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Hulu is heaven for binge watchers, with such a huge library of content there is something for everyone. One area where no other service comes even close to Hulu is, its comedy content. So if you’re searching for comedies Hulu is the place to be and if you reside outside the U.S, Hulu VPN will let you bypass restrictions from anywhere in the world!

8 Best Handpicked Sitcoms on Hulu

1.      Seinfeld

Not a new entrant, but it’s never gonna get old. It’s one show that people just can’t stop watching, one of the most re run, studied and investigated TV shows of all time. The thing about Seinfeld is there is nothing about it yet the sitcom is loved by many.

The show initially aired from 1989-1998 and has a rating of 8.9 on imbd. Watch the complete Seinfeld series from the beginning on Hulu

2.      Archer

Amazingly animated spy comedy, Archer works at secret agency where other spies do not miss opportunities to backstab each other. Archer’s code name is ‘duchess’ which makes it funnier!

Initially started in 2009 Archer made its name strong in the entertainment world. Chances are if you haven’t watched it you have definitely heard of it. Completely available on Hulu, start this series now for a session of laughter that hurts to the stomach!

3.      Key & Peele

One word. Phenomenal! Honestly when I was writing this review, I had never watched Key and Peele so I went through a video on YouTube, then another one and then another one. Key & Peele is an excellent sketch show with such a well written and designed script that words can’t do justice.

You’ll have to watch this one personally on Hulu to know what I mean! The best part about sketches is that you don’t have to wait too much for the real thing to start, and with Key & Peele it begins straight from the beginning!

4.      South Park

A league of its own. If you’re a grown up and still love cartoons now is the time change the content. A fun and adventure packed animated series featuring four friends who are in the tenth grade, the show revolves around crazy things like alien abductions and what not! A lot of mind boggling and weird stuff happens in every episode.

The show has a lot of dark jokes, foul language, adult humor and is rated R, just in case you were planning to watch it with your kids.

5.      The Last Man on Earth

A very original and fresh apocalyptical show, not that there haven’t been other ones but its fresh and original in its delivery. It’s a comedy that doesn’t follow any specific events but almost everything random happening in the show will give you fits of laughter.

As the show goes on Phil, the last man on earth actually does find another survivor Carol. The two do not like each other from the moment they meet but for re population purposes decide to marry each other.

6.      Rick and Morty

Now who hasn’t heard of grandpa Rick and the extremely nervous Morty? Watch the animated sci-fi comedy where Morty assists Rick, the mad scientist with his adventures. The show is funny regardless you understand the deep scientific jokes or not.

Some days Rick shrinks Morty for his adventures or goes back in to time so Morty can pass his math examination. With Ricks crazy inventions they teleport to different places and more than often the results of Ricks experiments don’t turn out to be as expected. It’s a must watch!

7.      Bob’s Burgers

A fantastic animated series by Fox, the creators of the Simpsons. The plot is pretty simple, bob sells burgers in a little seaside town trying to run his dream restaurant. But what makes the story interesting is that Bob’s entire family, his wife, daughters and son try different ways to keep the shop running. All of this keeps the family together and shows different aspects of their family life.

8.      Scrubs

It’s hard to believe but Scrubs has now become an old classic now but that really doesn’t make a difference as despite starting back in 2001 it’s a fairly modern themed show that revolves around the story of Dr. John and his struggle to become a doctor.

The show perfectly balances the gloom of a hospital with John’s day dreaming keeping it pleasant, watch the entire series on Hulu now!

Wrapping up

These are just a few of the amazing comedy choices available on Hulu, if you dig in there is an entire ocean of content that Hulu has to offer. Best of all Hulu on fire stick is also available.