5 best VPN for Mac – Treat your Mac the right way!

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Mac users are more or less careless about the online privacy and security however, if we have learned anything over the years is that Mac is just as susceptible to online vulnerabilities as any other operating system in the industry.

  • Denial of service
  • Data manipulation
  • Geo restriction
  • Location tracking
  • Spying
  • Censorship

are just some of the things that should be concerning to any Mac user.

With so many breach of privacy cases and numerous cyber-attacks, it definitely pays off to get a premium VPN for Mac.

It’s no surprise that a (VPN) Virtual Private Network helps protect your online privacy, and keep you totally safe on the inter web.

Although VPN for Mac might seem jarring at first, however their intuitive clients and one-click operations makes it pretty straight forward to use even if you are not particularly tech savvy.

A best VPN for Mac will allow you to experience a world of encrypted private browsing and an unprecedented access to a whole arsenal of your beloved websites and contents, all without any creepy surveillance and geo restrictions.

In this blog, we are going to discuss various VPN providers and evaluate them on multiple factors that should help you narrow down your search for the perfect Mac VPN.


Reasons to use VPN with Mac

Mac users around the world are blinded by the misconception of privacy, so much so that most users do not tend to use any sort of privacy or antivirus tools with their Apple machines.

While it is true that Mac machines are more secure than their Windows counterparts, they too can suffer from the hands of cyber criminals.

For instance, according to various statistical data presented by Cybersecurity ventures, the world will receive a massive hit of approximately 6 trillion dollars by 2021. This just shows the extent to which our privacy is at risk.

Having personally been a victim of cyber-attacks, I can only advise others to opt for privacy tool.

Even if you do not necessarily end up being a victim of online criminals, you are still technically putting your important information out in the open.

Mac computers retain comparatively more data than any other operating system in the industry. While some part of this data is genuinely protected and used for, future improvements, imessages and iTunes, data can prove to be a vulnerable target for cyber criminals.

Another reason why Mac users should consider a VPN is due to ISPs. It is no secret Internet service providers spy on consumers therefore; using a best VPN for Mac is the most logical thing to do.

A reputable VPN service can help you:

  • Obtain online anonymity
  • Access geo locked content
  • Cloak you activity from snoops
  • Torrent anonymously
  • Secure your most sensitive data

How to choose best VPN for Mac?


Although you can find many Mac compatible VPN clients online, it is difficult to find one that is properly optimized. Fast speed and stable connection is what most VPN user look for in any service.

I mean what’s the point of a VPN if it doesn’t run properly.

The main purpose of a VPN is to protect you against online threats; however, as with any product or service some tend to work better than others do. When it comes to VPN privacy, there are two crucial things to consider:

  • The region where the company is operating from and their privacy or data logging policy.

Since Macs do not allow too much tinkering around it is good that you look for a VPN that comes pre-configured with all the necessary bells and whistles.

Another thing to look for in any good VPN for Mac is strong encryption and straightforward privacy policy, so you do not end with a headache later on.

Now as I said, finding a perfect VPN for your  Mac can be cumbersome, therefore I have taken the liberty to list some of the best VPN for Mac below.

5 Best VPN for Mac

Choosing a VPN service can be difficult as there are literally so many factors to weigh in before making a purchase.

Speed, encryption, cost and ease of use are some of the features that most consumers consider in any VPN service.

To make it super simple for you guys, I am going to be considering these VPN providers on their:

  1. Speeds
  2. Mac compatibility
  3. Encryption algorithms
  4. P2P compatibility
  5. Prices
  6. Data logging policies
  7. Customer care
RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
Editor's Choice
$3.54Per Month
68% Off
2 Year Deal
$3.99Per Month
66% Off
2 Years Plan
$8.32Per Month
35% OFF
No Exclusive Offer
$4.87Per Month
60% OFF
Exclusive Offer
Ivacy VPN
$4.08Per Month
77% OFF
2 Years Deal



PureVPN is honestly my favorite best VPN for Mac; simply consider all the features, great applications, frugal prices and you will know exactly why so many people absolutely love this provider.

Although the server count of this provider is not all that impressive, its global footprint is certainly marvelous. Currently PureVPN offers 750+ server in more than 140 countries so you can definitely expect smooth sailing with this provider.

PureVPN is also equipped with topnotch privacy features supporting full 256-bit and openVPN encryption Protocols. This provider takes privacy very seriously as it even offers a handy dandy kill switch option for added measure of privacy and security.

One of my absolute favorite privacy feature of PureVPN is its Split tunneling technology. What this feature does is it basically allows certain applications to access the internet via your unencrypted connection while allowing apps that share sensitive data to connect via the VPNs protected encrypted servers.

Just like other VPN providers in this list, PureVPN does not log user data and since this provider operates from Hong Kong it does not have to abide by most regulations, therefore P2P sharing is absolutely possible through their dedicated encrypted servers.

PureVPN has a very minimalistic client for both Mac and iOS, which offers one of the finest user experiences in my opinion. Simultaneous connections up to five devices and dead cheap price of $2.48 a month should be enough to satisfy anyone’s privacy needs on a budget.

If you don’t end up liking, their service, which I am sure, you won’t then you can always get your money back with their 7-day money back guarantee.



When considering top tier VPN providers Nord just can’t be left behind, its rock-solid privacy at dirt cheap prices simply make it one of the most desirable VPNs for any privacy enthusiast.

Moreover, if we consider privacy, I think no one does it better than Nord.

The feature that strikes me the most about Nord is its double hop technology. This feature adds an extra layer of privacy by encrypting your network connection with two layers of AES-256-CBC ciphers.

Nord offers an amazing easy to install client for both Mac OS and iOS, which would wow any minimalistic Apple user.

Besides having a clean UI, this provider is no slouch either in the privacy department. Just like ExpressVPN, this provider also uses openVPN and 256 bit encryption protocols for ultimate protection.

Therefore, whether you want to torrent or stream Netflix and chill NordVPN has definitely got you covered.

Nord also offers an exceptional 24/7 email and live chat support, so if you encounter any stutters contacting them should resolve your issue in no time.

This provider also has a huge arsenal of servers; literally thousands of them are geographically placed all around the globe for ultimate coverage and uncompromised speeds.

NordVPN operates out of Panama, which puts it out of the reach of any regulatory authorities, so you can be rest assured your data is totally safe with Nord, not that they log any of it in the first place thanks to their strict no data logging policy.

To top it off this provider also offers 30-day full money back guarantee and a three-day free trial with no credit cards required, so you can try out their service without any strings attached.



ExpressVPN is probably the most popular VPN provider in the industry, although it’s not the cheapest option out there, its snappy speeds and one click dedicated application definitely earns this provider a spot on my list.

Besides being super convenient ExpressVPN also has some great security features up its sleeves. This provider uses complete 256-bit encryption in conjunction with OpenVPN straight out the box so you technically don’t even need to tinker around with settings.

Just for the reference this level of encryption, is virtually unbreakable by today’s standards.

The mobile application and the desktop client both come pre enabled with kill switch and split tunneling features for us clumsy folks out there.

While most VPN providers in the industry get burden down with encryption and tunneling protocols Express VPN still manages to outperform the competition with negligible speed drops.

The performance is smooth and you can barely realize the presence of a VPN. The inclusion of iOS and Safari extensions of Express VPN blends seamlessly with the Apples premium eco system.

The secret to this provider’s speedy performance is its strategically placed servers, although not astronomical in number its global coverage is impressive to say the least.

This provider also offers strict no data logging policy and since it operates out of the British Virgin Islands it  doesn’t fall in the geographical  jurisdictions of most regulatory authorities.

At the moment ExpressVPN has about 2000+ servers in 94 countries, so I can bet you will be getting awesome speeds all the time and if you encounter any issues, their world class customer service is an absolute pleasure to deal with.



IPVanish is a rather underrated VPN, however with all its cool features and P2P compatibility I just had to mention it in this list.

IPVanish’s Mac application has a very intuitive design and some very nifty features, which make it, stand out from the competition. The client is very smart and automatically connects you to the most optimum server depending on your geographical location. Besides that, downloading speed is really, where this provider shines the most.

IPVanish also packs some great privacy and security features which includes complete 256 bit  AES encryption, Kill switch, IP masking and DNS + IP leak protection. All of these settings are of course customizable so you can tweak them to your liking.

This provider also a has pretty decent server count, 1000+ servers in 60+is more than enough to satisfy anyone’s needs. However, one thing to keep in mind is that although these servers are perfect for P2P activities they are not efficient in unblocking streaming services, which is a bit inconvenient.

IPVanish also claims no data logging, however since this provider operates from the United States it can be a contradicting statement to say the least.

The only gripe I have with this provider is their customer support, which I found to be very slow.

Sadly, IPVanish does not offer any free trial, however they do have a 7-day full refund with every subscription plan.



If you prefer a very bare bone and simple VPN that just works, then Ivacy is perfect for you. Although I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about this VPN at the beginning however, after giving it a go I was blown away by how fast this provider works.

So much so that I consider it to be the fastest VPN for Mac in its price segment.

Besides being blazing fast, it also boasts some great privacy features like powerful encryption protocol (PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN among others), kill switch option and IP leak protection for ultimate privacy.

Ivacy’s Mac client is also amongst the most user-friendly applications I have ever used as it automatically tweaks itself to offer the best experience depending on what you want to do.

This provider offers plenty of servers in multitude of locations that support both P2P and streaming services without any data logging.

Ivacy does not offer a free trial, however being the cheapest VPN in our list it is certainly worth giving a try.

As always, Ivacy offers a full refund policy so you can get your money back with their 7-day money back guarantee.

Give these best VPN for Mac a go!

Now that you know some of the best VPN for Mac, it is time you give them a try, not only will the aforementioned VPNs increase your security it will also help you bypass any geo locked content or site of your choice. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu you name it.

I don’t know about you but unrestricted browsing sounds awesome to me.

P.S just a friendly reminder, nobody is safe from online hackers and strict government restrictions, therefore a VPN for Mac would not necessarily hurt anyone.

Mac’s delusional Security

The overall persona of Apple is that of a golden child, people often associate Apple as a company that never makes mistakes, however as we have learned over the years even Apple has had its fair share of controversies.

Part of the reason why most Apple users, believe in this popular notion cab be contributed to those ultimate cringe worthy Mac vs PC debates and advertisements we were brain washed with few years ago.

If you reminisce about those advertisements, you may recall Mac being deemed the more secure computing machine out of the two. Although at that time, this theory was credible to some extent however, one thing worth considering is that nearly 90% computing machines at the time were PCs, which explains why Macs were the safer option.

Most viruses and malwares were being targeted for PCs as no one bothered writing one for Mac, as they were miniscule in number.

However, over the years, the trend has massively shifted, bringing and increased demand for Apple machines. This marginal shift in preference has also drawn in unwanted attention from malicious hackers.

For instance ever since 2016, there has been a 28.83% increase in the overall system wide vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can be as serious as remotely triggered (DoS), which can render your Mac machine potentially useless.

A reputable VPN service can offer ultimate protection against unsuspected vulnerabilities. Encryption, secure tunneling and IP masking all go a long ways toward mitigating online threats.

Does VPN for Mac work with my iPad or iPhone?


Technically, no since Mac and iOS are both two different platforms of the same operating system, therefore a Mac VPN should not work with your iPhone or iPad. However, most VPN providers offer multiplatform clients therefore, you can run the VPN app on your iPhone or iPad.

Since you might want to run VPN on a multitude of devices at the same time, you might also prefer simultaneous connections. Fortunately, the VPN providers discussed prior offer this feature; therefore, you can secure all of your devices simultaneously hassle free.

Mac compatible VPN Protocols


Before we look at some Mac compatible protocols, it is best that you understand what VPN protocol even is.

Well a VPN protocol is basically a set of instructions that is required by two communicating machines to establishing a secure connection.

Mac operating system as any other support different VPN protocols, however we must consider that some protocols tend to work slightly better than others do.

IKEV2A fast and secure VPN protocolreconnects upon interruptionsVery fastVery reliable
L2TPA very stable and widely used protocolyesFastVery reliable
PPTPOutdated and unsecure protocol which is not secure to useyesSlowNot reliable

Wrapping up!

Virtual private networks are becoming almost a necessity for online users; even operating systems that were once considered invincible are now suffering from hard-core vulnerabilities and breach of privacy attacks.

For privacy enthusiasts who take online security of their Mac machines seriously, I have scoured the internet to find absolutely the best VPN for Mac and discussed it in this blog.

All of the VPNs mentioned above have made it in to my list only after rigorous testing of IP and DNS leaks, reliability, ease of use and speeds.

I hope you found this blog informational, do try the above-mentioned VPNs, I am sure you will love them.

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