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In the world of online streaming, there are many options available. However, choosing the correct platform at the right time is a tedious task.

Today, we will be taking a close look at Plex vs. Emby. Both streaming services offer unique features and aid users in watching their favorite content online.

So let’s get cracking!

What is Plex?

Plex is a media streaming service that helps you in streaming content from all around the world. It does not matter where you are, you can always watch your favorite content on the go.

Plex is a client-server program that allows you to access your media library from anywhere.

Attention:  Geo-restrictions apply on streaming of traditional channels on Plex. To unblock various channels in your region, a Plex VPN will allow you to bypass the geo-restrictions from anywhere in the world instantly.

Compatibility of Plex with Operating Systems and Mobile Devices

Plex has two major components, one is Plex Media Server and the other is Plex App. The Plex media server is compatible with different platforms like Windows, NAS devices Mac, Linux, Plex Cloud and Wi-Fi routers. On the other hand, Plex app is suitable for mobile devices like iOS, Windows phone, and Android.

List of  Best Plex Channels

Compatibility of Plex App with TVs, Consoles, & Streaming Devices

Plex app is also compatible with TVs and consoles. These TVs and consoles include Xbox One, Xbox 360, NVIDIA SHEILD, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Smart TV. The Plex app is suitable for various streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Kodi, Amazon Alexa, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Android TV.

What is Emby?

Emby is an open media solution that allows users to manage different types of media accordingly. Through its attractive interface, you can easily navigate all your movies, TV shows, and other media files. Like Plex, Emby is also a client server program that improves your online entertainment experience.


Compatibility of Emby with Operating Systems, Mobile Devices, and TVs

Emby provides multi-device support; the media center is not just compatible with the desktops or laptops. Users can play Emby media center on different devices. The server-client setup also allows you to organize your media files on one device. Furthermore, you can play that media file on any device from anywhere.

Emby server is compatible with operating systems like Windows, NAS devices, Linux, Mac, docker and FreeBSD.



The media center offers mobile app for web client like HTML 5. The other mobile apps are suitable for Android, Windows phone, and iOS. In addition, Emby also provides its app for numerous TV apps. These TV Apps are suitable for Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and Samsung Smart TV. The other TV apps include Xbox One, Xbox 360, Kodi, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

Similarities between Plex vs. Emby

There are similarities between Emby and Plex:

  • Both media center applications have server-client setup
  • Both offer free and paid versions.
  • Plex and Emby provide pleasant interface to the users
  • Both media streaming solution have centralized database management
  • Plex and Emby both have simple setups and subscribers can use these media services with such ease

Plex Paid App

Plex provides its paid app known as “Plex Pass”. The app helps you to take your local content everywhere. The app also offers music streaming feature to subscribers. Besides, you can also watch movie trailers and much more through Plex Pass. The app offers music streaming feature through the Gracenote and Vevo. Vevo is a famous music video streaming service.

The users can also have a luxury to twist the controls of the app. Hence, different users can observe different options. The Plex users can share the app with their families. The app transforms your local content. By doing so, the content looks like quite similar to the content of Hulu, Netflix and other services.


Like Plex, Emby users can also enjoy the premium version of the media streaming service. Emby Premiere offers three types of pricing plans to its subscribers. The service provides monthly, 1 Year and Lifetime plans to users. The pricing of these plans are $4.99/month, $49.99/year and $99.99/one-time payment. You can make your payments through PayPal that is an accepted online payment worldwide.

Emby PREMIERE Features

The media streaming service offers tons of interesting features that includes:

  • Offline media
  • Free apps
  • Cover art
  • Cinema mode
  • Cloud sync
  • Emby theatre
  • Folder sync
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Podcasts
  • Backup and Restore

The offline media feature helps you to play your media on your smartphones. You can easily play your favorite content offline. The free apps feature offers you full access to enjoy the service on Android, PS4, Fire TV and iOS. The cover art helps you to develop fun images and cinema mode feature provides you cinema experience with trailers.


Where Plex Gets an Edge over Emby

Plex users experience attractive user interface and easily understandable setup. Plex is comparatively simple and straightforward as compared to Emby. The installation process of Emby server on different platforms is difficult as compared to the installation process of Plex.



There is another area where Plex looks more compelling than Emby. Users those who have decided to use either Plex or Emby as a separate service must use Plex due to this benefit.

Where Emby gets an Edge over Plex

The users can assume Emby as a Kodi lover’s Plex. You can make your streaming experience more customized. Furthermore, you can also play Emby on Kodi since you are able to synchronize Emby’s client-server with Kodi setup. If you are a Kodi fan then installing Emby on Kodi should not be a big deal for you.

Plex vs. Emby vs. Kodi

Despite the differences, all these streaming services provide common features. These features include centralized database for multiple clients, database management and client device availability.

The other features are ease of installation/setup, customization, add-ons, remote streaming and maturity of the platform. You can add other features in the list like live TV/PVR, cost and app compatibility.

Kodi differs from Plex and Emby as the service offers client interface. Since, both Plex and Emby provide web interface. Likewise, Kodi provides client device availability feature free of cost.

Whereas, Plex and Emby users will have to buy the paid versions to avail the client device availability feature. Kodi and Emby server both follow same open source development model. The Plex media server offers closed source development model.


The support function of media streaming services like Kodi and Emby works in the same manner. Both Kodi and Emby have community-based support. While Plex media server offers professional support.

The installation and setup process of Kodi is relatively difficult. Still, Plex has a simple setup process. The Emby server also offers simple installation or setup process.

Kodi beats both Emby and Plex due to customization feature. The Kodi users can customize the media library. Conversely, Plex provides limited customization option to its subscribers. The Emby server offers more flexibility or customization as compared to Plex media server.

The cost factor makes Kodi a great choice for streaming lovers. As Plex and Emby, both provide free and paid subscription. The free subscription of Plex and Emby server provide limited features and functionality.

Compatibility of these media streaming services remains the same. You can use apps those are compatible with all major platforms including routers, consoles, TVs and mobile devices. Likewise, Kodi is a famous media streaming service as compared to other streaming platforms.

However, Plex is an established media center. While, Emby server is relatively new and finding its feet in the world of online streaming entertainment.


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Where Kodi gets an edge over Plex and Emby?

Kodi is an open-source streaming player and that is the major advantage over the two streaming platforms.

It is possible for anyone to create an add-on in Kodi and make it engaging for users online. Kodi addons are flowing onto the internet with every day a new repository is created and a new add-on is emerged.

But what does these add-ons bring to the table? These add-ons would feature Movies and TV Shows for viewers across the globe.

Kodi is the easiest platform by far that helps users cut the cord and watch the latest media content.

Plex vs. Emby: Which is the better choice

Plex and Emby both are client-server programs. Emby has an improved functionality as compared to Plex that has limited functionality. However, both serve the same purpose for the users.

Furthermore, the target audience of both media streaming servers is different. Emby is suitable for power users that are usually Kodi users. Those users who prefer enhanced functionality should opt for Emby server. Whereas, Plex is appropriate for beginner level users, those who want streaming experience with minimal efforts.

You can integrate Kodi with Emby server quite easily. On the other hand, Plex media server does not integrate Kodi quite well.


Plex vs. Emby Reviews on Reddit

The Plex and Emby server users actively participate on Reddit forum. Similarly, users of both media streaming services offer valuable insights about their experiences. Some users prefer to use Plex while some users like Emby server performance.


Comment from discussion Plex vs Emby (2017).

According to the Emby user, both platforms offer valuable support to their users in terms of technicalities. However, Emby developers interact more with the users. This trait has built a good reputation of the service in the eyes of Emby’s subscribers.


Comment from discussion Plex vs Emby (2017).

There are subscribers those who prefer to use both Plex and Emby simultaneously. The users suggest that you can easily run Plex and Emby using the same library. Plex offers unified multi-user support that makes the job of a user relatively simple.


Comment from discussion Plex vs Emby (2017).

You can find Emby fans those who like the Meta data support feature. According to them, users are able to paste a URL from any of the supported sites. Hence, they can directly jump to that website. Likewise, users have endorsed Emby’s support for movie sets in the graphical user interface.


Comment from discussion Plex vs Emby (2017).

Final Thoughts

We have found more similarities than the differences between Plex and Emby. Plex offers simple interface that attracts the eyes of beginners. Whereas, Emby server has a complex user interface that needs bit of user understanding and application. Yet, Emby provides more advanced features than Plex. Furthermore, users can integrate Emby on Kodi.

The differences between Plex vs. Emby have created a decisive divide among the target audiences. Kodi users prefer to experience the services of Emby. Those users who want more functionality should use Emby. Conversely, Plex has become an automatic choice for those users who are still finding their feet in the world of online streaming.