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Since its release, Apple’s flagship operating system iOS has overcome well-known industry giants concerning functionality, usability, and reliability. Being in a rigorous competition against Google’s Android OS, Apple’s has sold over one billion iOS devices till now and turned out to be the single best-selling operating system in the world.

Despite all robust security measures and encryption methods to protect an iOS device, data privacy of users in China is not guaranteed. Strict censorship regime and aggressive data monitoring have left netizens unable to access various popular websites and services. Similarly, each and every online activity of a user is monitored by the Great Firewall of China. To protect user data privacy, the most useful measure that you can take is to use a VPN to China iOS.


A China VPN will not only deliver a robust data protection to your device against the odds of the cyber world, but it will make you anonymous to various cyber goons, hackers, intruders and the great firewall. With a VPN to China iOS, you can get the best out of your iPhone and iPad devices from within Mainland China.

Following tested VPN providers offer broad range of top-tier overseas VPN servers along with a mix of leading-edge encryption protocols. These VPN are fully compatible with all iOS devices and allow a user to bypass the geo-restrictions while accessing unlimited blocked sites, services, torrents and P2P files. They also offer 24/7 customer support, wallet-friendly packages and high-end service:

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China VPN for iPad

Apple Inc. has been globally acclaimed to provide state-of-the-art security infrastructure and end-to-end encryption function in its devices. Moreover, refusal of Tim Cook to implement “back door” on iOS devices has grabbed the attention of millions of privacy-conscious users and proved Apple as a genuine privacy leader.


Apple’s iPhone stands as fans favorite device globally, a significant number of users find iPad to be a more comfortable and natural medium to socialize, watch movies and play games on a larger display. However, the online privacy of iOS users in China remains at stake. The strict internet laws and censorship measures have left users with no choice except to use one of the China VPN for iPad to access torrents, P2P, social networks, blog spots and various on-demand entertainment services from within China.


China VPN for iPhone

With having sold over 590 million iPhones from 2007 – 2014, Apple’s flagship brand ‘iPhone’ stand as the most selling Smartphone of the decade. Equipped with Brilliant features, top-tier hardware configuration and a cutting edge metal-glass design, iPhone captures the attention of over billions of users worldwide.

However, aggressive censorship regime and massive surveillance system by the Chinese government have left users with no option except to use a VPN to get protected. By using one of the above-mentioned China VPN for iPhone, users can evade the great firewall of restrictions hassle free and gain instant access to Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and more blocked sites from China on their iPhone.

Free China VPN for iPad

There are plenty of providers in the market who claim to provide free China VPN for iPad, when in reality they don’t even work from within China. Only handful of VPN providers manages to circumvent the imposed geo-restrictions. The reason lies behind the rapidly developing censorship practices in China. The great firewall of China uses most advanced techniques to detect and block VPN services and evasion tools including IP blocking, packet filtering, DNS filtering and Deep Packet Inspection process.

Fortunately, the mentioned VPN services in this guide offer leading-edge technology to forward the entire network traffic of a user to a more secured protocol (TCP443). This allows a user to evade the firewall while being anonymous on the internet. A VPN is the one stop solution for complete online freedom in China.

Final Words

According to a security report by Harvard, over 18,000 websites are blocked in China. The number includes 12 out of 100 top global leading sites. According to a Chinese-sponsored news agency Xinhua, the target of censorship focuses on “pornographic, superstitious, protests, gambling, and violence- related material”.

The majority of censored websites contain context related to police brutality, Tiananmen Square Incident of 1989, freedom of speech, Taiwan Independence, Tibetan Independence, and democracy. Under such circumstances, netizens find it impossible to access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, The New York Times and much more.

To get around the geo-restrictions and restore data privacy, users can get one of the VPN to China iOS mentioned above and access internet with 100% online freedom, premium anonymity, reliable online protection and zero restrictions at very affordable rate.