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If you’re looking to get a NordVPN refund, you might want to know a few things. I tested NordVPN’s 30-day refund policy and found the refund process to be a bit cumbersome.

So if you’re looking to just try out NordVPN, or want to switch to another VPN like PureVPN, this guide is perfect for you. To make the refund process simple for you, I’m going to share with you detailed steps to cancel NordVPN.

Cancel NordVPN subscription – Quick overview

  1. Head over to the NordVPN’s official website and log in using your credentials.
  2. Now next to “Change Plan” click the three dots and then click “Cancel “automatic payments’
  3. Click ‘Confirm Cancellation’
  4. Lastly, Contact customer support and submit a cancellation request via email or live chat
  5. Wait for your refund to roll in

How to cancel NordVPN subscription – step by step

If the brief overview wasn’t enough, stick around to find out how to cancel NordVPN membership with detailed steps. Just bear in mind that unlike PureVPN’s cancellation process, NordVPN’s refund process is two-fold.

First part

Step 1: Head over to NordVPN official site and sign in to your account


Step 2: Next, navigate to the “Accounts page”, click the three dots next to the “Change Plan” option and select “Cancel automatic payments”


Step 3: Now you should see a popup window asking to confirm the cancellation process. Click the “Confirm Cancellation” button to complete the first part of the cancellation process


Note: up till this point, you can still your NordVPN account until the next payment cycle.

Second part

Now you can proceed with the next part to cancel NordVPN. Even though it’s easy to assume at this point that your subscription has been successfully canceled, you’ll actually have to contact support to get your NordVPN refund

Step 4: After confirming that you really wish to cancel your subscription, contact customer support via live chat or email and ask for a refund


Step 5: Once the support representative approves your refund request, you can sit back relax and wait for your refund to come through. Just bear in mind that while the cancellation process is fairly quick, refunds can take up to 10-days


Note: If you don’t want to deal with customer support and their retention techniques, use email support instead of live chat.

How to cancel NordVPN subscription on Windows?

You can use the same steps to cancel your NordVPN membership on your Windows devices without any hassle. On the other hand, you will need other VPNs that help you secure your favorite platform from different online threats.

How to cancel NordVPN subscription on Android?

If you have purchased NordVPN subscriptions through Google Play for your Android device, you can follow the steps below to cancel your subscription.

  1. Head over to
  2. Sign in to your Google Account you haven’t already.
  3. Next, click “My subscriptions”.
  4. Now, select the NordVPN subscription you wish to cancel.
  5. Lastly, click the “Manage” option and then “Cancel Subscription”.

That’s it, you’ve now successfully canceled your NordVPN subscription. However, you will rely on other VPNs when it comes to protecting your Android phones from several online privacy issues.

How to cancel NordVPN subscription on iOS via iTunes/App Store?

Similar to canceling NordVPN on Google Play Store, canceling NordVPN on AppStore is also fairly simple.

But since the cancellation for iOS, mac and other devices is different, to keep things concise, I’m only going to cover the NordVPN cancellation process for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

  1. Head over to the “Settings menu”, tap [your name] and then tap on “Subscriptions”.
  2. Now tap the subscription that you wish to manage.
  3. Lastly, tap “Cancel Subscription” to successfully cancel your NordVPN account.

How easy is it to cancel NordVPN?

To be honest, compared to PureVPN, NordVPN refund process is a bit cumbersome.

Instead of just using the live chat support to claim a refund, NordVPN requires you to first cancel the auto-renewal option and then use the live chat support to claim a refund.

Long story short, the NordVPN cancellation process can be streamlined more from a convenience standpoint.

Can you cancel NordVPN anytime?

Yes, with NordVPN’s extensive 30-day money back guarantee, you have the right to cancel your account at any time. You can simply cancel recurring subscriptions from the NordVPN’s website, iTunes/App Store or Google Play Store as shown above and get a full refund for the unused part of the ongoing service period.

Moreover, you can avail NordVPN free trial feature by subscribing through Google Play or App Store but you will have to provide your credit card details.

What should I do after cancelling my NordVPN subscription?

So now that your NordVPN account’s canceled, you may be looking for a best VPNs 2020 list. Coming from NordVPN, you’re going to love PureVPN.

How so?

Well, you get powerful encryption, Kill switch, 2000+ servers all over the globe and powerful security protocols to help you get past geo-restricted contents.

Other than that, despite costing way less than NordVPN, PureVPN works flawlessly with Netflix, HBO, BBC iPlayer and other popular VoD services.

Even more impressively, the service works in China and offers 5 simultaneous connections feature. Coming over to price and Surfshark’s cheapest plan starts from just $2.91/mo and is also covered by a full 31-day money back guarantee.

Still can’t decide between these two providers i.e. NordVPN vs PureVPN, here’s a brief comparison:

JurisdictionPanamaHong Kong
Logging PolicyNo logsNo logs
Pricing$3.49/mo $2.91/mo
Speed27.91 Mbps26.01 Mbps
Server Network5600+ servers
60 countries
2000+ servers
140+ countries
Customer SupportLive chat & EmailLive chat, Email & Ticket
Netflix UnblockingSupportedSupported

Comparing NordVPN with other VPNs

Wrapping Up!

So there you have it guys, this is how simple it is to cancel NordVPN and get a full refund within 30-days. Hopefully, you found this guide informative. Do let me know how the cancellation process went for you in the comments section below.