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How to Setup VPN on Samsung Smart TV – Step By Step Guide

In this article, you are going to learn “how to setup a VPN on Samsung Smart TV” on Android, and Tizen operating system. Moreover, if you’re looking for a Samsung Smart TV VPN to evade geographical restrictions on popular streaming channels and websites, here is a list of “best VPNs” that caters to the needs of Samsung TV users.

How to Setup VPN on Samsung Smart TV using Android

The above method helps you to Setup a VPN on Smart TV work for Samsung’s Tizen OS. However, if your Smart TV’s OS is of Android, then you can download VPN for the Google Play Store. You can also check with your TV producer to see if it’s running Android or not.

Follow these steps To install a VPN on your Android Smart TV:

  1. Get the Subscription of ‘VPN’ that is compatible with Android.
  2. After that, visit the ‘Google Play Store’ and download the VPN from your Smart TV.
  3. Now, install VPN’s ‘apk’ file on your smart TV and enter the credentials.
  4. Choose the Nearest ‘Server location’.
  5. Click the ‘connect’ button and bypass Geo-restricted content.
Note: We tested the following process with PureVPN and it worked like magic.

Sadly, these steps won’t work if your Smart TV operating system is Tizen. Nonetheless, you can still share a VPN-protected network with your Smart TV. The first option is to setup a VPN on your router.

Setup VPN on Samsung Smart TV using DD-WRT Router

In my opinion, the most simple method for using a VPN on Samsung Smart TV is through routers. Once you have a VPN configured, all the devices connected to the router will have a VPN connection.

Following is the VPN setup of Samsung TV for DD-WRT routers and Tizen operating system:

  1. Go to Setup then Basic Setup
  2. From ‘connection type’ drop-down menu select ‘PPTP’.
  3. Enter the ‘VPN server address’ in Gateway [PPTP Server] field.
  4. Enter the username and password.
  5. Make sure to enable ‘Use DHCP.’
  6. Check if your VPN providers require ‘MTU’ settings from ‘Optional Settings.’
  7. Now scroll down to ‘Network Address Server Settings’ [DHCP].
  8. From the DHCP Type option, select DHCP Server and also hit ‘enable.’
  9. Enter ‘DNS addresses‘ provided by your VPN provider.
  10. Make sure to disable Use DNSMasq for DHCP and DNS.
  11. Now, click the ‘Save and Apply’ Settings to connect the VPN service.

Note: The setup of a VPN router depends on the type of router you have and vary from a VPN provider to another. However, you can read our detailed blog of VPN Router if you want to install DD-WRT firmware on routers or install a VPN on routers with DD-WRT firmware.

How to Setup Smart DNS on Samsung TV?

Smart DNS is a different technology that works in a way somewhat similar to proxies and VPNs. It can effectively give you the pass through restricted sites without much hassle.

However, it does not encrypt user traffic, which is why it is much less secure than VPN services. The lack of encryption has the effect of making Smart DNS services faster at the cost of reducing security.

So, if security is not your priority and fast streams are what you are aiming for, then Smart DNS can be the right choice for you.

Follow these steps to install Smart DNS on your Samsung TV:

  1. Go To ‘menu’ on the remote control of your Smart TV.
  2. Navigate to Network > Select ‘Network Status’.
  3. Choose IP settings.
  4. Open ‘DNS Setting’ and Select ‘Enter Manually’.
  5. Enter the ‘DNS address’ provided by your Smart DNS service.
  6. Press the ‘OK’ button.
  7. Now, restart your Smart TV once the connection test is completed.

Make sure that your Samsung Smart TV’s region matches the services you wish to stream. For example, If you want to stream US-based channels like HBO or Netflix, you will need to change your TV’s region to the USA.

Note: We still advise you to opt for a VPN service for better safety and hassle-free streaming anywhere in the world.

Setup VPN for Smart TV Samsung through PC

You can set up a VPN on Samsung Smart TV by sharing your internet connection with PC.

  1. Go to > Start Menu > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings.
  2. Now, find the ‘tap adapter’ connected with your VPN provider.
  3. Click ‘right’ on it and jump into ‘properties.’
  4. Then click the ‘Sharing Tab.’
  5. After that, ‘tick’ the ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.’
  6. Now click the ‘drop-down’ menu > choose the ‘Ethernet’ connection you just configured.
  7. Let’s restart your PC and use this newly formed connection on your Samsung Smart TV for endless streaming!

Keep on reading to discover the best Samsung Smart TV VPN that is helpful for different use cases.

The redesigned Samsung Smart TV is a massive improvement over new Smart TV designs. It is outfitted with a vivid-brilliant display, eye-catching design, simplified menu, and stunning features.

It is a new-age television for entertainment hunters. An integrated web-browser lets you explore any information, movie, TV series, games, and popular videos at your fingertip.

However, all good things come with some limitations. Thus, users face a barrier of Geo-restrictions when accessing popular on-demand entertainment channels like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, 4oD, Fox GO, etc. 

A Samsung Smart TV VPN is the key that can grant you access to blocked services and streams.

Top Smart TV VPN Services 2020

To identify which VPN is more suitable in what circumstances we decided to run different streaming and privacy-related tests and created a list of best Smart TV VPNs that work flawlessly and performed trouble-free on Sony Bravia, Samsung, and LG Smart TVs.

Have a safe unblocking and streaming experience with following top-ranked Smart TV VPNs:

  1. ExpressVPN – $8.32/mo
  2. NordVPN – $3.49/mo
  3. PureVPN – $2.91/mo
  4. Ivacy – $2.25/mo
  5. Surfshark – $1.99/mo
  6. CyberGhost – $2.75/mo

1. ExpressVPN – A Top-Notch VPN for Ultra HD Videos


ExpressVPN for Smart TV is a service that is decidedly more expensive as compared to other alternatives in the industry. However, it is surely an amazing choice when it comes to unblocking smart TV apps through smart TV VPN on your preferred devices. Because of it’s unblocking capabilities, it’s one of the best VPN or streaming.

The 2,000 servers operating under are distributed in over 94 countries. It is compatible with almost every device and operating system out there, including Samsung Smart TVs. Owing to its consistently fast speeds and an impressive server spread, ExpressVPN is an excellent Smart TV VPN for users that can afford it.

  • 2,000+ servers in 94+ countries
  • Offers excellent customer support
  • Provides multi-login benefits
  • The provider is based in the USA

Get ExpressVPN ($8.32/mo)

2. NordVPN – A Reliable VPN for Security Purpose


NordVPN is a Panama based provider is known for its huge server network and strong security features. Its capability to bypass Geo-restrictions coupled with fast server speeds makes it a great choice for streaming purposes.

The subscription rates are also quite cheap considering it is one of the leading brands in the VPN industry. Therefore, there is hardly any room for doubt that NordVPN is a superb Samsung Smart TV VPN.

  • Offers 4,700 servers in 62 countries
  • Efficient customer support
  • User-friendly for smart TVs and other devices
  • Users may anticipate slow streaming speeds at times

3. PureVPN – A Highly Efficient VPN for Samsung TV Users


PureVPN is one of those smart TV VPN services currently providing its services in 141 countries worldwide. It offers fast speeds on all of its servers, making it an excellent choice for accessing blocked streams.

Hence, PureVPN is an efficient VPN for Samsung Smart TV.

  • Provides 2,000+ servers in 141 countries
  • Offers compatible apps for all platforms
  • 256-bit military-grade encryption
  • Offers paid trial feature to users

Get PureVPN ($2.91/mo)

4. Surfshark – A Decent VPN with Unlimited Logins


As a service-based in British Virgin Island, Surfshark is smart enough to work with Samsung TV. The newbie VPN provider is offering 1040+ servers in 61+ countries globally and is the fastest VPN service in the market. Likewise, you can experience a comprehensive list of other impressive features on your Samsung Smart TVs and other devices.

  • Efficient 24/7 customer support
  • Provides unlimited multi-logins
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Does not have a free trial

Get Surfshark ($1.99/mo)

5. Ivacy – A Budget Friendly VPN for Samsung TV


Ivacy is one of the fastest VPNs in the market, with an impressive network of 1,000+ servers in 100+ countries. Though it doesn’t have a dedicated app for Samsung Smart TV, you can still setup manually by sharing a connection with your PC. 

It is particularly good for Geo-restricted streaming services. You can connect Ivacy with 5 different devices at the same time.

  • Fast speeds
  • Good for streaming
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Based in Singapore (a cooperative member of Five Eyes)

Get Ivacy ($2.25/mo)

6. CyberGhost VPN – A Secure Option for Samsung Smart TV


CyberGhost is another VPN service offering an unbelievable 45-day money-back guarantee to users worldwide. At present, it offers its services in all the major countries of the world through 6,000+ servers. You can set up CyberGhost on your Samsung Smart TV if you connected to your router configured with this VPN (as described below).

  • Follows no-logging policy in true letter and spirit
  • Allows you to secure your 7 devices with a single subscription
  • Offers a comprehensive list of online payment methods
  • Average speeds may spoil the fun of users at times

Get CyberGhost VPN ($2.75/mo)

‘Free’ VPNs for Samsung Smart TV, LG, And Sony

Beside premium Samsung VPNs, there are some free VPN services available in the market. However, such a VPN should never be compared with a paid VPN service, as many times; free VPN comes packed with third-party advertisers that bombard annoying ads in your browser.

Also, privacy concern remains high when using free services, due to the fact that a provider can sell your browsing history to law enforcement agencies. In addition, a number of servers, protocols and other features offered by free providers are fewer than paid ones.

That’s why we recommend you to check out our VPN deals and top Christmas VPN deals 2020 page and gets good premium VPNs at affordable rates!

Reddit Reviews About Smart TV VPN

Reddit is a go-to community for users when it comes to discussing different products and services with other users worldwide. Here is the response of one Reddit user suggesting the usage of smart DNS and DDWRT router to stream Netflix on Samsung Smart TV.

How to Connect NordVPN to Smart TV

Check out an exclusive Reddit VPN guide that has been created according to Reddit users’ recommendations.

Wrapping Things Up

VPN has been catering accessibility and privacy needs of netizens’ for years. As Smart TVs become more common, the need for a Samsung Smart TV VPN is increasing to bypass restrictions on online channels. Simply set up a VPN on your TV with one of the methods described above.

I hope this article proved to be of some assistance to you. Share your feedback in the comments section below.

12 Responses to How to Setup VPN on Samsung Smart TV – Step By Step Guide

  1. Bundy says:

    Can I unblock Netflix US through PureVPN? What is the guarantee that it won’t fail like all the other VPNs?

    • Usman Hayat says:

      Hello Bundy,
      As per our tests, Netflix US can be accessed with PureVPN. Still, you can avail their money back guarantee to see if you are not sure.

  2. Jill says:

    I attempted to share my VPN from my Mac Pro and an alert popped up that my internet provider (TIM in Italy) may terminate my service due to some sort of ISP reconfiguring and that it may be against regulations to attempt to share my VPN through the internet. Should I continue or is this something that could really happen?

  3. grzegorz says:

    hi..I have vpn already installed on my Computer .What option is the best to use it with my Samsung smart tv?

  4. James says:

    I just got my new Samsung today. I already have a lifetime vpn. My trouble is that I live in Mexico, work in the US and I am not bi-lingual. I need a vpn just to be able to surf english sites. What OS is the new Samsung TV running? Ihave the M5300. I candownload it from my source I just don’t know what format to download.

    • Aazim Akhtar says:

      Hi James,

      The OS usually downloads as ZIP files. Could you please share the formats that are available at your source, so that we can help you out much better.

      Thanks .

  5. Hopkins says:

    My Samsung smart tv will not find any of these.

    • Aazim Akhtar says:

      Hi Hopkins,

      Sadly there are no VPN apps on the Google Play Store for Samsung Smart TVs. We have updated our guide and you can go through the setup process defined.

  6. David Shaw says:

    This all sounds great but…. We can’t seem to
    “Download and install VPN app on your SmartTV”.
    How do you physically do this? Is there a step by step guide anywhere to tell you how to “Download and install VPN app on your Samsung SmartTV”?

    • Aazim Akhtar says:

      Hello David,

      We have updated our guide with the latest setup process for a VPN on Samsung smart TV. Unfortunately, there are no VPN apps available on Google Play Store for any smart TV. So you can choose from any of the 3 option:
      1. setup VPN on a router
      2. share VPN internet connection
      3. use your system as Wi-Fi hotspot

      • Gianni says:

        Do you really want to use a vpn on a smart tv thus using tv’s remote controller and tv’s native apps? Now you can! I have invented that technology into a device (like raspberry or orangepi)…

        • Aazim Akhtar says:

          Thanks Gianni for the comment. That is wonderful! Could you share some details about your invention?

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