5 Best VPN for USA in 2018 for Ultimate Privacy

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With the best VPN services for USA, internet users can prevent anyone snooping over your online activity or data. It will keep your online activity anonymous and no one will ever know what you are doing over the internet.

There are though hundreds of VPN providers with different aspects however in this article; we would discuss the reliable ones that work particularly in the US territory.

The US is known as the land of freedom and opportunities, but not so when it comes to surfing the internet. US citizens are under constant online surveillance and there is always a threat of copyright. infringement lurking around. So, how do you prevent the online surveillance system to track your online activities? Using a VPN!

USA VPN keep your privacy secure

Your Privacy is under Constant Threat from Surveillance

You can thank Edward Snowden, to some extent, for shedding light on the U.S government. He unveiled how the government conducted mass surveillance on US citizens to know every little detail about you. Similarly, different laws such as Patriot Act, PRISM program, and FISA grant unwarranted power to intelligence agencies to collect metadata of users.

One way to secure your privacy from such threats is by using a VPN service. A VPN utilizes encryption and tunneling technology to safeguard your data from being spied upon. It also makes you anonymous by cloaking your IP address.


Why do I Need a VPN?

When it comes to securing your online privacy in the US, nothing comes close to the USA VPN. This is because an online privacy service allows you to spoof your online locations from the eyes of ISPs and online hackers.

Likewise, you can bypass various issues like region blocking, online censorship and others accordingly.

Here is the list of reasons that highlights the importance of deploying a VPN while you are anywhere in USA:

  • Through a USA VPN, you can securely use public Wi-Fi
  • You can download and share peer-to-peer files all around the US anonymously
  • You can accomplish your gaming cravings through a US VPN
  • To attain online freedom and protection
  • Prevent data surveillance issues


Best USA VPNs in 2018

After rigorous testing and careful analysis, here are the five best VPN services for United States. Each of these providers offer leading edge protocols, military grade encryption, and have servers in numerous locations.

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
Editor's Choice
$1.32Per Month
88% Off
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$2.99Per Month
75% Off
3 Years Plan
$1.99Per Month
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6 months Free
$6.67Per Month
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1. PureVPN – for Ultimate Privacy & Security

PureVPN - The Best VPN for USA

PureVPN is an excellent choice to consider while buying a VPN that works in USA.

Along the basic features, the vendor offers diverse value added benefits to its customers like split-tunneling, internet kill switch, and an excellent customer service. The service is vastly compatible with different devices and platforms. In addition, it offers rare features such as 5 multi-logins and excellently-priced package plans.

Unique Features:

PureVPN is a Hong Kong based VPN service that delivers a multitude of amazing benefits to users. Here is the list of different features that includes:

Speed – The provider offers above average speeds to users that allow them to boost their privacy to new heights. Moreover, you can accomplish your media streaming cravings without any fuss.

Customer Support – The service has an effective customer support advantage to its users. This way, you can get answers of all your queries in an appropriate way.

Protocols – They offer some of the best protocols like OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP/IPsec and others.

Compatibility – Service is usable on all key platforms and devices.

Best Server – The service provides approximately 500 servers all over the US. Hence, you can connect to any server to your likings and attain much needed level of anonymity and protection both. There famous servers exists in cities like Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, New Jersey and others.

Simultaneous Connections – Five devices


  • 2000+ geographically dispersed servers in 140+ countries
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Cross-platform and Cross-Device compatibility
  • Supports different protocols: PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, IKEv2 and OpenVPN etc.
  • Offers Dedicated IP VPN
  • Access Netflix, Hulu, Pandora,  HBO, ABC, NBC and CBS etc.


  • Does not offer a trial feature
  • Only 7 day money back guarantee

Ironsocket - USA VPN for Reliability


2. NordVPN – Great Choice with Illustrious Server Spread

VPN for United States

NordVPN is another feasible option to consider while buying a VPN for USA. The Panama based provider is one of the oldest service providers in the market. It is something that makes you rely on its services.

The service has a diversely scattered server network of 5100+ servers in 62 countries allowing you to bypass almost every geo-restriction. It has diverse packages plans to choose from with monthly and yearly packages.

The brand supports different protocols like PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN etc and offers unbeatable security.

Unique Features:

NordVPN offers a comprehensive list of benefits that may provide you required level of protection instantly.

Here is a list of advanced features from the provider:

Speed – The service comes with impressive download speeds for it’s subscribers.

Customer Support – Offers an efficient live chat feature throughout the year.

Protocols – An excellent OpenVPN tunneling protocol that offers 256-bit encryption by default.

Compatibility – Compatible with all the major operating systems and devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, gaming consoles and others.

Best Server for US – There are different US based servers you can opt to gain required level of security. However, you can use servers those are available in cities like Atlanta and Las Vegas. Similarly, you can connect to servers accessible in states such as New York, Oklahoma and others.

Simultaneous Connections – Six devices


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Allows 6 simultaneous multi-logins
  • Server strength of 5100+ in 62 countries
  • Device compatibility
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • Enabling the double VPN feature enhances security but reduces speed

Ironsocket - USA VPN for Reliability


3. Surfshark – Unblocks US Netflix Efficiently


Surfshark is a newbie in an online privacy industry but offering a comprehensive list of features to users. Through 500+ servers in 50 countries, the provider is improving its presence at a rapid pace worldwide. Above all, you can unblock and access to your favorite US Netflix shows or other media content anonymously.

Unique Features

Surprisingly, Surfshark will not disappoint its subscribers as it offers a detailed list of features.

Here is the list of benefits that includes:

Speed – In terms of speed, the provider has to improve its performance drastically. Otherwise, the service may lose a huge chunk of customers in near future.

Customer Support – Highly impressive- The agents offer adequate knowledge about various users’ queries in a timely manner.

Protocols – Offers OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocol but it performs exceptionally well over IKEv2 protocol.

Compatibility – Surfshark is compatible with all the major platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Best Server for US – The British Virgin Island service offers different servers in the US. This is how you can connect to your desired server and obtain next level security and anonymity hassle-free.

Simultaneous Connections – The service offers an unbelievable multi-login benefit that allows you to use the services on unlimited devices at a time.


  • Offers 24/7 365 days customer support service
  • Provides 500+ servers in 50 countries
  • Offers Netflix streaming feature to users
  • Delivers multi-login benefit applicable on unlimited number of devices


  • Offers a small server network



4. CyberGhost – Offers a Generous 45 Days Money Back Guarantee


CyberGhost is another VPN service you can opt to secure your privacy in the US. The famous VPN provider is offering its services in all over the world through 3000+ servers. Moreover, you can enjoy its multi –login feature that protects your 7 devices simultaneously.

Unique Features:

CyberGhost provides a detailed list of advantages that may grab the attention of potential users.

Here is the list of unique features from the company:

Speed – CyberGhost does not offer impressive speeds overall. This may spoil users’ fun a great deal. In addition, you can face problems while downloading or watching your desired media stuff.

Customer Support – Offers decent support feature to their subscribers.

Protocols – The vendor provides limited number of protocols like L2TP, IKEv2, and OpenVPN. Interestingly, OpenVPN uses 256-bit encryption to secure users’ information to new heights.

Compatibility – The famous online security brand is compatible with all the major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Best Server for The US – Provider has different US based servers that you can connect to gain required level of security. Moreover, you can use servers those are accessible in cities like Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas.

Simultaneous Connections – Seven devices


  • Offers internet kill switch feature
  • Provides 3000+ servers globally
  • Has an impressive 256-bit military grade encryption
  • Delivers 45 days money back guarantee


  • Does not offer appreciable streaming speeds at times


5. Express VPN – Anonymous and Safest for the US Users

ExpressVPN-The Best USA VPN

ExpressVPN is one of the leading service providers in VPN industry. With its wide range of package plans offered to customers, the provider has earned positive reputation in market. The Service is one of the highly recommended alternatives if you seek online security and seek a solution for your vulnerabilities to unauthorized assaults.

Thus, as a United States VPN, this is among the best you can have.

Unique Features:

Here are some of the interesting benefits offered by the provider:

Speed – ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPN services working in an online privacy industry. With the help of impressive speed feature, you can watch your favorite media content with such an ease.

Customer Support – Remarkable- the customer support representatives provide sufficient knowledge to subscribers.

Protocols – Provides OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec protocols.

Compatibility – Compatible with all popular operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Best Server for USA – There are different US servers accessible in cities like New Jersey, Houston and others that provide next level anonymity and protection to users.

Simultaneous Connections – Three devices


  • Provides servers in more than 2,000 servers located in 94 countries
  • Uses AES-256 encryption
  • Offers dedicated servers for P2P networking
  • Follows no-logging policy


  • Subscription rates are more expensive than other alternatives



How to Choose the Right VPN for USA?

Choosing an appropriate VPN in the US can become a tricky, especially if you are a newbie. For your ease, we have compiled a comprehensive list of VPN services those work amazingly well in the US.

Here is the list of different factors you should consider while availing a VPN that may come up to your expectations.

  • Logging policy
  • Pricing
  • Servers network
  • Compatibility

Logging Policy

If you are using a VPN service that keeps users log, you should change your provider at the earliest. The logging policy is make or break situation for any VPN service. You must opt those VPN services that do not compromise on their users’ privacy.

The below mentioned VPN services’ list has all the VPN providers those follow no-logging policy in true letter and spirit. This way, you can bypass ISPs or hackers surveillance activities a great deal.


Pricing is another factor you must take into consideration while selecting an online privacy provider in the US. Prices range from $3 to $10 a month, depending upon the features. From expensive to cheaper, there are diverse plans available, however you can go with budget friendly services that we have reviewed here.

Servers Network

A servers’ network feature allows you to connect to your preferred server from anywhere. This way, you can unblock and access your favorite media streaming services like Netflix, and Hulu without any fuss. By doing so, you can watch US TV shows; movies and other media stuff outside the US anonymously.


Compatibility is one of those features that provide complete peace of mind to users. If your provider is offering a multi-login benefit, you can secure your different devices at a time with a single account. Likewise, you can use the service on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and others instantly.


Good VPNs That are Based in the US

When it comes to US-based VPNs, there is always the concern that government agencies might demand the company to reveal your logs.

Even if a no-logging policy is emphasized by these VPN services, the strict government surveillance in USA may prevent maintaining your privacy.

However, if you are not concerned to your privacy, then you can use the following VPN:

  1. IPVanish – As discussed above, IPVanish is a US-based VPN provider that offers 1,000 servers in more than 60 countries. It offers good encryption and privacy.
  2. Private Internet AccessPIA is another US-based VPN provider that is equipped with excellent security-enhancing features. PIA VPN also offers great customer service and is available for affordable rate.
  3. LiquidVPNThis is another provider based in the US. Liquid VPN has an attractive user-interface and decent security features. Although it has a limited network of servers, all of them provide high connection speeds.


VPN Services You Should Avoid in America

1. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a popular US-based VPN service that is just as much controversial. This is because Hotspot Shield has previously been involved in cases of intruding user privacy and manipulating user information for private gain.

For instance, a research paper revealed that Hotspot shield redirects user traffic to its partner entities which include some popular e-commerce websites. Therefore, it is not a secure VPN out there and should therefore be avoided.

2. ZenMate

The Germany-based VPN provider, ZenMate, also suffers from some security issues. For instance, the provider has inherent technical problems in its encryption which sometimes can lead to leakage of IP address. As such, users that cherish their security should avoid ZenMate VPN, especially if they are in a surveillance state like the US.

3. VPNSecure

VPNSecure is another provider that is known for serious security vulnerabilities. According to the same research paper cited above, the service fails to prevent DNS and IP leaks. If you are located in a country like US where the government can spy on your data, then VPNSecure is not an ideal choice.


Why is a VPN Important for Online Privacy?

You may already have heard of the dirty tactics of the NSA to keep an eye on every movement of yours. While this may not be the biggest news of all times to you, but it matters to everyone who is concerned about his/her online security.

People often talk about finding ways to prevent the NSA from snooping in on your personal lives and getting hold of your confidential information. However, only a few realize that it is almost impossible without USA VPN.

importants of usa vpn

When you connect the internet using a US VPN, you officially enter a different realm of the online world. You are connected through a different server hence you get a different IP address. Your assigned IP address remains untraceable because you are connected to a different region.


Unblock Websites & TV Channels in USA

Online privacy and security are of prime importance to anyone. However, a USA VPN offers another great benefit. VPNs help to unblock content from different regions. Thus, a VPN allows you to watch countless movies and TV shows without even needing you to be physically present in the United States.

The aforementioned services can help you go through the notorious censorship barriers that halt your way towards the content accessibility. Due to geo-restrictions, we are kept from accessing content from a specific region. Channels such as Fox, Netflix but with a VPN, NBC, CBS, Hulu, ABC, HBO NOW and Pandora etc. are restricted for viewership in US only.

Since the world of internet is rapidly growing, it is hard to confine the content to a certain region. People have now gained access to tools that assign them new IP addresses that are known for their stable and fast connections in US.

A USA VPN is one of such tools that are widely used by masses all over the world. It unblocks all the content you wish to access.


How Do VPNs Bypass Geo-Restrictions?

Many of you might be unfamiliar with how it helps you with respect to bypassing censorship and geo-restrictions.

Let us elaborate on the best USA VPN service’s modus operandi. A VPN is a secure network that tunnels your internet communication and redirects it through a preferred server.

In the process, your actual IP is exchanged with an IP from the preferred server. This way, your IP is masked. Once your IP is masked, you will be identified as residing in the country in which the preferred server is placed.


Suppose you are a citizen of the United Kingdom and wish to access content restricted to US region only. The best USA VPN can enable you to bypass every geo-restriction and access any content you wish. Therefore, no matter where you are located in the world, you can stay connected with all your favorite shows with a reliable VPN service.


Benefits of Using a VPN in USA

Here is the list of benefits of using a VPN service in the US.

  • It allows you to negotiate blackout restrictions in the right direction
  • Through VPN service available in USA, you can follow the net neutrality notion in true letter and spirit
  • They offer a list of impressive tunneling protocols like OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and others
  • You may bypass geo–restriction issues according to your own terms
  • They can also protect your digital identity against cyber attacks
  • Through 256 bit encryption you can secure your confidential information online
  • You can unblock famous media streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and others anonymously


Torrenting in the US Using a VPN

A VPN is a must while downloading or using torrents of your choice in the US. Otherwise, you may find yourself in hot waters of legal troubles. Furthermore, you can overcome ISPs and hackers’ surveillance issues to another level.

VPNs designed for torrents usually offer strict 256 bit military grade encryption powered by the toughest tunneling protocols, namely OpenVPN. Another crucial aspect of the best torrent VPN providers is their ability to maintain zero activity logs which is crucial for any torrenting user.

So, if you are worried about being caught while torrenting in USA and being summoned by copyright holders, then be sure to connect a VPN. It will hide your true location by masking your IP address and encrypt your web traffic, not allows anyone to see your internet activities.



You can install USA VPN app through an APK file in no time. By doing so, you are able to attain multiple advantages on your desired devices hassle-free. Moreover, it offers more control to users as compared to Google Play Store that only allows downloads of the latest version of any app.

Turbo VPN

You can opt Turbo VPN app that offers its dedicated APK files. Hence, you can install the provider on your Android devices straightaway. APK Pure is one of the largest repositories that contain APKs for various VPN services including TurboVPN.

The Chinese VPN service does not need any subscription at all. All you have to do is to download its app on your Android and iOS devices. By doing so, you can unblock your preferred sites from anywhere without any fuss.


The only downside that relates to the APK is the availability of the service for only two platforms like Android and iOS. Otherwise, it is an interesting choice for those users who want to secure their privacy without spending a single penny.


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  1. mobi says:

    I’m so glad the industry is growing because with the newest laws and everything happening in the world the privacy levels are so critically low. I’m currently thinking of trying Surfshark as I’ve noticed many sites are rating it so good even while it’s still new as I understand. I’ve seen some good reviews on reddit too so I’m thinking of giving it a chance. I have tried quite a few providers myself in the past few years and I don’t do any banking or work related things online without a VPN. You just can’t take your online privacy for granted now.

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    help me! Hello I have recently come across this copyright infringement notice from my ISP. I don’t remember if I had illegally downloaded any licensed file from internet. But, I did visit free movies site and just closed it after scrolling around.
    Can someone tell me what should I do now? also, a friend of mine regularly downloads videos, movies and songs from internet without receiving such notices. How does he do that?

    • Shahmeer Baloch says:

      Hey Stephanie, you require a VPN as we have mentioned in the guide above. A VPN hides your online activity from your ISP. Thus, keeping you anonymous online. We recommend you using PureVPN which is by far the best.

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    USA servers provide boosted streaming. There is no compromise on performance when you talk about USA VPN servers. I prefer it for Movies and TV Shows streaming.

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    I was able to access Netflix from time to time, but the streaming speed was not quite satisfactory. If you do not choose HD programming, then you’re fine. But if you’re one of those who can’t stand the primitive standard definition, then you’ll find VPN USA an average solution. I’m not sure if it’s me, but it is how it is. I can’t decide for everyone though.

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    US VPN is also a great deal for a best VPN choice. Their network is built on the principle of providing top quality complete VPN experience. Every server on their network is maximized for optimal performance to deliver blazing fast speeds, total security and complete privacy. They fully manage their servers, do not keep usage logs and respect privacy in accordance with their ToS. Servers support PPTP, LT2P, IPsec IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols. Offer gateways all around the world with optimal locations and minimal latency serving every major region.

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