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PureVPN Not Working? Try These 7 Quick Fixes

Getting errors and connectivity problems with PureVPN? Try these quick fixes to resolve the issue instantly!

Is PureVPN not working for you? You don’t have to worry at all. Although this VPN may cause problems occasionally, the provider has an excellent customer support team who are ready to solve most issues at a moment’s notice.

This is why PureVPN is the top recommendation for VPN users that want easy solutions to any technical issues, since all VPNs inevitably do experience problems every now and then.

In this article, I’m going to discuss some of the commonly encountered problems with PureVPN and their quick fixes:

Unable to Connect to PureVPN

If you find PureVPN not connecting, here are a few steps you can take to fix the issue:

1. Switch Servers

Often, PureVPN connection problems are associated with certain malfunctioning servers. If you can’t connect to your favorite server for any reason, try a different but nearby server location. Keep trying different servers until you find one that’s working (it shouldn’t take long to find one).


Servers can go offline without any prior notice due to technical problems and are often fixed pretty soon by the provider themselves. Furthermore, depending on where you are located, some servers simply may not be reachable from your particular ISP.

The good thing is that PureVPN has a huge selection of available servers, having 2,000+ of these distributed in over 140 countries of the world. So, even if a few servers go down, you should be able to find a good replacement without any serious difficulty.

PureVPN also offers servers in China, but these are currently not working for foreign users. However, PureVPN is still working within China for users located in the country allowing you to access content that lies beyond the The Great Firewall of China.

You can also contact PureVPN’s customer support to tell them about problems with specific serves. They’ll guide on appropriate server selection for your needs and situation, and if the problem is on their end, your information will facilitate them in quickly resolving the problem.

2. Check Subscription Expiry

PureVPN offers multiple subscription plans, but they all have an expiry date. If PureVPN is not connecting, then make sure if your subscription is still valid.

It sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many people fail to realize that the only problem they are experiencing is that their subscription ran out.

If your subscription has indeed ended, then you’ll have to renew it by choosing one of the plans the provider is currently offering.

3. Check Internet Connection

If you are still troubled with PureVPN not connecting after trying the above steps, then something else might be at the root of the problem.

It is a fairly common mistake when a user thinks the VPN is at fault when, in fact, the problem is simply that your internet connection is down for some reason.

To check if your internet is still working, try to surf the web normally after quitting PureVPN. If you can’t connect to any website or web service without PureVPN activated, then using the VPN won’t make any difference either since it’s your internet that’s the root of the problem.

Contact your ISP for assistance if this is case and once the internet has been fixed, try connecting to PureVPN again. It should work this time.

4. Changing Protocols

PureVPN offers multiple VPN protocols. It uses OpenVPN by default which offers the best combination of speed and security.

However, if the app is giving you problems and you have tried the above-mentioned tips to no avail, then you should definitely experiment with different protocols.

Here’s how you can change VPN protocols in PureVPN’s Windows app:

  • Launch the PureVPN app and click Settings (the gear icon on the top right).


  • On the left pane, click on App Settings > Selected Protocol.


  • Choose a different protocol other than the one you’re connected to, starting with TCP and UDP.
  • If this doesn’t work, proceed to trying outer protocols.

It’s important to remember that PPTP and L2TP are not recommended protocols to use due to security vulnerabilities. You should start with switching between TCP and UDP, as some regions block either one of both of these protocols.

For instance, UDP is blocked in the Middle East. Some ISPs may also block other protocols. So, if you’re experiencing slow speeds or connectivity problems with PureVPN, you should definitely try other protocols to see if they work better.

5. Security software conflicts

Firewalls, antimalware, and security software can often interfere with PureVPN’s connection. You can temporarily disable your firewall or antimalware and then try connecting the VPN again. If it works, then this proves that the VPN connection issues you are facing are due to your security programs blocking the VPN connection.

To avoid this from happening, you should add PureVPN as an exception in your firewall or other security software. This will ensure that your security programs continue offering you protection from malware while also allowing PureVPN to connect without any interference.

6. Updating the PureVPN app

If you’re using an older version of the app, it might be time to update it to a newer version. An outdated app gives rise to all sorts of bugs and glitches that can prevent the proper functioning of the VPN.

Furthermore, it is important to use updated apps because they contain security improvements. Since a VPN’s primary purpose is to make you more secure over the web, it is strongly recommended to use updated VPN apps for optimum performance and security.

7. Excessive Simultaneous Connections

Make sure you’re not using PureVPN on more devices than the maximum limit that it can simultaneously support. The provider doesn’t allow more than 10 simultaneous connections with the same account.

So, if you’re sharing your account with too many friends at the same time, you won’t be able to connect to the VPN unless you reduce simultaneous usage within the allowed limit of 10. But this is a pretty generous limit and can be used to simultaneously protect a lot of devices. Therefore, if you have PureVPN on Fire stick, smartphones, PC, and other devices, you’ll need a single subscription to connect all your devices to PureVPN.

PureVPN Issues and Fixes for Specific Situations

Here are some services that often cause PureVPN not connecting issues for users:

PureVPN not Working with Netflix


If you’re having trouble accessing Netflix with PureVPN, the best way to deal with the issue is to find out which servers are currently working for the purpose of gaining access to Netflix.

Since the effectiveness of PureVPN’s servers for Netflix unblocking keeps varying, you’ll have to contact the customer support and ask for specific servers that are working best for Netflix streaming at any given time. You can also find more helpful tips in this article on PureVPN for Netflix.

PureVPN not Working with Torrent

PureVPN supports torrents on many of its servers. If you’re facing problems, make sure that you are using the following servers which the provider officially supports for torrenting:


If you use servers other than the above-mentioned for torrents, you’ll probably fail to connect and download your preferred torrent files. But with the right servers, you can enjoy fast speeds as shown is our latest PureVPN speed test results.

Get PureVPN AlternativeSecure Torrent Experience

PureVPN not Working on Android?

Stuck with your PureVPN app not working? The problem can often be fixed by clearing the data:

  • Go to settings > apps
  • Find PureVPN and tap on it
  • Press clear data
  • Try logging into PureVPN again

This should fix the problem. The issue can also be caused if you have:

  • Battery/storage saving apps.
  • Rooted Android device.
  • Outdated PureVPN app.

If you have anyone of the above, try eliminating the possible causes one by one until you get PureVPN to work again.

PureVPN Split-Tunneling Not Working?

Split-tunneling feature is one of the features that PureVPN is known for. Some users on Windows 10 may, however, report problems, but the issue usually arises from fact that this feature doesn’t work with every app out there. For instance, if you want to apply split-tunneling to Internet Explorer, this program isn’t supported by PureVPN.

The best way to deal with this issue is to use an alternative program that is actually supported by PureVPN. In this case, you can use Firefox or Chrome instead, which can be easily split-tunneled through PureVPN.

Moreover, you won’t be able to use split-tunneling feature if you are using PureVPN Kodi add-on. The same is also true for users who want to configure PureVPN on Roku and other streaming boxes that offer no native support for VPNs.

Split-tunneling is also not available if you’re running PureVPN on router. Only the PureVPN Windows and Android apps currently support split-tunneling.


PureVPN is a powerful VPN service that does tend to develop a few problems in its app. If none of the steps above worked for you, then you can simply cancel PureVPN and claim your refund (if requested within 31-day of purchase) or try the best PureVPN alternative.

The good thing is, if you do find PureVPN is not working or connecting, the issue can often be resolved by users that have even a basic computing knowledge. If you still need assistance, you can always count the incredibly helpful and technically knowledgeable customer support staff of PureVPN for instant resolution of your problems.

For more information about this VPN, see this PureVPN review.

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