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$2.75 Per Month

CyberGhost is an impressive online privacy service that has a presence in all the major countries of the world.

Users can connect to any server of their choice from the list of 3600+ servers in 58 countries worldwide. The service also offers attractive benefits like multi-login, free trial, and many.

CyberGhost belongs in our list of the best among various top VPN reviews we have performed.

In case you are wondering, is CyberGhost legal? How do I download CyberGhost on Android? How can I cancel CyberGhost subscription?

Then continue reading this CyberGhost review.

Like other VPNs in the market, CyberGhost does have some upsides and downsides as well.

However, CyberGhost being an experienced online privacy brand in the industry recognizes users’ privacy demands in the right way.

Here is the list of various salient attributes of CyberGhost along with some demerits too:


Who is the Parent Company of CyberGhost?

In 2017, Kape Technologies formerly known as Crossrider acquired CyberGhost. The company has recently purchased Zenmate, another VPN service.

The unique selling proposition of Kape technologies lies in developing different sorts of online security products.

 What I liked about CyberGhost?

There are different reasons that entice you to opt CyberGhost when it comes to securing your privacy. These are:

Experience CyberGhost Newest Version 7.0

At the time of writing this review, it was refreshing to know that CyberGhost has upgraded its version from 6.0 to 7.0.

At present, you can install the latest version of CyberGhost on all your iOS devices straightaway.

In addition, you can setup the brand on Windows and other operating system by following the below –mentioned steps:

  • Once you have logged into your account, go to “My Devices” option
  • Add a new device of your choice like Windows or Mac, Android and others
  • Select “Download now” option after adding your preferred device
  • Wait for few moments to complete the downloading process
  • You can begin with installation process when you are done with downloading procedure

Hence, you can experience hidden benefits of CG7 hassle-free.


Romanian Jurisdiction (does not belong to eyes countries)

Perhaps the best feature about CyberGhost is that it is located in Romania, far away from the reach of 14 Eyes.

So, if you want to answer the answer of your question “Where is CyberGhost based?

I hope you have the right answer now.

Likewise, you can rest assured that they won’t be handing out your data to these signals intelligence entities around the world.

Unblocks Netflix (Supports BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO & more)


During my CyberGhost review, I explored that the brand has added another feather in its cap by offering Netflix unblocking feature.

Furthermore, the service provides an exclusive Netflix mode in its app that allows you to watch your favorite TV shows or movies anonymously.

To provide their users appreciable streaming speeds, they have added highly optimized Netflix servers in their armory.


GDPR Compliance (takes users’ privacy seriously)

Interestingly, CyberGhost is included in the list of GDPR compliant VPNs. This is because they have made their data collection procedure quite transparent.

When you go through its privacy policy thoroughly, you will witness a dedication section about GDPR.


Is CyberGhost safe for Torrenting?

CyberGhost is a popular option among users who have a thing for torrenting downloads.

Although not all servers offer support for torrents, it offers enough of them, which allow P2P file sharing.

Kodi (Watch your favorite media content from anywhere)

Kodi offers unlimited content for streaming. You can watch the latest movies, shows, cartoons, anime, documentaries, and even live television. It powers such content through multiple add-ons. Kodi is a complete streaming service with everything for everyone.

However, the problem with Kodi is that certain add-ons are geo-restricted. For instance, add-ons such as NBC and ABC are only accessible in the United States. Therefore, to bypass these restrictions, you need a specific Kodi VPN service.

CyberGhost for Kodi will allow you to access any content from anywhere with ease. Similarly, it will also free you from any kind of internet censorship placed on Kodi.

Log & Privacy Policy (Does not log and offers a clear policy)

Many VPN service providers offer excellent package plans in exchange of affordable price; yet, they cannot be considered as feasible options because they do not ensure your privacy.

Confused? Let me explain. Many VPN service providers do not have a clear log and privacy policy.

This means that your VPN service provider can monitor your logs, search history or whatever details you don’t want to disclose.

On the other hand, few VPN service providers ensure your privacy by offering a concrete privacy and log policy.

You might be thinking does CyberGhost keep logs or not?

For your convenience, I tell you one thing categorically.

CyberGhost VPN with its no-logging policy is an excellent alternative to consider in this regard.

Protocols and Encryption (Offers OpenVPN protocol that uses 256-bit encryption by default)

One of the core reasons for which you select a VPN as your online protector is your security.

There are different methods through which a VPN service ensures your security and confidentiality, but the most significant among them all is encryption.

Encryption is sort of a backup plan, which secures your confidentiality.


The protocols that CyberGhost supports are L2TP, IKEv2 and OpenVPN.

Although there are other protocols available that alternative providers offer such as PPTP and SSTP, it focuses on the latest and most secure protocols i.e. OpenVPN and IKEv2.

Other Salient Benefits (Hidden Gems in 2019)

In this VPN CyberGhost Review, I thoroughly evaluated the feature set of the service.

The user interface is truly eye-catching and easy to navigate.

The software client will highlight your IP address as soon as you start it, so users can see their actual IP as well as the changed address once they are connected to a VPN server.

The main window allows users to connect to the VPN depending on the purpose they wish to use it for.

From torrenting to streaming, the service offers functionality for all kinds of purposes.


You can manage up to seven devices and set them up to use CyberGhost with the same subscriber account.

This is another outstanding feature of the service as you can connect your mobile devices as well as laptops/PCs/Macs to the same VPN account.

7 Simultaneous Logins (Secure any device to your liking)

This is another feature where CyberGhost beats its competitors.

The industry standard for simultaneous multi-logins across various devices is 5.

By supporting up to 7 devices at the same time, CyberGhost has built a USP out of this feature.

Kill Switch (protects you when you don’t have a VPN security)

CyberGhost allows you to remain anonymous even when it suddenly stops working.

You might be wondering how it is possible.

It is definitely possible with kill switch feature.

When your VPN connection abruptly drops for any reason, your internet connection does not work either.

It is surely a win-win situation for internet users eventually.

Compatibility with TOR (enjoy optimum level of anonymity)

When I reviewed CyberGhost in detail, I figured out that you can both TOR and CyberGhost in parallel. By doing so, you can achieve desired extent of anonymity.

If you live in any of repressive countries like China, Iran, Russia and others, the said feature becomes a blessing in disguise for you.

Server Locations (exists in all parts of the World)

Numbers of servers and their geographical dispersion are one of the crucial factors to consider before buying a VPN service.

The more geographically scattered the servers are, the more easily you can bypass geo-restrictions on content. Hence, with a VPN, you can access content (websites, social networking platforms, streaming links and even TV shows) being anywhere – from anywhere.


This VPN offers 3600+ geographically scattered servers in 58 different countries at the time of writing this review.

Some of these regions include U.S, U.K, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Hong Kong, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Romania and many more.

Does CyberGhost work in China?

Sadly NO. According to my review, the service doesn’t work in mainland China. If you still want to use the service, you will have to perform trial and error test. By doing so, you can determine if CyberGhost unblocks streaming and social media services in China or not. Therefore, you can download and install its free version to solve your query in a timely manner.

Customer Support (Delivers numerous users’ assistance options)

Customer support is a make or break situation for any VPN service. If you are using a VPN service that delivers various ways to solve your queries timely, it is a blessing in disguise.

You can include CyberGhost in the list of VPN services those try their level best to come up with the expectations of their users. Here is the list of different options CyberGhost offers to users:

  • Guides and FAQs
  • 24/7/365 days Live Chat
  • Software and other Tutorials

CyberGhost’s reliability stems from the fact that the service offers extensive guides and FAQs for the assistance of users regarding its usage and installation.


If you are still not satisfied, then you also have the option to create a ticket by submitting a request to get the answer of your troubleshooting questions accordingly.


During my conversation, the customer service representative calmly responded to every question I asked despite of bragging about “Why I should buy their service” like most service, providers do.

In short, this VPN has an excellent customer and tech support, which will timely respond to all your concerns.

Live Chat (Available 24/7)

Customer support is an important attribute for any service provider. In the VPN industry, however, good and responsive tech support is hard to find.

CyberGhost is remarkably one of the few providers offering great support 24/7 with low responsive time.

Software and Tutorials Provided

The provider offers a highly impressive client for various platforms. The software runs smoothly on Windows along with other operating systems and platforms such as Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS. The software is easy to use and does not occupy much space of your hard drive.


CyberGhost offers tutorials or guides for different platforms, just like other VPN service providers. It also used to operate an official forum where users came, interact and share their concerns. Unfortunately, the forum has been abandoned now and is no longer in use.

Compatibility with Different Devices

Device compatibility is one of the prime features that you need to consider before buying a VPN service.

In a life where you are always one-the-go, VPN that you prefer must support different devices that may use for diverse reasons. CyberGhost in this regard serve as an excellent alternative.

The VPN is compatible with different devices such as PCs, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets etc.

This allows you to use your VPN on different operating systems and platforms such as Windows (2000, XP, 2007 and 2008 etc.), MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS etc.

These are the most frequently preferred operating systems and platforms; hence, it can be said that the VPN offers outstanding device compatibility.



CyberGhost Windows app does have an attractive layout and user-friendly interface. Likewise, you can select your preferred servers from the list quite easily.

Once you have selected your favorite server, chances are that you have secured your digital existence in no time.



The software of CyberGhost for Mac is sleek and very well designed. It shares similar aesthetics and functionality as the Windows client. You can find the server list located at the bottom left corner of the software. Once you select the server, click the Power button and the VPN will connect you to the desired location.


When it comes to compatibility, CyberGhost offers exclusive apps for various platforms, including Android.

From the onset, you can feel that it is a premium VPN service that offers high quality service.

The layout, design, color scheme, and overall user interface provided a refreshing look.


As for the performance, the VPN app delivered reliable speeds with good security measures.

Similarly, the app for Android TV Box offers exceptional performance as well.

Using its app or configuring the service manually, you can unblock any website on your Android TV box.

Check out our detailed guide on VPN app for Android to explore other popular VPN services in the industry.

iPhone & iPad


The apps of CyberGhost for iPhone and iPad are sleek, well designed, light and smooth in performance.

The layout of the app is similar to that of Android.

I was quite impressed with its performance on iOS devices.

The CyberGhost 7 Windows Client

CyberGhost offers an interactive windows client to its users. Through download tabs, you can explore different features instantly. Hence, you can accomplish your media streaming cravings to another level.


Likewise, an appealing screen provides you clear information about your VPN connection status straightaway. As a result, you can access geo-blocked streaming services from your preferred locations hassle-free. If you evaluate CyberGhost Pro in detail, you can get awareness regarding servers list along with user load and ping rates.

The above-said client offers OpenVPN UDP and OpenVPN TCP protocols. However, you will not find port selection feature. Still, you can experience app protection and Wi-Fi protection benefit accordingly.

Interestingly, you can avail various features through CyberGhost 7 Windows client stress-free.

The CyberGhost 7 MacOS Client

Unfortunately, CyberGhost 6 MacOS client provides a comprehensive list of features to its users.

My review reveals that it delivers Wi-Fi protection and split tunneling benefits for subscribers.

This is the reason, it looks more compelling than other VPN services’ MacOS clients do.



Amongst the long list of device compatibility, CyberGhost for Ubuntu offers step-by-step guide. Once you sign up for the VPN service, download the configuration files for Linux. You can follow the setup guide for Linux Ubuntu and install CyberGhost in an instant.


The VPN service performed well on Ubuntu, but there were variable speed performances on certain servers.

Browser Extensions (Compatible with Chrome and Firefox)

CyberGhost is one of the fewest VPNs that offer a dedicated extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

This way, you can secure your preferred web browsers be it Chrome or Firefox.


However, I was expecting an exclusive extension for other browsers like Opera as well.

Still, the said feature is enough to provide additional layer of protection to the users of Firefox and Chrome browsers.


Chromebook (not many VPN brands are compatible with Chromebook)

Since I am digging deep into the list of compatible devices for CyberGhost, I should Chromebook to that list as well.

Chromebook runs on Chrome OS and you can setup the service manually.

It provides an easy step-by-step tutorial that will help you configure L2TP/IPSec or OpenVPN protocol in few minutes.

CyberGhost Plans and Pricing

In this section, I will evaluate the package plans offered by CyberGhost VPN.

It is mandatory to review the packages provided by a VPN service before making a purchase decision. Most of you might seek an easy-on-wallet VPN service; yet, don’t want to compromise on the quality of service.

There are four fundamental package plans offered by the provider:

  • 1-month plan ($12.99)
  • 6-months plan ($7.99 a month)
  • 18-months plan ($2.75 a month)


The service has revamped its pricing plans and is rightly considered one of the cheapest VPNs out there.

With each package plan, you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic, 3,600+ servers, anti-fingerprinting system and multiple device connectivity.

This is a refreshing change from the earlier pricing plans offered by the VPN service.

Previously, you only had two options; select either a Premium or Premium Plus account.

However, with the new packages, you get all the features no matter how long you wish to subscribe.

Payment Methods

Diversity in payment methods offered is one of the essential characteristics to explore while reviewing a VPN service provider. It is like providing convenient transaction process to the users.

This VPN has improved its payment options from the yester years and now offers a wide range of payment methods. New users can subscribe to the service through credit card, PayPal, and even bitcoins.


45-day Money-back Guarantee


The 45 day period for claiming refund is a fairly long duration.

The majority of the providers in the industry either offer a week-long refund guarantee or none at all.

As such, CyberGhost is ahead of many providers when it comes to pricing and money-back guarantees.

 What I did not like about CyberGhost?

Every VPN service available in the market has few demerits and CyberGhost in not an exception. These are:

Details about Parent Company are Questionable

To cut the long story short, the parent company of CyberGhost is not trustworthy at all.

Previously, the organization was involved in spreading malware in various operating systems.

Likewise, you can easily find articles about eradicating a Crossrider malware.

Kape Technologies bought CyberGhost in the year 2017. The company was formerly called as Crossrider Plc.

CyberGhost vows for internet freedom quite rigorously but at the same time, Crossrider is keen to access users’ data unethically.

Suspected Security Concerns

CyberGhost has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Still, I did not find any clue whatsoever to declare the brand as an unreliable.

There were many issues surfaced in the past. That said, CyberGhost team resolved them very quickly.

CyberGhost Free Trial – Is CyberGhost no longer free?

Yes, CyberGhost is no longer free, rather it only offers a 1-day free trial and not more than that.

Overall, it has three (3) pricing plans i.e. for 1 month, 12 months, and 24 months.

Likewise, you can avail its exclusive 3 years pricing plan too.

However, it does provide an exclusive discount offer on a continual basis.


Speed Test (do not perform exceptionally well)

Every VPN leads to a reduction in the speed of your Internet connection. The real question is, how drastically does a VPN affect your Internet speeds?

In order to test speed performance of CyberGhost, I tested this VPN before and after connectivity. I used a 20 Mbps connection to test its internet speed.

Before connecting the VPN:


After connecting to the US server through CyberGhost, the download speed dropped from 19.16 Mbps to 12.36 Mpbs and the ping increased slightly. This is not a bad performance at all, since every VPN causes some decrease in the speed.

After connecting the VPN:

After VPN

This shows that the VPN provider has improved its speed performance.

Nonetheless, there is still room for improvement in order to compete with the leading providers in the market.

Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 Tests)

According to CyberGhost DNS test results, the provider offers a better web page uploading feature.

Surprisingly, VPN connection time has not much improved, as I would have liked.

Still, I hope the service would enhance its performance in this regard too in the near future.

Similarly, I went through IP leak tests that also included IPv4 and IPv6 DNS leak tests along with IPv4 and IPv6 WebRTC leak tests.

The brand officially claims that it provides DNS and IP leak safeguard feature by default. I was impressed to note that the provider has improved its performance to another level in this area.

CyberGhost “Ad Blocking” (Needs improvement)

Unfortunately, the ad-blocking feature of CyberGhost does not come up with the expectations of users. It does not work on HTTPS websites too. Furthermore, you can use the above advantage on HTTP sites.

The ad-blocking feature is workable on Windows, Mac, and iOS devices. I hope users would be able to use the above-described benefit on their Android devices in near future.

LifeTime Subscription (only available on third party sites)

Unfortunately, CyberGhost does not offer any information about its lifetime packages. Instead, different third party sites deliver exciting CyberGhost lifetime deals to their users.

The said practice creates doubt in the minds of existing as well as potential users quite significantly.

Recently, the brand promoted its lifetime deal on a third party site Stacksocial.


CyberGhost Trustpilot Review

Based on 5500+ review, you can assume CyberGhost has successfully found its feet in the VPN industry.


CyberGhost Twitter Review

My review unveils that the service does have an active presence on the famous interactive platform. It means you can find Twitter users in huge numbers those who wish to avail CyberGhost as per their own needs.

Many Twitter users recommend CyberGhost’s free service.

Some other tweets also suggest that the free trial of this service is popular on Twitter.

CyberGhost Reddit Review

My review reveals that the service does not have a strong presence on Reddit. However, a Redditor indicated that CyberGhost was once featured on DailyBitcoiner for the 28th position.

This is because the service accepts Bitcoin as an online payment option. Likewise, a response of one Reddit user suggested that the service should be proud of their achievement.

Surprisingly, different users have complained about CyberGhost performance in the recent past.



If you’re unsatisfied with this VPN provider, we have many more that offers exquisite features. Let us see of those list:

Final Verdict

At the end of this CyberGhost review, I can say that CyberGhost serves as an excellent alternative for those who currently seek a VPN.

This service also presents feature-rich package plans in exchange of affordable pricing.

Moreover, you can use the service for 24 hours to check the performance on your desired devices.

What I liked about CyberGhost was its GDPR compliance feature. As a result, users can get information about their data collection and its processing hassle-free.

Surprisingly, CyberGhost unblocks US Netflix in no time. Therefore, you can consider subscribing to the service to watch your US Netflix TV shows and other media stuff.

Feel free to share your experience regarding your experience and reviews for CyberGhost VPN in the comments section below.

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25 Responses to CyberGhost VPN Review 2019 – For All Your Online Needs

  1. Sam says:

    After trying out few VPN providers out there I must say – CyberGhost are way (!!) better than all of them.
    As part of my work, I travel a lot and a good VPN is critical for me.
    CyberGhost gives me the best quality solution!

    Thanks @Ghulman for the recommendation!

    • Ghulman says:

      Hi Sam,

      You’re welcome. I am glad you’re enjoying your experience with Cyberghost.


  2. Daniel says:

    i tried 3 different VPN services CyberGhost is the best one (by far!!!) in terms of speed, unblock netflix and user friendly (also, they dont keep logs which is the most important thing when using VPN)
    everything is simple and friendly and the price is great.

    • Ghulman says:

      Hi Daniel,
      Good to hear that you’re satisfied with Cyberghost. And you are right. Keeping no logs is an important part of being a VPN.

  3. not happy says:

    Hello, I’ve premium account and the Android app doesn’t work for me at all for over a week and over mobile data only. I’ve tried all mobile operators in uk, different devices, uninstalled it on and off several times, reset network settings several times, and the same messages comes up all the time which says that the app cannot connect. Tech support keep repeating the same every day, and every day they are saying that they will make an escalation and they never do. That’s in my opinion is hilarious as these people just copy paste some sentences from somewhere and aren’t bothered to help at all. So please AVOID CYBERGHOST if you value your privacy on the go and over mobile data as it just not going to work, help will never come, nor you will be provided with solutions or when the problem it should be fixed. Best

    • Ghulman says:

      I am sorry you had to face such issues while using Cyberghost. I hope the providers compensate you in some manner.

  4. Lisa says:

    Cyberghost is deceitful. I consistently manually select a US server while I am out of the country. A simple visit to whatismyisp informs me that my server is actually located in Romania. It takes more than 30 minutes each time of logging on and off to finally reach an actual United States server. I have 2 requests for help with no answer.
    Stay away!

  5. Cyrano says:

    Using a minimum speed cable modem service ($25/mo), I found that CyberGhost consistently DOUBLED my measured download speed. I am sure that would not have happened if I had a faster service from my ISP (+$), but it unlocked a faster speed for me, for free.

    No problems on Win7 Pro.

  6. Unhappy RipOff Victim says:

    24/7 support does not exist with Cyberghost. I could not get my router to work even though I followed the url’s instruction on configuration. I could not get support. I could not even put in a request for support because the support page was not working. 3 days after I subscribed, I cancelled. I got an email that told me I would not get my money back even though I cancelled. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

  7. Thomas Hegarty says:

    It’s AWFUL !
    From day one it has never loaded without coaxing and problems.
    I’m trying to update it’s driver as it won’t work at all now. The driver download doesn’t work. you press a couple of continues (ou MUST accept the unwanted Bing / chrome offer or it stalls.) Having done that….it stalled on the “next” button press.
    Ther is no feed back while this happens, no indication if it’s working or not.
    Somehow Ghost has to run through IE.!?
    Who uses that anymore?
    I’m exasperated with it!
    Won’t be re-newing, it’s a mess on Win 7 Home Premium.

  8. Roger Sundberg says:

    I’ve had Cyberghost for sometime, both the free version and the premium. It works great on my Windows 7 on laptops.
    However, the version for IOS, including the beta version 6, still needs a lot of work. It needs the option of setting up exceptions, for sites such as banking that require you to have the same IP address all the time. It also still interferes with email. It does work fine for general surfing and most sites. If they can add most of the options available with the windows version it will also be a great product for IOS.

  9. Joseph K. says:

    I purchased Cyberghost and it was working fine. Then, I upgraded to Windows 10 and it stopped working. My emails to support were a waste of my time. I detailed exactly what the problem was in my ticket to them and they never told me how I could fix it. Cyberghost would seem like it was running just fine but when I went to any one of my web browsers and typed “What is my IP” it would give me my actual IP address and not my Cyberghost IP. They kept asking me for a screenshot of the error. I provided them with every bit of information they asked for and they could never tell me what the problem was or how to fix it. Then, when I asked for a refund they told me they didnt handle refunds that I had to go through a third party to get a refund processed.




    • VPNRanks says:

      Thank you for your Valuable feedback.

      Best Regards,

  11. David says:

    Lost my business and I’ve been with them since the start.
    Simple reason they started reducing the amount of torrent usage on their servers and the ones you can use drastically reduce the bandwidth speed like Romania/ Russia etc
    I’m at 1.5 Mbps DL speed normally and their servers reduced me to a 100 kbps crawl.
    Moved to another service that doesn’t keep logs and doesn’t block torrents for $6.95 a month

  12. Pola-x says:

    I purchased premium CyberGhost for Mac OS as free don’t let you use p2p. Sadly it is not working with Mac OS. Customer service suggested to download Beta version for Mac OS which was supposed to solve the problem but the software doesn’t activate this download. After repeated emails to customer service which were simply ignored I filed for a refund with PayPal. Thanks a lot for wasting my time :/

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hello Pola,

      Thank you for your valuable feedback.
      We will convey this issue with their support team and hopefully they will overcome such issues in future.

      Best Regards,

  13. VPNRanks says:

    Thank you for your valuable feedback

  14. natacha says:

    hi any servers in

    • Arsalan Jabbar says:

      Unfortunately, CyberGhost doesn’t have servers in Portugal at the moment. You may contact their support and ask if they’re planning to launch one in future.

  15. CyberGhost EN says:

    Great 🙂 Looking forward to read new stuff!

  16. CyberGhost EN says:

    You did a great job! Thanks again!

    • Arsalan Jabbar says:

      You’re welcome. This isn’t the end of it though – there’s more to come – so stay tuned and keep in touch.

  17. CyberGhost EN says:

    Hey Arsalan! Thank you for the nice and accurate review. You rule!

    • Arsalan Jabbar says:

      Thank you for the feedback and appreciating my effort. Just tried to explore each an every aspect of your service. Hope I did justice with all the extraordinary features you guys offer.

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