3 Best VPN with Kill Switch that Keep You Secure at all Times

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A VPN service offers numerous features to protect your privacy and security against different threats. But, what happens when your VPN connection drops unexpectedly? To save the day, many VPN providers offer a feature called Kill Switch. It immediately secures your identity and privacy if your VPN connection is lost.

In our guide, we will show you how an internet kill switch works, what benefits it offers, and which VPN with kill switch are the best.

What is a VPN Kill Switch & How Does it Work?

A VPN kill switch, also known as internet kill switch, is like fail-safe device that deploys if your VPN connection drops. What it does is that it instantly stops you from connecting to the internet when you disconnect from the VPN. This prevents third parties or any outsider from identifying your true IP address and location.

Once your VPN service is back up and running, it automatically reconnects your device to the internet. So, how does an internet kill switch work?

A VPN with internet kill switch constantly monitors your internet connection. It looks for any signs of change, such as drop in connection or changing IP address. A kill switch instantly kicks in when it detects such change and halts your internet connection.

Top 3 VPN with Kill Switch

Now that you know what an internet kill switch is and how it works, finding a VPN with kill switch can be tough.Therefore, to help you out, we have shortlisted three VPN providers that offer internet kill switch. These providers also have no logging policy and use leading edge protocols to safeguard user’s privacy.

PureVPN Internet Kill Switch

PureVPN is one of the leading VPN providers with internet kill switch you can use today. It offers over 500 servers located across the world and protects your privacy with military grade encryption and OpenVPN protocol. PureVPN bakes its VPN kill switch feature in apps for Windows, Mac, and Android. View our guide of Android VPN as well.

Sadly, this feature is not available for iOS yet. However, upon inquiry, PureVPN is working on implementing kill switch for iOS devices very soon. Overall, PureVPN has good reviews of its internet kill switch feature. It has also resolved certain issues on its Android version, as the latest builds have a new and improved kill switch feature.

IPVanish Kill Switch

IPVanish is another VPN with kill switch feature and offers great performance. It offers servers in major locations around the world and user-friendly apps for multiple operating systems. Likewise, it also offers 256-bit AES encryption and has a no log policy. IPVanish kill switch is available on Windows and Mac VPN clients at the moment. You enable this feature by accessing the connection settings in the app. Apart from its limit compatibility, there aren’t many complaints about IPVanish kill switch.

PIA VPN Kill Switch

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a renowned VPN service that commands healthy audience from all around the world. PIA’s commitment to user’s privacy is an example for all other VPN providers to follow. PIA VPN kill switch is a testament to that commitment. It will automatically protect your privacy by stopping your internet connection in an event of VPN disconnection. PIA also offer DNS leak protection, adding to its privacy protection arsenal.

However, many users have complained about PIA kill switch not working. The problem has been caused by DHCP, but it can be easily fixed through troubleshooting. Other than this, PIA kill switch has received good reviews and its service has improved considerably over the years.

Internet Kill Switch a Must for Torrent Users

Now if you use torrents frequently, then you must be using a VPN service to secure your online privacy. However, a drop in VPN connection can get you into a lot of trouble. When you are downloading torrents, your IP address is visible on BitTorrent client. A VPN hides your IP address and secures your privacy.

However, if your VPN connection stops for any reason, your internet traffic is no longer routed through a VPN server. Instead, it goes through normally via your ISP, exposing your true IP address during the process. In this case, VPN kill switch can be highly useful. When your VPN connection breaks, a kill switch will stop your internet connection and prevent any IP leakage.


Internet kill switch is an integral feature that you should look for when selecting a VPN. It adds an extra layer of security and provides a safety net in case your VPN stops functioning. In this post, we have listed three VPN with kill switch. Each of them have good reviews and have kill switch feature built-in to its apps.

Likewise, a kill switch has various other applications and can be beneficial if you are a privacy conscious user. Whether it’s torrenting, surfing the web, conducting financial transactions, or any other task, a kill switch will prevent IP leakage and preserve your privacy at all times.

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