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Disney Plus Not Working

Disney+ has started blocking all popular VPNs. VPNs that previously worked have now stopped working abruptly. Those who bought VPN subscriptions just to unblock Disney+ are now stuck. The only VPN working currently as of March 2022 is ExpressVPN. We tested it extensively and it is working flawlessly.

Ever since Disney Plus launched back in November of 2019, it gained massive popularity in a very short time span. The reason behind Disney Plus’s popularity is its amazing content. If Disney Plus is supported in your country, you can catch some of the best shows such as The Mandalorian, Star Wars, The Simpsons, and much more.

But what about the countries where Disney Plus is not available?

Well, even though Disney Plus is geo-blocked in many parts of the world, it is quite easy to unblock it with the help of a VPN.

That being said, sometimes even the most reliable VPNs run into issues. Despite your VPN app working properly, you still might not be able to unblock Disney+ with it. If you browse Reddit, you’ll see a lot of people complaining about their VPN not working with Disney Plus.

Keeping this in mind, I’ve come up with a quick troubleshooting guide that should help you access Disney Plus with your VPN.

So without any delay, let’s get started with our guide.

ExpressVPN – Best Working VPN for Disney Plus [Tested March 2022]

ExpressVPN is the highly recommended VPN for Disney Plus. It offers 23+ US servers capable of offering fast streaming speeds of up to 87 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. It is also known for offering state-of-the-art security features, unblocking performance, and unmatched value to money. It comes with a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee and offers (49% off) + 3-month free subscription on its annual subscription.

What Should I Do if Disney Plus Is Not Working with VPN?

If your VPN app is working perfectly but you’re still unable to connect to Disney Plus, you can try out the quick troubleshooting tips below:

Solution#1-Fix Disney Plus ‘Unable to Connect’ Error

This error takes place when there is a traffic overload on the server. This overload then prevents servers from working correctly, resulting in an error message that says ‘there seems to be an error connecting to Disney+’. 

This ‘unable to connect’ error resolves itself when the traffic hours pass or the capacity of the server increases. However, while you face some traffic over it, it’s better to not watch Disney+ at that hour. You can also do the following:

  • Log out of your account, open the application again, and log in.
  • Log out of your account and close the window.
  • Try refreshing your internet connection.

Solution#2 – Fix ‘Disney Plus is not available in your region’ issue

If you try to access Disney+ from a country where the streaming service isn’t available, then your might face this error on your screen:


Disney Plus is a geo-restricted service available in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, and New Zealand.

For example, anyone from Norway can not access Disney+ unless they are using one of the best VPN for Norway and swapping their actual location and IP address with a Norwegian IP address.

While Disney Plus promised to be available in a few Asian and European countries in 2021, you can access it using a reliable VPN if it’s still now available to you.

A reliable VPN would let you unblock Disney Plus using its servers and enjoy the streaming service with its super-fast speeds. We strongly recommend ExpressVPN for this.

Solution#3 – Fix Disney Plus other issues related to streaming

You might face some streaming issues due to an unstable internet connection. You might see an error code when that happens. A few error codes that are related to connectivity are 24, 29, 42, 43, and 76. If an error doesn’t occur, then a message is displayed on your screen that says:

We’re sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, visit the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code xx).

Disney+ needs a connection exceeding 5+ Mbps for HD streaming and 25 Mbps for 4K UHD streaming. 

You can solve the connectivity errors using the methods below:

1. Relocate your router to receive better signals.

2. Switch to a wired internet connection.

3. Shut down all your device, wifi, and router, and restart all of them.

4. Find the average speeds of your internet through an internet speed test.

5. Turn off the internet on any device temporarily that is consuming a lot of data.

How to Fix Disney+ Errors?

Let’s look into how you can solve Disney+ errors:

How to fix Disney+ Error Codes?

There may be multiple software or hardware errors that you might need to face while accessing Disney+. These errors may be displayed as numbers like Disney Plus error 42, 83, etc. There is also a possibility of a small message displaying on your screen that says:

Something went wrong. Please try again. If the problem persists, visit the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code xx).

As mentioned before, it’s highly likely that you’re facing an error only due to traffic overload. You might just end up accessing the service by refreshing the page or logging back into your account. 

How to fix Disney+ Error Code 39?

If Disney+ error 39 occurs, then you might see a message on your screen that says:

We’re sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Disney+ Support (Error Code 39).

Seeing this error indicates that the streaming setup you have for accessing Disney+ is not secure. The error also hints towards an error in the streaming service itself or the HDMI cable you’re using, that might be blocking your HDMI. While error code 39 is common to occur in all devices, it’s more prominent in Xbox One. 

To solve the Disney+ error code 39, please follow these steps:

1. Using a different HDMI cable or changing it:

If you’re seeing this error repeatedly, then you might want to switch to another HDMI cable and test if the issue is resolved. If any HDMI port works fine, then you can continue binging on Disney+ easily.

2. Restart the Disney+ app:

If you’re using a device that offers a Disney+ app like Xbox One, then you should try refreshing the app.

3. Reload the video:

If you see the Disney+ error code 39, then you can always refresh the video. Usually, this error is a one-time thing and will resolve as soon as you refresh it.

4. Use a different streaming device:

While this error mostly occurs in Xbox One, you can change the device you’re using and watch Disney+.

5. Reset the device:

You can always factory reset your Xbox One and check if the issue resolves.

Fix Disney+ Error 83 (Device Compatability Issues)

This error usually occurs if Disney+ is not compatible with the device you’re using. Disney+ is compatible with limited devices, therefore you need to check if the device you’re using can be used with Disney+ or not.

This error can also occur if there is a server problem or you have a bad internet connection.

However, the list of the devices compatible with Disney+ are:

1. Web browsers

2. Smart TVs: Android TVs, LG TVs, and Samsung Smart TVs.

3. Gaming consoles: Apple TV, PS4, and Xbox One.

4. Smartphones and tablets: iOS phone and tablet, Android phone and tablet, and Amazon Fire tablet.

5. Other devices: Amazon Fire TV, Chromebook, Apple AirPlay, Chromecast, and Roku.

How to Fix Disney Plus Issues on Different Devices?

You can use the following fixes to stream Disney+ on your devices without any hassle:

1. Ensure that your internet connection is stable. Often, you might be blaming the streaming service for displaying errors while the problem must be your internet connection. Therefore, you need to fix your internet connection and make sure it’s stable if you want a buffer-free and error-free service.

2. Try to restart your Disney+ app or uninstall the app to reinstall it again. There are high chances that the error gets fixed by doing this.

3. Upgrade to the latest version of the Disney+ app if your app is outdated. Many times you see an error when you’re using an old version of the application.

4. Try clearing out the cache of the Disney+ app on your device to make it work. Clear your browser’s cache if you’re accessing Disney+ on PC. For phone, follow these steps: Visit Settings, then Applications, Disney+. You will reach the Clear Cache option through this.

How to Fix Disney Plus not working Error on Fire Stick?

If you encounter a Disney+ error on your Fire Stick device, then here are the following steps to fix them:

1. Log out to your Disney Plus account and log in again:

Sometimes this easy way can be the solution to your problem. For this, you need to:

  1. Open the Disney+ app on your Amazon Fire Stick.
  2. From the side menu, visit Settings.
  3. Press the select button to log out.
  4. Wait for some time before logging back in.

2. Make sure the Disney+ servers are not down:

You can actually check if the Disney+ servers are down or not using Downdetector. This website shows you if the servers of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or any service is down or not.

3. Clear Disney Plus cache:

Disney+ offers stores parts of your data to provide you with improved speeds and performance. However, its cache might corrupt your data and ruin your experience. Therefore, you can clear your cache by:

  1. Visit Settings on your Fire Stick device.
  2. Go to Applications and choose Manage Installed Applications.
  3. Find Disney Plus on the list and clear its cache.

4. Restart your router and check again:

If there is a problem with your internet and your speed doesn’t match the average speed that Disney+ needs, then you need to restart your router. you can learn the speeds of your internet by conducting a speed test.

How to fix Disney+ cache problems on gaming consoles and set-top boxes

Clearing up your Disney+ cache on gaming consoles and set-top boxes might fix your Disney+ not working issues. Let’s look at some easy steps to clearing out the cache on PS4, PS5, Smart TVs, Xbox, and set-top box:

Fix Disney+ Cache issue on Sony PS4 & PS5

1. Visit Settings.

2. Choose Storage, then System Storage.

3. Choose Saved data.

4. Select Disney+, then click Options.

5. Choose Select or delete your cache on your PS4 or PS5 device.

Fix Disney+ Cache issue on Microsoft Xbox

1. Visit your Xbox’s main menu.

2. Choose My Games & Apps.

3. Press Select Apps>Disney+ title.

4. Press Menu on your Xbox controller.

5. Select More Options>Manage App.

6. Clear the cached data on your Xbox.

Fix Disney+ cache issue on the set-top box, and Smart TV

1. Switch on your Smart TV or set-up box.

2. Visit Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications.

3. Select Disney+.

4. Choose ‘Clear data’ or ‘Clear Cache’ to clear the Disney+ cache on your Smart TV or set-up box.

How to fix the Disney+ credit card issue?

There is a possibility of getting a Disney+ payment error while subscribing to this streaming service. If this happens, you might witness an error message like this on your screen:

We could not complete your payment request using the credit card information you supplied. Please re-enter your credit card information or use another form of payment.

This error occurs when some part of your details provided is incorrect. This includes the postal code, ZIP code, security code, and anything else. You should also ensure that your billing address is correct and if your credit card hasn’t expired.

Other issues and errors on Disney+

Other than the error code we mentioned above, here are some more Disney+ error codes that you might encounter:

1. Error 4 – This is usually a payment error. It might occur if your credit card has expired or your credit card region doesn’t match the Disney+ region you’re using.

2. Error 9 – This usually refers to a login issue. It may also indicate a payment problem which you can solve by confirming the details.

3. Error 11 – This error might be displayed if Disney+ is unavailable in your region or if your VPN isn’t working.

4. Error 13 – An error like this occurs to indicate the device limit. You might see error 13 if your device limit is reached.

5. Error 22, 35, and 36 – You might see these errors when your VPN stops working while accessing geo-restricted content.

6. Error 25 – This error is the easiest one to clear out. You can just refresh your Disney+ app, sign out and sign back in, or contact customer support to resolve this error.

7. Error 30 – This error might occur if there’s an issue with the device registration.

8. Error 31 – This is a location issue that might occur if you’ve kept your location turned off on your device or if your VPN is not working the way it should.

9. Error 32 and 87 – This is one login issue that can be cleared out by resetting your password or by checking your billing details.

10. Error 38 – This might be an error that indicates time settings. You might need to set your time settings to automatic to resolve this error.

11. Error 41 – This error might occur due to traffic overload. 

12. Error 76 – This error is usually displayed on the screen when there is an overloading issue on the Disney+ server.

13. Error 86 – This error occurs to inform that you have breached the terms of service or that your account is blocked.

Why Disney Plus Is Not Working with VPN?

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are amazing tools that are designed to help you access geo-blocked websites. But there are certain websites and services such as Disney Plus that are so heavily geo-restricted that most VPN services are unable to unblock them.

Since Disney Plus uses strong geo-blockers to prevent VPN users from accessing their service, you will need to get yourself a reliable VPN service that can bypass all sorts of geo-blocks.

Currently, only a handful of VPNs offer enough servers and unblocking features that can take on Disney Plus. If you want a VPN that can easily help you unblock Disney Plus from anywhere, definitely get ExpressVPN for $6.67/mo (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan). It is also the one of the best Disney Plus VPNs to unblock Disney+ from anywhere.

FAQs – Disney Plus Not Working

Why is Disney Plus not working on the black screen?

The black screen may be caused by a glitch or a hard reset. In this case, you should uninstall the app from your device and reinstall it again.

Why is my Disney Plus login button not working?

Use any of the following solutions if your Disney+ login button stops working:

1. Sign up and try to log in.

2. Disable all browser extensions on your device.

3. Try to disable your VPN.

4. Try to access it in incognito mode.

5. Reset your router.

6. Use any other network.

Why can’t I get Disney Plus on my Smart TV?

Disney+ is compatible with all popular devices including Smart TVs and Android TVs. However, if the Disney+ app is not available on your device, then you need to upgrade the device you own. You can also use Chromecast, Fire Stick, or Roku as alternate methods to watch Disney+.

Is Disney+ available in Asia?

So far, Disney plus is only available in two Asian countries: Singapore and Indonesia. It has been a complete hit with consumers. If you want to watch Disney+ in Taiwan and other Asian countries, you would need the best VPN to use in Taiwan.

Wrapping up

So there you have it. While VPNs can help you get past most geo-blocks, unblocking streaming services like Disney Plus isn’t easy.

If you’re using a reliable VPN service such as ExpressVPN that can unblock 8 Disney Plus libraries, you should have no issues, but if you’re using a less renowned VPN service, you might need to try one of the troubleshooting steps I’ve mentioned in this guide.

I hope this guide helped you get your VPN service to work with Disney Plus. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments below.