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VUDU is an amazing online streaming service similar to Netflix. What’s impressive about VUDU is that it offers tons of great ad-supported free content and plenty of movies and TV shows that can either be rented or purchased.

As amazing as this service sounds, VUDU is unfortunately only available in the US and Mexico. If you try to access or log in to VUDU from anywhere outside the US, you will see the following error:

“Login Failed”


If you want to access VUDU from anywhere in the world, you will need a VPN that offers US and Mexican servers. Keeping this in mind, in today’s blog, I will show you how to watch VUDU with the help of a VPN and also recommend three of my favorite VPNs that you can purchase.

How to watch VUDU outside the US with a VPN

VPN refers to a Virtual Private Network. What it does is firstly it masks your IP-address, making you secure and untraceable, secondly, it encrypts your data so that no one can monitor your online activities.

This allows you to connect to a server in the country where the website is not restricted, making the systems believe that your location is within the unblocked region. Follow these simple steps to watch VUDU outside US in just 2 minutes:

Step 1: Download and sign up for a VPN that offers Mexican or US servers (ExpressVPN).


Step 2: Log in with your credentials.


Step 3: Select an American server.

ExoressVPN US

Step 4: Go to and enjoy free movies.


This guide is extremely helpful in unblocking Vudu in Canada and other countries of the world.

Best VPNs to Watch VUDU Outside the US

Choosing a VPN that works with VUDU is a bit tricky. For your ease, I have narrowed down a list of working VPNs that offer US IP addresses.

  1. ExpressVPN – Our No.1 recommended Premium VPN with 3000+ servers and a MediaStreamer feature.
  2. Surfshark – Budget VPN service with 3200+ servers all over the world.
  3. PureVPN – Perfect VPN for streaming VUDU VPN with 450+ US servers.

1. ExpressVPN ($6.67/mo)

First up on this list, we have ExpressVPN is a globally renowned VPN service famous for its reputation and ultra-fast speeds. ExpressVPN offers 3000+ servers in 94 countries around the world. With so many server locations, ExpressVPN can help you stream VUDU in HD picture quality.

Another awesome thing about ExpressVPN is that it offers a MediaStreamer feature. This feature can help you achieve fast streaming speeds up to 90+ Mbps without having your internet connection burdened by encryption.

If we talk about its best servers, I would recommend trying the USA – San Francisco or the USA – Los Angeles servers for best performance. Aside from VUDU, I was able to unblock SHOWTIME, CBS, and even Discovery with ExpressVPN’s US servers. With ExpressVPN, you can also watch HBO Max in Canada.

As for pricing, ExpressVPN starts at $6.67/mo which can be expensive for some people. Though on the plus side, its customer support is on point and it allows up to 5 simultaneous logins. It also offers a 30 day money back guarantee so you can test out the service risk-free.

2. Surfshark ($2.49/mo)

Surfshark. This budget-friendly VPN service packs in a lot of features! It is fairly new in the industry, however, it has surely made a name for itself. It has around 3200+ servers in 65+ countries and offers unlimited multi-logins.

Surfshark’s streaming performance is something else. It might not offer super-fast speeds, but it can surely unblock anything and everything that you throw at it. Speaking which, other than VUDU, I was able to unblock Pluto TV, DC Universe, and even DisneyNow with Surfshark.

As for its best server, I was able to experience exceptional performance with Surfshark’s Chicago US servers. If we talk about pricing, Surfshark starts at just $2.49/mo and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

3. PureVPN ($3.33/mo)

Last but not least, we have PureVPN is a super reliable and stable VPN service with over 450 in the US alone and 6500+ worldwide. It offers 24/7 customer supports, fast speeds up to 90.84 Mbps, 10 multi logins, and much more.

If we talk about its best servers, the cool thing about PureVPN is that you can use any US server to unblock VUDU. I just used a random US server during my testing.

Another perk of owning a PureVPN subscription is that this VPN service comes with a dedicated streaming mode. You can change the mode and you’ll experience insanely fast streaming speeds and unblocking performance. Aside from just unblocking VUDU, PureVPN can also easily unblock Telemundo, Pluto TVNBC, and much more.

As for pricing, PureVPN is quite affordable. Its cheapest plan starts at $3.33/mo and comes with a full 31 day refund policy.

Top Shows to Watch on VUDU – 2021

  • The Last Ones
  • Girlfriends Reunited
  • Heavenquest: A Pilgrim’s Progress
  • Nothing Witout GOD 2
  • Vixen


So now that you know exactly how to watch VUDU from anywhere in the world, let’s go through some of the most frequently asked questions about VUDU.

What is VUDU?

VUDU is an exceptional streaming platform with outstanding video quality content. VUDU is a one-stop platform when it comes to movies, seasons, and other video content you wish to seek.

How does VUDU work?

It offers movies on rent and purchase, you can store your favorite content in my VUDU which acts as your personal library.

What titles are on VUDU movies on us?

“movies on us” is an incredible option for free VUDU movies. The VUDU movies offered are commercial-free as well

Is VUDU free on Roku?

Yes, the VUDU app is free to download, however, you can watch more than 8000 free movies on VUDU.

How much is VUDU

VUDU does not charge a monthly subscription fee, instead, it charges per title with rental pricing ranging from $0.99 to $5.99, and purchase prices generally ranging from $4.99 to $24.99. VUDU also lets you watch completely free content without charging you anything at all.

Is VUDU safe?

VUDU is a completely safe video rental and purchase service.

How to download VUDU movies?

The Vudu download feature is great to watch content offline:

  1. Open the Vudu app
  2. Go to your My Movie
  3. Press the “Download icon” beneath the video details
  4. You’ll find the option to download the video to your device

Does VUDU have free movies?

VUDU free movie is an incredible option, around 8000 titles are available to watch.

How many devices can you have on VUDU?

You can add up to 8 devices to your VUDU account.

How to use VUDU on TV?

You can use VUDU on your TV via Chromecast or directly downloading the VUDU app on your TV.


So there you have it. A VPN is the only solution that can help you unblock VUDU from anywhere in the world. By simply purchasing a VPN for as low as $6.67/mo , you can watch hundreds of movies and TV shows on VUDU for absolutely free.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself a VPN today and say goodbye to geo-restrictions. I hope you found this blog informative. Do let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.