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If you’ve been an anime fan for a long time, it would be difficult for you to access KonoSuba in other countries if you choose to travel in USA. KonoSuba is a popular anime with separate movies that are loved by millions. Yet, it will be difficult to access all of its episodes as they are only available on geo-restricted websites that are not available everywhere, such as Netflix Japan.

In order to access it, however, you need a subscription to the best VPN for KonoSuba in USA which will help you get a Japanese IP address in USA. This will help you in bypassing all geographical restrictions and give you unlimited access to all the episodes available.

Nevertheless, not all VPNs provide sites quick enough for streaming KonoSuba in USA. This necessitates cautious selection so as to prevent letdown. This is why we chose to opt for the best VPN that will help you be on top of your game.

Through extensive research, we have identified three VPNs that gave us great speeds without compromising online security. Down below, we’ll walk you through the excellent features provided by these VPNs and start watching KonoSuba in USA.

Quick Overview – The Best VPN for KonoSuba in USA in 2023

Below is a quick overview of the best VPNs for KonoSuba in USA we chose according to our tests. You will be able to find out their excellent features and what sets them apart. ExpressVPN was easily our top pick followed by Surfshark and NordVPN due to their extraordinary features and upgrades.

  1. ExpressVPN: Best VPN for KonoSuba in USA; 3000+ servers all over the world providing ultra-high connectivity with no compromise on speed and privacy.
  2. Surfshark: Budget-friendly VPN for KonoSuba in USA; With added privacy through Camouflage Mode and a strict no-logs policy for safer streaming.
  3. NordVPN: Largest server network for KonoSuba in USA; DoubleVPN and Obfuscation provide high-grade online anonymity on all of 5500+ servers present globally.

After reading this brief summary, you ought to have a solid understanding of why we recommend these VPNs above all others when using the KonoSuba. However, proceed further to find out about the In-Depth Analysis that assisted in the compilation and also addressed an array of FAQs to assist you to make a great decision.

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Why should you use a VPN to access KonoSuba in USA in 2023?

As KonoSuba is a popular anime, you might want to watch it wherever you are in the world. However, it is highly difficult to find a website streaming it that is also available in your country. In that case, you need secure VPNs for streaming Konosuba live in USA that can help you get the best streaming quality while also being anonymous online.

While you are on vacation or choosing to start a new anime if you reside in USA, you need to start KonoSuba. It is a show filled with adventures set in a mystical world following the lives of Sato and Aqua. You can keep up with the series with a VPN service which will help you bypass restrictions on the website you’re using to stream.

The Best VPN for KonoSuba in USA in 2023 –  Detailed Analysis

We evaluated and tried out over 30 VPN services that are suitable for unblocking various anime services. Among them, we have shortlisted the three best VPNs for KonoSuba in USA:

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for KonoSuba in USA


Key Features

  • MediaStreamer feature for excellent streaming services
  • Overall more than 3000 servers globally in 94 countries
  • Download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.64 Mbps
  • Allows up to 5 simultaneous connections with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Can easily access Netflix, TV Tokyo, and even U-Next without any lags

The best VPN for KonoSuba in USA is deduced to be ExpressVPN according to our test results. Due to its outstanding server speed especially for streaming and fool-proof security encryption, it is by far the best option among others. It offers unparalleled features that are always updated according to service upgrades.

During our experimentation, we were able to learn more about the streaming websites it works well with. ExpressVPN works with Netflix along with Japanese platforms like the giant U-Next and also Disney Plus. Also, ExpressVPN is the ultimate solution as the best VPN for Kanopy, ensuring seamless and unrestricted access to their extensive library of films and documentaries. You can even watch Japanese Netflix in USA with it. It shows that it has been able to circumvent various restrictions and yet provides excellent quality.


We were able to unblock Netflix JP within seconds using ExpressVPN servers.

You can find out exactly what your membership will be capable of doing by taking the ExpressVPN speed test in USA. According to the numbers, the top rates for a 100 Mbps link are 89.42 Mbps for downloading and 84.64 Mbps for uploading. This also makes it the best VPN for Japan For American Users.


Quick streaming with lightning speeds for ExpressVPN

However, you’ll need gadgets that are compatible in order to reach those rates. Our evaluation of ExpressVPN confirmed that it is compatible with numerous operating systems and mobile gadgets. 

Up to 5 unique devices can be logged in with the same account at once. Both FireStick and Roku can be used with ExpressVPN. Samsung Smart TV and the iPhone, among others, are just some of the Windows, iOS, and Android platforms with which it is compatible.

ExpressVPN’s enhanced P2P networking is ideal for torrenting, ensuring rapid viewing of whatever content you choose. ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer, a cutting-edge DNS utility, is the service’s royal jewel for lag-free streaming.

We found out that ExpressVPN cost in USA starts from $6.67/mo (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan). In your subscription, you will find AES-256 encryption which means there is a strict no-logging policy in USA along a kill switch called Network Lock to safeguard your IP and DNS addresses. 

You can also get the extra benefits of a 30-day money-back guarantee with 24/7 live customer support. If that’s not all, you will also have a 7-day ExpressVPN free trial in USA at the start.

For more details, head to our ExpressVPN review in USA.

  • Distributed system of lightning-fast servers
  • Extraordinary measures to secure sensitive information
  • Superfast uploading and downloading
  • The no-logs strategy ensures that no information is ever kept

  • Even discounted, and expensive
  • Finding live servers is hard without precise information

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2. Surfshark – Budgte-friendly VPN for Konosuba in USA


Key Features

  • There are over 3200 servers throughout the world in 100+ locations
  • Speeds: download of 81.32 Mbps and upload of 76.12 Mbps.
  • Unlimited connections at the same time with AES 256-bit connection
  • Easily gain access to Discovery Plus, Dazn, and Disney Plus
  • $2.30/mo (Get 84% + 2 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan)

Surfshark gives you streamlined access to budget-friendly VPN service in USA that gives an excellent opportunity to get access to all of the best features at half the price. With 3200+ servers in more than100 countries, you can have ultra-fast connectivity without no lags in streaming. 

Surfshark showed incredible results when we tried to bypass restrictions on certain streaming websites. It was able to access HBO Max, Disney Plus, and Discovery Plus outside USA. Surfshark with Netflix outside USA gave exceptional results as it was able to bypass strict walls that usually block VPNs.


We were able to stream KonoSuba on Netflix JP in USA with ease thanks to Surfshark servers.

We decided to conduct a Surfshark speed test in USA after looking into its viability for online video viewing. We tried a 100 Mbps link with Surfshark and found that at its fastest, download speeds reached 81.32 Mbps and upload speeds were at a staggering 76.12 Mbps.


Surfshark speed test results for uninterrupted streaming.

When we tested Surfshark on various mobiles and other devices, we found that it performed similarly and was compatible with all of them. Surfshark’s credibility allowed many specialized gadgets to pass muster, including the consoles like Roku, PS3 & PS4, and Kodi. 

We also tested Surfshark on several different mobile platforms and discovered that it performed equally well across iOS (used by the iPhone), Windows, Linux, and Samsung Smart TV.

We checked the Surfshark cost in USA and learned that it starts from a very affordable $2.30/mo (Get 84% + 2 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan). Your Surfshark subscription includes cutting-edge security options like AES-256 GCM encryption, an automatic kill switch, a meticulous no-logs policy, and a stealthy mode called Camouflage. 

Surfshark has a fantastic DNS system, and it allows you to link an unlimited number of devices to a single account. All of the devices experience excellent connectivity.

Moreover, there is Surfshark’s 7-day free trial in USA where you get to experience all of the features without paying money, After that, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee to further check your overall experience. You can also access the live chat support for immediate help regarding anything related to your services.

For more details, head to our comprehensive Surfshark review in USA.

  • Multiple devices connected at the same time
  • VPN service with discounted prices
  • Multiple country-based server locations
  • Can unblock Netflix Japan and other streaming services

  • Poor safeguards for personal information.
  • Customer support is difficult to reach.

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3. NordVPN – Largest Server Network for KonoSuba streaming in USA


Key Features 

  • Largest server network of 5500 servers in more than 60 countries
  • Speeds: 83.82 Mbps for download and 44.64 Mbp for upload
  • Connect 6 devices simultaneously with AES-256-CM encryption
  • Unblock sites like Paravi, dTV, and FOD
  • US $3.99/mo (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan)

NordVPN has taken the throne for having the largest global network for streaming KonoSuba in USA. With around 5500 servers in a total of 60 countries and counting, you can access content in USA.

We conducted our NordVPN review in USA and found out that there is an easy interface overall. You can easily connect with the preferred server with no change in the overall speed and quality. We found out that NordVPN can bypass restrictions like Paravi, Fuji TV, and other giants. Netflix with NordVPN outside USA has worked immensely well.


NordVPN offered two server locations in Japan to unblock local Netflix.

We continued our research by running a NordVPN speed test in USA, finding that, on a 100 Mbps connection, its download speed was 83.83 Mbps and its upload speed was 44.64 Mbps, indicating that it provides superior security safeguards and allows you to gain access to all restricted material.


NordVPN delivered the best speed results for uninterrupted streaming.

Our research also revealed that an individual NordVPN subscription can be used on up to six different gadgets simultaneously. Additionally, it is compatible with a wide variety of mobile, PC, and entertainment platforms. You can play it on a Switch, PS4, or on your PC, tablet, or smartphone running Windows, iOS, or Android. 

The NordVPN subscription deal starts from $3.99/mo (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan). This deal will give you access to NordVPN’s no-logs policy in USA that ensures that your personal information is never compromised. There is also NordVPN’s kill switch in USA which is backed by industry-leading AES-256 GCM privacy features to ensure online safety at all times.

There are amazing deals like a 7-day NordVPN free trial in USA that can provide you with an intense insight into all the features. You can access the 30-day money-back guarantee and also 24/7 live chat support for immediate help.

  • DoubleVPN provides dual layers of security
  • There were no failures in DNS or IP breach experiments
  • Protections that work and can’t be circumvented
  • Delivers consistent speed for streaming anime content

  • Problems with streaming and torrenting caused by buffering
  • Malware threats that aren’t adequately prevented

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The Best VPN for KonoSuba in USA  – Our Testing methodology

Following are the factors we considered for shortlisting the best VPN for KonoSuba in USA:

Incredibly Fast Server Network

Choosing the best VPN for KonoSuba means choosing the one which has exemplary speed rates throughout its server network. If a VPN service provides exceptional speed with uninterrupted connectivity on all of the servers it provides, then it is easily our main choice.

MediaStreamer Feature Necessary

When buffering-free viewing is your top priority, a VPN that supports MediaStreamer is a must-have. As a result, you can view videos from any website quickly and without interruption. This feature increases the streaming quality without stretching its bandwidth or causing lags. We chose top VPNs for accessing Konosuba without buffering for better streaming.

Strict No-Logs Policy

It’s critical to look for VPN providers with fast speeds for Konosuba that have a strict no-logs policy to protect your privacy and security while you’re online. VPNs with such policies are renowned for their stringent adherence to online security procedures.

Ability to Unblock KonoSuba

It is highly important to find a VPN that is able to unblock KonoSuba in USA. As the show is only available on certain streaming sites, it’s necessary to find a VPN that can give you a Japanese IP address. This will help you immensely in connecting with any website that has anime.

No Limit on Bandwidth

VPN recommendations for accessing Konosuba are highly dependent on the bandwidth they provide for streaming shows. Only those VPNs are preferred that have unlimited bandwidth for data and streaming options.

How to access KonoSuba in USA 2023

There is an easier way for accessing KonoSuba in USA. If you are a resident, you can get access to an HBO Max subscription that will cost you a minimum cost of US $7.99/month. It is an American streaming service that has the official rights to stream both KonoSuba seasons.

If you are traveling outside USA, you can get your hands on a VPN service that can help you access HBO Max outside USA easily. It is crucial that you opt for the services we provided as they will help you bypass the strict restrictions put in place by HBO Max servers.

Here’s the step-by-step process for accessing KonoSuba in USA:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN service. We highly recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app and sign in with your credentials.
  3. Connect to a USA server or any server that requires to access the website carrying KonoSuba. For example, for Japanese Netflix, you must connect to a server in Japan.
  4. Once connected, head to Japanese Netflix, Funimation, Crunchyroll, or HBO Max.
  5. Search for KonoSuba and start streaming.
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The Best VPN for Konosuba in USA – FAQs

Yes, you can easily access KonoSuba in USA without the hassle of finding third-party streaming apps. If you have a subscription to any service, like HBO Max, which has KonoSuba available, then you can easily watch it. You can also use VPN to access other websites if you don’t have a subscription.

ExpressVPN has shown immense promise while being able to stream KonoSuba without any lag in USA. We experienced immediate connectivity with all the servers. It also provides excellent speed throughout the session on top of fool-proof security.

Yes, it is completely legal to use a VPN to access Konosuba in USA. As you are using the Service for individual purposes, and especially only for streaming, it counts as completely legal. Being able to bypass geo-restrictions isn’t considered illegal anywhere.


If you are a huge anime fan, it’s about time you get hooked on KonoSuba. This fantasy-based anime follows the lives of Aqua and Sato and the adventures they pursue. You can keep up with the show’s two seasons easily through any subscription-based streaming service if KonoSuba is streamed on it.

However, if you are in a country that is generally geo-restricted by the website you’re choosing to watch KonoSuba on, then we have a solution. You can choose any of the best VPNs to access Konosuba in USA and get started on your new binging session without the hassle of finding an alternative solution.

If you want to know more about the best VPNs or have your own reviews about some of them, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll help you choose the best VPN for KonoSuba in USA.