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Xbox One is more than just a gaming console. Even though I’ve always been biased towards PC gaming, I still have an Xbox One lying around for occasional gaming and video streaming purposes. Playing games on Xbox One is altogether a different experience. It’s like a whole new gaming world with multiple gaming servers and international players.

However, the problem of Geo-restrictions affects all devices, even gaming consoles. And to bypass Geo-blocks, you obviously need to install a VPN on Xbox One. Internet connection on Xbox One also poses real threats for players including SWATTING, and DDoS attacks.

Unfortunately, you cannot install a VPN directly on your Xbox One. However, there are other ways you can get VPN protection on your Xbox. In this article, I have explained easy installation methods to set up a VPN on your Xbox that will help you stream your favorite content and download Geo-restricted games on your Xbox console.

Before we get started, I highly recommend getting ExpressVPN for your Xbox console. It is the best option you can get.

  • 3,000+ Servers in 94 Countries
  • Hard disk free infrastructure (RAM only)
  • 256-bit Military-Grade Encryption
  • Excellent unblocking capability for Netflix, Hulu & more
  • 5 Multi Logins
  • Zero-knowledge DNS
Excellent - 4.6
Based on 100 reviews

Quick Overview Best VPNs for Xbox One

  • ExpressVPN: Expensive but all-around strong VPN for Xbox consoles.
  • NordVPN: Popular choice for Xbox One and PS4. Offers 5500+ servers worldwide.
  • Surfshark: Budget-friendly VPN for Xbox Live with strong privacy features.
  • PureVPN: Powerful Xbox One VPN with fast servers and low latency.
  • Private Internet Access – A feature-rich VPN for Xbox One with 25,000+ servers.
  • IPVanish – A reliable VPN for Xbox One with obfuscated servers for high performance

6 Best VPNs for Xbox One

Here is the in-depth analysis of the 6 Best VPNs for Xbox One in 2021. Let’s get into details about these VPN service providers so you can understand why we consider these 6 VPNs our favorites for Xbox One and other gaming consoles.

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Xbox One


ExpressVPN is your best option if you want VPN protection on all your devices, including Xbox One. This VPN can easily be installed on your router with its Install Wizard feature that sets up ExpressVPN’s firmware on your router. With other VPNs, you have to install third-party firmware manually, but with ExpressVPN, you don’t have to manually do the whole setup.

You can also purchase pre-flashed routers for your Xbox One. ExpressVPN offers around 3000+ servers in 94+ countries, which is ideal for players that want to access geo-restricted games or connect to game servers in various countries. Thanks to its Tier-1 servers, you will be protected against DDoS attacks. There are also other security features, including a kill switch, 256-bit AES encryption, and DNS leak protection.

ExpressVPN is also one of the best VPN for streaming owing to its MediaStreamer feature that can unblock the popular streaming service. With ExpressVPN, you can access Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and more on your Xbox One. Therefore, this VPN is best for gaming and streaming.

It also offers 27/4 live chat support. Its 12 monthly subscription starts at $6.67/mo which is slightly more expensive than other VPN providers. You can know more about its plans and features in our detailed ExpressVPN Xbox guide.

  • 3,000+ servers in 94+ countries
  • Offers low-latency servers for gaming
  • Provides 5 multi-logins
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Slighly more expensive
Get ExpressVPN ($6.67/mo)30 Days Money Back Guarantee

2. NordVPN – VPN with Best router support for Xbox One


NordVPN is an excellent choice for Xbox One with the best router support. It doesn’t have a native Xbox One app but is compatible with numerous devices and systems. It also has detailed installation guides for 29 different routers on its website. Apart from that, it offers 5,500 servers across 59+ countries across the world.

If you don’t want to configure your router manually, NordVPN also offers pre-flashed routers for your ease. It also comes with some of the best security and privacy features, including an automatic kill switch, Double VPN, DDoS protection, and it also supports Tor over VPN. With its DDoS protection feature, you can have your own dedicated IP address and run your personal server for gaming.

It also allows 6 simultaneous connections, so you can connect multiple devices with NordVPN at the same time. It also offers online customer support. All these features come at a low price of $3.30/mo . To know more about this VPN provider, read our detailed NordVPN Xbox review

  • 5,500+ servers in 59+ countries
  • Offers dedicated IP addresses for running your own gaming server.
  • Provides 6 multi-logins
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Is not the best choice for beginners
Get NordVPN ($3.30/mo)30 Days Money Back Guarantee

3. SurfShark – Budget-Friendly VPN for Xbox One


Surfshark is a great budget-friendly VPN for Xbox One and Xbox Series X, coming at a low price of just $2.49/mo . Despite being a low-cost VPN, Surfshark offers high-speed servers with low latency, so you can play games on your Xbox One with minimal pings. Surfshark doesn’t have an official Xbox app, but it can easily be configured on your router.

With Surfshark’s Smart DNS option, you can also configure your Xbox One to unblock various apps, including streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, etc. Some of its other features include a kill switch, 256-bit AES encryption, and IPv6, WebRTC, DNS leak protection. It also offers premium features, including CleanWeb (adblocker), MultiHop, and WhiteLister (split tunneling)

With one Surfshark subscription, you can connect unlimited devices simultaneously, which makes it a great option for Xbox One and other devices. Also, it is very easy to setup Surfshark on a router. There is also 24/7 customer support if you face any issues. For more information regarding this VPN, read our in-depth Surfshark review.

  • 3,200+ servers in 65+ countries
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Fast speed servers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Fairly small server network
Get Surfshark ($2.49/mo)30 Days Money Back Guarantee

4. PureVPN – Easy to Use VPN App


PureVPN is the overall best VPN for all Xbox generations, including Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. This Hong-Kong based VPN offers excellent apps for various platforms, including routers, and a strict no-log policy. It has all the security features you need to access international game servers, including protection against DDoS attacks.

PureVPN has a wide server coverage with 6,500+ servers in almost every country in the world (140+ locations), which makes it the best VPN for gaming and streaming out there. Moreover, PureVPN is fast and offers low pings for online gaming. After connecting to a VPN server, I was able to reduce my pings from 205 milliseconds to 58 milliseconds.

In terms of security, PureVPN features OpenVPN and 256-bit AES encryption for an ultimate and secure gaming experience. It also features a built-in streaming mode that can unblock all popular streaming sites like Netflix, Disney+, Hotstar, BBC iPlayer, and more. It offers user-friendly apps for popular platforms and can be easily configured on a router. Available for only $3.33/mo, PureVPN is perhaps one of the best VPN for Xbox right now. 

To know more about this VPN in detail, read our in-depth PureVPN review.

  • 6,500+ servers in 140+ countries
  • DDoS protection at IP level
  • Provides 10 multi-logins
  • 31-day money-back guarantee
  • No add blocker
Get PureVPN ($3.33/mo)31 Days Money Back Guarantee

5. Private Internet Access – A Feature-rich VPN for Xbox One


Private Internet Access (PIA) is a great feature-rich VPN for Xbox One with excellent encryption and security protocols. It is perfect for gaming due to its incredible server network of around 29,000+ servers across 77+ locations. Meaning, with PIA, you can download games that have not been released in your region yet.

Some of its premium features include strong OpenVPN encryption, internet kill switch, split tunneling, and port forwarding. You can easily configure your router with PIA VPN and connect your Xbox and other devices at the same time. Speaking of connecting multiple devices at the same time, PIA VPN offers 10 multi logins. It is also compatible with Windows, iOS, Andriod, MacOS, and routers.

This VPN provider can also unblock Netflix US, Hulu, HBO Go, and more. Although PIA is based in the United States, it follows a strict no-logs policy. PIA is also quite affordable, starting from only $2.08/mo , making it a fantastic VPN that offers great features at a low cost. 

To know more about this VPN service, read our latest PIA VPN review.

  • 25,000+ servers in 77+ countries
  • Excellent encryption for gaming
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • U.S-based VPN
Get PIA VPN ($2.08/mo)30 Days Money Back Guarantee


6. IPVanish – A Reliable VPN for Xbox One


IPVanish is a great, reliable VPN for Xbox. It also offers high-speed servers and consistent connection speeds with low pings. With IPVanish, you don’t have to worry about getting slowed down or experience latency during online gaming. IPVanish is a U.S based VPN, but it follows a zero-log policy, so you don’t have to worry about any data leaks or privacy concerns.

IPVanish has over 1,600+ servers across 75+ countries and has a large number of servers in the United States. It features around 420+ servers in over 17 U.S cities. So, with IPVanish, you can not only get unrestricted access to games but also unblock U.S state local channels on your iOS, Andriod, and Xbox.

This VPN provider is compatible with a wide range of devices and several types of routers. You can also get its pre-configured routers if you don’t want to install the VPN on your router manually. It also features comprehensive security and privacy features, including a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and OpenVPN protocol. Its yearly plan starts from $2.69/ mo, which is fully refundable for 30 days.

Read our latest IPVanish review to know more about this VPN service in-depth.

  • 1,600+ servers in 75+ countries
  • Great for unblocking geo-restricted content
  • Offers 10 simultaneous connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Does not work in China
Get IPVanish ($2.08/mo)30 Days Money Back Guarantee

How to Install VPN on Xbox One

5 Minutes Review time

Gaming with a VPN becomes necessary when you are facing issues serious lag issues on your normal internet. Sometimes, it’s possible that your ISP is throttling your connection for online gaming.

This is where a VPN comes in quite handy. Unfortunately, Xbox does not have native support for VPNs, and there are no VPN apps available for the console. Now I know what you’re thinking, how to use a VPN on Xbox One when there’s no support for it?

Well, you’ll have to rely on indirect methods such as sharing a VPN with your computer or connecting your Xbox One Setup to a VPN-enabled router that can be done in just 5 minutes.

Note: The setup processes for Xbox 360 VPNs, Xbox Live VPN, and Xbox One VPN are almost identical.

Share Windows PC VPN Connection with Xbox One:

To connect your Xbox One to VPN, you need first to make sure that your PC has a VPN installed in it. Subscribe to one if you don’t already have one.

When you’re done with that, turn on your VPN by connecting to a suitable server, and you are ready to share VPN on Xbox One.

  1. Connect Ethernet cable between your VPN-enabled PC and Xbox One [/howto_step_content]
  2. On the start menu, search Run > Type cpl. This will open Network Connection settings[/howto_step_content]
  3. You should see a few Ethernet connections here. Right-click the one associated with your VPN and click Properties[/howto_step_content]
  4. Selecting Sharing tab > Check the box against the “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” box.[/howto_step_content]
  5. Now Click on the Select a private network connection box.
  6. Select your Xbox One Ethernet connection > Press OK.
  7. On your Xbox One controller, press the Xbox button.
  8. Press the RB button thrice
  9. Select Settings > Network tab > Network settings > Test network connection
  10. Leave the VPN running on your Windows PC to keep your Xbox One connected to a VPN for the duration of your whole session.

That’s it! This is how simple Xbox one VPN setup really is to make gaming more secure and unblock geo-restricted services.

Share Mac VPN Connection with Xbox One:

The Xbox One VPN setup for Mac is similar to that of Windows and not that difficult to do.

To connect VPN Xbox One, make sure you have a VPN installed and running on our Mac. From there, follow the steps below to lend a connection from your Mac to your Xbox.

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable between your Mac and Xbox.
  2. Navigate to System Preferences > Sharing and click on Internet Sharing from the list on the left of the screen.
  3. Click Wi-Fi from the share your connection from the drop-down.
  4. In the “To computers using” list, make sure to select Ethernet (if you are connected to the Internet on your Mac via Ethernet, you should share your connection using Wi-Fi instead).
  5. Check the box next to Internet Sharing on the list to share the VPN between your Mac and Xbox One. The icon will turn green if successfully enabled.
  6. Follow steps 6 to 9 the same way as above to successfully connect Xbox to a VPN.

Setting up Xbox One Router

Routers can be configured to work over a VPN, but only some router firmware and manufacturers support this.

  1. Sign up for the best Xbox VPN (I recommend ExpressVPN)
  2. Go to your Router’s control panel.
  3. In control panel go to Network > Set up > Settings > WAN tab
  4. Enter your VPN details (username, password, VPN server address).
  5. Press Confirm > Accept > Save > Close control panel
  6. Turn on your Xbox One > Go to Settings.
  7. Select Network
  8. Click on Set Up wireless network (your Xbox will show you different wireless networks and ask: Which one is yours?)
  9. Select your Wi-Fi network and press connect. And that’s it; you are good to go!


Check out our blog on VPN routers for more information, including setup tutorials.

After setting up a VPN, connect your Xbox One via a wired or wireless configuration to your router, and enjoy the high security and privacy of a VPN while you enjoy video games, streaming, etc., with maximum online safety.

Changing the Region on Xbox One

Some apps for Xbox One can’t be downloaded unless your region is configured to the correct region. You will first need to change your region to gain access to apps only available within certain regions.

This is how you can do it:

  1. Start your Xbox One console.
  2. Select My Games and Apps from the Xbox Home Screen.
  3. Navigate to Apps -> Settings
  4. Select System -> Language & Location
  5. From Location choose USA if you want to download your desired app exclusively available in the USA (or another region depending on app availability)
  6. Restart your Xbox console, connect to a VPN-enabled connection using the same server as the region your Xbox is configured to
  7. Now search for the app you need, and download it on Xbox One.

Why do you need a VPN for your Xbox One?

Xbox is, without a doubt, an extremely powerful and versatile gaming console. But despite that, it is pretty much useless if you can’t download games or stream movies on it. For instance, some movies and TV shows are only available on US Netflix. Even though you are paying the full price for the subscription in your region, you’re getting only half the number of titles.

Similarly, there are tons of popular games that might not be available in your region.

Sounds frustrating, right? 

Don’t worry; you need to get yourself a reliable VPN. Connect to a server of your choice to gain access to pretty much any geo-restricted content imaginable on your Xbox. With a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can stream Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and more on your gaming console.  

Online privacy is another problem that affects us all, irrespective of what device you are using to connect to the web. The encryption, IP-masking, and offshore jurisdictions of leading VPNs work together to enhance the privacy of users. With a VPN, you can mask your IP address and pretend to be in a different country. This way, you can connect to different servers and access regional games on your Xbox. With a VPN, even your ISP (Internet Service Providers) will not be able to track your online activities.

Finally, Xbox One VPNs can help protect you from DDoS attacks. By changing your IP, you can stream and play awesome games on your Xbox One without encountering malicious botnets.

How to Choose the Best VPNs for Xbox One

There are some features that are essential in a VPN if you want to use it for gaming:

  • Speed: Online gaming is a very speed-sensitive task. A slight fluctuation in speed can cost you a hard-fought battle that you deserved to win. This is why you should only choose a gaming VPN with fast speeds.
  • Server network: This is related to the above factor because VPNs with large server networks are usually fast since their infrastructure avoids server overcrowding by allowing users to be more spread out across the network.
  • Extra security features: Since DDoS threats are pretty common on gaming serves, it would be a bonus if you are using a VPN with DDoS protection capabilities, such as Surfshark.

VPN Xbox One Reddit Reviews

A glimpse at Reddit shows that gamers are actively seeking VPN services for Xbox One. For instance, the following user recommended Surfshark as it is very easy to use and configure on your router.


Similarly, another user recommended ExpressVPN for Xbox One, as it comes with a modified DD-WRT Firmware for VPN configuration on routers.


When it comes to gaming, a user also recommended both ExpressVPN and PureVPN for gaming on Xbox One.


Also, check this list of best VPNs on Reddit.


Will a VPN help improve speeds on Xbox?

Not really. When you use a VPN, it reroutes your data and passes it through a VPN server instead of a direct data route from your gaming console to a server. Therefore, it takes a longer route, which slightly slows down connection speeds.

However, you can use a VPN with fast servers like ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN. These premium VPNs can give you good internet speeds with all the security features for privacy. VPNs can help save you from bandwidth throttling from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). A VPN masks your internet activity even from your ISP. So, if your ISP cannot see what you are doing, it will not be able to decide whether your bandwidth should be throttled.

You can always try different VPNs that offer 30-day money-back guarantees and see which one offers you the fastest connection speeds.

Can you use a VPN on Xbox Series X?

Yes, you can use a VPN on your Xbox Series X. All the VPNs mentioned above work great with all Xbox generations, including Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S. With a VPN on your Xbox Series X, you can access all kinds of geo-restricted games and streaming sites from all over the world. A VPN will help you use your Xbox Series X to its full potential.

Can I use a Free VPN for Xbox One?

You can use a free VPN for Xbox One, but it is not a good option. Almost none of the free VPN providers offer support for routers, making it impossible to use a VPN on your Xbox One or any other gaming console.

However, let’s say you find a free VPN for Xbox that offers router support, you will still not be able to use it fully on your Xbox One. One of the reasons is that free VPNs throttle your bandwidth, thus offering slow connection speeds, which will affect your online gaming. Another reason why you should not use a free VPN on Xbox One is that these VPN services come with limited monthly data caps making it hard for gaming and streaming.

Free VPNs are also notorious for selling your data to third party advertisers because they often come with trackers to track your online activities. Therefore, I recommend using one of the premium VPNs for Xbox One as listed above. These VPNs offer a 30-day refund policy that allows you to try it risk-free.

Wrapping Things Up

Nowadays, gaming consoles are not only limited to just playing games. With gaming consoles like Ps4 and Xbox One now supporting 4K output, you can even stream ultra HD movies.

But there’s just one thing, a lot of the popular gaming titles and movies are often geo-restricted. To unleash the full potential of your console and keep your privacy protected, you’ll need to opt for one of the best Xbox One VPNs, as described above.

So use a VPN and defeat all kinds of geo-restrictions from anywhere in the world!

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