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Does PureVPN Work with Netflix in 2020?

Yes, PureVPN works with various Netflix libraries including the US, UK, Canada, & Australia in Ultra HD. This guide reviews PureVPN's overall performance with Netflix.


Netflix has become almost synonymous with online VoD streaming, which is a huge testament to its popularity and pervasive consumption worldwide.

But Netflix content varies significantly from one country to another due to licensing issues. The library of content available to you by default depends on the region you’re located in, so you will always be unable to access particular content due to geo-restrictions.

This is true even if you travel abroad for a short while, because Netflix automatically shows you a regional library of its content by detecting your IP address and determining your physical location from that.

It is possible to sabotage these geo-restrictions with a VPN strong enough to bypass Netflix’s VPN-blocking technology, but only a few are able to do that.

The good thing is, despite problems unblocking Netflix in the past, PureVPN is now fully capable of unblocking various Netflix libraries that include i.e US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Indeed, it is quite easy to access content from these regions with PureVPN. Netflix fans no longer have to wait for a new title to become available in their local libraries if you’re a PureVPN user.

Watch U.S Netflix with PureVPN in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN from their Official Website.
  2. “Download” and “Install” the VPN app on your preferred device.
  3. Enter your credentials (Username) and (Password) to login to the VPN account.
  4. Choose “stream mode” and select “Netflix [region of your choice]” from the “Channels” tab (if using a browser extension, select “Netflix” from the “Popular Websites” tab).
  5. Log into your Netflix account, and you will automatically have access to the selected library of Netflix.

Video Guide: How to Unblock US Netflix with PureVPN

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PureVPN and Netflix

When Netflix first started its crackdown against VPN services, many providers including PureVPN were affected by the VPN blocking initiative. Since then, there’s been a constant cat-and-mouse chase between Netflix and PureVPN as the VPN’s unblocking abilities are continually challenged by the former.

There were times when PureVPN would be working perfectly fine for Netflix and then suddenly by the next day, users would start receiving the dreaded “Netflix proxy error” when trying to access the streaming service through PureVPN.


Things have changed quite a lot since then. Today, PureVPN’s reliability for unblocking Netflix has improved dramatically (as shown in video demonstrations above). For the regions of the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, PureVPN is particularly effective and is able to unblock content from these regions with no hassles.

The server infrastructure is suitably designed so that PureVPN is always one step ahead of Netflix, making it quite difficult for Netflix to block out users trying to access the streaming service through PureVPN.

Therefore, coupled with reasonable pricing and easy Netflix unblocking capabilities, PureVPN is one of the best choices for Netflix today.

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Access other Popular Netflix Libraries with PureVPN

As per our research, PureVPN is working perfectly with Netflix US, Canada, UK, and Australia. We tested the VPN for these regions and added the results in the form of short videos below.

PureVPN Netflix Working in Canada?

Yes. I connected to the “Netflix CA” server which can be found in the “Popular Websites” option. As you can probably judge from the video, I received HD quality streams. In fact, I’m sure I would’ve reached even higher (Ultra HD) quality if my Netflix account supported, but I only have the cheaper HD-only subscription.

  • Ping: 253 ms
  • Download: 54.75 Mbps
  • Upload: 97.09 Mbps

PureVPN Netflix Working in UK?

Yes, I connected to a special server named “Netflix GB” in order to access the movie “Bright” through the UK library of Netflix. There was minima buffering and I obtained the same HD quality as before.

  • Ping: 128 ms
  • Download: 74.59 Mbps
  • Upload: 80.09 Mbps

PureVPN Netflix Working in Australia?

Yes. I connected to “Netflix AU” in order to unblock The Ridiculous 6. In the video, you can see it streamed perfectly without any buffering. I wasn’t expecting a good performance because of the higher latencies that result from connecting to Australia. But PureVPN surprised with top-notch performance and HD quality streaming as you can see in the video.

  • Ping: 131 ms
  • Download: 76.75 Mbps
  • Upload: 86.84 Mbps

For a fuller discussion regarding PureVPN speeds for different servers, see our article on PureVPN speed test.

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PureVPN Netflix Servers

To access Netflix with PureVPN, you must connect to specific servers that are primed for Netflix unblocking. These servers can be accessed from the “Popular Websites” option in the server selection screen where you can find special servers for Netflix US, CA, GB, AU, and indeed others as well that we haven’t tested yet.


So, make sure to connect to these servers when you are ready for Netflix streaming. If you connect to any random server from your preferred location, chances are you won’t be able to unblock the Netflix library. Stick with the servers shown above, and you should be good to go.

PureVPN Netflix Not Working? Try This

Netflix no longer displays the “Proxy error” that it previously did when it detected the use of a VPN or proxy service. Now, if Netflix detects you are using a VPN and connect to a different region, it will still let you watch content available in your region but continue to hide all titles that are normally unavailable to you because of geo-restrictions.

Basically, it would be like you’re not using a VPN at all. This is a clever trick because you can easily be deceived into thinking that the title you’re trying to see simply isn’t available on Netflix at the time. You might not even realize that you’re actually still connected to your local library since the familiar proxy error won’t show up when connected to the VPN.

But these problems are largely history with PureVPN as long as you choose the correct servers for the job. If you are having problems, try applying the following tips.

Solution #1: Connect to PureVPN’s special servers as found in the “Popular Websites” option. These are labeled as Netflix US, Netflix CA, etc.

Solution #2: Flush your DNS by opening command prompt > ipconfig/flushdns > Enter.

For further help about Netflix-related and other issues, you can find more troubleshooting tips in this guide on PureVPN not working.

What Else Can you Do with PureVPN?

Streaming is one of the hallmarks of PureVPN, but its range of features covers a lot more ground than this.

  • Improved privacy & security: PureVPN is one of the few VPNs with a clear no-logging policy which is perfect for privacy-conscious users. In addition, it uses the strong AES-256 standard to encrypt all user traffic and data for maximum protection from hackers and criminals.
  • Access torrents safely: Over 80 of PureVPN servers support torrenting. Combined with its fast speeds and top-notch security features, torrenting is a breeze with this VPN.
  • Bypass Chinese censorship: Another remarkable characteristic is that PureVPN works for users in China as well. Despite the fact that most VPNs have fallen due to the increased strictness in the Great Firewall of China, PureVPN continues to function unaffected in the mainland.
  • Wide compatibility: PureVPN can be set up on Fire stickRokuKodi, and routers as well. These are in addition to the main PureVPN apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, as well as browser extensions.  So if you watch Netflix on these devices, you can configure PureVPN on these platforms quite easily as explained in our setup guides for each.
Get PureVPN31 Days Money Back Guarantee

New users can take advantage of the PureVPN 7-day trial to test out the service. In fact, the 31-day money-back guarantee makes subscriptions pretty safe, since you can cancel PureVPN during this refund window to get your money back.

PureVPN Netflix FAQs

Is PureVPN Good for Netflix?

Yes, PureVPN is excellent for Netflix. It offers specialized servers primed for allowing instant access to Netflix US, UK, CA, AU, and more.

Will I still be able to Access US Netflix with PureVPN if I’m traveling abroad?

Yes, you can access US Netflix with PureVPN from anywhere in the world. You will simply need to activate PureVPN’s “stream mode”, choose the “Popular Website” option, and select “Netflix US”. This will grant you instant access to Netflix US.

Wrapping up

PureVPN is a highly efficient service for Netflix and has come a long way. I experienced no troubles whatsoever unblocking different Netflix libraries with it especially the US, GB, AU, and CA. In fact, there are other libraries available too that you can access with PureVPN.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with PureVPN for Netflix streaming purposes no matter where you’re located in the world.

For more information, see our PureVPN review.

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