CyberGhost VPN Review in Singapore (Updated in 2024)

  • Last updated January 17, 2024
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A reliable VPN helps in protecting your privacy by routing web traffic through an encrypted connection to a remote server. In this regard, a VPN is a powerful tool that can shield your private information and make it harder to track you online in Singapore.

CyberGhost is one such VPN. It is a Romania-based VPN provider that’s super-affordable – meaning you can subscribe to it at a price as low as SGD 2.74/mo (US$ 2.03/mo) - Save up to 84% with exclusive 2-year plans + 4 months freeInitially, we assumed that the VPN price indicated quality. But since we’ve been proved wrong many times before, we decided to conduct this CyberGhost VPN review in Singapore to see what this VPN can deliver at such a low price.

So, is CyberGhost VPN safe in Singapore? yes, it is. After researching CyberGhost’s ownership, security, and privacy policies, we assure you that this VPN is safe to use in Singapore. Renowned for its numerous security features, this VPN stands out as one of the best VPNs for Singapore. The interactive desktop apps are rich in advanced features, yet it’s worth noting that the mobile apps may not match the robustness of their desktop counterpart.

You may also browse other VPN reviews in Singapore  to explore more VPN services. Let’s get started with our CyberGhost VPN review in Singapore!

Our Verdict
Overall Rating :
8 / 10

Ranked #5 out of 56 VPNs

Overall, CyberGhost is one of the most reliable VPNs available in the industry for unblocking streaming services, with helpful live chat support. Moreover, it offers the most extensive money-back guarantee - 45 days, so you can try it out risk-free and get a refund if you don't like its service.
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Key Findings: CyberGhost VPN Review in Singapore

  • Pricing — Offers an affordable price of SGD 2.74/mo (US$ 2.03/mo) - Save up to 84% with exclusive 2-year plans + 4 months free, a 45-day money-back guarantee, and a free trial in Singapore.
  • Server Network — Impressive server network of 11651+ servers in 100 countries, with optimized, dedicated servers for streaming, gaming, torrenting, and dedicated IP.
  • Security Tons of built-in features for ensuring online security with 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, dedicated IP servers, and more to keep you safe online.
  • Speed — CyberGhost offers fast speeds for streaming in HD, lag-free gaming, and torrenting. But, speed on long-distance servers can be slow.
  • Streaming — CyberGhost can unblock over 35 streaming services and has optimized servers to unblock Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more.
  • Torrenting — CyberGhost offers dedicated servers for torrenting with fast download speeds and a SOCKS5 proxy for efficient and safe torrenting.
  • Device Compatibility — Offers apps for various platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, FireStick, and works on routers and gaming consoles.
  • Ease of Use — Offers easy-to-use apps for beginners with a minimalistic design.
  • Bypass Censorship — Doesn’t work in China and other restrictive countries.
  • Customer Support — Responsive and helpful live chat
  • Trustworthiness — It’s the top choice of most VPN users out there as per Trustpilot.


  • A massive network of servers worldwide
  • Unblocks multiple geo-restricted streaming services
  • P2P optimized servers for torrenting
  • Allows 7 simultaneous connections
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Offers split tunneling feature


  • Doesn’t offer obfuscated servers
  • Owned by Kape Technologies
  • WireGuard causes issues on macOS
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CyberGhost VPN Pricing Plan in Singapore– Affordable VPN

Wondering, ‘How much does CyberGhost VPN cost in Singapore?’ CyberGhost’s monthly subscription starts at US$12.99/mo. This CyberGhost price was higher than the rest of the VPNs we’ve come across.


We recommend the 2-year plan price of CyberGhost VPN.

However, it offers a great price when you choose a long-term subscription for yourself. Its 2-year subscription offers the best value at SGD 2.74/mo (US$ 2.03/mo) - Save up to 84% with exclusive 2-year plans + 4 months free, along with 4 months of free service. Its 1-month plan is pretty expensive compared to the others, meaning that you get the best value with the long-term one.

There is also a 45-day money-back guarantee, so you can try out CyberGhost VPN free review and get a full refund within 45 days. Most VPNs offer only a 30-day money-back guarantee, but we were impressed with CyberGhost’s generous 45-day period. But keep in mind that on a 1-month subscription, you only get a 14 days guarantee in Singapore. 

CyberGhost VPN also offers a 1-day free trial for Mac and Windows, but this is not enough time to test the VPN. We would recommend using its 45-day money-back guarantee as a trial period to test out all its features.

There is 24/7 live chat support available, so you can get your CyberGhost refund pretty quickly in Singapore. When we tested its live chat for our CyberGhost VPN review, we got our refund within 5 days, and they did not ask any questions. 

Payment Methods

CyberGhost accepts payment via credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency payments in Singapore. A drawback of this VPN is that it no longer accepts payments through cash.

However, it’s possible to get a subscription without entering any payment information, thanks to crypto. You can use cryptocurrency to make anonymous payments, but it does not allow you to purchase add-ons.

Diversity in payment methods offered is one of the essential characteristics to explore while reviewing a VPN service provider. It is like providing a convenient transaction process to the users.

Try CyberGhost Today in Singapore! 45 Days Money-Back Guarantee

CyberGhost Server Network in Singapore– Global Coverage

CyberGhost offers 11651+ servers in 100 countries at the time of writing this review. This server count is definitely impressive but ExpressVPN’s server list covers more countries.



Some of these regions include the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Hong Kong, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, and many more. In the US alone, CyberGhost offers 1458 servers. It also has great coverage in Australia, Canada, and Europe. Refer to the CyberGhost VPN server list for more information.

The number of servers and their geographical dispersion are crucial factors to consider before buying a VPN service. The more geographically scattered the servers are, the more easily you can bypass geo-restrictions. Hence, with a VPN, you can access international content, including websites, social networking platforms, streaming sites, and even TV shows in Singapore.

CyberGhost’s Virtual Locations

CyberGhost currently offers 33 virtual locations. You can find the virtual locations on its website, as it has marked all virtual servers. These virtual servers are located in highly restrictive countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Iran, etc.

These virtual servers allow you to access locations where VPNs are banned. However, remember that you might experience a great speed drop, especially if the server is farther away from you.


The virtual server works the same as a physical server, so you don’t need to worry.

CyberGhost Streaming and P2P-Optimized Servers

CyberGhost’s streaming and P2P specialized servers are optimized for these specific activities. When you connect to these servers, you automatically get the best IP address, depending on what streaming service you want to unblock or torrent site you wish to visit.

We checked with the live chat team, and they said that these optimized IP addresses and regular ones are regularly updated. Hence, blocked IPs are quickly replaced, so they always work. If there are issues with a server, it is taken down for maintenance.


This means that your connection won’t get blocked for a long time.

If you click on the streaming servers list, you can find optimized servers for various platforms – such as Netflix US, ARD, Rai TV, BBC iPlayer, and many more. Similarly, the P2P servers give you the fastest speeds for torrenting with CyberGhost VPN. You can also connect to a virtual server to access popular P2P sites that are unavailable in Singapore.

Streaming-optimized servers are available on all major platforms and operating systems, such as Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS. P2P servers are, however, only available on desktop apps. 

Gaming Servers

CyberGhost also offers gaming-optimized servers. In the server list, you can see the Pings and distance of each server to help you pick out the best server possible. However, we found pings on all gaming servers to be more than 100, which was very high. Ideally, for gaming, your ping rate needs to be lower than 100.


Ping rates on CyberGhost’s gaming servers were higher than the maximum limit for gaming.

CyberGhost is not the best VPN for gaming out in Singapore, but if you want to use it to stay anonymous while gaming, you can use its regular servers or the ‘Best Server Location’ feature. CyberGhost’s gaming servers are only available on its Windows app in Singapore. 

CyberGhost NoSpy Servers

CyberGhost offers NoSpy servers which are premium and only in control and access of the internal staff. They consist of top-notch hardware with dedicated uplinks for strong security and better speeds.

However, these servers are only available on the 1-year plan or longer. The NoSpy servers are all based in CyberGhost’s private data center in Romania. These servers are run by CyberGhost itself, and there is no third-party intrusion – ideal for extra anonymity.

CyberGhost claims NoSpy servers to be faster than regular servers, but it was the opposite during testing. The regular servers in Bucharest gave us speeds of 71 Mbps; on the NoSpy servers, we received a speed of 58 Mbps. We could not find the NoSpy servers on its mobile apps, so we’re assuming that you can only use them if you own a desktop computer in Singapore.

Dedicated IP Servers

A dedicated IP server is a server that only you can use, and it assigns you the same IP address every time you connect to the VPN. This is best for business owners who are running a website and want a static IP address.

It is also great for people who use online banking or trading websites, as these sites often ban accounts when you try to access them with multiple IP addresses. You get a dedicated IP address easily with every subscription plan. 

With a dedicated IP server, you don’t have to worry about VPN blocks on streaming sites, as you are the only one using the server. CyberGhost’s dedicated IPs are present in 5 countries (US, UK, Canada, Germany, and France). So, if you are located away from these locations, you might get slower speeds.

CyberGhost Security in Singapore– Tailored Safety Features

CyberGhost is one of the most secure VPNs in Singapore. One of the core reasons why you select a VPN as your online protector is your security. There are different methods through which a VPN service ensures your security and confidentiality.

CyberGhost Offers Military-Grade Encryption

CyberGhost utilizes state-of-the-art VPN technologies. It is capable of keeping you safe with a built-in kill switch, DNS leak protection, military-grade 256-bit encryption, and automatic Wi-Fi data security.

The AES 256-bit encryption is the best and highest in the industry. Simply put, your data is encrypted with a 256-character log key for protection. The longer the key, the harder it is to break it down, and 256-bit is the strongest encryption standard available.

CyberGhost uses this encryption standard in combination with the 4096-bit RSA key and SHA256 authentication. It also offers Port Forward Secrecy for additional security. Port Forward Secrecy regularly changes CyberGhost’s key, which is used for encrypting and decrypting data.

CyberGhost Leak Tests – DNS, IP, WebRTC

CyberGhost does not leak your IP, DNS, or WebRTC data online in Singapore. We conducted DNS, IP, and WebRTC leak tests online to check. We went through IP leak tests, including IPv4 and IPv6 DNS leak tests, along with IPv4 and IPv6 WebRTC leak tests.

The VPN officially claims to provide default DNS and IP leak safeguard features. We noted that the provider had improved its performance to another level in this area. We tested US, Canada, UK, France, and Australia servers for DNS and IP leak tests and did not experience any leaks.

For this particular leak test, we visited and connected to CyberGhost’s Canadian server. You can see in the screenshot below that our original IP address remained absolutely safe with the VPN:


Our actual Spanish IP remained safe while using CyberGhost.

CyberGhost Kill Switch

CyberGhost’s kill switch is available on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS platforms. It ensures your personal data and location remains hidden in case of unexpected exposure. Such as your VPN connection dropping where the kill switch cuts off your internet connection.

CyberGhost allows you to remain anonymous even when it suddenly stops working. You can find this feature under the Privacy Settings option. You can only customize the kill switch feature and turn it off if you want to in the Windows app.

You won’t be able to find this feature on Mac, iOS, and Android apps as it is automatically enabled. You can check by switching servers, as during testing, we noticed that it temporarily toggled our internet off when establishing a connection in Singapore.


CyberGhost kill switch can be turned off on its Windows app.

CyberGhost VPN Protocols

CyberGhost offers 4 protocols, some of whose availability will depend on the device you’re using: IKEv2, OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP. You can also enable the automatic option, so it selects the best protocol for you based on your requirement in Singapore.

  • IKEv2: A fast protocol and best for mobile devices. It offers an auto-connect option to make sure you are always protected on Wi-Fi and mobile data. However, it is only available on Windows, iOS, and macOS. So, if you are using an Android phone, you won’t be able to access this protocol.
  • OpenVPN: One of the safest and most popular protocols available because of its open-source community. It gets updated regularly with security features. It is slower than IKEv2 but offers better security. However, it is not available on iOS.
  • PPTP: If you’d prefer speed over security, PPTP is the right protocol for you. It is one of the oldest VPN protocols and is considerably faster. However, it has cracked a bunch of times. It can be configured manually on most operating systems but CyberGhost doesn’t offer a PPTP option within its apps.
  • L2TP: This VPN protocol is known to be quite outdated compared to its successors. In fact, it has been also known to be easily hackable. So we’d suggest you avoid this protocol considering it also needs to be configured manually on most CyberGhost apps.

You can select the VPN protocol manually or choose the automatic selection.

CyberGhost’s IKEv2 Protocol Gave Better Speeds

The VPN protocols you choose make a huge difference in your speed. We tested 7 servers for speeds on OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard to see which one is the fastest. Our testing base connection speed was 100 Mbps.


CyberGhost’s IKEv2 protocol was 48% faster than OpenVPN

During testing, we found IKEv2 to be the fastest, offering an average speed of 70 Mbps. So, if you are doing a data-intensive task and require more speed, you can connect to the IKEv2 protocol. If you want extra security, OpenVPN is the one to go with. WireGuard, on the other hand, offers a perfect balance between speed and safety.

CyberGhost App Protection and Split Tunneling Feature

The App Split Tunnel feature lets you select which apps will access the internet using the VPN and which will be omitted by VPN encryption. CyberGhost directs all traffic from apps through the VPN tunnel by default (when your IP is altered and traffic is encrypted). This feature is only available on Windows and Android in Singapore.

On Windows, you can add a URL that you want to exclude under the ‘Make Exception tab.’


When you add a website URL to Make Exception, you will need to restart the app and connect to a server.

We tested this feature by making the ‘’ site an exception. We then connected to London – UK server and went to the website to check which location would show up. We were happy to see that it showed our actual IP address and location, meaning the split tunneling feature was working fine in Singapore.



If you are using Android, you can select apps to bypass the VPN, but you cannot select websites. However, the split tunneling feature is unavailable on iOS, macOS, and Linux.

CyberGhost’s app protection feature allows you to add apps to the list, so whenever you open such apps, CyberGhost will launch automatically. You can find this feature under the Smart Rules menu called App Rules. We tried it with Netflix. So, when we opened Netflix, it automatically connected to a US server.

We haven’t seen any other VPN offering such functionality. It is great if you forget to connect to a VPN before opening risky apps like torrenting.

CyberGhost Ad and Malware Blocker

CyberGhost offers a decent ad blocker called Content Blocker and an efficient malware blocker. Fortunately, the ad-blocking feature of CyberGhost does come up to the expectations of users.

Based on our CyberGhost VPN review tests, the ad-blocker worked well on HTTPS websites. It immediately blocked suspicious websites upon accessing them. We tried this on multiple sites and received similar results. You can also use the feature on HTTP sites. Moreover, the ad-blocking feature is workable on Windows, Mac, and iOS devices. We also contacted customer support and asked about its ad-blocker feature. They confirmed that it does remove all ads.

We also tested CyberGhost’s ad blocker, which succeeded in blocking even pop-ups or banners, whenever they showed up. Similarly, on YouTube, every video starts with an ad. If you are concerned about ads, you can definitely use CyberGhost, as also recommended by the support. This feature is available on Windows, Android, and macOS.

Wi-Fi Protection

CyberGhost also offers Wi-Fi protection on its desktop and mobile apps. It automatically launches the VPN when you connect to public Wi-Fi. You can also disable the automatic function and set it to ask every time before connecting. This feature comes in handy if you forget to turn on your VPN before connecting to an unsecured public Wi-Fi in Singapore.

You can find Wi-Fi protection under Smart Rules.

HTTPS Protection

This feature forces your connection to a secured HTTPS site so you only visit safe websites in Singapore. This feature protects you from malicious websites where your personal data, like credit card information and more, is exposed.

Unlike HTTP sites, HTTPS sites are encrypted with a Secure Sockets Layer. In simpler words, even if hackers get their hands on your data, it will be in an encrypted code. This is a handy feature, considering the rise in phishing and ransomware attacks.

With CyberGhost, your data will still be protected even if you visit a site that is not HTTPS. Unfortunately, this feature is available only on Windows in Singapore.

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CyberGhost Privacy Policy in Singapore– Transparent Policies with Safe Jurisdiction

CyberGhost has a strict no-logs policy and does not store any user data. It does not log your IP address, DNS requests, or online activities. There is even an option to pay with Bitcoin if you want your payment information private as well.

Here is a screenshot of CyberGhost’s no-logging policy:


CyberGhost does not store identifiable information, but it logs anonymized data like connection attempts, a server connected to, and the version of the CyberGhost app you are using.

CyberGhost Jurisdiction in Privacy-Friendly Romania

CyberGhost is located in Romania, which is not part of the 14 Eyes Alliance, so there are no mandatory data retention laws in the country. Therefore, CyberGhost is not obligated to store and share information with the government. With CyberGhost, your data is truly secure and private.


CyberGhost is owned by Kape Technologies. This company also owns other famous VPNs like Private Internet Access and Zenmate. This company has a bit of history, as it previously worked in mobile ad and browser extension development, known as Crossrider. The company was caught ad-injecting in 2018. They added adware with its downloads.

However, it no longer works in ad development and has switched to the VPN industry. CyberGhost is owned by Kape Technologies, but it works as a separate entity focusing on online security in Singapore.

Security Breaches and Audits

CyberGhost has not experienced any significant security breaches in the past. In 2019, Typeform leaked 14 CyberGhost accounts, but no passwords were revealed. It is proof of CyberGhost’s trustworthy privacy policies, as no critical information is stored.

CyberGhost has not undergone independent third-party audits since 2012, but it has been testing its safety processes regularly. In 2012, it was audited by QSCERT, a company that has audited large companies like Hyundai, WhirlPool, and such. CyberGhost passed the audit as there were no security issues detected in Singapore.

Transparency Reports

CyberGhost releases a Transparency Report on its website every three months. It contains information regarding key statistics about the VPN and malware activities that users should be aware of.

According to the recent Transparency report, CyberGhost has received 17,384 malicious activity flags and nine police requests to investigate their IP addresses or data centers. However, CyberGhost does not log any user data, so they don’t have any information to hand over to the police.

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CyberGhost Speed and Performance in Singapore

Hands down, CyberGhost offers reasonably fast speeds in Singapore. All its popular servers run on 10 Gbps and offer unlimited bandwidth, so you face no buffering or lag. It even offers streaming-optimized servers for HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, ESPN+, and more.

We did, however, experience inconsistent speeds on its long-distance servers when we conducted a CyberGhost speed test in Singapore , as some servers were too slow for gaming.

We tested CyberGhost’s speeds on an HP laptop running Windows 10. Note that all speed tests were conducted in Madrid, Spain. During our tests, we set our protocol to WireGuard and used Ookla’s speed test to record speeds. While testing, we focused on three aspects:

  • Download speed is how fast you receive data in Singapore. A fast download speed will give you more time to respond during gaming and offer better speeds when downloading or streaming.
  • Upload speed is how fast you send data in Singapore. Fast upload speed means you will have more time to attack the other player and upload documents quicker.
  • Ping measures the time it takes for the data to reach its destination in Singapore. The higher the pings, the more lag you will have during gaming, streaming, torrenting and more.

We tested 20+ server locations on a 100 Mbps base connection for this CyberGhost VPN review in Singapore in Singapore
, and the VPN managed to deliver a reliable speed on all its servers. On its US server, CyberGhost delivered a download speed of 75.47 Mbps and an upload speed of 69.34 Mbps on a 100 Mbps internet connection:


Enjoy decent streaming speed using CyberGhost servers.

Here are a few that offered the best speeds in Singapore:

Server Location Download Speed Upload Speed Pings
US – Washington DC 75 Mbps 63 Mbps 182 ms
Australia – Sydney 78 Mbps 55 Mbps 157 ms
UK – Berkshire 71 Mbps 60 Mbps 122 ms
Japan – Tokyo 72 Mbps 51 Mbps 199 ms
Germany – Frankfurt 77 Mbps 48 Mbps 200 ms
Canada – Montreal 68 Mbps 72 Mbps 182 ms

The speeds were inconsistent on long-distance servers. For example, on the Tokyo server, we got a download speed of 72 Mbps; on its German server, we got a speed of 77 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.

Before starting with the tests, we recorded our speeds without the VPN connection to see how much the speed would drop after connecting to the VPN. We used its Best Server Location feature, and it connected us to a Barcelona server.

Without VPN (Madrid) With VPN (Barcelona) Speed Drop after VPN Connection
Download 87 Mbps 75 Mbps 10% slower
Upload 75 Mbps 73 Mbps 2% slower
Ping 114 217

It is perfectly normal for a VPN to slow down your speeds after connection because your traffic passes through another server and gets encrypted. So, a good VPN does not slow down your speeds by more than 30%. Considering that, CyberGhost performed well.

CyberGhost Speed on Local Servers

No matter how slow or fast your internet connection is, local servers give good speeds because they are physically close to your actual location. The minimum bandwidth you need for your connections while using a regular subscription doesn’t drop your speed to more than an average of 6 Mbps, while the maximum can reach to 1 GB.

As CyberGhost offers servers in Madrid and Barcelona, we tested local speeds on the Barcelona server, as mentioned above.

Barcelona (Spain):

Download Speed (Mbps) 75  (10% decrease)
Upload Speed (Mbps) 73  (2% decrease)
Pings (ms) 227

Even though Barcelona is 500 km away from our actual location in Madrid, the speed on the local server was impressive, with only a 10% drop.

CyberGhost Speed on Long Distance Servers

In general, CyberGhost slowed down our speeds on long-distance servers. However, some servers were fast even when they were farther away from our location. For example, on its US – New York server, we got a speed of 42.8 Mbps, which is 5,764 km away from our actual location in Madrid.

New York (US):

Download Speed (Mbps) 42.8  (45% decrease)
Upload Speed (Mbps) 25  (50% decrease)
Pings (ms) 278

On its New York server, we experienced a 45% drop in speeds, and the pings were quite high at 278 ms. Since our base connection speed was fast, we did not encounter any buffering issues or lags. But you might experience longer load times when streaming or playing games on CyberGhost’s long-distance servers.

Tokyo (Japan):

Download Speed (Mbps) 72.5  (15% decrease)
Upload Speed (Mbps) 61  (14% decrease)
Pings (ms) 133

Its Tokyo server was faster than New York, despite being 10,759 km away from us. We experienced only a 15% speed drop on its Tokyo server. So, when it comes to long-distance servers, it’s best to test out a few servers to find the one that offers fast speeds because we experienced inconsistent speeds during testing.

CyberGhost Speeds on Optimized vs. Regular Servers in Singapore

CyberGhost’s optimized servers (for streaming, torrenting, and more) are faster than regular servers in Singapore. We compared speeds on 5 CyberGhost’s servers and found optimized servers to be faster.


Streaming optimized servers can give you up to a 15-20% speed increase. So, if you connect to a streaming server in Singapore, you will get a good-quality video stream with no buffering or lags. However, we cannot say that for gaming-optimized servers.

Is CyberGhost Fast Enough for Gaming in Singapore?

Yes, CyberGhost is most definitely fast enough for gaming in Singapore. Most gamers use VPNs to bypass DDoS attacks and secure themselves from hostile players, especially if they play competitively. Even though most VPNs are not tailored for gamers, CyberGhost offers gaming-optimized servers that are particularly configured for fast speeds and low pings.

We connected to a gaming-optimized server in New York, and the ping was way too high (226 ms). On this server, playing was almost impossible as the screen would freeze mid-action, and it would take 3-5 seconds to catch up. However, the pings were much lower when we connected to its regular New York server (48ms).

Using its non-optimized server, we could play Overwatch without any lags or stutters. We could run around without glitches or slowdowns, as all the graphics loaded smoothly.

However, the pings were very high on gaming-optimized servers (more than 100). If you want to play online games with CyberGhost, we recommend sticking to regular, local servers instead of gaming-optimized servers.

Server Location Download Speed Ping (ms) Fast for Gaming
New York 68 Mbps 104 ✔
New York (optimized) 47 Mbps 226 ❌
London 42 Mbps 138 ❌
Washington 53 Mbps 116 ✔
Toronto 61 Mbps 126 ✔
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Streaming – Unblocks 35+ Streaming Platforms, including Netflix and Hulu

CyberGhost is one of the best VPNs for streaming in Singapore  that you can get for accessing geo-restricted platforms. Here is a list of all the streaming platforms it can unblock:

Streaming Platforms Unblocking Ability
Netflix ✔
HBO Max ✔
Amazon Prime Video ✔
Disney+ ✔
Hotstar ✔
BBC iPlayer ✔
Hulu ✔
Peacock TV ✔
AppleTV+ ✔
YouTube TV ✔

With CyberGhost’s optimized servers, it’s easy to find a server that can unblock your preferred streaming platform. While testing this VPN for our review CyberGhost VPN, it unblocked every streaming service mentioned in the table above.

Accessing Netflix with CyberGhost

We wanted to see if we could unblock Netflix with CyberGhost in Singapore.. To unblock its US library, we connected to its New York server. Considering the distance between our location in Madrid, Spain, and the server in New York, we did expect it to slow down our speeds, but the speed was surprisingly good in Singapore.


While streaming exclusive content, CyberGhost offered HD quality at all times.

We also tried unblocking Netflix UK, and it worked perfectly fine. This time, we connected to its Netflix UK-optimized server, and it instantly unblocked the geo-restricted content library. It instantly started streaming It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in Ultra HD without any buffering.

For other Netflix libraries, we tested its standard servers in Tokyo, Seoul, Toronto, Melbourne, Mumbai, Paris, and Frankfurt. It unblocked all regional libraries and gave an average speed of 67+ Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. This speed was more than enough for streaming without any lags or buffering.

Netflix Libraries Working (Yes/No) Fast speeds for HD streaming Buffering
Netflix US ✔ Yes No
Netflix UK ✔ Yes No
Netflix IT ✔ Average Minimal
Netflix DE ✔ Average Minimal
Netflix AU ✔ Yes No
Netflix JP ✔ Yes No
Netflix KR ✔ Average Minimal
Netflix FR ✔ Yes No
Netflix CA ✔ Yes No
Netflix PT ✔ Yes No
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Accessing Disney+ with CyberGhost

If you’re using an internet connection that doesn’t let you access streaming platforms or you’re traveling in Singapore, then you need to use CyberGhost to stream Disney+. Just launch the CyberGhost app and connect to a server of your preference. Then, sign in to your Disney+ account and stream your favorite shows.

For our testing, we connected to its Los Angeles server (non-optimized) and unblocked Disney+. On this server, we got optimized speeds and content in HD.


All the content was available in HD to us.

Accessing Amazon Prime Video with CyberGhost

Not all VPNs work with Amazon Prime Video because it has some of the strongest firewalls and has previously blocked many VPNs. We were excited to see when CyberGhost worked with the streaming platform on its Amazon Prime US-optimized server.


It also has an optimized server for the Amazon Prime UK library, but unfortunately, it did not work. We also tried 4 UK standard servers, but it did not unblock the platform. However, with its US server, you can access the largest Amazon Prime Video content library.

Accessing Hulu with CyberGhost

Yes, CyberGhost is available for everyone to stream Hulu on their Smart TVs and other devices anytime and in Singapore. You can just use its app or Smart DNS feature and connect to a Hulu-optimized server. 

To unblock Hulu, we had to try different servers before finding the ones that worked. We even tried its Hulu-optimized server, but it wasn’t working at the time of testing. So, we contacted customer support for help. They recommended using the Washington DC server.


We could stream multiple episodes of BLEACH using CyberGhost.

Fortunately, the Washington server worked for us, and we could stream Books of Blood. The video quality was SD, but after 10 minutes into the stream, it upgraded automatically to HD.

Accessing HBO Max with CyberGhost in Singapore

CyberGhost also unblocked HBO Max on its streaming platforms’ optimized server. It loaded up I’ll Have What She’s Having in 7 seconds. The video quality was also amazing, and there were no buffering or lags.


Turns out, CyberGhost is great at unblocking HBO Max.

CyberGhost does not unblock Sky Go, and Channel 4

After testing multiple servers with UK and US servers of CyberGhost, we concluded that the VPN could not unblock Sky Go, and Channel 4 for us. While the VPN does ensure that it can bypass their geo-restrictions, the servers could not live up to the claims.

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Torrenting — CyberGhost Offers P2P Dedicated Servers in Singapore

CyberGhost is a great choice for torrenting in Singapore. It offers specialized P2P servers available in 61 countries. These servers are optimized for torrenting, offering high speeds, and maintaining maximum anonymity. You can find these servers in CyberGhost’s ‘For Torrenting’ tab present in its app.

We tried its P2P servers in Germany and Mexico using uTorrent. We were able to download torrents quickly as it managed to deliver a download speed of 71 Mbps. We were able to download a 2 GB file in a few minutes.

At VPNRanks, we do not condone downloading copyrighted/pirated material. For the purpose of this guide, we checked to see if CyberGhost works with Stremio, and it is safe to say that we could access the platform on CyberGhost’s P2P servers.


We could stream all our favorite content easily with it.

CyberGhost uses 256-bit AES encryption and perfect forward secrecy to keep you safe while P2P file sharing. But, if you want added protection, you can use a copy server, as CyberGhost personally manages these in Romania.

You can also use the App Protection feature if you forget to connect to a VPN before opening a torrenting client. Once you have added your torrent client app to the list of Designated Apps, CyberGhost will automatically launch.

The only con is that CyberGhost does not support port forwarding that allows faster download speeds and unblocking abilities. However, even without this feature, torrenting with CyberGhost VPN is pretty secure and effective in Singapore.

Ease of Use — CyberGhost Offers User-friendly Apps in Singapore

CyberGhost is easy to use and offers beginner-friendly apps that are easy to navigate. We used CyberGhost apps on Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android phones in Singapore. It took us less than 5 minutes to download the app and connect to a server.

You can either download the app from Play Store or you can directly get the app from CyberGhost’s website. The apps are easy to use, as you can find everything in the main window.

While using the Windows app in Singapore, we also found it pretty easy to find the best VPN servers. You can see how many users are using one particular server, its load percentage, and the distance from your location. However, we could only see the load percentage on the Android device.

You can further see the optimized servers on the left side of the app. Optimized servers are available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. The optimized servers also show additional information to choose the best one for your needs. For example, the gaming servers show pings and distance. You can also create a list of your favorite servers as well.

The settings tab offers a variety of customizable features. You can change the VPN protocol, enable kill switch, leak protection, and a lot more. Simplicity is a strong point of CyberGhost. Overcomplicated VPN apps become too much to use.

Device Compatibility — CyberGhost Supports All Operating Systems in Singapore

CyberGhost works with all major operating systems and devices, including macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Fire TV, Android TV, routers, Chrome, and Firefox in Singapore. 

Here is a list of compatible devices:

Windows Linux Smart TVs
Android Chrome/ Firefox PS4/ PS5
iOS Apple TV Xbox One, Xbox 360,
macOS Roku Chromebook
Raspberry Pi Synology NAS Amazon Fire TV

CyberGhost Desktop Apps

CyberGhost’s desktop apps are easy to use and similar on Windows and Mac in Singapore. You can get CyberGhost VPN download setups for respective devices from its website. They are also pretty quick to install, as we connected to a server within 5 minutes.

Both apps are somewhat similar; the only difference is that you cannot use OpenVPN on Mac unless you manually configure it. But the WireGuard protocol is available on both apps.


Click on the arrow if you don’t want the full-fledged interface.

You can find the Smart Rules feature on both apps and set it to automatically launch the VPN when you start the computer or open a specific app. CyberGhost is compatible with Windows 7 or newer, macOS Sierra or latest, and Linux Fedora, PopOS, Kali, Mint 20, CentOS, and Ubuntu distros.


Log in to CyberGhost VPN and perform your favorite activities on Mac.

On Linux, you won’t have a UI, as you can use CyberGhost commands to change protocols, servers, and settings. Both OpenVPN and WireGuard are available on Linux, but IKEv2 is missing.


Enter commands and use them easily on Linux.

Android and iOS

CyberGhost’s mobile apps have a similar UI to desktop ones. They do lack certain features, such as in Android, you have the ad blocker and split tunneling, but on iOS devices, you don’t have these features. Both apps do come with an automatic kill switch and leak protection.

You can still block multiple ads on your iPhone, but you’ll need the Private Browser add-on for this. This isn’t an extension but a complete browser that can be used with Chrome add-ons and extensions.

You can also access the Photo Vault feature to protect your gallery with a password or biometrics. This feature is missing in Android. Both apps show information next to their servers, similar to desktop apps. This way, you can choose the best server according to ping rates, distance, and more. However, we’d always prefer split tunneling over Photo Vault.

As for VPN protocols, Android apps have OpenVPN and WireGuard. iPhones automatically connect to IKEv2, but you can switch to WireGuard.

Browser Extensions

CyberGhost also offers browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. However, there is a kill switch, and you can use 8 servers only. You can either install the browser extension from Chrome and Firefox store, or you can download it directly from CyberGhost’s website.

Its browser extensions are lightweight and easy to use in Singapore. But keep in mind that your traffic outside the browser remains unencrypted. The extension offers online ad blockers, tracking blockers, WebRTC leak protection, and Wi-Fi security. There is no kill switch, which is a bummer.

The browser extension also restricts your server access, as you get 8 servers in 4 countries – the US, Germany, Romania, and the Netherlands. It’s not recommended for bypassing geo-restrictions on streaming platforms but is more than enough to keep your browser activity anonymous.

Kodi (CyberGhost works with the famous media platform)

Kodi is a complete streaming service with everything for everyone. However, the problem with Kodi is that certain add-ons are geo-restricted. For instance, add-ons such as NBC and ABC are only accessible in Singapore. Therefore, you need a specific Kodi VPN service in Singapore to bypass these restrictions.

CyberGhost Kodi in Singapore will allow you to access any content from anywhere easily. Similarly, it will also free you from any kind of internet censorship placed on Kodi.

Does CyberGhost work with Routers?

You can set up CyberGhost on your router and simultaneously protect multiple devices. To set up CyberGhost on your router, just plug in your new router, and you’re all set. Type in the login details of CyberGhost and tap connect. Moreover, you can always manage your connections from anywhere using your mobile.

However, to get CyberGhost, your router needs to support OpenVPN. For our CyberGhost review in Singapore, we could easily set up OpenVPN on our DD-WRT and ASUS router in under 25 minutes.

If you want to manually configure CyberGhost on your router, you can check out our CyberGhost not working in Singapore guide in case of issues. But be careful, as a small mistake can damage your router firmware.

CyberGhost offers no native router app, but you can get a pre-flashed router from FlashRouters. It is, however, on the expensive side, starting from $299 for the pre-flashed router.

CyberGhost Also Works with Xbox, PlayStation, Smart TVs, Apple TVs, and more

CyberGhost also works with Smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV, and more. It offers a Smart DNS feature that allows you to unblock streaming platforms and sites on devices that don’t offer native VPN support. Using the Smart DNS feature, you can use CyberGhost on Roku in Singapore, Kodi, PS4, Smart TVs, and other devices.

You can find the Smart DNS option on the CyberGhost website under My Account. Just copy the DNS code on your device’s network settings, and you are good to go. We were surprised to find that CyberGhost offers streaming-optimized DNS addresses for Hulu, Netflix US, and the UK. No other premium VPN gives you optimized DNS addresses for streaming platforms.

If you have an Android TV, you can simply download the app from PlayStore and log in. This is the same for Amazon FireStick and Fire TV, as CyberGhost apps are available on Amazon Store.

Simultaneous Connections — CyberGhost Supports 7 Devices in Singapore

With a single CyberGhost subscription, you can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously in Singapore. This is amazing, as most VPNs only offer 5-6 multi-logins. For our CyberGhost VPN review, we tested this connection. We connected our Macbook Air, two Samsung Galaxy Phones, iPhone 11, and Samsung Tablet.

We decided to stream Netflix on the laptop and phones simultaneously, and there were no speed drops or buffering, as the connection was consistent. So, you can connect multiple devices on a single CyberGhost account without compromising on performance in Singapore.

Bypass Censorship

For our CyberGhost secure VPN review in Singapore, we also tested whether the VPN was capable of bypassing censorship in countries with restrictive laws, such as China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and more.

CyberGhost Does Not Work in China

Unfortunately, CyberGhost does not work in China. It does feature servers in the Chinese mainland, so you can access local content from abroad, but if you are already in China, you won’t be able to use CyberGhost.

We also contacted live chat support, and they confirmed that the Chinese government had blocked the VPN app. And so, CyberGhost is not working in China. The live chat representatives also said the same about other countries with heavy internet restrictions, such as Saudi Arabia.


At present, CyberGhost is not working in China, Saudi Arabia, and a few other highly restrictive countries.

It is no surprise that not all VPNs can bypass the Great Firewall. To bypass this government-imposed censorship, you need a VPN that:

  • Offers obfuscated servers that make your VPN traffic look like regular HTTPS traffic.
  • Hosts .onion site so you can install its app using the Onion network.
  • Offers a kill switch, 256-bit AES encryption, and leak protection as well.

CyberGhost does not offer obfuscated servers in Singapore, but it does offer top-notch security. But you cannot download CyberGhost VPN in China because its homepage has been blocked, and the app has been removed from the Chinese app stores. if you want to know which VPN providers offer obfuscated servers then check out our blog Best VPN with Obfuscated Servers in Singapore for better insights.

Reliability and Customer Support in Singapore

CyberGhost offers a 24/7 live chat feature available in 3 languages – English, French, and German. Every time we contacted the support team, we received an answer within minutes.

Customer support is a make-or-break situation for any VPN service. It is a blessing in disguise if you are using a VPN service that delivers various ways to solve your queries timely. You may contact them for CyberGhost not opening or CyberGhost VPN not working issues and more.


You can include CyberGhost in the list of VPN services that try their best to meet their users’ expectations. Here is the list of different support options CyberGhost offers to users:

  • Guides and FAQs
  • 24/7/365 days Live Chat
  • Software and other Tutorials

CyberGhost’s reliability stems from the service offering extensive guides and FAQs for the assistance of users regarding its usage and installation. If you are still not satisfied, then you can create a ticket by submitting a request to get the answer to your troubleshooting questions accordingly.

We wanted to check how many Netflix libraries CyberGhost can unblock, so we contacted them via email and got a response within 12 hours. We also tried getting a CyberGhost refund from them, and the process was over within a few minutes.

So, if you don’t want to chat with an agent, you can also contact support and get instant help in Singapore. In short, this VPN has excellent customer and tech support, and they will respond timely to all your concerns in Singapore.

Trustworthiness – GDPR Compliance, Trustpilot Reviews, & Reddit

CyberGhost follows GDPR guidelines, and it is included in the list of GDPR-compliant VPNs in Singapore. This is because they have made their data collection procedure quite transparent.

When thoroughly reviewing its privacy policy, you will witness a dedication section about GDPR. We also confirmed this for our CyberGhost review by contacting support.


We confirmed this through its live chat.

CyberGhost Trustpilot Reviews

Based on 15,000+ reviews, you can assume CyberGhost has successfully found its feet in the VPN industry since 86% of users have rated them excellent. Likewise, the provider has received an excellent 4.5 stars out of 5 stars rating overall. Thus, nearly every review CyberGhost VPN on Trustpilot we came across was positive.

fCyberGhost on Roku

What does Reddit think about CyberGhost?

CyberGhost is praised highly on Reddit as well. We read various CyberGhost VPN reviews on Reddit, and here is what we got:

One user said that CyberGhost is their best choice for torrenting and privacy as it keeps no logs. With this VPN, the Redditors never got a warning from ISP for torrenting movies.

Another Redditor said that he had no issues with CyberGhost and has been using it for streaming and torrenting. He also said that even the ad blocker works well for him. Here’s his CyberGhost VPN review Reddit:


Alternatives to CyberGhost VPN in Singapore

If you did not like this VPN’s offerings for any reason, then there are plenty of other fish in the sea. We recommend the following VPNs in Singapore:

FAQs – CyberGhost VPN Review in Singapore

Yes, CyberGhost is safe and trustworthy in Singapore. After detailed testing for our CyberGhost VPN review, we discovered that it offers a variety of tools to its users, so they can feel like they’re in complete control of the app. All the while, the apps are easy to use and definitely among our top VPN picks for a reliable and fast VPN.

NordVPN is better than CyberGhost in Singapore. The former offers 5400+ servers across 60 countries which might be less than CyberGhost’s 9700+ servers across 91 countries. Despite that when it comes down to speed NordVPN provided faster speeds and proved to be of high caliber in our NordVPN vs CyberGhost in Singapore comparison.

No, CyberGhost is not a Russian company. Rather CyberGhost VPN is based in Bucharest, Romania. The company has over 10 million users and offers a bunch of privacy and security features currently. Some include a user-friendly interface, military-grade encryption, and a strict no-logging policy.

People use CyberGhost in Singapore because the VPN encrypts your traffic and runs your connection through a tunnel that is so secure that not even your ISP can keep an eye on your activities. CyberGhost’s encryption is capable of stopping DPI so your ISP won’t know whether you’re torrenting, browsing, or streaming any content.

Yes, CyberGhost is a Netflix VPN. With CyberGhost, you can watch any Netflix content using its streaming optimized servers specifically for this streaming site. You’ll also find such servers for BBC iPlayer on CyberGhost’s apps.

You can get a CyberGhost VPN free trial in Singapore by simply following the steps given below:

  1. Visit the CyberGhost website and click on “VPN free trial.”
  2. Pick your preferred OS; Windows or macOS and click on “try it for free for 24h
  3. Once installed, create a CyberGhost account
  4. Confirm your email address and click “activate trial
  5. You’re good to go! Start unblocking geo-restricted content.

You can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously through a single account in Singapore. CyberGhost offers native apps for Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and macOS. In fact, you can also configure CyberGhost on a router, Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or gaming console as well.

Final Verdict – Do we recommend CyberGhost VPN in Singapore?

CyberGhost is a safe and user-friendly VPN, and best for streaming in Singapore, as per our CyberGhost VPN review in Singapore. It is a capable VPN service that is excellent for those on a budget. This service also presents feature-rich apps at affordable pricing. Moreover, you can use the service for 24 hours to check the performance on your desired devices for free.

What we liked about CyberGhost was its GDPR compliance feature, as most VPNs don’t offer that. Not to forget that CyberGhost unblocks US Netflix and has friendly customer support up its sleeves. Therefore, you can consider subscribing to the service to watch your US Netflix TV shows and other media content.

Speaking of security, CyberGhost stands out from other providers with its NoSpy and Dedicated IP servers. It also protects your data with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. We would recommend CyberGhost if you are looking for a VPN that works excellently with streaming services. 

That’s all for our CyberGhost VPN review in Singapore. Until next time!

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