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ExpressVPN – What Redditors says about it?

ExpressVPN - What does Redditors think about it? All the good and bad in a single place, just for you.

ExpressVPN–What do Redditors say about it

ExpressVPN is one of the most talked-about VPN services when it comes to the best VPNs.

Its worldwide reach, top-notch security, no-log policy, compatibility with multiple platforms, and different other features are quite appreciated and popular among the VPN user community.

Just check out our ExpressVPN review to get an idea of how this service is.

While there is no denying its supremacy among the top VPN services in 2022, we took it upon ourselves to explore the Reddit community to see what they think about this service.

Our team spent dozens of hours investigating on Reddit about ExpressVPN.

Because on the Reddit platform users are outspoken, knowledgeable, and tech-savvy, they are a perfect audience to learn the truth about a VPN service.

It is safe to say that Reddit is full of discussions about ExpressVPN.

Multiple users can’t stop talking about ExpressVPN on various topics like speed, privacy, and streaming and torrenting capabilities.

Let’s begin this journey and see what the Reddit community has to say.

ExpressVPN Reddit Pros

ExpressVPN always delivers on its promise made to its customers.

Whether it be connection speed, unblocking geo-restricted content, torrenting, or protecting their online activities and data from prying eyes.

Let’s look at some of ExpressVPN’s positive characteristics and try to see what the Redditors have to say about them.

What do Reddit users think about ExpressVPN’s Speed?

Speed is probably one of the most important factors in determining the usefulness of a VPN.

No one cares about military-grade encryption if they cannot stream, download a torrent, or browse the internet at a good pace.

Thanks to its network of 3000+ high-speed VPN proxy servers in 94 countries, ExpressVPN has always been able to satisfy its users’ speed thirst.

It offers amazing connection speed on all its VPN servers.

Let’s see what our friends have to say about ExpresssVPN’s network speed.

One user icurate sums up his ExpressVPN experience quite nicely. He says that he neither had any problem regarding speed nor any DNS or IP leaks for about a year.

He will be renewing with them once the current subscription expires. While he does admit it is not cheap, he also acknowledges that they are the best.

As you can see here, atechatwork is comparing NordVPN with ExpressVPN.  He seems to be an experienced VPN user as he claims that he has been a digital nomad for about 3 years.

Accordingly to him, ExpressVPN has always worked for him over different internet networks such as 3G/4G, public Wi-Fi, hotel WiFi, and in many countries where you can expect high-level internet restrictions.

In comparison, ExpressVPN has always offered him the best speed results.

In terms of number, a user provide his speed test results.

As expected, ExpressVPN offers more than 50% of Internet Service Provider (ISP) speed.

What do Reddit users think about ExpressVPN’s Security?

Just as speed is important, security is as well. After all, the whole purpose of a VPN is to provide your online activity and data the security it requires from prying eyes.

ExpressVPN is dedicated to offering state-of-the-art features to its users by continuously adapting to the latest techniques for online internet privacy.

Its entire network uses the AES 256 Bit encryption technique to secure data, which is the same technique used by the United States Government.

Apart from the encryption techniques, it also has a complete no-log policy for its users. Meaning, that whatever you do after getting connected to the VPN is unknown to everyone, including ExpressVPN itself. It also masks your real IP address keeping you anonymous online and helping you achieve internet privacy and security.

Let’s see what the online community has to say about its security.

A user, u/batamaan acknowledges ExpressVPN security and encryption’s effectiveness by pointing out the assassination in Ankara of the Russian ambassador to Turkey.

During the investigation, the law enforcement agencies asked ExpressVPN for the suspect’s internet logs, as he used a VPN to delete his social media posts.

As ExpressVPN has a strict no-log policy, they were not able to provide any data on the suspect. It proves ExpressVPN’s claims on online privacy and not sharing information with third parties.

Another user pointed out one of the important features of ExpressVPN Internet Kill Switch – which disconnects the complete internet network in case of VPN disconnection, keeping your internet privacy intact.

This will prevent your real IP address and location from being leaked over cyberspace.

This is a convenient feature to hide your identity if you are involved in torrenting activities. With ExpressVPN, you don’t have to worry about DNS or IP leaks.

Reddit’s question by blazingstep8925 confirms that this user’s DNS wasn’t leaking after connecting to ExpressVPN.

However, he wasn’t aware of it and needed some additional confirmation about it from the online community.

According to the user, whenever he takes a DNS leak test with ExpressVPN, it shows 3 IP addresses, all of its servers, thus securing his real DNS from leaking.

ExpressVPN has recently rolled out a protective layer for the Log4Shell vulnerability – a critical zero-day vulnerability that has been wreaking havoc online. The protection from Log4j vulnerability is automatically implemented on all its servers worldwide.

What do Reddit users think about ExpressVPN’s Netflix unblocking performance?

At the end of 2020, Netflix had 203.67 million paid subscribers worldwide. Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular streaming services on the planet.

Unfortunately, it has placed geo-restrictions on its content.

Therefore, it is not possible to stream the content from any region other than your own. That is why most people use a VPN to unblock geo-restricted streaming sites like Netflix and more.

ExpressVPN has proven itself to be one of the best providers to unblock Netflix libraries in different regions.

With its huge server network, which consists of IP addresses from over 3000+ servers in 94 countries, there isn’t any Netflix library that you can not access on ExpressVPN servers.

During our testing ExpressVPN easily unblocked Netflix of various regions.

Let’s take a peek at what Redditors have to say about ExpressVPN regarding unblocking Netflix.

Users Moinul107, and pavelinux_ provide their confirmation to a question about Netflix being working with ExpressVPN.

They also mention that you will need to connect with specific servers to access Netflix.

Most of the user’s comments share their experience of acquiring the name of these servers from the ExpressVPN customer support team. The same

What do Reddit users think about ExpressVPN’s latency for gaming?

For competitive online gaming, low ping is mandatory. Thanks to ExpressVPN’s worldwide network, you can connect to the ExpressVPN servers, closer to your gaming server.

This will ultimately guarantee a low ping and better gaming experience overall, therefore, ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs for gaming.

Let’s head over to Reddit reviews regarding latency and low ping.

Here, we can see “YakzitNood” acknowledging that ExpressVPN is better for reducing your latency.

Though he also mentions a couple of other VPN providers, he makes a valid point that the more expensive a VPN is, the better it will be.

In response to ExpressVPN’s performance for gaming, u/fn_skully07 says that its Lightway protocol is the best.

He confirms that the download speeds are good, which means there is no lag during online gaming. He is also pleased with the stability of the service and the user interface of its app. The same thing has been said by many Reddit users.

What do Reddit users think about ExpressVPN’s torrenting performance?

P2P has made our lives very much easy when it comes to downloading huge files (audio, video, games, books, etc.) over the internet at a fast speed.

As in many countries, this method can download copyright infringement material; therefore, its legitimacy lies in a grey area.

You can be prosecuted by law in some countries if found downloading any content which is not available to be licensed in your own country.

Many users use VPNs to hide their real identities when downloading torrents. As a VPN user, you will need a VPN that is fully capable of masking your data from different authorities when dealing with P2P/Filesharing.

It goes without saying that ExpressVPN holds up to its end of the bargain and safely secures and protects its client identity while downloading torrents.

It also supports P2P activity on all its servers and offers military-grade encryption (256-bit) to securely download torrents. 

Here’s what the online community has to say about torrenting with ExpressVPN

Another comment regarding NordVPN and ExpressVPN comparison, this time about P2P. ExpressVPN clearly takes the win here, although it is just the user’s own opinion.

Another user also backs up ExpressVPN, but he also mentions enabling the Internet Kill Switch, an essential security feature for P2P file-sharing purposes.

The user BadCatVPN, says that he has never seen a confirmed case of ExpressVPN sharing its user’s log with any authorities or organization.

This is enough to increase anyone’s confidence in the service if they wish to download torrents while keeping their identity and activities a secret.

However, this user does admit that ExpressVPN is quite more costly than the others in the market.

PlainSpeakingAus, also raises its voice in the support for ExpressVPN and points out an important factor here the speed degradation doesn’t solely depend on the VPN service.

User’s in countries with high censorship and restrictions can set up their own DNS servers and configure OpenVPN or WireGuard on them to access torrenting sites.

What do Reddit users think about ExpressVPN’s customer support?

Making a new customer is far easier than keeping that customer intact with the service.

We all know that ExpressVPN is very good at marketing its service, but how good is this VPN service when it comes to helping out those who are already a part of its family.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of users who are using VPNs in one way or another. It is completely natural for them to face different problems related to service.

You’d want a VPN provider that offers the best customer success practices, 24/7.

ExpressVPN offers the best after-sales service to help its users in tutorial videos, email, live chat, and a support center that already has answers to most of the users’ issues.

Its live chat feature is available 24/7.

Its help-line efficiency has been acknowledged by the community as well.

But still, if you face any issues, you can always check out our ExpressVPN not working guide.

Reddit users sparmer592 and Derivative0f0 praise ExpressVPN’s customer support as good and awesome.

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ExpressVPN Cons According to Reddit

As with any best VPN suggested by Reddit, there are two sides to everything. ExpressVPN also has an opposite side which has been discussed multiple times in the Reddit community.

Let’s take a look at this side of the provider as well.

What do Reddit users think about ExpressVPN’s Price?

ExpressVPN is an expensive VPN service in the industry. While it offers so much to its users, it does cost them more than others.

Its price has been the decisive factor in most of the user’s decisions for purchasing ExpressVPN.

It can not be neglected that due to its high price, many of the customers decide not to commit to it. Still, it does offer unlimited bandwidth to users. Its high price has been a hotly debated topic in the Reddit community over the years.

Reddit user Proof_Mongoose989, is clearly unhappy with ExpressVPN’s high prices.

As expected, the high prices will always hurt ExpressVPN when in comparison with other VPN provider.

As you can see here, the user bookcloth has decided to purchase NordVPN just because ExpressVPN is out of his range.

Both NordVPN and ExpressVPN are premium VPNs, however, when comparing two services, the price will always be the decisive factor.

What do Reddit users think about ExpressVPN’s multi-logins?

One of the things that have probably haunted ExpressVPN is the number of simultaneous connections made on a single account.

As best in the business, you’d expect that this number would be around 10 – an industry standard- but unfortunately, it only offers 5 simultaneous connections on a single account.

You can set up ExpressVPN on devices like Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and other devices. You can also set up ExpressVPN on devices that don’t have dedicated apps like routers, Smart TVs, and others.

Reddit user FireViz expresses his displeasure with the number of devices allowed to connect to one single account. He also indicates that if the limit doesn’t increase or if he gets more annoyed by this, then he may quit the service.

With five simultaneous connections, you can set up ExpressVPN on the following streaming devices: 

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ExpressVPN equips the best level of encryption, that is the AES 256-bit cipher. You can say that the VPN is pretty unbreakable, so there’s nothing to worry about. You get an effective kill switch, which stops all your traffic in case of any connection drop. We also ran a leak test and found no leaks.

ExpressVPN doesn’t log your online traffic and VPN connections. Therefore, no one can match you with a timestamp or IP address. No IP address of ExpressVPN cannot be traced back to you.


Overall, the Reddit community loves ExpressVPN, which is visible from the massive amount of positive comments you will find regarding the VPN provider.

We strongly advise you get ExpressVPN to help secure your internet privacy and data from third parties, ISP, and the government.

With its more than 3000 servers worldwide, and fast-speed, military-grade encrypted servers, you will be able to stream unlimited international content such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC, HBO, Disney+, etc.

They are running an amazing limited-time offer of “12 Months+3 Months Free“, so right now might be the best time to get ExpressVPN.

Unfortunately, ExpressVPN doesn’t offer a lifetime deal. With that being said, all of ExpressVPN’s premium subscriptions come with a refund policy as well, so you can cancel ExpressVPN anytime if you feel stuck somewhere with their service.

Visit ExpressVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Places to look for ExpressVPN on Reddit

We have listed down a few Subreddits below that you can visit to find information and reviews about ExpressVPN.

r/ExpressVPN: The most basic place for discussing ExpressVPN on Reddit. You may find some representation from ExpressVPN employees here.

r/NetflixByProxy: A subreddit for Netflix and its relationship with VPN services.

r/VPN: This is the most widespread VPN subreddit. All sorts of VPN providers and VPN-related issues are discussed here.

r/VPNReviews: A dedicated Subreddit for VPN reviews and comparison.

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