial. Cheers!

  7. Wyle says:

    Your testing methods leave a lot of uncertainty.

    You didn’t test YOUR own download speeds by connecting to a NEARBY server, WITHOUT the use of VPN to demonstrate what your BASE line (maximum download speed) of your internet service.

    You didn’t control the VPN’s use of compression (all use them, to some extent) with known file types: Jpeg, TXT, and some common types of Video files.

    Without such testing, your article reads like an informative commercial for those VPN services you mentioned.

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      Thank you for your response. Would you like to submit your own speed tests for these VPN providers? or any provider you like?

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    Not saying yours is wrong, just lacking the data that you actually gave all the VPN services a fair chance and not hand picked ones. Need more info of that.

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