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NordVPN vs TorGuard

Winner: NordVPN

NordVPN vs TorGuard – Which is the better option for streaming and privacy? Whether a person should go for NordVPN or TorGuard?

To make the right decision between these reputed services, it is advisable to see a head-to-head comparison between the two. This article aims to educate you about the differences between NordVPN and TorGuard. Above all, to help you in picking the better VPN.

NordVPN vs TorGuard: Head-to-head

After performing head-to-head comparison between TorGuard and NordVPN, I found NordVPN is winner because of these reasons:

NordVPN is the winner!

  • Jurisdiction: Panama is the safer jurisdiction
  • Logging: NordVPN has a clear ‘no logs‘ policy
  • Speed: Having 24.91 Mbps, NordVPN is pretty much faster than TorGuard
  • Server Network: Larger server network of more than 5,500+ servers
  • Price: NordVPN costs $3.71/mo whereas TorGuard costs $4.9/month ($59.99/year).

A Quick Comparison of NordVPN and TorGuard

See the table below for a quick overview of NordVPN vs TorGuard comparison:

Logging PolicyNo logsNo logs claimed;
overall policy unclear
Speed24.91 Mbps14.26 Mbps
Server Network5,500+ servers
59 countries
3,000+ servers
55 countries
Customer SupportLive chatLive chat
Netflix UnblockingSupportedSupported

To compare other providers, check this comprehensive guide on VPN comparisons. Now we will explore this comparison in detail.

A Detailed Comparison

The detailed comparison takes into account various parameters to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of both VPNs.

The short answer is: NordVPN is better than TorGuard and there are several reasons for that. These reasons will be elucidated in detail throughout this article. For an individual analysis of these VPNs, see indepth NordVPN review and TorGuard review.

The following comparison is an in-depth evaluation of both VPNs and considers factors such as logging policy, speed, unblocking capabilities, and more.

1. Jurisdiction

Result: NordVPN is located in the safer jurisdiction of Panama

United States

NordVPN is based in Panama, a country with no mandatory data retention law. Panama is also considered as one of the better places for digital security.

In comparison, TorGuard is headquartered in the United States where internet privacy remains under constant threat from domestic surveillance and intelligence-sharing alliances such as the Five Eyes.

As such, NordVPN can ensure your privacy in a better way than a VPN located in the US, such as TorGuard.

2. Logging Policy

Result: NordVPN has a much more transparent and privacy-affirming logging policy

Does not store customer informationVague logging policy

Our comparison of privacy policy of NordVPN and TorGuard revealed that both of these services do not store customer data. However, NordVPN details exactly what types of customer information they maintain logs of which gives a lot of transparency to their logging policy.

TorGuard lacks this level of transparency that you should expect from a VPN. The provider instead only gives a generic statement that they keep no logs without specifying anything else. This makes it difficult to judge the privacy stance of this VPN service.

3. Pricing Plans

Result: NordVPN is cheaper than TorGuard and offers longer money-back guarantee

1-month plan: $11.95/mo1-month plan: $9.99
3-month plan: none3-month plan: $19.99
6-month plan: $9.996-month plan: $29.99
1-year plan: none1-year plan: $59.99
2-year plan: $3.71/mo2-year plan: none
3-year plan: none3-year plan: none
Get NordVPN ($3.71/mo) Get TorGuard ($59.99/year)

NordVPN’s service can be attained for 3 years by paying $3.71 a month. Meanwhile, TorGuard’s anonymous VPN package costs $59.99 annually. This makes it $4.9 a month. Even you can try NordVPN free trial for 30 days with a hack.

Payment Methods

Credit cardCredit card
Not acceptedPayPal

You can purchase NordVPN’s subscriptions through most of the major credit card services as well as cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, NordVPN doesn’t offer PayPal which can be inconvenient for users that perform most of their online transactions through PayPal.

TorGuard, on the other hand, accepts credit card payments, cryptocurrencies, as well as PayPal. It’s great to see that both providers accept cryptocurrencies for safe and private transactions.

In terms of payment, TorGuard has an edge over NordVPN since it accepts wider range of payments.

Refund Policy

Finally, NordVPN offers 30-day money-back guarantee on all packages whereas TorGuard’s money back guarantee is valid for 7 days only. If you are new to either of these VPNs are considering trying one out, then a long refund period helps to test the VPN and see if you are satisfied with it.

While a 7-day refund period is better than none at all, NordVP’s 3o-day refund is much more convenient for the user. As such, not only does NordVPN have cheaper pricing but also offers longer refund periods than TorGuard.

4. Servers in Countries

Result: NordVPN has a larger server network than TorGuard

5,500+ servers in 59 countries3,000+ servers in 55 countries

NordVPN has the most complete and extensive server list in the entire VPN industry. It provides 5,500+ servers in 59 countries.

TorGuard, on the other hand has 3,000+ VPN servers across 55 countries. While these are not bad numbers at all, they are no match for what NordVPN is providing to the users.

5. Speed Test: NordVPN vs TorGuard

Result: NordVPN offers faster VPN speed than TorGuard

The speed for both VPNs was tested on a 30 Mbps internet connection using Ookla online speed test. You can check more details in our Fastest VPN guide.

24.91 Mbps14.26 Mbps

NordVPN measured a much faster average download (24.91 Mbps) speed than TorGuard (14.26 Mbps).

6. Compatibility

Result: Both providers offer compatibility with a wide range of devices

Windows, MacOS, Android, iOSWindows, MacOS, Android, iOS
Tomato, DDWRTTomato, DDWRT
Chrome, FirefoxChrome, Firefox
Raspberry PiNot compatible with Raspberry Pi

Finding about NordVPN vs TorGuard for this comparison, we learned that compatibility is not an issue for NordVPN. The service works on all the popular platforms in the market.

TorGuard too is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Tomato and DDWRT.

Therefore, the both the services can be used by people who with variety of platforms.

7. Customer Support

Result: Both providers offer excellent customer support

Live chatLive chat
Tutorials/setup guidesTutorials/setup guides
No telephone supportTelephone support

NordVPN is a maestro when it comes to customer support. The service has a comprehensive section that provides guides and information related to billing, connectivity and general queries.

To top it all off, a 24/7 live chat section is available to assist the customers on the go.

At the same time, TorGuard also does not lag behind in providing quality assistance to their customers.

On their website, you will find a blog that is regularly updated with articles on cyber security, digital privacy, cryptocurrency and other such prevailing topics.

Moreover, you can contact the service provider directly through the live chat, Email and Telephone.

8. Torrenting Support

Result: NordVPN offers better security for torrenting

Both VPNs can be used to access torrents with no problem. However, owing to the faster speed and safer jurisdiction of NordVPN, you’d be much better off using NordVPN for your torrenting needs.

Since TorGuard is located in the US, the strict copyright infringement laws in the country can easily lead to a DMCA notice and hefty legal fines if agencies issue a warrant to the VPN to access information about you.

9. Unblocking Strength

Result: Both providers are compatible with Netflix but NordVPN is more efficient

Netflix has imposed powerful VPN detectors to curb the practice of geo-dodging. However, many VPNs are bravely continuing their battle against the geo-limitations enforced by the streaming giant.

When you talk about a Netflix compatible VPN, you talk about NordVPN. And for an extremely good reason.

NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for Netflix. It provides dedicated servers for the streaming service.

TorGuard too provides dedicated Netflix servers but they come at additional cost. Hence, in this comparison for Netflix capability, we are glad to learn both services provide access to geo-locked content on the popular streaming sites.

Nonetheless, NordVPN offers consistency in unblocking Netflix.

10. Security Features

Result: NordVPN offers more security features

Both of these providers try to stand out in the crowd through some additional features for greater online privacy. We have laid out these features below:

Onion over VPNOnion over VPN
DoubleVPNNot offered
CyberSecNot offered
6 simultaneous connections5 simultaneous connections
Not offeredSOCKS5

It is evident that both of these services have gone an extra mile to provide a safe browsing environment to the users.

Deciding the winner of this comparison for extra features is not easy.

By incorporating features like DNS leak protection, double hop and Onion over VPN, NordVPN has equipped itself with robust security features.

Final Verdict: NordVPN is the winner!

It is time to pick a winner between NordVPN vs TorGuard. NordVPN differentiates itself from the rest of VPNs by setting up superior standards in digital security and online privacy.

TorGuard is a good VPN service itself. It provides diversified package with fantastic security features. But as always, it is hard to beat the king.

With Netflix access, greater number of servers, and faster speed, NordVPN outshines its competition in all aspects. Hence, the winner of this competition is NordVPN.


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