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Smartphones have re-defined technology in many ways that one could imagine. A small device sitting in our pocket have allowed humans to gain inaccessible knowledge, while communicating people all around the world.

However, this device does bring limitations as it does benefits. Smartphones need internet to connect around the world and there’s a best chance that your phone is vulnerable to hacking or being tracked by your ISP.

A device that has all your personal information and sensitive data requires protection. The best VPN for Samsung highlighted in this guide encrypts your data present on your device, keeps your online activity anonymous, and most importantly keeps you protected against hackers and cybercriminals.

Android is the biggest platform base for Smartphones and there is no surprise that there are lots of VPN apps that supports the platform. You can choose VPN providers from this guide, or select from our refined list of best VPN.

What is a VPN for Samsung?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a software that encrypts your data and protects your online privacy. It creates a VPN tunnel for the data that flows over the internet and signals the website back and forth. Once your data remains encrypted, you become invisible in the sight of hackers, Internet Service Providers, and cybercriminals.

What is a best VPN for Samsung

VPNs are available for almost all platforms including Android, which is Samsung Operating System. Installing the VPN app over your mobile devices and tablets will further allow you to make yourself anonymous over the internet, protects your device when on public Wi-Fi, and allow you to access any geographically restricted websites and apps.


5 Best VPN for Samsung

VPN ProvidersPrice ($)Special DealsMore Info
Best Affordable VPN
$2.95 Per Month
Best Budget Service
$1.99 Per Month
Best for Geo-Unblocking
$2.99 Per Month
75% Off
3 Years Plan
Best for Streaming
$8.32 Per Month
Best for Private Browsing
$2.75 Per Month
79% Off
3 Years Deal


How to Setup VPN on Your Samsung Device

Step 1: Select any of the VPN provider mentioned in the VPN table

Step 2: Subscribe to the VPN > Download the VPN app for your Samsung device

Step 3: Once downloaded, enter Username and Password

Step 4: Select a VPN server for any country

Step 5: Now keep your Samsung device protected via the best VPN for Samsung


1. PureVPN


PureVPN for Samsung is a recommended VPN provider for all Samsung devices. Its military-grade encryption keeps sensitive information secure on your device. Further, your device becomes untraceable while you’re connected on a public Wi-Fi, thus prevent your device from hacking. View the detailed PureVPN review for more information.


  • 256-bit VPN encryption
  • Access websites without revealing your IP
  • Access any app on Play Store
  • 2,000 servers in 140+ countries
  • 24/7 live customer support


  • Connecting to a server can take a long time


2. NordVPN


NordVPN is potentially the best VPN for Samsung with an advanced security, internet freedom to access any website, and at the same time you get complete privacy. All your private data on Samsung phones or tablets remains protected against hackers and snoopy advertisements. View the detailed NordVPN review for more information.


  • Double VPN protection
  • Protection from intrusive advertisements
  • Log in to 6 devices simultaneously
  • Does not keep any activity logs
  • Protects IP address


  • Makes your internet slow due to strong VPN encryption


3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN for Samsung

ExpressVPN is a well-renowned VPN service that is acclaimed by all experts as a top-quality VPN. With ExpressVPN, users are granted 2,000+ servers and 94 different locations.

The security protocols used by ExpressVPN offer military-grade encryption, making it virtually impossible for your data to be compromise. This makes ExpressVPN the best VPN for Samsung as well as pretty much every other device in the market.

  • Provides 2,000 servers with 94 locations
  • Uses military-grade AES-256 bit encryption
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • User-friendly privacy policy
  • DNS leak protection
  • Slightly expensive VPN subscription

express VPN

4. IPVanish


When you’re connected to any Samsung device, IPVanish makes sure you get private connections, faster speed when streaming, and online freedom to access any website or app.

Samsung internet browsers have censorship filters that prevents you from viewing websites and apps that are geographically restricted. Now you can get around censorship filters with the best VPN for Samsung i.e. IPVanish. View detailed IPVanish review for more information.


  • Unlimited server switching
  • Safe browsing on Samsung internet browser
  • Access geo-restricted apps on Google Play Store
  • Connect to 5 simultaneous devices
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Only 7-days money-back guarantee


5. Ivacy


Stream anything on your Samsung device with the change of your IP address. This also allows you to hide your online activity and makes sure that anything that you do over the internet remains hidden from ISPs and hackers. It stops 3rd party spying and never keeps any logging history of your internet. View detailed Ivacy review for more information.


  • Keeps your data secure
  • Stops 3rd party spying with 256-bit encryption
  • Torrent anonymously
  • Blazing-fast speed
  • 5 multi-logins


  • Only 7-days money-back guarantee


6. PrivateVPN


Stay private on your Samsung device with the best VPN for Samsung i.e. PrivateVPN. Stream geo-restricted media or access social media websites that are blocked in your country. It will get you to browse the entire internet undetected with a military-grade encryption shield and will provide you with maximum speed for browsing. View detailed PrivateVPN review for more information.


  • IP leak protection
  • 2048-bit VPN encryption
  • Zero data logging policy
  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  • 6 simultaneous connections


  • Limited VPN servers i.e. 100


Best VPN for Samsung S8


1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is amongst the fastest VPN provider that makes online security and freedom accessible for everyone on Samsung 8 device. Your real IP location remains invisible to internet provider, thus making you invincible.

2. HideMyAss

HideMyAss helps you make a secure connection to the free public Wi-Fi and protects your device against hackers. Browse privately while your online identity remains untraceable.

3. SaferVPN

The simplest of the VPN providers that does well with any Samsung device including Samsung S8. Browse without any boundaries when you have SaferVPN installed on your device.


Best VPN for Samsung S7


1. ZenMate

ZenMate promises to let your bypass restricted websites on your Samsung S8 browser and allow any app to be downloaded on your device even if it is geo-restricted. ZenMate gives online thieves and hackers no chance with its strong VPN encryption.

2. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is preferably the best VPN for Samsung 7 as it makes sure hiding your IP, access restricted websites, and a safe online transactions. It further blocks malicious content that are targeted towards your phone.

Read more details about the service in an all-inclusive review on CyberGhost VPN.

3. TunnelBear

When you install TunnelBear on Samsung S7 mobile phone, you get free access to the open internet but for 500 MB. There are other pricing options for unlimited data paid either monthly or yearly basis.


Best VPN for Samsung S7 Edge


1. GooseVPN

GooseVPN works best for Android TV and Samsung S7 edge phones which is easier to install through Google Play Store and is free for the first month. With GooseVPN you get safe and unlimited online.

2. Windscribe

Online privacy is under attack for many people around the world and Windscribe helps protect online identity while browsing the internet. It unblocks entertainment content while blocks advertisements.

3. Hola VPN

Hola is the best VPN for Samsung S7 edge because it gives you freedom to browse the internet without censorship. It has a video accelerator that helps in faster streaming while keeping you anonymous online.


Best VPN for Samsung Tablet


1. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access develops a VPN tunnel to encrypt all your online data and gives you an anonymous IP which is impossible to trace. You can connect to 5 devices simultaneously with PIA VPN.

2. VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited is secure when it is used as the best VPN for Samsung Tablet. When you find any website you cannot reach over the internet, then connect to VPN Unlimited and access the particular content without any restrictions.

3. Le VPN

Le VPN claims to be the #1 VPN in Europe and rightly so because of its advanced VPN encryption. Alongside security, it offers high speed VPN servers with an ease-of-use of its app. Keep your personal data confidential on Samsung Galaxy Tab with Le VPN.


How to Setup Best VPN for Samsung Tablet

Step 1: Open your Samsung Galaxy Tablet > Visit the VPN provider website mentioned in the table

Step 2: Subscribe to the VPN service

Step 3: Download the Android VPN app from VPN website or Download it via Google Play Store

Step 4: Once downloaded, Log In with Username and Password

Step 5: Connect to any VPN server > Now your Samsung device is protected

How to run a VPN on Samsung Smart TV

There are hardly any VPN services that are compatible with Samsung Smart TVs directly. However, it is possible to connect your Smart TV to a VPN-protected Wi-Fi, effectively securing the TV with a VPN. To do this, you can turn your PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Make sure your PC has a working VPN installed first, before you can use this method.

Read more about Best Samsung Smart Tv VPN

Best VPN for Samsung Note 8


1. VyprVPN

VyprVPN like all other VPN providers listed in the guide bypass censorship ad restrictions over the internet. Most importantly, it will improve streaming access and speed unlike other VPN services because naturally VPN services are associated with slow streaming.

2. Hide.Me

Hide.Me’s advance security makes it the best VPN for Samsung Note 8. While encrypting your data over the internet, it keeps your real location anonymous. Its app is simple to use and never keeps any activity logs.

3. StrongVPN

Navigate an open internet on Samsung Note 8 with the StrongVPN and access any website around from any part of the world. StrongVPN has 650+ servers and availability in 20+ countries which is enough to access any content online.


Best VPN for Samsung J7


1. Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN makes the best VPN for Samsung J7 because it gives you protection from anywhere in the world. You are able to surf anonymously in 49 major countries having 337 VPN servers.

2. IronSocket VPN

IronSocket VPN provides an ultimate VP security that protects your online privacy and identity. It gives you Wi-Fi Hotspot protection and it certainly does not keep any activity log.

3. Buffered

Experience the internet freedom with Buffered VPN service that is private, safe, and fair. In the digital age, anyone can see you what you do online on your mobile device, while Buffered VPN takes care of your personal data and encrypts it in a VPN tunnel.


The Wrap Up

Samsung devices and all other devices including Smartphones and Tablets are vulnerable to hacking when connected over the internet. Protect your device against hacking and keep all your personal data safe with the help of best VPN for Samsung. Its VPN encryption protects all your valuable data hidden from the sight of hackers, thus keeping your data safe. In this guide, we listed down some of the best VPN for all Samsung devices.