PS3 & PS4 VPN Setup Guide for Beginners

After reading this guide, you will learn how to setup the best VPN for PS4 and PS3 and get the maximum out of your gaming console.

Sony PS4 is a masterpiece of perfection in the world of gaming and on-demand entertainment. Packed with tremendous features, powerful hardware and impressive design, Sony PS4 takes users’ entertainment experience to great heights.

Surprisingly, the gaming console isn’t confined to gaming only. You can access leading entertainment services (Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, Showtime, HBO Now, Starz, and many more) on PS4 and turn it into an streaming device.

Despite robust processing capability, online gaming issues including lag, latency and ping spikes destroy users gaming experience. PS4 VPN Setup is the safest solution to get rid of online gaming glitches, protected against DDOS attacks and PSN hacks. In addition, a VPN  services for PlayStation offer one-touch access to region-restricted games and video streaming services.


Best VPN for PS4 to Kill Online Gaming Issues & Unblock Geo-Restricted Games

We conducted an experiment to measure performance of top PS4 VPN app, in terms of ping reduction, lag & latency elimination and overall gaming experience. Following we have discovered the best VPN for PS4 that are successful in delivering cutting-edge online gaming experience on both PS4 and PS3.

Note: All tests were performed on an intentionally throttled internet connection of 100Mbps speed. The tests were conducted from United States by connecting to servers located in different regions. Following we have described quick methods for PS4 VPN setup easily.

Title Ping Recommended PS3 & PS4 VPN App
Before Using VPN After Using VPN
Battlefield 1 119 ms 70 ms
PureVPNPureVPN for $1.91
Doom 150 ms 68 ms
Overwatch 173 ms 61 ms
Watch Dogs 2 156 ms 93 ms
Uncharted 198 ms 105 ms
Titanfall 2 170 ms 69 ms

How to Configure PS4 on VPN (and  PS3)

Setting up VPN on PS4 and PS3 can be achieved by three methods. We have created an easy step-by-step tutorial explaining each of these methods. Using anyone of these approaches, you can configure a VPN on your gaming console in matter of seconds.

Note: For our setup guides, we will use PureVPN to demonstrate running PS3 and PS4 on VPN.

Top 3 methods for PS4 VPN Setup are as follows:


Method 1 (Windows) Setup VPN on PS4 and PS3 through Windows

Here’s how to setup VPN on PS4 and PS3 through Windows.

  • First, download and install one of the specified PS4 VPN or PS3 VPN services on your computer
  • Launch VPN and connect to US server
  • Now, use the crossover cable to connect PS4 or PS3 with your computer
  • Go to Control Panel of your system and click on Network and Sharing Center
  • From left pane of window, select Change adapter settings
  • Now, right-click on the icon of VPN that you’re using. And click on Properties

ps4 and ps3 vpn

  • In properties window, click on Sharing tab and mark enable option for Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection

ps4 and ps3 vpn

  • Now tap on drop-down menu of Home Networking Connection. And select a connection that you want to share with your console
  • Next, click on OK
  • Access XMB menu of PS4 or PS3 and go to Settings>Network Settings>Set Up Internet Connection
  • Choose Use a LAN Cable when asked and make sure to put connection method as Easy
  • Next, tap on Do Not Use a Proxy Server when asked
  • Finally, proceed by accepting all the settings, select Test Connection and you’re done with setting up your PS4 VPN on Windows


Method 2 (Mac): PS3 – PS4 VPN Setup through MAC

Besides windows, users can setup VPN on PS4 and PS3 through MAC by following these simple steps:

  • Choose from one of the mentioned PS4 services, download and install it on your Mac
  • Use a crossover cable to connect PS4 or PS3 with your system
  • Now, from the bottom of screen, go to System Preferences>Sharing
  • In Sharing page, click on Internet Sharing
  • Click on drop-down menu of Share Your Connection From, and select a source of your internet connection i.e. either Ethernet, AirPort or Wireless
  • Now, click on drop-down menu of To Computer Using and choose Ethernet
  • Mark enable the check box next to Internet Sharing
  • Next, the Internet Sharing icon will turn green and sharing will be started
  • Access and log into VPN app on your Mac system, go to servers list and select a desired country to connect
  • Now, from the XMB menu on your PS4 or PS3, go to Settings>Network Settings>Setup Internet Connection
  • Next, choose Use a LAN Cable when asked
  • Choose connection method as
  • Finally, click on Do Not Use a Proxy Server and proceed by accepting all settings. Make sure to perform Test Connection and you’re done with setting VPN on PS4 and PS3 through Mac


Method 3 (Wi-Fi Router): Setup VPN on PS4 and PS3 Through Wi-Fi Router

If you want to run PS4 over VPN, here is the setup instructions using a Wi-Fi Router.
You can use either PS4 VPN or PS3 VPN through flashing Wi-Fi router. But will require a provider that supports Wi-Fi routers. Interestingly, PureVPN is among providers who support a range of Wi-Fi routers.

Here’s how you can setup a VPN on PS4 and PS3 through flash routers:

  • Go to XMB menu of PS4 or PS3 and select Settings>Network Settings>Set Up Internet Connection
  • Choose Use Wi-Fi when asked
  • Select connection method as Easy if asked
  • Select your Wireless internet connection and enter your username & password
  • Make sure to click on Do Not Use a Proxy Server
  • Lastly, proceed by accepting all settings and click on Test Connection.


Why do you need a PS3 or PS4 VPN?

It is important to consider some factors before subscribing to a PS4 or PS3 VPN. Amongst those factors, speed is of paramount importance. The one that has the fastest speed is the one to choose. However, PS3 and PS4 are used for multiple purposes. If streaming Netflix or other streaming services, then you must go with a VPN that offers dedicated Netflix servers.

PS4 Gaming VPN

If you use Playstation for gaming purposes, then it is recommended that you should subscribe to a VPN that kills ping. For gamers, it is necessary that they should select PPTP protocol which is amongst the fastest and reduces latency.

The last, but not the least factor is the money-back guarantee. You can always return to other VPN providers if you are dissatisfied with PS3 VPN services.


Amazing Benefits You Achieve With PS4 VPN & PS3 VPN

As soon as we connected to VPN, we experienced noticeable difference in online gaming. In addition, following are some the benefits of using the best PS4 & PS3 VPN services that no gamer can overlook:

Reduce Ping, Latency Spikes & Lags

ps4 and ps3 vpn


Nothing in this universe is as frustrating as compromising your favorite match due to frequent lags, latency spikes and frequent interruptions during online gaming. To get around with such issues, a PS4 VPN connects you to dedicated servers, which ensure low traffic and no network congestion at any time of the day. This way you are able to enjoy seamless gameplay without any delay or lag.

One-touch Access to Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Instant Video and More

ps4 and ps3 vpn


Among top advantages of using PS4 VPN is an instant access to unlimited streaming services. By using PS4 VPN, you can bypass the barrier of geo-restrictions imposed on Netflix US and UK libraries. Likewise, you can unlock other streaming services such as Spotify, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and ITV. So, if you’re a streaming lover and like to binge watch TV series, then PS4 VPN is the perfect streaming solution for you.

Be the First to Play Early Game Releases

Just like movies, PS4 games are released with different dates around the world. That said, majority of PS4 games are launched earlier in the Australian and Japanese regions than the US and UK.

But, with a PS4 VPN on your side, you take an edge over others by playing newly released game from anywhere. The above listed VPN services  have more than hundreds of servers in prime regions of the world, they offer a range of locations to connect.

DDoS Protection

DDoS attack is a nightmare for any gamer. A victim of DDoS attack faces sudden system crashes, sluggish internet speed and worst online gaming experience. A DDoS attacker in first place identifies your IP address, then sends tons of useless files and junk to your system, destroying your online game play. A PS4 VPN offers robust protection against DDOS attacks, so you enjoy a flawless online gaming experience without worrying about cyber threats.

Enjoy Ultimate Gaming Experience

How to Protect Yourself Against PSN Hacks?

Cyberattacks have perpetuated across the web. Even companies such as Yahoo, HBO, Tumblr has recorded criminal hacking in the past few years. With an increased number of cyberattacks, it has become necessary to protect yourself against hackers.

PSN came under massive criticism from users  as various cyber attacks on service have victimized the users. The largest PSN hack was conducted in 2011 that left 77 million accounts compromised.

A simple measure to safeguard online privacy and security is to use a VPN for PlayStation 4 or 3. Every online user accessing the internet has an IP address. A VPN will make your IP encrypted, meaning that you will remain invisible to everyone else, but you.


How to Use VPN on PS4 without PC

The method described above using a router is how you can use a VPN without PC. There are a lot of methods to get a VPN to work on PS4, and router is the only is the only method that does not require PC.



Using a VPN for PS4 for Netflix Streaming

Netflix stands as a leading video streaming platform among the list of on-demand entertainment services. If you don’t have a Netflix membership, sign up for one to stream blockbuster hit TV shows, movies, news and documentaries on PS4.

However, due to a content licensing & distribution agreement, geo-restrictions apply on Netflix global media libraries. It restricts fans from watching popular shows and movies in various regions. To evade restrictions, subscribers find above mentioned PS4 VPN services as suitable solutions for achieving one-click access to foreign Netflix.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Netflix on PS4 & PS3

We conducted a survey and discovered various queries regarding Netflix setup on PS4 and PS3. Following are the most frequently asked questions of users along with simple and straight forward solutions.

How Do You Download Netflix on PS4?

Setting up Netflix on PS4 is a plain 3 step procedure. Just follow these simple steps to begin using Netflix on PS4 and PS3:

  • Power on your console, log into your PS4 account and go to Home screen>TV & Video Section>Netflix

ps4 and ps3 vpn

  • Next, you will be presented with Netflix home screen. Sign into your Netflix account
  • Finally, watch your favorite shows, movies, documentaries, news and more media PS4 or PS3

In case you want to access foreign libraries of Netflix, use a VPN for PS4 Netflix service. As soon as you’re connected to VPN, you will be able to stream leading-edge Netflix shows and movies that were previously unavailable for you.

How Do You Sign Out of Netflix on PS4 & PS3?

Here’s how can sign out of Netflix on PS4 & PS3:

  • Access Netflix app
  • Hit O (Circle) button on your DualShock 4 controller
  • Choose Gear icon
  • Lastly, select Sign Out and choose Yes


How Do You Change DNS on PS4?

Here’s how you can manually change DNS on PS4. You can select any specific server to connect. We have chosen Google’s server in this case:

  • Power on your console and go to Settings>Network>Set Up Internet Connection
  • Choose WiFi/LAN for your connection and choose Custom
  • Make following changes in settings:

IP Address Settings as Automatic

DHCP Host Name as Do Not Specify

DNS Settings as Manual

– Primary DNS as

– Secondary DNS as

  • MTU Settings as Automatic
  • Proxy Server as Do Not Use

Can You Put a VPN on a PS4?

Yes, you can use VPN on PS4 and PS3 by using either of the three methods specified above. You can use a PC, Laptop, Mac or flash a router to use VPN on PS4.

Final Words

After reading this guide you should be able to configure PlayStation 4 VPN as well as PS3. Secure yourself from PSN hacks, DDoS attacks, lag and latency issues, ping spikes and other online gaming problems.

Did you find our guide useful? Or if you have any question regarding PS4 VPN setup then feel free to drop a comment below.

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